Thursday, September 21, 2017

RM500 frog

MM Online - RM500 monthly for tahfiz school security: Who’ll foot the bill? Jazlan asks Perkasa (extracts):

BMN demonetised RM500 notes in 1999 - the note is no longer legal tender (like WWII Japanese note with banana trees)

This was mainly due to the Asian monetary crisis of 1997 whereby huge amounts of Malaysian currency were taken out of the country to be traded especially in these notes

RM75,299,500.00 of RM500 notes still illegally with 'someone', wakakaka

is the RM500 coin halal?

haram image of kipan (badak tampung) on the coin
(admittedly the coin was designed in earlier days before the local 'Arabs'  make 'noise')

Umno’s Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed has chided Malay rights group Perkasa’s call to place security guards for tahfiz schools, questioning the rationale behind the group’s RM500 per month price tag.

The deputy home minister also insisted that Putrajaya does not have the funds to pay for such security, especially not when such private Islamic schools are not even part of the national education system.

“What kind of security guards are you going to get for RM500 a month? What quality and training would they have?"

retired and looking for a security job
highly trained - good at twittering too
speciality - detecting radioactive ashes

“How is the government going to subsidise when such schools aren’t part of the system?” Jazlan asked today.

Ibrahim Ali can pay for it, wakakaka.

The (self-confessed) former King of Frogs has as usual shot off ethno-centric bombast straight from his hip (meaning, 'without thinking').

In other words, he has tok-kok again.

By the by, when he surrendered his slimy Crown to fellow-amphibian Mike Tyson, he (unsurprisingly) nominated the incorrect bloke to reign as No 1 in the froggie world.

When one nominates The King of Frogs one shouldn't only count the number of times a person has leapt from one party to another, or then Ibrahim Ali would have continued to be the Raja as he has more leaps to his notoriety.

keep the change, wakakaka

One also factors in other considerations, eg. how important or well-known is the politician, what has been the significance of the 'jump', how many people have the frog influenced in his leap, what political impact has the leap made, etc. 

The King of Frogs is thus Mahathir, who even leapt away from a party he created, namely, UMNO Baru.


  1. the party of frog is dap, they can work with every tom, every dick as long as benefit them.

  2. For ringgit 500/month,yes,can get buka kaki's types.Maybe not in Golok,but can get them at Azmin run henhouses.Anybody needs any direction to these henhouses?

  3. Maybe what Abrahim Ali's Perkasa meant was not RM500 but in GBP500.Stupid fool cannot realize the difference between Ringgit and GBP.Wakakaka.

  4. Hehehehe..the former Mahathir supporter here "meludah ke langit"

  5. The RM 500 , which has become impossible in Malaysia under the minimum wage act, actually raises important issues on the one-size-fits-all minimum wage, which has been swept under the carpet.

    It has been a major cost and price increase driver as well as impediment against employment in Malaysia.

    There are jobs in the market which by their nature, should pay less than the minimum wage, but will also attract willing takers. These are jobs which require minimum skills, yet cannot be replaced by a machine. Willing takers would be people with few skills, yet the income and the dignity of working to earn some money is not something to be denigrated.
    There are also other jobs that require a person to turn up for work just a few hours a day, or a few days a week. A lot of home makers and retired folks don't mind that kind of work. It is not their primary sustenance.

    A RM 500 pay is not necessarily exploitative in such cases.

    Having said that, I agree in the case of Security Guards, they are really a responsible job, and you cannot employ just anyone with no ability to do it.