Thursday, September 07, 2017

Gajah lain juga didalam bilik

Yesterday I talked about an elephant in the room that the DAP seems to have ignored - namely, the urgent and necessary re-election of its CEC.

By blaming the non-response of the RoS DG to its proposed re-election of the CEC in September and thus to postpone the vital re-elections again, no matter how correct the DAP has been in this regard, it is actually falling into a trap laid out by known 'unknown' force(s) wakakaka to cripple it.

If the PM calls for GE-14 next month in October, the DAP candidates will be caught with pants down as they won't be able to use the Rocket logo. Will it then use Pribumi's or Amanah's logo?

But that's for the DAP to decide and to expedite long over-delayed CEC re-elections, no matter whether RoS has been unfair, unjustified or un-whatever. The end result is it may un-do the DAP in GE-14, perhaps only by a wee bit but then, every vote counts.

But today I want to talk about another elephant in the room which should have long been discussed.

It relates to the current brouhaha about PKR's internal strife, chiefly between Rafizi Ramli and Azmin Ali.

Rafizi has been called by Latheefa Koya as the budak geng Ponorogo, where the Javanese name Ponorogo implies Rafizi is kamcheng with Ahmad Zahidi, he of Javanese descent, wakakaka. That implies too Rafizi could be an UMNO mole.

Dökkálfar-ian and Ponorogo-an

Latheefa Koya is of course the attack hound of Azmin Ali, who BTW is the leader of the Dökkálfar Faction in PKR, wakakaka.

So is my post today about the Ponorogo Faction versus the Dökkálfar Faction, or the geng Javanese versus the geng Keralite-Yemeni?

yum, ponorogo's I luv, wakakaka 

Wakakaka, I'm sure Latheefa doesn't mind calling her one of the 3 lil' Indians since she too indulges in describing Rafizi as budak geng Ponorogo. After all I have often describe myself as a Cinapek or Chinaman.

But no, the elephant in the room I want to discuss in this post is about PKR as a so-called multiracial party or at worst, a Malay Party with Chinese and Indian decorative frill.

PKR has been in existence for around 18 years, initially as KeADILan (with one single aim, namely, to free Anwar Ibrahim) and then merging with PRM to become PKR (with one single aim, namely, to make Anwar Ibrahim the PM).

Just what the f**k has it been doing in those two decades vis-a-vis its image of Malay-ness?

pompous bullsh*t = kosong 

The sad thing is PKR has done f**k-all, wasting its time in internal feuds, backstabbing the DAP and attempting to centrally control its Sabah and Sarawak branches instead of establishing itself as a significant force in the Heartland.

As a so-called multiracial party with characteristics of immense Malay-ness, it has made no headway into the minds and hearts of the Malays. It thus still depends on PAS, which may explain why it needs to suck and suck and suck.

If so, it might as well dissolve itself to join PAS and to f**ks with the non-Malays in PKR. After all, Anwar Ibrahim once was contemplating a political career in PAS, well, until he was seduced by Mahathir's lure.

But coincidentally today, Imperator Mahathir has decided to stop Anwar Ibrahim from giving the Dökkálfar Faction an open cheque to slut around with PAS - padan muka for also sucking up to Mahathir.

Mahathir has just proclaimed imperiously PKR must cease and desist from being a whore for PAS.

But yes, the additional elephant in the room is PKR has no influence at all in the Malay Heartland. It's bloody useless breaking into the Malay vote bank, and that's precisely why Pakatan has to accept its once arch foe as its leader.

Gawd, what an incredible f**k-up.


  1. pkr commit to democracy n multiracial, we r diff with umno pas that indulged in race n religion issue forever, we also despise dap way of pretending to fight for chinese n indian. not everyone in pkr agree with anwar n azmin approach, but we respect their wish to continue to wanting a pact with anyone that resist umno authoritarian n corrupted practice. we dun expect najib ball sucker to understand what we do.

    1. Truth always hurts but the reality is PKR is bloody useless

    2. useless bec cant get the support of malay that prefer racism n theocracy? it is still millions times better than party that r corrrupt, racist, authoritative, side with capitalistic developer n polluted factory owner, buy cheap bangaloooo, n worst, with supporter that suck najib ball.