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Forex - Anwar made a 'fall guy'?

Malaysiakini - Forex losses: RM31b figure, ... Kit Siang feels vindicated (extracts):

if only the public knows ... 

Kit Siang said that in another speech in Parliament in May 1994, he had asked whether, at the height of Bank Negara's speculation in the forward foreign exchange market in 1992, Bank Negara's maximum exposure was in the region of RM270 billion – three times the country's GDP and more than five times the country's foreign reserves at the time.

C'mon, Uncle Lim, we Malaysians think and play (or played) BIG, wakakaKA.

“Today, the RCI report said 'the average monthly maturing buy-and-sell transactions was RM149.7 billion and RM153.4 billion respectively' and 'the total volume reached RM750.7 billion in February 1993',” he added.

The DAP veteran also questioned how such colossal losses could have escaped the attention and responsibility of any cabinet minister, which included Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who was then helming the Defence Ministry.

Let's SPECIFICALLY blame that Najib f**ker instead of Mahathir (then-PM) or Anwar Ibrahim (then-Finance Minister).

guilty for Forex loss in failing to surround Bank Negara with your military 

Najib as then-Defence Minister should have surrounded Bank Negara with his military - what a waste of armed resources. It's all Najib's f**king fault. 

If Najib had acted militarily and decisively, then there would not have been any losses, and today poor innocent Mahathir and Anwar wouldn't have been blamed.

Noting that the RCI recommended that an investigation is carried out to determine if Mahathir and his then deputy Anwar Ibrahim had concealed facts from the cabinet, Kit Siang also asked about the culpability of the other cabinet ministers at the time.

Indeed, apart from blaming Najib as Defence Minister (though he's the MAIN TARGET), let's also blame:

Ghafar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim (ooops cancel off Anwar please, just blame Ghafar alone) as DPM,

Syed Hamid Albar as Justice Minister,

Rafidah Aziz as Int'l Trade & Industry Minister,

Anwar Ibrahim (ooops not him please, just) Sulaiman Daud as Education Minister,

Ling Liong Sik as Transport Minister,

Sanusi Junid as Agricultural Minister,

Lee Kim Sai as Health Minister,

Abu Hassan Omar and AAB as Foreign Minister,

etc etc etc,

... but remember, in accordance with the logic of Lim Kit Siang, we should NOT just blame Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim by themselves without dragging in the other members of the cabinet (who might NOT have even been told or briefed truthfully, wakakaka).

In those powerful days of a draconian boss, no one f**k-ed around with his rule or his words - if he (or his Finance Minister Anwar) said the Forex loss was only RM10.7 billion (when the truth was RM30.5 Billion) who in the cabinet dared to query him on that?

And today if he can't remember the Forex loss was RM30.5 Billion, recall his wise words that 'Melayu mudah lupa'. 

Let's spread the blame around the cabinet members so Mahathir and Anwar won't be damaged so badly, and let's specifically target Najib - yummy, wakakaka.

Personally, kaytee believes Anwar Ibrahim was NOT involved. He was probably as clueless as everyone except those responsible, so he made 'misleading' statements in accordance to 'arahan dari atasan' (remember this?)

Siapakah 'atasan' itu?.

Anwar was made Finance Minister to be someone's 'fall guy' (scapegoat) - poor bastard.

Why Malaysian politicians embrace racist politics

Berita Daily - Is Pakatan now defending Zakir’s activities, asks MIC (extracts):

MIC Youth chief C Sivaraajh today slammed Parti Amanah Negara information chief, Khalid Samad for defending controversial Muslim televangelist Zakir Naik.

In a statement Sivaraajh also posed a question to Pakatan Harapan party components if the coalition was now defending the Indian-born preacher.

“I refer to news reports in which Amanah information chief Khalid Samad had defended controversial Muslim preacher Zakir Naik by claiming that the preacher should not be blamed for a small group of his followers engaging in terrorism.

“If the quotes attributed to Khalid is indeed true, it is an appalling development that begs a bigger question – is Pakatan Harapan now defending Zakir Naik?” Sivaraajh said.

Stating further, the MIC man added the fact remains that Zakir’s actions and words had threatened the multiracial fabric of Malaysia.

He said that there was more than enough proof which showed Zakir had insulted the Hindus and non-Muslims.

He also urged Indian leaders in DAP and pro-opposition Hindraf to seek clarification from Khalid himself.

“Amanah is a component of Pakatan Harapan; a statement as such by its information chief should be tantamount to being representative of the view within the larger coalition.

“There has been more than enough evidence that Zakir had repeated insulted other religions generally in his talks, and that is why MIC Youth concurs with the view of many NGOs that have opposed Zakir’s programmes here, not the least him being granted a permanent resident (PR) status.

“The Indian leaders in DAP and Hindraf, which is now seeking to join Pakatan Harapan, should come forward and clarify if Khalid’s views are representative of a view from the opposition coalition,” he said.

MIC Youth chief C Sivaraajh has NOT been wrong but the above is the true story of a coalition of parties with disparate political ideologies.

We have witnessed the same story occurring with Barisan Nasional (BN) where the interests of UMNO's constituency would be in many cases at odds with the interests of the constituency of respectively MCA and MIC (I've included Gerakan with MCA; though it purports to be multi-racial but in reality is mainly Chinese).

UMNO's Malay-centric politics at times have struck their allies within the BN coalition numb, mute and at times with sheer agony, with policies beneficial for or pleasing to its own Malay constituency while being adverse to the nons.

Those 'single-ethnic-centric' policies would naturally pull, nay, rudely jerk the constituency rug from beneath the feet of their non-Malay allies, especially those of MCA and Gerakan.

The most devastating occurrence of such 'single-ethnic-centric' policies happened in education in 1987 which led to Ops Lalang.

Just prior to Ops Lalang, the Chinese objected to Education Minister Anwar Ibrahim's plan to send some 100 senior assistants and supervisors to Chinese-medium primary schools but who were untrained in Mandarin. The Chinese suspected it was a deceitful strategy to enfeeble the use of Mandarin, and thus moved strongly to object.

I could be your headmaster, wakakaka 

For the first time in Malaysian history the Chinese became united, thanks to Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka.

MCA, Gerakan, DAP, SUPP, Dong Jiao Zong, etc gathered together and threatened a 3-day boycott of the schools.

Mahathir described above as (words to the effect) 'When Chinese gathered together at a temple, no good will come out of it'indirectly implying a Shaolin style rebellion against the Manchus (equating to his ruling government) was imminent.

In response to the Shaolin bandits, Najib who was then UMNO Youth Chief issued threats of bathing his keris in Chinese blood, with 10,000 UMNO members (Bugis pirates? wakakaka) gathered at the TPCA Stadium.

Jusuf Kalla: WTF did you say about Bugis?

M: F-one of them for plundering my son's heritage

Meanwhile (as reported by Wikipedia), Sanusi Junid, the UMNO party secretary-general, and other UMNO leaders called for the holding of a mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur on 1 November to celebrate its 41st Anniversary. The rally was originally to be held in Johor Bahru but later changed to Kuala Lumpur, where UMNO leaders claimed would see the attendance of half a million members.

To cut the story short (wakakaka, my fave phrase), as I wrote above, it showed the true story of a coalition of parties with disparate political ideologies, where each wants to please, protect and pamper its own constituency or boast of its hero-protector status, as we saw in Anwar Ibrahim, Najib Razak and Mahathir on one side while MCA (Lee Kim Sai), Gerakan, DAP Lim Kit Siang), SUPP, Dong Jiao Zong, etc on the other side.

Invariably with such a setting of ideological disparity in a coalition, pleasing one would adversely affect the other.

Ops Lalang saw most opposition members and Chinese scholars thrown into POW camps while Najib waltzed away with leisure and MCA deputy president Lee Kim Sai took "extended leave" Downunder, wakakaka.

This would be the clearest evidence Ops Lalang was initiated by political interests and not the police as someone wants us to believe. Podah.

Wikipedia tells us of Lee Kim Sai:

Lee was outspoken on a number of sensitive issues, such as questioning the Malaysian New Economic Policy and the political dominance of the Malays.

In particular, in early November 1986, the MCA Selangor of which he was its head, passed a resolution in its annual convention calling on the government to review the Sedition Act and to make it an offence to call any of the three major races immigrants or pendatang

The resolution, which stated that Malaysia's three major races originated from other countries and that none of them should brand the others as immigrants and claim themselves to be natives.


This was interpreted as challenging the bumiputra status of the Malays, which led to calls for his sacking by members of UMNO, and the withdrawal of his datukship by the Sultan of Selangor (later restored).

He also joined a protest rally with the opposition DAP objecting to the appointments of senior assistants and supervisors without qualifications in Mandarin in Chinese primary schools. The events precipitated the Operation Lalang in 1987 whereby over a hundred politicians and activists were detained, and Lee left for Australia for a few months.

Protecting the ethnic turf has always been the name of the game, either for altruistic reasons or for the politicians' own interests, even to the extent of party name, which has been why Mahathir named his new party PRIBUMI, demonstrating to the Malays that not only UMNO but PRIBUMI can also look after their ketuanan status and 'privileges'.

That such a racist party name is an acute antagonistic affront to his new ally DAP has been ignored with arrogance. Ethnic interests thumps multiracial cooperation easily.

And that's what Khalid Samad (Amanah) was probably trying to do, moderate as Amanah might be in comparison with PAS. Amanah has just made a small tentative step to protect its Islamic credentials (to wit, protecting its "6 o'clock" wakakaka against PAS' un-condom-ed propaganda) but naturally in that process he provides MIC with titillating political 'ammo'.

But talking about Amanah in comparison with PAS, the older Islamic party with UMNO, and Mahathir's Pribumi and Perkasa, and to a lesser extent PKR, etc, demonstrate in their arrogant behaviour another important point, to wit, that political parties with ethnic and/or religious political stands, could/can go for broke with ethnic-religious centric rants without a fig of a care.

Which non can suppress its wilful ways? F-them.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Malaysia - Land of no 'check & balance'

Malaysiakini - How Mara lost RM60m in property deal Down Under (extracts):

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) paid A$41.8 million (about RM138 million) for a US$2 shell company in the Caribbean which claimed to have an interest in a building in Melbourne, Australia.

Using an intricate web of paper transactions and companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), millions changed hands through a sale and purchase agreement, apparently with the assistance of people with vested interests in the deal.

It took two other deals to finalise the purchase, which was clouded by a maze of transactions executed through BVI companies by several Malaysians, including former Mara officials.

Malaysiakini and the Melbourne-based Fairfax Media have obtained explosive documents which paint a picture of deceit and fraud in which Mara’s interests have been seriously compromised, leaving the agency, set up to help poor Malays, to lose millions.

To cut the story of the scam short, MARA paid A$41.8 million (about RM138 million) for a shell company in BVI which supposedly included a 12-storey building in Melbourne, but which the shell company in BVI only brought FIVE MONTHS later after the deal was signed with MARA, and which (the 12-storey building) cost only half of what MARA had paid, to wit, A$23.5 million (about RM77.6 million).

MARA kena chong kau kau.

And more, the A$41.8 million (about RM138 million) for a non-existent building at time of purchase (only realised FIVE MONTHS later) was based on a valuation by a Malaysian-based chartered surveyor and valuer, and included as an annexure to the sale and purchase agreement between seller and MARA.

There is a Cantonese word for MARA in the purchase - if I make a mistake can Cantonese-fluent visitors correct me please. The word is 'Chu'n' meaning 'bodoh sangat'. Penangites would say in Hokkien 'Tai siow', wakakaka.

Who approved the purchase?

But where's the 'check & balance'?

Who's the Malaysian-based (Malaysian-based and not necessarily Malaysian) chartered surveyor and valuer? Jho Lo? Wakakaka.

But if you think that's bad, please read the A-G's report on Rambo and The Wild West over at Bintulu Port Authority in No Ministry approval in Bintulu Port Authority RM1.4bil deal (extracts):

The Bintulu Port Authority (BPA) granted a RM1.4bil supply base dock project to a construction company via direct negotiation, according to the Auditor-General's Report 2016 Series 2. 

The report added that the granting of the contract was done without obtaining prior approval from the Finance Ministry.

The project did not go through detailed planning before it was awarded to Muhibbah Viccana JV (MVJV) on Dec 16, 2016.

The report said four of the five procurements under the project were done through direct negotiations, when they were supposed to be done through an open tender.
Again, where's the 'check and balance'?

We cannot afford to wait for the A-G's report because by then, nasi 'dah jadi bubur. It'll be f-too late.

Why Tun Hussein couldn't set national train on right track

MM Online - Guiding light — Lim Sue Goan (extracts):

Malaysia’s richest man Robert Kuok recalled in his memoir that the nation’s second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak had asked acting PM Tun Hussein Onn to implement the meritocracy system while he was undergoing treatment in London.

However, Hussein said admittedly he was powerless in effectuating the change.

With our Umno leaders today prioritizing their hold to power, getting the message across to them is even more unthinkable.

We have sadly missed the opportunity for some real reforms and as such we are destined to continue ploughing on down the road of racist politics.

Quoting Robert Kuok: “The train of the nation had been put on the wrong track. Hussein wasn’t strong enough to lift up the train and set it down on the right track.”

PM Tun Abdul Razak asking acting PM Tun Hussein Onn to implement the meritocracy system?

That's hardly believable when Razak was the man who introduced the NEP after the May 13 riot.

Since Merdeka to May 13, the Malayan/Malaysian Constitution already had a 15-year affirmative action for Malays, but May 13 somehow told Tun Razak that was NOT enough, thus he constructed the NEP.

We now know that even 150 years for affirmative actions won't ever be enough.

One of the men by his side had been Mahathir, the then-Young Turk who berated Tunku for his love-of-Chinese and was even rumoured to be among those who had wanted to remove the kind hearted just man from his PM position.

The then young man who lost his Alor Setar Selatan seat in 1969 after telling the Chinese voters in his constituency he did NOT need them, went on a merajuk tirade including blaming PM Tunku for the ills of the Malay community. He was expelled from UMNO.

Those Mahathir-ist Young Turks wanted a PM who's more Malay than being mere Malay to ensure the Malays had a fair share of the national 'gravy'. There was a tremendous grudge against the Chinese getting the lion's share of it.

That the national 'gravy' was brought about by careful business policies and practices, hard work and prudent spending were probably not even considered.

Robert Kuok's story of how Tun Razak wanted more and more of MISC's shares at par value for the Malays has been an indication of the Young Turk's lust for the national 'gravy' minus the risk of capital investment and minus hard work. Oh, by the by, it's known that Tun Razak asked Mahathir to return to UMNO.

Yes, once Tun Razak cooked that 'rice' of an idea that The national 'gravy' was justified for due rewards for 'some', that wonderful 'privilege' became a sweet national 'bubur' cum santan, so how could Tun Hussein reversed that 'bubur' back into rice grains?

Perkasa is NOT only a Malay Supremacist organisation to pressure UMNO into maintaining the ketuanan status of Malays but also as a pressure group to oppress-suppress Chinese ability to advance too ahead, as indicated by its warning of 'war' to the government not to recognise the UEC (which has nothing to do with opposing Malay ketuanan status - just jealous lah)

Perkasa was formed in 2008 by Ibrahim Ali with Mahathir as adviser. Why only after 2008 elections and by whose instructions? But as we know, Ibrahim Ali has been Mahathir's stooge on the ketuanan front though we need to look more into the formation of Perkasa.

Contrary to government policy that May 13 was started by the communists, Ibrahim Ali stated that May 13 happened because the Malays were not satisfied.

Besides, Tun Hussein as PM was besieged left and right by the 'ultras' from Razak's PM days. If Hussein Onn had implement the meritocracy system, wouldn't he have been made into another Tunku (much disliked by young Malays at that time) by you know who?

Hussein's strange choice of DPM should be explored to know what pressure he was under to make such a decision against his personal views. But as an indication, his post UMNO political beliefs were dead set against the rule, policy and political machinations of Mahathir.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mantra to evade intellectual discourse

MM Online - Zaid: No Malay party willing to ‘stir hornet’s nest’ in fight for Islamic reform (extracts):

It makes no difference whether you are living in states led by PKR, PAS or Umno when it comes to matters of Islam as none of these parties are interested in pushing for a more progressive interpretation of Islam, former de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said.

Commenting on the recent decision by the Selangor Shariah High Court in affirming the conviction of Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for teaching Islam without credentials, Zaid said it was “disappointing” that this case was brought up in a state led by “a reformist party like PKR”.

“It’s clear that when it comes to matters of Islam and Islamic institutions, it matters very little if you are living in states led by PKR or PAS or UMNO.

“None of them are willing to approach the Ruler for a more progressive, responsible and open-minded interpretation of Islam that is consistent with the democratic rights of Muslims in a modern world,” he said in his latest blog post.

“None of them are willing to engage with JAIS or JAKIM on Islamic reforms. Votes are obviously more important, especially now, so 'why stir the hornet’s nest' seems to be the code practical politicians live by — even in a reformist party like PKR,” he added.

The DAP politician said that Khalid's case is proof that no one can engage in a constructive discussion on Islam unless it is approved by religious authorities, and therefore the only alternative is to just keep quiet.

“JAIS and the Shariah Court are not interested in explaining what the term 'teaching' means here. Unlike the discipline imposed in the training of lawyers under the common law system, where terms are exhaustively defined to give clarity, Shariah institutions and the Shariah Court need not bother about such methods.

“You see, since the law and the courts are labelled 'shariah', justice is done ipso facto because it’s a superior law.”

If Malay parties, even those ketuanan ones like UMNO, Pribumi, PKR and religious ones like PAS and Amanah, are NOT interested in pushing for a more progressive interpretation of Islam, or willing to approach the Ruler for a more progressive, responsible and open-minded interpretation of Islam that is consistent with the democratic rights of Muslims in a modern world, what hopes or dares would we nons have?

And it's no use engaging with JA-organisations (JAKIM, JAWI, JAIS, etc) because it's not only in their DNA but their bread & butter to maintain the practice of Islam in Malaysia at its current non-questionable ulama-supreme status.

Take for example Malaysia's foremost Malay intellectual, 84-year old Kassim Ahmad. But because Kassim is a Muslim intellectual, local religious authorities are scared shit of him for fear that intellectuals like Kassim who used their Allah-bestowed intellect to reason out mortal issues which the ulamaks want to control.

Kassim said: To those JA-organisations I'm the most dangerous man in Malaysia despite being (then) 82-years old. That's because I said:

“This priesthood caste did not exist at the time of the Prophet or the four caliphs. They only emerged about 300 years later by appointing themselves as interpreter of religion for Muslims.”

“They (Muslims) view their religious leaders like gods and goddesses, that these leaders are seen to be protected from maksum (protected from sin) and must decide on everything about their lives.”

Kassim Ahmad advised Muslims to follow strictly the teachings in the divine Quran, and not the man-made Hadiths
 (religious rulings made by mortal man).

He was thus arrested for his alleged controversial remarks.

Wikipedia tells us: The hadith literature is based on spoken reports that were in circulation in society after the death of Muhammad.

Unlike the Qur'an the hadiths were not quickly and concisely compiled during and immediately after Muhammad's life.

A minority of hadithists, however, have historically placed ahadith (plural of hadith) at a par with Qur'an, while others have even upheld ahadith that contradict the Qur'an, in practice thereby placing ahadith above Qur'an, and in some cases claiming contradicting ahadith abrogate those parts of the Qur'an with which those ahadith conflict.

That's how the priesthood preposterously and pompously place themselves above Allah swt, presumably when a Hadith suits their interests.

Kassim's arrest was made after the notorious JAWI issued a warrant of arrest against him for an offence under Section 9 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1997 of contempt or defiance of religious authorities (but NOT Allah swt).

But on 21 June 2016, the Court of Appeal found the religious body's actions against Kassim Ahmad including a cross-border arrest into Kedah outside JAWI's jurisdiction, and a detention exceeding 24 hours to be illegal.

It's not just that JAWI has a propensity to act beyond the law but it has shown it likes to punish people beyond the strictures of Islam, even unto being un-Islamic in its actions as were demonstrated in their officers' lascivious lustful lecherous behaviour in the Zouk nightclub incident, the malicious and pathetic prolonged persecution of Nik Raina for also a 'non-offence'.

JAKIM is no better. In July this year the DG of JAKIM outrageously, persecutorially and blasphemously denounced a Muslim woman for owning a pet dog, and ordered her to repent for her so-called 'sin'.

For a start the DG of JAKIM did not have any divine authority to decide what is a 'sin'. Secondly, he does not also have any state authority to issue a fatwa on any so-called 'sin'. Thirdly, he lied about the so-called 'sin' which many Muslims including Muslim preacher Wan Ji Wan Hussin proved was/is not a sin.

Wan Ji said that there is no part of the Quran or hadith which says that it is 'haram' (forbidden) for Muslims to touch dogs.

Both JAKIM and JAWI have been notoriously and shamefully disgraceful to Islam. Really, to protect the good name of Islam, both should be shut down.

HRH Johor and Zaid Ibrahim have both questioned the ridiculous annual budget of JAKIM at RM1 Billion when what it significant did was to warn a woman against keeping dog (illegally and blasphemously at that too).

How to engage with such Brownshirts on Islamic reforms?

Islamic reforms have to start with the abolition of JAKIM. At least the government can save a Billion ringgit a year from JAKIM's annual budget.

But be advised that for nons there are three phrases or terms that will silence them most of the time (though not all of the time, wakakaka), these being accusations that nons are:

  • anti-Islam,
  • anti-Sultan,
  • anti-Malay,

the traditional conservative Malay catch-cry of 'agama, raja dan bangsa'.

It's a special mantra to evade intellectual discourse.

GST again, wakakaka

Alas, not many interesting news for kaytee to blog on today so I'll revisit the 'fake news' on the so-called effect of GST on prices of kembong and kerang, wakakaka.

don't f-blame me - I'm still the same ikan, un-GST-ed as ever, blame f-fake news

Yessirree, I had previously posted 'fake news' of fresh seafood (kembong and kerang) prices supposedly gone astronomical because of the evil GST, but no one, including the responsible reporter, said anything about fresh seafood being NOT subjected to GST.

Let's re-visit one 'naughty' example:

Once known as the “poor man’s fish”, the possibility that ikan kembung might become a price-controlled item is perhaps a better economic indicator for ordinary Malaysians instead of growth figures issued by the government.

The price of the humble fish in the mackerel family has been rising since the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2015.

That's right, the poor GST has been innocently blamed for the rise in a non-GST-ed item, namely fresh food including fresh fish. The rise in price could be due to a number of reasons, like goods cartel, greed of fishmonger, market forces, weather, etc, but the season is to blame GST regardless, even if no GST has been involved, wakakaka.

That 'naughty' example has been what 'fake news' is, published sometime ago presumably to invoke angry/adverse feelings against, in the above stated case, an innocent GST.

A pathetic unscrupulous pariah 'fake news' but pretty effective in rousing anger amongst kampung voters.

OK then, another one - Siti Zahara who is anaemic said she often buys cockles when the dizziness gets the best of her but has also cut down on that of late.

"The doctor advised me to eat cockles or liver (as an iron supplement) because of my anaemic condition."

Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10. So, I buy half a kilo. You can imagine how little that is when cooked.”

The 'fake news' aimed to show that with GST, price of kerang had leapt from RM4 to a humongous RM10.

By the by, I wonder whether there was really an anaemic 'Siti Zahara' that the reporter supposedly interviewed? Wakakaka.

That piece of 'fake news' about kerang was the most humongous piece of bullshit, depicting the difference between a so-called pre-GST-priced kerang at RM4 to presumably a post-GST-priced kerang at RM10.

Who cares if there is no GST on cockles, because such 'fake news' would be believed by the 'already converted'.

The sad thing has been the 'already converted' were considered as 'gullible guppies' by their political parties who wanted to incite them to vote for their parties.

why not NOW?  takut apa?

while as PM, didn't mahathir dislike foreigners especially orang putih interfering in Malaysian affairs?  

wakakaka, but which one

Even if there is GST on on a non-GST-ed kerang, 6% of RM4 only amounts to a round figure of 25 sen. Why RM10?

So could that reporter explain her "Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10."

But the point has been how 'fake news' has deliberately exaggerated the impact of GST even on a non-GST-ed item, to wit, from RM4 to a staggering RM10.

The aim has been obvious, thanks Siti Zahara, hope your anaemia has now been ameliorated by the good news (not fake news) that kerang is NOT subjected to GST.

The 'fake news' could only be described as highly mischievous or even evil. Very unscrupulous lah!

But wait, for this post there's MORE, wakakaka.

Many anti-GST visitors patiently explained to me that the price increase had been a reflection of transport cost increases due to GST on petrol, which presumably add on to the overall price of kerang - but from RM4 to RM10???

Wait wait, is there a GST on Petrol? Be honest and answer this, you gullible guppies, wakakaka.

But but but you would say ... petrol prices had gone up.

True but WTF has that got to do with GST?