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Zaid Ibrahim excoriate UMNO on Erykah Badu ban

The Malaysian Insider - Zaid Ibrahim flays ‘moderate’ BN over Erykah Badu concert row:

KUALA LUMPUR Feb 29 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim took a swipe at Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Muslim leaders today for claiming to be moderates but cancelling Erykah Badu’s concert tonight because of her “Allah” tattoos.

“The truth is these leaders are not even sure what kind of Muslims they are. The truth is the BN is not even sure what ‘moderate’ means”, he charged in a blog post today titled “How about this for a moderate BN”.

The former Umno minister whose son Ezra is scheduled to interview Badu on radio station BFM 89 9 at 7 30pm also expressed interest in watching the singer perform live in Jakarta next week.

“If my wife permits it, I would like to go and see her. I am sure the majority of the 220 million Muslims there do not share Information Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais’s Yatim sensitivities.”

Someone peeping from around the corner, asking “Zaid, semua okay?” Manmanlai wakakaka.

Catch a falling Star

Alamak, one day friends, next day enemies. I'm of course talking about Perkasa and MCA, wakakaka.

After the joint effort in the ‘white pow’ debacle, Perkasa must have felt it was sabotaged by the MCA bloke who went along with Ibrahim Ali, playing a Perkasa Santa Claus at a Chinese New Year party. So I suppose Perkasa has been waiting for a chance to bite back.

Not that the running dog sabotaged the Perkasa event deliberately but he wasn’t even consulted. C’mon, who consults a running dog?

So when The Star published a photo of American singer Erykah Badu with her tattoo of the word Allah, Perkasa yelled: Tiew*
Suspend The Star's permit, wakakaka.

* no no, it wasn't calling Colin Tiew of MCA wakakaka

Apart from The Star’s swift apology for the religious faux pas, I am personally quite convinced the MCA-owned news media had made an honest mistake. The Star as a newspaper has been quite cautious on and sensitive to Islamic issues. For example, in March 2006 it initially refused to publish Marina Mahathir’s article in her Star column and only changed its editorial mind after the BBC and Malaysiakini picked up the Star's cringe.

As I wrote in
The Star refused to delayed publishing Marina Mahathir's article, Marina in that article had let loose a few missiles on the way Malaysia had consigned Muslim women to certain demeaning roles and status.

said that Malaysian women could be compared to the black South Africans during Apartheid days. She averred they were nothing more than 2nd class citizens who were held back by discrimination which didn’t apply to non-Muslim women.

Well, wouldn't you agree The Star was ultra sensitive about publishing the above (Marina Mahathir's) Islamic issue, or perhaps afraid to offend Imam AAB who was then PM? Wakakaka.

My Uncle told me that years ago (before there was such a thing as Internet, a Star reporter (Indian) who was responsible for the entertainment page unwittingly insulted Islam. Poor bastard was shivering in his pants when the Muslims went berserk over his sentence that “There isn’t anything on TV tonight other than the boring Quran reading competition”.

He was saved by Tunku (then retired from politics and living in Penang, and also The Star Chairperson) who told the raving mob to shut the fxxk* up as the young reporter had already apologized. Matter closed in a most kowtim-ish manner, such was the wibawa of Tunku.

* of course Tunku didn't use the f* word - it's just kaytee improvising wakakaka

I wonder whether manmanlai will say something? Aiyah, tankookoo lah wakakaka.

Alert Malaysian Civil Service (1)

Malaysiakini - Elderly man probed over Dr M's 'letter' to Israeli PM

Liew Khooi Cheng, 73, a former chairperson of the Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) Residents Association, was called by the MCMC to record a statement at the TTDI police station today. Liew was alleged to have spread two emails to the public that contained seditious elements as follows:

(1) An email sent on Dec 3 last year calling on the people to boycott Gardenia bread and to support Massimo bread.

(2) An email sent on Feb 16 this year, which had as an attachment a letter dated Aug 16, 1999, which allegedly was sent by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to the prime minister of Israel to solicit funds for Umno for its general election campaign.

My advice to Mr Liew is to just send emails on the following subjects:

(1) Lim GE Junior’s torrid love affair with a junior chess champion who lives on the other side of the world

(2) Mat Sabu’s covert liaison with the CPM in acting as the organization's secret historian

(3) Lim GE’s anti Melayu agenda

(4) Mat Sabu anti Chinese agenda

(5) Teresa Kok’s secret Christian missionary proselytizing

Then even if the chief secretary to the government Sidek Hassan forwarded the emails to the commission and urged them to investigate, those MCMC officer will act dunno.

But WTF am I talking about – why would the chief secretary to the government Sidek Hassan report any anti Pakatan bullshit. After all, he didn’t take any action against a most biadap Penang State Development Officer (a public servant) for railing against the CM of Penang at an UMNO political forum.

But the MCMC is to be congratulated for gloriously chasing after a 73 year-old man because Malaysia’s ultimate security depends on successful persecution prosecution of this retiree.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Political violence - the nature of the beast

Malaysiakini - Penang anti-Lynas rally disrupted, smooth elsewhere

The Penang leg of solidarity gatherings for the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally in Kuantan was the sole event which saw disruptions, with two journalists hurt during a fracas that erupted at the rally.

Himpunan Hijau supporters began gathering at the Penang Esplanade were met by a hostile group, which includes local leaders from Umno Youth and Malay rights pressure group Perkasa, numbering about 50.

Several members of this group have often been spotted at anti-Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rallies organised by Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Komtar Traders Association vice president Abdul Ghani Mohammed Jiman.

Sometimes I wonder why police have to take such drastic actions against innocuous assemblies like candlelight vigils or even massive rallies like Bersih. Likewise, UMNO-Perkasa thugs shouldn’t have wrecked the Himpunan Hijau in Penang.

If the police had ignored those candlelight vigils, their messages would have had the life span of a butterfly, and in the cases of the bigger rallies, if the police had not taken aggressive and brutal (totally unnecessary) actions against the protestors, like firing tear gas into a hospital where the participants were seeking refuge, I wonder just how much value (or sympathy and thus support) would have the rallies wrought from the public?

Thanks to the hooliganism of UMNO-Perkasa thugs in Penang Himpunan Hijau assembly, Pakatan will undoubtedly receive more votes in the next state as well as federal eletcions.

Today, in Free Malaysia Today’s article Gerakan man slams Umno’s thug politics Baljit Singh, head of Penang Gerakan’s legal and human rights bureau warned UMNO to cease and desist from thuggery-style politics as it’s counterproductive to BN cause.

Baljit, who I observed had been vocal against UMNO’s Mat Rempit-ish politics on a number of occasions, was speaking in regard to the anti-Lynas protest at the Penang Esplanade Speaker’s Square yesterday.

He warned that such thuggery will see BN kissing goodbye to Putrajaya in the next polls. He came to the point he wanted to make, namely, that UMNO’s thuggery will cause collateral damage to other BN component parties because of guilt by association with UMNO.

Baljit is right of course but I doubt his appeals to Tai Koe will be heeded. ‘Tis the nature of the UMNO beast to resort to such violence.

Now now kaytee, don’t you think it’s rude to say that UMNO has a proclivity to thuggery politics?

Well, I so happen to recall that sometime in 1996, there was an international conference in Kuala Lumpur called Apcet, the second ‘Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timur’ which was convened to propose a peaceful solution to the Indonesian militant oppression of East Timorese in Dili. The conference was held at Asia Hotel.

On 20 July 2007, a person by the name of Joe Gombak wrote a letter to
Malaysiakini asking whether our mainstream media knows exactly which aspects of Malaysia's political culture could possibly benefit other countries. Gombak was of course being sarcastic in sneering at one of our mainstream press’ gratuitous article about how Malaysia was a wonderful example of unity and diversity. He confessed he nearly vomited after reading that bull, and indicated his displeasure, distress and disgust at the rotten state of affair, to wit, our failed state.

What attracted me to his letter was his statement: Our dominant ethnic political party organizes mob violence at venues (such as the
Apcet II meeting) whenever the occasion suits itself, and unashamedly threatens violence against the ethnic minorities at its AGM (Kerishamudin's ‘keris’-waving and ‘bathe it in blood’ antics courtesy of national television) and not to mention mobilizing its youth wing mobs to threaten to burn down a public building belonging to an ethnic minority - the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Indeed, indeed, but I wonder whether Joe Gombak was aware of who was the acting PM when the UMNO thugs went to Asia Hotel to wreck violence on Apcet II?

Hint – this was in the mid-1996 and Dr Mahathir was away in Ghana, hence there had to be an acting PM back at home. The then acting PM actually praised the mob violence which disrupted the Apcet II meeting and forced its abandonment.

He declared after UMNO Youth’s successful disruption of Apcet II:
“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

Wah, congratulations lah, hoe liao man!

Incidentally, did you know that Tian Chua was a member of the organizing committee of Apcet II? Wakakaka. No, jokes aside, I really did admire him for his pre-PKR human rights activities but since he joined PKR, pffffffft wakakaka again. But he was a victim of the mob violence at Apcet II.

The other PKR person involved (also a victim) was the party’s former Deputy President Dr Syed Husin Ali, who was physically abused in the UMNO-perpetrated violence.

OK, let’s revisit what Dr Syed Husin Ali, victim of that incident said during the court case in which the victims successfully filed a RM83 million suit over their wrongful detention by police on the opening day of Apcet II, which as mentioned, was stormed by the UMNO mob.

The doctor said he recognised 3 UMNO blokes who were among the rioters. They were wakakaka Saifuddin Nasution, Ruslan Khamis and Mustapha Yaakub. He knew them because Saifuddin Nasution and Ruslan Khamis joined PKR subsequently [though the latter returned to UMNO].

It was reported that Dr Husin actually grinned when he mentioned Saifuddin’s name – a sort of ‘hmmm, what a very very small world!’ or perhaps 'goodness gracious me, I'm now in the same party with a thug at Apcet II' wakakaka.

You know Saifuddin Nasution , don’t you? wakakaka. He is PKR’s current sec-gen and a member of Anwar Ibrahim’s inner coterie, that exclusive party within the PKR party that RPK told us about (and which PKR members like Tian Chua, Eli Wong and Sivarasa won't have a ghost of a chance of ever being privy to their deliberations), and as the party sec-gen the man who dismissed angry complaints about the PKR party polling process. Wakakaka.

This was what the mob did to Dr Syed, according to Dr Syed’s statement to the court:

… the 300-strong BN angry mob broke down the doors and invaded the conference hall carrying sticks and chairs in their hands.

Dr Syed further revealed:
“One of them who had in his hand a food-container half-filled with water, emptied the contents all over me. He shouted at me saying, ‘Get out! Get out!’. It was mayhem.”

“I was personally assaulted by three persons. They used force and pulled my hands and body. They kept insisting that I should leave the hall.”

I just wonder whether they were the same 3 persons he recognized, wakakaka?

Saifuddin, one of those wreckers turned reformed (pun intended) apologist, who was then No 3 in the UMNO Youth leadership hierarchy but now the PKR sec-gen, admitted it was indeed an UMNO orchestrated attack on the conference. But naturally he placed the blame on (1) Megat Junid, at that time deputy Home minister, (2) Zahid Hamidi, UMNO Youth Chief, and of course (3) the bete noire of PKR, Dr Mahathir.

Then, when Dr Mahathir arrived home from Ghana, Megat Junid and Saifuddin met him, where Saifuddin related "Megat told Mahathir that it was all orchestrated."

Now, isn’t it just strange that, according to Saifuddin (who is now, just a reminder, the current sec-gen of PKR), Dr Mahathir who gave the approval for the disruption of Aptet was informed by Megat Junid that “It was all orchestrated.”

Tell me, is it logical that Mahathir who, according to Saifuddin, allegedly gave his approval in the first place had to be so informed by Megat Junid? Wouldn’t Megat Junid have said “Semua kowtim Datuk” instead of "It was all orchestrated."

And I ask again: Who was in charge at home when Mahathir was away in Ghana? Was it possible for this person not to be aware of affairs that his sidekick Zahid Hamidi (the man he used in a failed attempt to drive Dr M into expeditious retirement) and Saifuddin were up to?

If you read this link again, isn't it amazing, that according to Saifuddin Nasution, those that PKR coincidentally hates, namely, Dr M and Zahid Hamidi (both in Ghana), and Hishamuddin (in Singapore) were asked for directions and approval to disrupt Apcet II, while someone at home, yes, in Malaysia as the acting PM, was not even mentioned at all and thus portrayed as clean as a whistle? The bullshit was just too f* rich, wakakaka.

And aren’t we also aware that Megat Junid had been accused as the architect of one person’s fall from UMNO's grace?

But recall this, who boasted of the UMNO disruption of Aptet II:

“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

Sure as hell wasn't Dr M, Hishamuddin, Zahid Hamidi or Megat Junid (mind you, not that they're angels).

Strange [or should it be] that Saifuddin Nasution didn’t even once mention his name, despite that person's very vocal boast: “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that” wakakaka.

You want to wait for Saifuddin to confess? Manmanlai, or as a matey of mine would say, tankookoo (tunggu2 selamanya).

But I wonder what those anwaristas who have been and are no doubt condemning the police in Kuantan's Himpun Hijau rally and the UMNO-Perkasa thugs in Penang's Himpun Hijau rally would say of the by-far-worse 'orchestrated' mob violence at Apcet II?

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Sunday quickies

Today being Sunday, where it is said the Biblical Lord made it a day of rest, I’ll just sneak in a few quickies:

(1) Malaysiakini - DAP sees red over Asli's 't-shirts and shorts' jibe

When one plays soccer with another team and accepts a member of the other team as referee, one can expect the referee will show biasness and favoritism for his own team.

Moral of lesson: Have a neutral body organize the debate grounds, the conduct of the debate and the theme and umpire the conduct.

(2) Malaysiakini - Zaid 'ousted' as Kita chief by disgruntled members

Since Zamil Ibrahim, KITA’s new chief, has expressed his wish to team up with Dr Hasan Ali’s JATI, I’m sure Tan Tee Beng will be delighted with the prospect. Tan went from Gerakan to PKR to BN-friendly Independent (wakakaka) and now KITA. JATI waits for him to enable achievement of a new record for party changing, provided of course he subscribes to Hasan Ali’s demand of loyalty to the 3-R’s, namely, (Malay) Race, Royalty and (Islamic) Religion.

Incidentally, Tan is anak kepada Tan Ghim Hwa, former Gerakan State Chairman, and known as the sworn enemy of the DAP. Lim Kit Siang had in 1991 described Tan Ghim Hwa as a
political vulture in a matter where phone threats were made against Lim, allegedly by some Gerakan Party members.

Moral of lesson: Just be like Ridhuan Tee and he will find it no sweat to subscribe to Hasan’s 3-R’s, or alternatively, leap on to that new record for another party … maybe PPP wakakaka.

Read also my post Analysing Tan Tee Beng's resignation from PKR published on 02 March 2010.

(3) The Malaysian Insider - Dr Chua says MCA more multi-racial now

Yup, MCA stands for ‘Melayu, Cina & All’.

Moral of lesson: Er … I’m actually amazed and speechless by CSL's claim.

(4) The Malaysian Insider - PKR leader denies caught for ‘khalwat’

The PKR supreme council member explained in a statement last night that he was merely helping a female acquaintance claiming to be a victim of domestic violence at the time when religious officials turned up to arrest him.

… the woman had first made a distress call to him on Friday saying she wanted to run away from home as she “feared her safety”. He said he had advised her against it but the woman and her child later showed up unexpectedly at 2am yesterday at the location where he was attending a two-day PKR meeting.

I read the time as 2 am, not 2 pm?

He said upon seeing the woman and her child in such a state at the time he decided to check them into a hotel room.

Moral of lesson: Well ….. there may be none (moral, that is)? Let's wait and sex ... er .... I mean ... see.

(5) The Malaysian Insider - Pua urges immediate freeze on all NFCorp assets

Assuming those are still around and haven’t wandered off into the meadows.

Moral of lesson: Wait till the cows wakakaka come home.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

New threat to Muslims - memo to Yang Amat Alim

Most Private Memo


Yang amat alim Datuk Dr H.A.,

Assalamu alaikum Datuk.

May I humbly draw your respectable notice to The Malaysian Insider’s news article titled
Malay unity key to national unity, says Najib.

It reported our beloved prime minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak officiating at a gathering of our beloved nation’s third line of defence, the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia.

I was thrilled when he told members of the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia that “A silat association truly reflects Malay unity and its struggles. Its spirit of togetherness and brotherhood must be adopted by all.”

He was fantastically brave, and in defiance of the political correctness mafia, to state that “If we are to achieve national unity, the main key to it is unity among the Malays. Therefore, it is important for the race to remain united.”

I support wonderful Malay Unity which [nudge nudge, wink wink] you have strongly supported, and of course which Ridhuan and I support you. By the way, I am related to Doctor Ridhuan, my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, who has never tire of reminding me he is a Malay, an insistence which I naturally and strongly support, but I will stop this digression here as that is not the reason why I am writing to you.

My dear dear Datuk, yang amat alim, I have been totally SHOCKED, yes Datuk, utterly SHOCKED when the Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong, our so-called third line of patriotic defence, awarded Datuk Perdana Menteri with the honourable title of ‘Sri Tri Buana Gangga Simanjakani Chula Sakti’ and as if that was not bad enough, then awarded our First Lady, Datin Rosmah Mansor, the title of ‘Sri Pelangi Srikandi Utama’.

Datuk, you have been right all along that there are insidious forces seeking to subversively proselytize Malaysian Muslims, except that it has not been the Christians who are the culprits.

If you would re-read the titles awarded to our beloved Prime Minister and his beautiful First Lady, you will notice something terrible, because a quick casual glance may not be obvious as to the insidiousness of their awards, which they thought they could get away with, except only for Dodgy Dimsum’s hawk eyes; it is alright, my dear Datuk, there is no need to thank me as I am only doing my patriotic duty as well as for the interests of my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, Ridhuan.

Datuk, you would note that those awards - Oh shades of Majapahit (or is it Sri Vijaya?) - reek of Hinduism, and very conservative old world Hinduism at that too, given those ominous Sanskrit titles. As you would be personally aware, being a former PAS member, your former party as the state government in Kelantan has banned the Makyong and wayang kulit for their insidious influence of Hindu culture and thus Hinduism.

And we know that the most dominant sect or denomination of Hinduism in South East Asia, and in fact the most ancient in the world, is Shaivism, with its worship of Shiva as the Supreme Being.

We have also learned that Shiva is associated with the Sun. So your concerns about solar powered Bibles were partially correct, at least in the ‘solar powered’ component.

But it is not solar powered Bible that represents a threat to Muslims but solar powered Vedas, the holy book of Shaivism.

I wonder whether we should report this most un-Islamic subversion to your colleague the Perak Mufti? As he likes SMS-ing which he once used to summon the faithful to stop a church proselytizing Muslims (except alas, there was no proselytizing, a false alarm so to speak - so he blamed a woman for it which should be the way for we men, that is, blame women), it may not be incorrect to alert him via that medium on the discovered proselytizing threat of Hindu missionaries. And it is really scary they have infiltrated our patriotic third line of defence.

Insha allah, we shall overcome this new threat, and if it takes a wee while to do so, look at the bright side as it will provide you and Harussani new material and plenty of time to frightenalert Malaysian Muslims to the threat. We can always return to your old foe, the Christians much later – treat them as a convenient standby threat for you to fall back upon.

I am, Datuk yang amat alim,

your most respectful and obedient servant,
[related to my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, Ridhuan who has never tire of reminding me he is a Malay]

Dodgee Dimsum

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The vision of Dr Mahathir

Three chips on my shoulders
Each one seeking happiness
Grown by my hopeful wishes
Which one will the NEP bless?

Malaysiakini -
Mahathir: NEP made some non-Malays rich, too

General MacArthur said “Old soldiers never die they just fade away” but obviously Dr Mahathir hasn’t heard of that or chooses to ignore it wakakaka.

The former PM is still as vocal, if not more than before, not unlike someone south of our borders. Both of them so cherish their own legacies that they insist on preserving them at all cost, even to the extent of interfering in the administrations of their successors.

From my readings and personal observations, Dr M carries three chips on his shoulders. If we start from his ‘Malay Dilemma’ we can gather what his first chip is (my post today), resentment against non-Malays, especially the Chinese, for dominating the nation’s economy and wealth.

I imagine his thinking that it is not fair, taking a very simple example, for Chinese millionaires to be driven around by Malay chauffeurs in a Malay dominated land. Perhaps this resentment manifested in him having a Chinese chauffeur in his earlier years.

Some would say he is racist though some would say it’s only fair (and not racist) for a Malay leader to want to see his own race succeed.

Could it be this first chip on his shoulder convince him that for every Chinese millionaire there should be at least 2 Malay ones, whatever it took, in conformity with the national racial population ratio of 60% Malays and 30% Chinese (current figures – previously, the Chinese ratio was far higher). Thus, could it be then a natural consequence of such belief that he managed the NEP to churn out as many Malay millionaires and eventually billionaires as possible.

He just claims that his NEP had produced not only Malay billionaires but Chinese billionaires as well, but he fails to understand that means diddly squat to many many many Malaysians who have been told to tighten their belts as subsidies reduce, health care costs loom threateningly, cost of essential products rise, etc. Besides, his critics would remind him that those non-Malay billionaires are his cronies, thus it is meaningless to the ordinary non-Malays.

From his wish (my speculation) to see more Malay millionaires/billionaires, his scheme went on to produce as many Malay doctors, engineers, judges, and other professionals as possible, again with whatever it took.

Actually I can emphatize with his aspiration as it’s not a bad one, except for the ‘whatever it took’, but alas, like his erstwhile blue eye boy wakakaka, he suffers from impatience, wanting to see his dreams, vision and programs realized a.s.a.p. (preferably within his watch) so he must have tolerated the 'whatever it took'.

But as with many of Dr M’s policies, plan and programs he didn’t have the full complement of competent staff to carry them out properly, with most lacking his intellect, discipline and will power, and resorting to whatever it took.

I just wonder, hypothetically of course, if he had only entrusted his NEP programs to competent Malaysians (of any ethnicity), how his vision would have been fulfilled. But regrettably, we would never ever know.

As part of his vision, he wanted the Malays to have self confidence and belief in their ability, so I suspect that was the reason for him introducing several programs to enable their development – BTN indoctrination, gimmickry (e.g. climb Mouth Everest, dropped Proton at North Pole, tallest building in the world, Malaysian Book of Records, the space-astronaut programs, etc).

Generally, after a good start, most would go songsang (the wrong way), for example, the pathetic teh tarik & roti canai ‘show & tell’ in the space program – was that what hundreds of millions of ringgit was supposed to produce?

Expediency and convenience to getting big angpows and national honours became the suspected objectives of participants. Even swimming the ‘mighty’ Penang channel became something to boast about (and presumably, with an expectation to be rewarded), when hundreds if not thousands of Penang Anglo-Chinese School (later MBS)
students had already swam across the channel year after year during the 1950’s to 1960’s without any federal support or national brouhaha.

That Dr M’s original aim of building confidence and self belief in the Malays had gone humongously astray became crystal clear when Najib lost the plot and tried (unsuccessfully) to send a team to Egypt to cover one of the pyramids, perhaps with Malaysian batik(?).

At least Najib’s gimmick was harmless other than wasting good public money and earning a malunya stinging rebuke from Egypt’s Minister of Antiquity. But the BTN program, instead of building correct confidence and moralistic self belief in Malays became an apparatus of indoctrinating racial hatred.

When one leaves such an indoctrination machine in the hands of incompetents, they would invariably misinterpret the true aim as instead of one to build hatred, intolerance and despise for other races - a couple of school heads amply showed that. Besides, it’s easier to build hatred than true self confidence. The easy though incorrect way has always been the preferred avenue of the incompetents.

When Dr M was about to retire, he cried, didn’t he? Many thought he was a hypocrite. But he was truly crying because he realized his vision to make the nation’s majority UMNO* Malays have belief in their own ability and assume rightful proportion of due rewards (and not just through rent-seeking mentality) was not a complete success.

* From supposedly benefitting all Malaysian Malays to chiefly UMNO Malays is yet another example of how his vision was implemented in a songsang way, hence the criticism that his NEP had only benefitted the Malay super rich.

But look, who was to blame when his policy saw staffing the implementers of his programs with some incompetents instead of the best in the land, and then when they failed, refusing to either punish, and get rid of and replace them? His tolerance of them was legendary.

Ironically, quite a number of them, those he loved greatly and nurtured under his NEP, betrayed him kau kau, wakakaka.

Then he had hoped for AAB and Najib to continue his programs, but he didn’t reckon on the reality of human nature that each man, every man, has his own agenda, objectives and style of governance. Hence, rather than fade away like a good old soldier, he continues to (from behind the scene) direct, control and even managed to have one removed.

To be continued …

Friday, February 24, 2012

MPPP versus Jessie Ooi - 1 all

Wakakaka, when a visitor to my blog asked me why I haven’t posted anything on Jessie Ooi, I replied cheekily: “Who’s Jessie Ooi?”

For a start, the visitor asked about Jessie Ooi in a post titled
Malays more special than Arabs in Islam?, a question totally out of whack with the thread discussion (what I hoped for). It’s not unlike someone asking “Why haven’t you posted anything on the imam chucking his shoes at the judges” in a post on “Dr Mahathir wrote to Ehud Barak”.

Secondly, there are/have been so many issues that can be posted at any one time so it has to be the blogger who chooses what, who and when to blog. Sometimes I can entertain requests, but most times I can’t or won’t.

Thirdly, some people just don't know when a response is cheeky or sarcastic wakakaka, and would go into syiok sendiri raves and rants, as in [taken unedited from the comments section]: “There headline again at Malaysiakini blog on Jessie Ooi. Why blog and make smart conclusions..when you don't read current issues? You may as well talk about the Sun...Moon and Stars. Your blog is getting more and more talking cock...favoring BN than anything else. Your agree to disagree tactics will not work KT. Be a man...stand clearly which side you are supporting. 13th GE is near...make up your mind” wakakaka!

Sorry, can’t help them.

Anyway, on Jessie Ooi I read an interesting analysis on her behaviour by Douglas Tan at Free Malaysia Today titled
Jessie Ooi: Vindictive or a just victim?

I recommend you read it if you’re interested in Jessie Ooi wakakaka.

As for kaytee, I see her as just trying to make a name for herself, perhaps to advance her standing as a potential candidate in the next election, not unlike some UMNO rednecks and one Gerakan pest who’s always trying to score points against Lim GE through nonsensical media releases.

But poor sweetie Jessie in attempting to fling mud at Lim GE had the goo ricochet onto her own face because she either hadn’t prepared herself well and thus muddled up her facts (stupidly asking the CM of Penang to account for Selangor State’s assessment rates) or she was lashing out blinding and indiscriminately just to make noise like anwaristas wakakaka.

But what worries me more has been the threat by Penang Island City Council (MPPP) to sue her, as reported in Malaysiakini’s
Apologise or face action, councillors warn Jessie Ooi.

One of the fundamentals of a democracy is that public servants, right from the PM down to a small department office boy, cannot sue any member of the public for complaining and/or criticizing them, regardless of whether the complaint is valid or sheer bullshit, PROVIDED the complaint is about the public service or the poor (or lack of) service its officers have provided, and not anything PERSONAL against an individual.

Example: One can rail and rant against the PM (or the Selangor Economic Advisor wakakaka) for not doing his job but one cannot accuse Najib (or you-know-who wakakaka) for pinching his PA's cute lil' bun, wakakaka, in which situation a police report would then be appropriate.

Thus sweetie Jessie is absolutely correct in declaring in Malaysiakini’s headlines
My rights being oppressed, asserts Jessie Ooi in condemning the MPPP for threatening her with legal action over her (no doubt wild and invalid) questions during the Chua SL vs Lim GE debate.

I support her in that public servants cannot use legal means to silence critics who question their policies, plans, implementations of plans and actions (or non action).

I call upon Lim Guan Eng to immediately rein in those equally wild councillors. We cannot have thin skinned legalistic bullies serving as public servants, no matter how incorrect or bitchy the criticisms of some MCA wannabe MP/ADUNs had been wakakaka, unless of course she’s stupid enough to accuse any councillor of having small wee weenie willie wakakaka, when then it becomes a personal insult against an individual ;-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fate twice punished Anwar Ibrahim's impatience

Today RPK posted an interesting topic EPISODE 12: Pak Lah was ousted because of 16th September which fit gnam gnam into my opinion of Anwar Ibrahim.

The post revealed that AAB was the collateral damage in Anwar’s 916 bid, where according to his manmanlai Gospel, 82 Pakatan MPs could stump 140 BN MPs.

Apart from the shamefully gross deformasi of blatant frogology, it would seem Anwar even had the effrontery to want to present his bizarre arguments to HM the Agong to claim control of federal parliament.

Tell me please, where in the democratic world would a party (or coalition) of 82 MPs demand the ruling party, holding 140 out of the 222 in Parliament, surrender government to it, a minor bloc, or alternatively, to hold fresh general elections?

But such was his mesmerizing mist of manmanlai malarkey that even a lawyer like sweetie Hannah Yeoh supported his 916 frogological coup d’état as a proper constitutional process. It chargined me ('pissed me off' would be a more succinct description), still does, that anyone, especially a DAP person, would subscribe to that sinister shameful subversion of the ballot box, which PKR in brazen double-face has frequently accused UMNO of.

Hannah Yeoh wrote: “Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

To me, both 916 and the Perak coup d’état had the same frogological stench. So okay, I admit I am one of those who failed to see the key differences. Pray enlighten me.

Hannah continuing: “When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

Anwar claimed to have the numbers? What numbers? If I recall, the result of the March 2008 elections, which incidentally gave Pakatan majority rule in 5 states and denied BN its 2/3 majority, provided Pakatan 82 federal seats against AAB’s 140. I regret having to say that one of Hannah’ 3R’s, namely ‘rithmetic, was certainly most wanting. It's just as well she studied law instead of maths or accountancy. Anyway, what next?

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

"Constitutional option"? Which political party, having won 140 seats out of a max possible of 222 would dissolve parliament for fresh elections? It would be akin to leaping down from the 14th floor of a high rise building. If dear Hannah was not mesmerized by the manmanlai mist of malarkey, pray tell me what was she suffering from? Anyway, the Tasmanian trained lawyer continued:

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

“If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, …”? Dei my dearest sweet tangachee, what did you think 916 was about?

916 might have been an utter failure, which according to RPK was due to John Soh refusing to dole out RM300 million for an unguaranteed defection of 30 BN MPs, but it was undoubtedly undeniably indisputably gross frogology, dreamed out by Anwar Ibrahim who must have imagined he could repeat his 1994 UMNO-ish election obscenity in Sabah. In plain simple English, Anwar's 916 was based totally on his intent to lure 30 BN MPs to defect over to Pakatan PKR.

Or, perhaps Hannah had imagined the EC came rushing up to Anwar with wonderful news that it had made a mistake in its March 08 counting in 30 federal parliamentary constituencies?

Hannah Oh Hannah! It's one thing to be stupid (where we can then learn from it to be better persons) but it's another to be 'converted' to the vile manmanlai ideology of deformasi. Power corrupts, as we witnessed in Anwar's 916, and absolute power ...? That's what kaytee is worried about.

Every time I criticize Anwar Ibrahim (yes, I do wakakaka) I would always be criticized in turn for focusing only on Anwar and ignoring the other side, like Najib, etc.

Tell me, do I need to hentam Najib and UMNO-BN on issues such as NFC, 1Care, tolls, PKFZ, submarine commission, mysterious APC price differences, Felda Global Ventures, Terengganu Stadium Collapse, MRR2 repair, Tourism promotion bullsh*t, PSC Naval dockyard, mysterious non-accountable awards of contracts, payouts to contractors without contracts being fulfilled, crooked bridge compensation, Bank Bumi, Bank Islam, Maminco, Betting in foreign exchange futures by Bank Negara, Perwaja Steel, Valuecap Sdn. Bhd, corrupt practices including lu tolong wa – wa tolong lu-ism, racial politics, condoning arrogant overt acts of seditions by Utusan, Perkasa, BTN-ized racism by headmasters and use of books with bigoted contents, politicized police, MACC, judiciary, civil servants, muftis, AG, etc?

Everybody in Malaysia including UMNO, MCA and MIC members themselves know all about the mentioned issues. Those who gain act dunno; those who don’t make noises wakakaka; those like PAS and DAP demonstrate their outrage every day.

Sure, kaytee can add to the already tsunamic quantum of noise except of course I'd draw a line against petty puerile pathetic low grade stuff like when one shallow politician raved about how he managed to get rid of Rosmah Mansor from the honorary position of pro chancellor of a university controlled by the PKR Selangor state government - Yeah, f* earth-shaking man!

Whatever, I’ll be just adding a mere drop into an ocean of anger against UMNO-BN dodgy-ness. Why expend my valuable time on what many bloggers including top guru RPK are already doing, and with more information than I could obtain.

I’m more interested in ripping the sheepskins off wolves.

Anyway, I have been particularly attracted by (as made available by RPK’s post) the last paragraph of the Secret Report from the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to Washington on 19th September 2008, which stated (commenting on AAB as the collateral damage in Anwar’s frogological bid):

Tian Chua stated that the Opposition was benefiting from the disarray in Abdullah's government, and was pleased that Najib was no longer Defense Minister. He added that if he became Prime Minister, Najib would be much more difficult opponent and more likely to use harsh measures to stop the Opposition, a view we have heard consistently from Anwar and senior Opposition leaders.

Why should PKR be concerned about Najib being the Defence Minister when it should be about him becoming PM? And on that point, guess what would happen when AAB suffered mortal damage to his standing in UMNO because of 916? And it happened!

So unless the US Embassy report got their Tian Chua quotes incorrect, it showed the Taikoe of PKR Chinese subsection as being a very confused person.

But nonetheless, it demonstrated how Fate once again punished Anwar Ibrahim for his impatience.

Impatience? Please read my 2008 post
The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim (extracts as follows)

RPK had told Guang Ming:

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim changed after he became the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister. Umno changed him, said Raja Petra Kamarudin. He became just another “Umno man”.

“He wore RM3,000 suits, unlike the time when we wore traditional Malay costumes. Before he joined the party he said he wanted to change Umno but instead he was the one who was changed by Umno,” Raja
Petra said.

Thereafter, Raja Petra did not get involved with Anwar any longer but instead became active in Pas.

He wrote for the English Section of Pas' Harakah and in some of his pieces he even criticised Anwar. Anwar was really angry at that time. When Anwar was sacked in 1998, he told Anwar that: “You deserve it! You can challenge Ghafar Baba, but not Mahathir.”

Raja Petra said that Anwar thought after easily overthrowing Tun Ghafar Baba he could easily depose Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well. Eventually, he failed and Dr Mahathir did him in instead.

Anwar brought the whole Humpty Dumpty wall down on his head because he couldn’t just wait for a few more months for Dr Mahathir to retire. He thought he had everything in UMNO sown up.

Due to his impatience and his miscalculations, and not forgetting his disrespect for his elders, he fell on his own UMNO keris.

Of course when he was expelled he metamorphosed OVERNIGHT
into a political reformer wakakaka … how can he expect people, even if they hadn't already experienced his (Education) ministerial policies, to believe him?

In another post The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim I wrote (extracts only):

Not satisfied with the Pakatan achieving a tsunamic victory (alas, there was nothing for him personally, when UMNO continued to snub him), he sought to destabilize a democratically elected government.

In the 6-months long process of snapping at AAB's heels and attempting to crush Najib's wayward balls, he has pushed himself and his Pakatan into a blind alley, where he now cannot extricate himself if he doesn’t become PM by 16 September 2008.

What he should have done was to consolidate the Pakatan’s new power, formed a shadow cabinet to train his colleagues on ministerial functions, and developed the 5 Pakatan held States as models of democracy, freedom and free speech, non-corruptibility, good governance with full transparency and public accountability, and race-less equality and opportunity.

And he would have easily become PM in 2012.

Thus by contributing to the early ouster of AAB, something Dr M was already working towards, Anwar bought for himself a far tougher and more devious opponent into the PM’s seat, to his (Anwar’s) greater disadvantage.

Stumped by his own impatience or just too clever by half?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Malays more special than Arabs in Islam?

"What sluggards, what cowards have I brought up in my court, who care nothing for their allegiance to their lord. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" - King Henry II

Last year Perak's Chief Mufti claimed that Malays are ‘special’ because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs, some of whom are Christians. Presumably his 'Malays' are thus superior to the Arabs.

In other words, according to this man, the Malays could be considered as The Chosen Race of Allah swt, in the same way Jews believe they are of YWVH, while Japanese consider themselves even more superior, having descended from Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess.

Not wanting to be left out from The Chosen Race category, some bible-toting Yanks and Brits believe for centuries they are in fact descendants of the ancient Hebrews and thus God’s Chosen Race.

However, Harussani was a ‘reasonable’ man (wakakaka) in conceding (perhaps grudgingly, but who knows?) that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was an Arab. Hmmm, I wonder whether Harussani had wished the Prophet (pbuh) was also a Malay?

Harussani’s assertion that all Malays are Muslims is in fact supported by the Malayan Constitution, which defines who’s a Malay (e.g. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and Zambry Abdul Kadir) and who’s not (e.g. kaytee wakakaka). Incidentally my Uncle knew a ‘Malay’ military person who’s not a Muslim (by his own choice), but admittedly this was during the days when Malays were not yet ‘Arabized’ (thanks to Anwar) and more tolerant.

But if we step outside the Malayan Constitution and its definition of a ‘Malay’, there are lots of Malays who aren’t Muslims.

Wikipedia has this to say:

In his 1775 doctoral
dissertation titled De generis humani varietate nativa (On the Natural Varieties of Mankind), Blumenbach outlined four main human races by skin color, namely Caucasian (white), Ethiopian (black), Native American (red), and Mongolian (yellow).

By 1795, Blumenbach added another race called 'Malay' which he considered to be a subcategory of both the Ethiopian and Mongoloid races. The Malay race were those of a "brown color, from olive and a clear mahogany to the darkest clove or chestnut brown."

Blumenbach expanded the term "Malay" to include the native inhabitants of the Marianas, the Philippines, the Malukus, Sundas, Indochina, as well as Pacific Islands such as Tahitians. He considered a Tahitian skull he had received to be the missing link; showing the transition between the "primary" race, the Caucasians, and the "degenerate" race, the Negroids.

‘Degenerate’ race eh? No doubt he was a racist arsehole.

Sometimes I have heard of 'Malays' belonging to the 'Polynesian' ethnic group. Nevertheless, even today the term ‘Malays’ would loosely embrace Filipinos, Polynesians, Maoris, and Indonesians of various ethnicities. I'm sure we are all aware not all are Muslims, even if we consider only Indonesians.

But in Malaya/Malaysia, the Constitution is probably the only one of its kind in the world to legislate who is a ‘Malay’. I wonder what ethnicity a person born a Malay but subsequently decides he/she isn’t a Muslim (like the person my Uncle knew), can claim?

In a previous post on 04 April 2008 titled Religious overstepping of boundaries where I blogged on a Star Online article which reported Syariah Court of Appeal Judge (Mohd Asri Abdullah) and his "Proposal to prosecute non-Muslims for khalwat", I wrote:

By the by, as I blogged in The ‘Bumiputera’ in the Malay identity, Dr Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas was the bloke who once told us:

“The Melayu is defined as first being a Muslim and because he’s a Muslim, he follows the customs and traditions of the Malays which are derived from Islam, followed by the language of the Malays which (also) derives from Islam.”

Malay language was derived from Islam? ;-) ke ke ke ke ke!

Then he committed a greater error in letting us know of his abysmal lack of knowledge about Buddhism.

He had once recklessly ascribed roadside shrines to Buddhist practice, stating: “Look at every other corner or tree and you’ll see a little red Buddhist shrine. People don’t disturb it, they respect it. We don’t go and break it, for heaven’s sakes!”.

He even had the temerity (of ignorance) to chide the Buddhists with “I think sometimes these people are also stepping over their boundaries, the ones who demand too much. There already is freedom of worship, you’re free to worship anywhere.”

Man, he knows diddly f*-all squat about Buddhism. To voice his opinion in public that 'there is a red little Buddhist shrine at every corner or tree' indicated an irresponsibility reflecting unworthily on his stature as director general of the Institute of Islamic Understanding.

As I blogged before in
Sneaky Buddhists, Scary Buddhists!, Buddhists don’t give two hoots about the mercy or goodwill of god or gods. Unlike the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism does not subscribe to belief, faith or obedience in an Almighty God. It's virtually a godless religion.

In fact I would say his remarks were insulting to Buddhists

Thus in that incident, Dr Syed had demonstrated his abysmal ignorance on Buddhism in exactly the same way he had condemned non-Muslims as people ignorant of Islam who ought not to interfere with matters Islamic.

Well, we see this gross ignorance again in Harussani. Today, The Malaysian Insider reported in its news article Harussani says Malays must defend their land where he played the jingoistic game, once again.

He called on Malays to defend their race and rights to the land, and to give some weight to his words, he dropped a Big name, though a non-Malay one, namely Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), arguing that the prophet also spoke about his race. Harussani sure as hell has no shame or sense of sin in misusing the name of the Prophet (pbuh) for racist purposes.

As I wrote on 19 July 2010 in my post Perak Mufti ain't no Saladin

Hundreds of years ago, maybe even a thousand or more, many Indians on the subcontinent, especially those from the lower caste became Muslims because Islam freed them from society’s iniquitous shackles. As Muslims they could give the bird to human imposed social barriers.

For them, for justice, for humanity, Islam was the great social equalizer.

But wait, read The Malaysian Insider’s
Perak PAS Youth calls Harussani a racist, which says (extracts):

Perak PAS Youth also rejects Tan Sri Harussani’s racist attitude and his responsibility as a Mufti. While abroad especially in Australia in June 2010 Tan Sri Harussani revealed his hate against other races during his ceramah with Malaysian students there.

Hmmm, what brand of Islam is he practicing? Surely not the Islamic Great Equalizer!

If Perak PAS Youth’s accusation has been correct, then the Mufti’s unique brand of Islam has somehow accommodated his bigoted hate of ‘other races’, presumably non-Malays. Within the Malaysian context, the Mufti must have also included Chinese and Indian Muslims? Or worse, Arab Muslims?

Subsequently, my prediction was in a way proven correct, when he placed the Malays as above the Arabs in Islam.

Like the religion of the Hebrews-Israelis, his too has a ‘chosen race’ where other races are goyims (kaffirs) to be destroyed.

“When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations ... then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy." - Deuteronomy 7:1-2, NIV.

"... do not leave alive anything that breaths. Completely destroy them ... as the Lord your God has commanded you ..." - Deuteronomy 20:16, NIV.

Hmmm, charming people ... and in the Mufti's revelation to Malaysian students in Australia he showed his thinking were/are not different from those biblical Hebrews-Israelis.

Incidentally, HTF did he became a Tan Sri when he was the man responsible for nearly causing religious-racial violence through a seditious SMS in 2006 ...

... and worse, when the sh*t hit the fan he blamed the whole seditious crime on a woman. F* pathetic!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The lottery of Malaysian justice

A couple of years ago I was shocked by the severity of the sentence handed down to a man convicted of stealing 11 cans of beer worth a total of RM70 – see my post 5 years jail for RM70 theft where I wrote:

That’s an over-the-top heavy handed judgement by the Yang Ariff. It’s monstrously out of proportion to the seriousness of the crime, more so when you consider heavier shit being committed by 'heavy metal' ar$eh#les in this country, none of whom has thus far been found guilty.

As the Star Online reported in its news article Jobless man gets 5yrs for stealing some beer, the offender was Zulhaidi Hamzah, an unemployed man.

I wonder whether the severity of his sentence had to do with him being a Muslim and the items he stole were alcoholic drinks?

Contrast his sentence with someone who ‘stole’ hundreds of millions and live in a f* palace built from dirty money.

And for 'divine' sentences, what about those who would unbelievably use dirty money (or accept dodgy all expenses paid trip) to fly to Mecca on a Haj. Won't the sins be tripled?

The second case reported by the Star Online was Shorter jail time for duo Court. Extracts are as follows:

The Court of Appeal has upheld the conviction of two brothers involved in the arson at the Metro Tabernacle church in Desa Melawati two years ago.

The court, however, unanimously held that the five-year jail term handed down by a Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court against Raja Muhammad Faizal Raja Ibrahim, 26, and Raja Muhammad Idzham, 24, was “excessive”. It reduced the sentence to a two-year jail term.

Now consider this learned judgement: Justice Low said while public interest called for a deterrent sentence in criminal cases, the court also considered the fact that the two were first-time offenders and of a relatively young age at the time of the offence.

“We were also informed that as regards the damage to the church, the Government has allocated RM500,000 to restore the church to its original state. We are of the view that custodial sentence is necessary but the five-year jail term is excessive,” said the judge.

I support the judge for his reasonable and less severe sentences for first time offencers, especially those of a younger age (due to their immaturity), though I'm not too sure about how the government's financial allocation to help restore the church could lessen the severity of the crime.

But read this one, also in the Star Online - Vietnamese punished for chopping down gaharu – a first in Penang

A 23-year-old Vietnamese was sentenced to six years' jail and fined RM200,000 in default six months' jail for felling gaharu (agarwood) trees at the Forest Reserve in Nibong Tebal last month a first in Penang.

I would consider the crime by the Vietnamese to be less serious that the previous case, of arson associated with religious (or political) hatred against a place of worship. But WTF, poor Viet received a sentence 3 times more severe than the arsonists. And if he doesn't cough up the RM200,000 fine (which we can safely predict he won't be able to) his sentence will run for an extra 6 months.

Then there was UMNO Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports, Datuk Mokhtar Hashim, who was convicted of murder of another UMNO bloke (sometime in 1983?), sentenced to death, had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment, and then pardoned and set free. All nicely manmanlai.

He, like other UMNO ministers who went to prison, masuk-keluar lokap with their Datukship intact. Just imagine morning roll call, like: Prisoner Datuk 12155 Kaytee Mok wakakaka.

It would seem that justice in Malaysia is just like Empat Ekor. You lose most of the time, but if you have the 'gods' with you, then you win – see my post at KTemoc Kongsamkok titled Dream No 2 – the God spoke, very precisely! wakakaka.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enough rope to talk to ghosts

They say if you give a man (or woman) enough rope, he (or she) will hang herself.

Guess this applies to Anwar Ibrahim. I am of course referring to that millstone around his neck called Israel.

But before I come to that, I want to share with you what I believe to be one of Anwar’s weaknesses (& he has several). From my observations, I believe Anwar suffers from pompous hubris. Yup, like some Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian leaders, he likes to be treated like a deva, a Brahmin, an upper class lord, one adored and waited upon by adulating supporters, fans and disciples.

To worsen his conceit, he indeed has many adulating adorers – where those in his party or strongly supporting him are called anwaristas wakakaka. They are blind as bats when it comes to Anwar. To them, bloke can do no wrong – WTF, he’s God, and thus in their fanatical devotion they pamper his conceit, and thus reinforce his hubris and love for pomposity wakakaka.

For example, during the Bersih I walk, while venerable octogenarian Pak Haji Nik Aziz and septuagenarian Lim Kit Siang marched together with thousands of participants in the rally, Anwar in true manmanlai fashion planned his presence in Bersih via a grand entrance, to arrive in a limousine just as the rally reached the palace gates, and then like a Prince, a Maharajah, Asia’s Renaissance Man, he would assume command and hand over the Bersih I letter to the Agong, of course with an address to the international (and if they are there, the domestic) press.

None of the hoi polloi stuff for His Most Exalted Excellency.

But he was cruelly frustrated in his grand entrance by the very success of Bersih I, because the huge crowd caused traffic jams and prevented his magnificent arrival in the limousine. To circumvent the traffic jam, he had to travel to the palace gates in a less than regal manner, by riding pillion to a motorcyclist wakakaka. ‘Twas sweet-sour irony for a man who dearly loved his self importance.

But there was a consolation prize, because as he arrived, dressed in a chic light jacket (totally essential for cool Malaysia wakakaka), an anwarista rushed forward to hold a brolly over His Most Majestic head. I wonder whether the brolly was a yellow one wakakaka.

Naturally such a pompous man lapped it up when the Yanks greeted his arrival (then as a Malaysian minister) in the States with a 19-gun salute. So can you blame him for imagining and self-indulgeing in what he saw as his phenomenal World standing of mega magnificent magnitude, maybe even greater than that enjoyed by Nelson Mandala when those Yanks ooh-ed and aah-ed him?

And invariably in the political powerhouse of America, many of those Yanks were Zionists. So, is it any wonder Anwar Ibrahim felt compelled to demonstrate his allegiance and buddy-ness to his American ‘friends’ in his support of Israel.

That’s a price he had to pay; that’s a price he chose to pay.

Coupled with some poor choice of words which he used in an interview with the Wall St Journal, that he supported "all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel", and which Anifah Aman cleverly pounced on (all efforts) as indicative of Anwar supporting even Israeli barbarous and horrendous mass military attacks on the Gazaan people, he has repulsed the PAS people who strongly support the Palestinians – just what UMNO gnam gnam desires.

Pak Haji Nik Aziz was so incensed that he demanded Anwar, who claimed to have been misquoted (hey, I thought this is an UMNO line - oops sorry, it certainly is! wakakaka), sue the Wall St Journal as proof that he was indeed misquoted. I'm not sure what has transpired since, wakakaka.

In a previous post Much ado about a 'shitty little country' I warned that the ‘shitty lil’ country’ (Israel) with its blood-soaked history of violence, hostilities, racial animosities, and barbarous oppressions against the Palestinians a la the vicious genocidal episodes of the Old Testament would represent to any Malaysian Muslim (UMNO, PAS, PKR) political opportunities to indict their political opponents’ lack of sympathy for their Palestinian Muslim brethrens (and, by default, friendliness with Israel as in Anwar’s case).

Thus, because Israel and its persecutions of Palestinians are highly emotional issues, a Malaysian Muslim who’s pally-buddy with much hated Israel would be evidence of his/her lack of worthiness to be a leader of Malaysia. Of course UMNO is pushing this line kau kau.

And we know that in Malaysia, with agama (religion) being one of the tripodal mantra of UMNO, naturally it would lambast and continue to lambast Anwar as an Israeli lover, one who supports even Israeli barbarous and horrendous mass military attacks on the Gazaan people.

True or false, UMNO’s accusation against Anwar Ibrahim has very strong resonance in the Heartland.

Isn’t it ironical that Anwar Ibrahim, the UMNO minister who could be said to be the principal force in Arab-izing the Malays, the Education Minister whose ministry issued an order for all school students (including non-Muslims) to doa in Muslim fashion (causing humongous distress and anger among the non-Muslim parents for the unwarranted proselytizing), a former president of ABIM, is now seen as an Israeli supporter of the strongest kind.

Anwar is caught in an Israeli net of his own ‘too clever by half’ making. When one plays footsie tootsies with Zionists, one must bear the consequences of being called a Zionist supporter, even if one is not.

So what is Anwar then?

Though MCA leaders are not the sort of politicians one wants to quote from, I have to on this ocassion and recall for you what Ong Ka Ting once said of Anwar Ibrahim.

OK, as mentioned, I don't think Ong Ka Ting is a man one wants to quote for succinct statements but having said that, Ong had been spot on when he described Anwar as a person "who talks human talk to humans and ghost talk to ghosts".

Give a man enough rope …

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Political wolf in sheep's clothing

Once again RPK is titillating us with his latest juicy revelations in EPISODE 8: The man behind PKR (Part 2), a story of John Soh as the man pushing Anwar into real reforms. Hmmm, I wonder whether John Soh is, as I was told, Datuk Lamb wakakaka (yes, lamb as in sheep's baby).

In Peter's (RPK) story we are informed that (once again) Anwar has deferred to Azmin Ali who powerfully veto-ed Soh’s proposed reforms, leading to the breakup between Anwar and Soh.

How true is this, alas, I can’t say though I must confess the allegations against Azmin Ali the spoiler attracts me as I have a really low (subterranean in fact) opinion of Anwar’s blue-eyed darling, especially after the PKR's last party 'election(???)'.

Peter’s tale stated: John Soh was propagating reforms but all his plans to push for reforms were always met with resistance. Only then did John Soh realise the influence Azmin Ali had over Anwar. If John Soh wanted Anwar to agree to anything, he must first get Azmin Ali to agree to it. Only then would he be able to get Anwar to go along with the proposal.

The PKR supreme council was a lame duck council because Anwar was constantly referring to his old Umno mafia on how to run the party. What upset John Soh the most was the party-within-a-party structure where within the official party circle was another unofficial all-Malay circle comprising of ex-Umno cronies. In fact, this second inner circle would hold its own separate meetings further to the main meetings.

I have often referred to Anwar’s ‘old UMNO mafia’ and his ‘party-within-a-party’ as his ‘inner coterie’.

But what confirmed my concerns about Anwar’s manmanlai deformasi was Peter’s revelation of Soh’s RM300 million which allegedly Anwar depended upon for his outrageous 916 attempted coup d’état.

The saddest consequence of Anwar’s 916 debacle was a DAP sweetie like Hannah Yeoh being swept into that mesmerizing manmanlai mist of malarkey – see my February 2009 post
DAP should stop defending Anwar Ibrahim where Hannah stupidly wrote (yes, I support DAP but that doesn’t mean I am like some people, blind as a bat wakakaka):

“Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

“When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

Leaving aside the different issue of Najib’s coup d’état in Perak which involved someone high up who should have stayed out of direct politics, Hannah Yeoh was stupid (and I hope the sweetie isn’t now) to claim that Anwar had the right to demand AAB convened an emergency sitting of Parliament or to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections.

WTF for, just after an election where AAB’s BN trounced Pakatan by 140 seats to 82? Was she mathematically challenged?

She's lucky I have described her as stupid rather than undemocratic or a proponent of frog-ology, though it broke my heart in doing so. And if she was not stupid then she certainly was mesmerized by the mafulat-ish manmanlai mist of malarkey – but such has been, is and will be the power of Anwar Ibrahim’s snake-oil salesman charm.

As a voter who supports DAP for its CAT policy, I wrote in that 2009 post: ... it grieves, in fact distresses me greatly to disagree with her on her views on Anwar Ibrahim’s 916 as measured against the BN’s coup d’état in Perak, which she had posted on her blog, and which saw her article clung on to by the Anwar Ibrahim’s blog like a drowning man would the proverbial straw …

Hannah Yeoh's letter supporting Anwar's 916 was published in Malaysiakini on 5 February 2009 as Pakatan makes no apologies for Sept 16.

Before someone wakakaka complains I write lengthy posts I’ll conclude here by summarising above points, including the alleged happenings/observations in Peter's
EPISODE 8: The man behind PKR (Part 2):

(1) Azmin Ali was main stumbling block to real reformasi pushed by Soh for PKR,

(2) Anwar’s 916 Deformasi depended on money to buy frogs,

(3) PKR is in fact an UMNO-mafia-rish wolf in PKR sheep’s clothing, which Datuk Lamb found out was against his advocated reforms, wakakaka.

But I’ll be back soon with a new post titled ‘Three fallacies regarding Anwar Ibrahim’ wakakaka.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Subliminal attacks against Lim Guan Eng

The Malaysian Insider’s Target: Lim Guan Eng by Whistleblower 57 reported that:

Team Najib have identified ... [Lim Guan Eng] ... as a main target, a real problem for them in the coming general elections.

In the power circles in Putrajaya Lim Guan Eng is a problem not only in Penang but in urban areas and even in East Malaysia where the feedback is that the Penang CM is popular.

So the strategists in Umno have decided that Lim must be kept busy fending off attacks. He must be kept off balance and so worried that he will not leave Penang to campaign for Pakatan Rakyat.

Aiding and abetting Umno in this task are some turncoats in DAP and PKR and Chinese businessmen. They have been promised a big payoff.

We know that, though I have to ask your opinion whether the following has been part of Najib’s strategy, though admittedly it was written in October last year?

In Jocelin Tan’s column in The Star Online, an article titled New look, old style had this to say about Guan Eng:

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his wife turned up for the State Deepavali open house in traditional Indian outfits, and Betty Chew even sported a pottu. But Penang being Penang, most of those at the do did not bother to dress up and some were casual to the point of sloppiness in their Bermuda pants and slippers.

As a result, Lim and his wife ended up looking somewhat overdressed and, well, rather bourgeois. On the other hand, his deputy Dr P. Ramasamy, who wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a long dhoti, resembled a Tamil proletariat from the waist down. But from the waist up, he looked like he was on the way to a DAP meeting.

Lim’s Indian outfit was not the only thing that attracted attention. The DAP leader has undergone an image makeover. His trademark “Brylcreem look” is history and the heavily oiled, ah pek haircut has given way to a more updated layered look. His jet-black hair colour has also miraculously turned a more natural shade of brown. Okay, maybe it had nothing to do with miracles but everything to do with his hairdresser.

Even his wife sported a more sleek and stylish hairdo in the same soft brown shade as her husband.

In between his heavy schedule and the full-time war of words with his opponents, Lim has managed to squeeze in time for a makeover.

The quest to look young, also known as vanity, is no longer exclusive to women, and Lim, who is 50 and starting to look like his father, must have decided it was time to turn back the clock. But the image consultant behind his makeover should also advise him to ditch his street-fighter mode for something more sophisticated in keeping with his status.

Lim is terribly conscious of being Chief Minister; his Twitter name is cmlimguaneng while on Facebook he is CM Lim Guan Eng. But the way he carries on, it seems like he cannot make up his mind whether he is the Chief Minister or the Penang opposition leader.

Newspapers are known to have political allegiance or political leanings, even those in Australia and the USA, except that in Malaysia we are one notch better, where virtually all Malaysian mainstream media are owned by the Barisan Nasional.

Thus our media owe more than political allegiance; they owe their bread & butter (pay checks) to the BN boss wakakaka.

While there’s nothing wrong in criticising the policies, plans and programs of the opposite side (namely, DAP Lim GE’s Penang government), it’s astonishing Jocelin Tan has gone to such great lengths to sneer at the looks, dressing, grooming and personal ego of Lim Guan Eng and wife.

I believe that such comments could be considered as subliminal political attacks.

Subliminal means operating below the threshold of our consciousness, usually by employing stimuli (such as adverse remarks against Lim's personal self) insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation (overt and immediate dislike or disapproval against Lim) but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behaviour of the individual (hopefully the voting inclination of the readers).

It’s not unlike planting seeds of anti-Lim/DAP poisonous plants in our fertile Malaysian minds, with such criticisms of Lim’s looks, dressing and grooming, and waiting for the plants to bear poisionous fruits at the right moments like GE-13.

Malaysia the Pot & USA the Kettle

The Malaysian Insider - Malaysia two-faced in Saudi blogger saga, says US paper

Of course The Washington Post has been absolutely correct in labelling our government, as demonstrated by the brazen blatant bullsh*tting Home Minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, a “champion of double-talk” for denying the Malaysian courts had barred the deportation of Saudi Arabian blogger Hamza Kashgari.

The Malaysian High Court’s order stopping the deportation of Kashgari was handed to his lawyers but the Home Minister ignored it and assisted Saudi officers extradite the victim to his eventual execution in a draconian State, where it is likely Kashgari will be decapitated, as per known Saudi tradition, in front of a mosque immediately after Friday prayers.

But The Washington Post should also know its own country, namely the United States of America, is no better. In fact there is no country more double-faced than the USA, self proclaimed bastion of democracy.

It fosters, nurtures and protects not democracies but dictatorships around the world, including the Al Sabah family dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and the late Mubarak government in Egypt.

It persecuted democratically elected Hamas government in Palestine while supporting the corrupt and loser al Fatah, on the orders of Israel.

It condones the brutalities of the governments of Yemen and Bahrain while working actively to dethrone Gaddafi in Libya.

It bombed Serbia for attacking Kosovo while it supplied weapons of destruction and financial aid to Israel for attacking Gaza.

There is no greater hypocrite than the USA.

But it doesn’t hide nor mitigate the hypocrisy of the current BN government of Malaysia.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day's wild sex romps & orgies

Malaysiakini's Valentine's Day raid nabs five couples in Selangor reported:

Five couples were picked up by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) in an early morning anti-vice raid that was apparently timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day today. [...]

The operation dubbed ‘Petaling district level 6th anti-vice campaign’, saw the participation of 85 enforcement officers from Jais, MBPJ, the Immigration Department, district land office and police.

Vice? I assume it would be vice only under syariah laws, because if (non-Muslim) Chinese or Indian adult couples were/are engaged in a wee bit of covert nookie, it won’t be 'vice' at all, and those Jais blokes would have been told to mind their own bloody business with a “f* off (or go & jerk off), you pervs”.

Incidentally, why were officers from the district land office involved? Came for the show a la Zouk nightclub?

But sad as it had been for those 5 Muslim couples to be caught with their pants down (literally), we must all congratulate Jais for its brilliant success, and treat it as great news, because this means that from tomorrow, 15 Feb 2012 until next year, 13 Feb 2013, there won’t be any Malaysian Muslims indulging in such Valentine's Day immoral activities, the types that PAS Youth had claimed would happened on 14 Feb each year.

Thank goodness that from now, only normal Malaysian sex crimes like incest, rape, sodomy and oral sex will happen, at least until 13 Feb 2013.

I personally don’t care much about Valentine’s Day; in fact I hate it because I associate it as a day of being made to feel bad/guilty - when I had sweethearts, I was regularly in the dog house for forgetting my boyfriend’s duties, namely providing sweeties with that damn bunch of roses. F* Valentine’s Day.

Despite its religious sounding name, Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday at all, no, not anywhere, not even in the Roman Catholic World. In fact, in 1969 His Holiness Pope Paul VI wiped out Valentine’s Day from the General RC calendar of saints’ days. Praise His Holy Daddy!

And with that, boyfriends around the world heaved a great sigh of relief until those blasted florists and chocolatiers revive its celebrations, naturally for their commercial interests, as they did by inventing Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Soon, if they have their evil ways, every day will be ‘something’ Day.

But notwithstanding all these known commercial interests, somehow, there are some Malaysians, presumably those whose heads are constantly filled with visions of wild sex romps and orgies, who believe that on Valentine’s Day our hormones will somehow exponentially increase to an extent that we would scare even the wildest satyrs and nymphs.

Either those fantasizing Malaysians don’t have a f* clue what the modern commercialized Valentine’s Day celebrations is about, or they do but prefer to act dunno and exploit the day kau kau so as to exercise their 'Lil Napoleon-ic authority through warnings, scaring, threats and terrorizing (via peeping tom raids) to consolidate their hold on their followers.

But I propose that we do away with Valentine's Day (and neutralise the PAS-DAP squabbling) by substituting it with a Malaysian equivalent, Chap Goh Meh Night, all complete with Dondang Sayang pantuns and singing wakakaka - for more, see my post Chap Goh Meh in Penang.

Florists and chocolatiers needn't worry about reduced sales, au contraire, with my proposed substitution of festivities because they can continue to peddle their wares on Chap Goh Meh, the Malaysian Day of Sweet Love, which will then be celebrated by all Malaysians and not only Chinese, truly 1Malaysia.

Additionally, sales of mandarin oranges will increase as some will be bought to throw not just at the sea but also (peeping tom) 'pervs' wakakaka. We could also introduce the throwing of pisang raja's for men as a yang to the yin of women's oranges. Goodness, sales of our agricultural products will go right through the roof.