Monday, March 31, 2014

One person one vote - the Shahidan Concept?

Shahidan Kassim is a minister in the PM's Department which basically means they don't have a proper ministry to give to him but have to make him a minister to keep him quiet, wakakaka.

Shahidan has just told us that 'One Person One Vote' does not reflect equality.

According to him, the silly idea of 'one person, one vote' is not suitable for our nation unless it is implemented in accordance with the country's multi-racial composition. I wonder how 'one person, one vote' can be implemented in other ways than what it says, namely, one person is allowed one vote. Is there any other way?

But wait, the key word perhaps may be Shahidan's understanding of 'equality'.

If that's the case then maybe he has in mind that the 'one vote' of some people could be like the Chinese deity, Monkey God, who, according to Chinese folklore, could transform and multiple his divine self into as many clones as he wishes.

Mind, I am mentioning this only in the spirit of ... er ... the spirits ... of Raja Bomoh.

He (Shahidan, not Raja Bomoh) then elaborated further for our poor uncomprehending minds which still cannot grasp what he had implied by 'one vote one person' implemented in accordance with the country's multi-racial composition (could it be other than 'one person one vote'?). I'm still keen on that Monkey God magic, wakakaka.

Anyway, Shahidan said rather 'cleverly':

“One Shahidan might be equivalent to one Mahfuz but one Loke might not be same as one Shahidan.”

Now, to my simple mind, I read Shahidan and Mahfuz as Malay names and Loke as that of a Chinese, unless of course the Loke was wrongly written and should have been Lokman, wakakaka.

Aha! My reading above was confirmed when Shahidan added: “The concept of one person, one vote must be based on racial breakdown, economic and family background.”

Okay, I can now understand what he meant, as we know that our population by racial breakdown would roughly be (I'm going to separate bumiputera into Malays and Natives):

Malays 50%, Natives 15%, Chinese 28%, Indians 7%,

... so if we use the Indian percentage population as a base (or factor) of 1, then the following (as near as possible without going into decimal points - remember, I'm simple minded) will be the voting power of each individual by race a la the Monkey God's magical transformation:

Malay 7x
Native 2x
Chinese 4x
Tambee 1x

So when a Malay cast his or her vote, according to what I understand of  Shahidan Kassim's statements, that will be equal to 7 Indian votes, the Indian vote being the basic voting currency, wakakaka.

The Chinese vote will be about half of the Malay vote but sorry lah Waytha, please don't curse the Chinese as this is Shahidan's formula as I have interpreted it, 4 times that of the Indian vote and most terrible of all, twice that of a Native.

So taking Sungai Siput federal constituency as an example, where its ethnic breakdown would be (approximately) Malay 31%, Chinese 41% (f**k those Chinese), Indian 23%, and Others 5%, this will work out in accordance with the Shahidan Concept as (initially) Malays 273%, Chinese 164% (now, vis-a-vis the Malays that's more like it), Indians 23% (base factor) and Others 0.2%. Once the above 'initial' percentages have been appropriately and proportionately reduced to a grand total of 100%, they will give us (roughly):

Malays 60%, Chinese 35% and Indians 5%, with the Others wiped out into insignificant nothing-ness.

Surely this would be a true and valid verification of the Shahidan Concept, one where we see the Malaysia Boleh's version of 'one person one vote', with a bit of assistance from helpful kaytee, wakakaka.

Okay the above has been relatively simple to work out, in accordance with my simple mind, but I'm not quite sure what he has meant by 'economic and family background' affecting the 'one person one vote' concept.

Did he mean that richer people will have more voting power, or less?

As for 'family background' I have to admit I haven't a clue as to what he has in mind, unless he's doubling up on his factor of race?

But can't we simplify the Shahidan Concept further by just divvying up parliament's 222 seats into (in accordance with our racial breakdown, roughly)

Malays 111 seats
Natives 33 seats
Chinese 62 seats
Indians 16 seats

and let those ethnic groups fight it out among themselves in a contest without the necessity of constituencies - maybe a lottery style draw? wakakaka.

Thus UMNO, PAS and part of PKR will fight for 111 seats, while MCA, SUPP, part of DAP and part of Gerakan will contest 62 Chinese-only seats (and f**k PCM, wakakaka).

As for the Indians, a host of Indian based parties like MIC, KIMMA, HRP, Hindraf, Punjab Party of Malaysia, All Malaysian Indian Progressive Front, Makkal Sakthi, etc will fight it out with parts of PKR, Gerakan, DAP and wakakaka the Tamil speaking divisions of UMNO for the 16 seats allocated to Indians.

Mind you, I can't claim credit for this because in 2008, just immediately after the general election when Pakatan formed majority rule in Perak, Dr Syed Husin stated that the Perak exco should reflect the ethnic breakdown of the state. Then I did wonder whether his statement was motivated by the DAP winning more seats than PKR in Perak. But now I think I'm beginning to understand why he had said that, thanks to Shahidan Kassim.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cricket's just 'not cricket' for some

After the rioting in Lil' hot India in Singapore it seems our friends from the subcontinent are at it again, wakakaka, this time rioting over the silly game of cricket. 

Now, in the subcontinent countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and other cricket-loving nations like South Africa, Australia, NZ, West Indies and of course where cricket came from, England, the game of cricket is virtually a hallowed institution.

Former Australian PM John Howard is what would be called a cricket tragic, one whose love of cricket is unfortunately not matched by his playing ability, wakakaka.

To him, he preposterously though understandably named Donald Bradman, an Australian cricket player who passed away in 2001 at the age of 92, as the World's greatest sportsman ever.

I wonder whether John Howard has heard of sportsmen like Jesse Owen, Pele, Rudy Hartono, Carl Lewis, Zico, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Steve Redgrave, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretsky, Diego Maradona, Mark Spitz, or even cricket's Sachin Tendulkar, etc to even dare named Bradman as a far greater athlete than them?

Pele in action

But we have to forgive Howard because besides being a cricket tragic he is also an Australian like Bradman and thus had been 'patriotic' in naming his countryman as the best of the bests.

Additionally, Howard is particularly known to be nostalgic about people and things of the 'golden age' of good old White Australia, an era before it was swamped by soccer-loving migrants from around the world like kaytee wakakaka. Donald Bradman was already a cricket icon in those 'wonderful' days of Howard's Australia, so he naturally would be the model icon for Howard.

In the English world, cricket was a game for the so-called 'better half' of society while soccer or football was for the peasants, wakakaka, though to be fair to Australia, which has a more egalitarian society than England, cricket was and still is enjoyed by all social classes.

In fact, in earlier England, fair play in cricket was so paramount and treasured that it gave us the English colloquialism of 'It's not cricket' to mean 'Having something that is unjust or just plain wrong done to someone or something'.

But today, ever since Murdoch initiated highly commercialized cricket games for his pay TV, with the players paid in the millions plus bonuses, the game of cricket is 'not cricket' anymore, where all sorts of unsavory stories about the game and some players have been heard.

Some players have got away or only suffered light taps on their wrists with allegations of cheating, match fixing or/and association with bookmakers - see here for two Australian cases where the two are considered by Australian cricket fans as virtually 'heroes'. But some like Ajay Sharma of India and the late Hansie Cronje, former South African cricket captain, were banned for life

Apart from cases and allegations of corruption, the game with significant financial rewards waiting for the winners has gone so disgracefully dirty that even the nasty unsportsmanlike 'sledging' has been allowed.

Sledging in cricket is the practice of gaining an advantage over the opposition through insulting or verbally intimidating the players of the other team so as to unsettle them or make them lose their cool. The aim is to make them play in a less composed and thus less skillful form.

The professional cricket players will attempt to bullshit that sledging is humorous and an important part of cricket. but we note that no other professional game other than cricket allows sledging.

The ulterior objective is to win (the money prize plus the lucrative advertising contracts) by any means, including nasty psychological warfare of verbal abuses to make the opponent lose his temper and thus his ability to play in a composed, cool and collected manner.

Anyway, our subcontinent friends in Singapore had on Tuesday night watched a televised match between the West Indies and Bangladesh where the Windies (the name of the West Indies cricket team) won.

I'm not sure whether there was 'sledging' among the spectators, wakakaka, but a brawl broke out among the migrant worker spectators, and their usual antics, lighting a fire, became their signature tune again, wakakaka.

As to who was supporting which team, and what was the grievance leading to the brawl, no one has said a word on it, but I just wonder whether the happy brew was involved, again? Wakakaka.

Some people just can't change, wakakaka.

Azmin Ali to become PKR party president?

Malaysiakini - Azmin hit by 11th-hour Anwar-Azizah combo

Makes me wonder why would Anwar Ibrahim even want to contest the party president position, what more with his recent conviction hanging over his head? Besides he had never been interested in being PKR party president - UMNO president maybe wakakaka but PKR president ... I doubt it!

I am making a guess that Azmin Ali will file in his nomination papers for the PKR party president. Then when Anwar withdraws at the 11th hour (wakakaka) or is disqualified by RoS because of his recent court conviction, Azmin becomes PKR party president - all gnam gnam kowtim!

It's said that Wan Azizah will also file her papers for party president as well, just in case hubby can't make it.

But let's see. After all, Anwar had been complicit in the Kajang Betrayal, all for Azmin's sake. So I won't be surprised by any move that sees Azmin avoid a fight against Khalid Ibrahim for No 2, but instead sees him win the party No 1 post uncontested. 

I do hope I'm wrong.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bipartisanship on The Reviled & The Revered?

At last there seems to be Malay Unity, indeed a sense of bipartisanship in Malay politics.

Both PM Najib Razak and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim have been DEAFENINGLY silent on Jawi's arrest and detention of Kassim Ahmad.

the MOST dangerous man in Malaysia??

Kassim was arrested for his alleged controversial remarks on the Hadith or Islamic prophetic traditions, Utusan reported that the arrest was made after the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) issued a warrant of arrest against him for an offence under Section 9 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territories) Act 1997 of contempt or defiance of religious authorities.

Jawi is to be commended for its insightful selection of the correct section of the syariah law because ..... wait .... in easier to understand laymen's language, Kassim had made remarks which Jawi sees as containing an intrinsic threat to the position of those 'priestly caste' which of course includes Jawi and all the JA-organizations plus the mullahs, muftis and members of the Islamic clergy.

I suspect that's the real reason for Jawi to move against 81-year old Kassim Ahmad with such alacrity, for nothing motivates a person especially a cleric more than a threat to his position, perks and power.

And such has been his threat to their status that the syariah prosecutor even objected to bail for this presumably 'most dangerous' old man of Malaysia, wanting to detain him for ONE WEEK, as angrily voiced by Sisters-in-Islam

So ..... what did I tell you about the perils for democracy in implementing syariah laws in my post PAS - from Progressive to Pythonic in which I wrote:

Just remember, a Malaysia under Islamic syariah laws (inclusive of its hudud) as envisaged and intended by PAS will in all likelihood not have an option for political belakang pusing for non-Muslims and even Muslims.

Democracy and its institutions will automatically come under the control of a supreme, non-questionable, non-challengeable (a la the fatwas of Kedah PAS MB), and totally dictatorial religious Majlis, FOREVER MORE, ...

... and as mentioned by RPK in his post Friday prayers are NOT compulsory, said the Mufti, the process in an Islamic environment is not democratic and not questionable even by logic, reason, precedent or rules.

Thus one cannot, in Manglish (Malaysian English), 'simply play play' with our voting in the coming election and then believe we can still vote PAS out in a following election if we don't like its policies.

There may or may not well be any following election once the religious Majlis has been established, for it will be all powerful, absolute in its command, control and governing of national politics and indeed everything, and frighteningly unchallengeable. It is unlikely to put itself in a position of losing its power. Thus it will likely be that all election candidates may have to be approved by the Majlis.

The pythonic demon will by then have wrapped its sinister coils around you kau kau, where there will be no escape.

And Jawi in its draconian treatment of frail 81-year old Kassim Ahmad, even interrogating him until the wee hours of 4 a.m (as reported by Marina Mahathir in Malaysiakini's Marina Mahathir choked up over Kassim's case) gives you a very brief indication of what to expect from the mullahs if syariah laws were to be implemented.

how dangerous is this old man?
how much of compassionate Islam is practiced by our Malaysian religious organizations?

As if Kassim's arrest and detention was not cruel enough, the Syariah Court judge Umammuddin Yunus set a condition that bail must be posted by a resident of the Federal Territories. Why?

It makes life difficult for Kassim Ahmad as most of his friends are residents in Selangor ..... but wait ..... isn't Nurul Izzah the MP for Lembah Pantai in the FT? Surely she could have posted bail for the poor old man ... but alas, she was not there at the Syariah Court to do so.

Maybe she avoids such issues for reasons I had blogged in 3 sweeties, only 1 real Princess Reformasi, wakakaka.

sorry Pak Kassim, she's busy practicing her guitar lessons & not available

Anyway, we know Najib is silent because ..... well ..... he is Najib, and after all, most if not all of you have been condemning him for avoiding speaking out on a number of difficult issues, so I suppose we can expect his manmanlai, though most certainly should frown upon his unacceptable silence.

But what about 'God's Gift to the People', wakakaka, a description of Anwar Ibrahim by his adoring wife, Wan Azizah?

We know Anwar Ibrahim suffers from verbal diarrhea of the political kind, wakakaka, and thus is a favourite of the western press. His 'ability' wakakaka has been abundantly demonstrated in his recent hi-falutin comments about the Malaysian ATC radar system (based on what he knows as the DOM in the 1990's, wakakaka).

Why is he now so silent on Jawi's terrible treatment of a frail 81-year old man, noted as Malaysia's foremost intellectual?

Looks like it's left to only Marina Mahthir and the Sisters-in-Islam to speak out on this totally un-compassionate aspect of Islam, one which Allah swt certainly won't approve of.

Ah, bipartisan support - let's move on from Kassim Ahmad the Reviled to another member of the priestly caste (wakakaka), one who is a member of the Revered, our dear Raja Bomoh, Ibrahim Mat Zain, wakakaka.

Bipartisan support again, with both Najib and Anwar diam diam?

UPDATE: thanks to visitor Kassim Ali, I've been apprised of Malay Mail Online article Anwar: Use of witch doctors to locate MH370 made Malaysia look ‘stupid’ which I had missed. I apologize for unwarranted comments in this post against Anwar Ibrahim that he failed to comment on the silliness of the Raja Bomoh case.

Only KJ and Anwar Ibrahim had spoken out against this man, and bravo to young Khairy and Anwar.

I see water water everywhere
but not a drop to drink

Raja Bomoh's antics are good for a laugh locally but have been embarrassing to Malaysia internationally, especially when he's allowed to have his unrestricted ways, unlike poor but MOST DANGEROUS frail old Kassim Ahmad.

He has just performed a ritual in Pulau Sembilan, Perak a ritual to raise the bodies (presumably of the people in MH370) from the sea.

In this ritual he has been particularly offensive to the families of the missing people in MH370. But why is the über right wing mufti of Perak also silent?

Zan Azlee of TMI wrote:

Yeah, that Raja Bomoh guy (Ibrahim Mat Zin) who says he can see where the missing MH370 plane is at currently by using a method he claims is Islamic.

Acting out a scene involving coconuts, bamboo, a mat and incessant chanting of the word 'Allah', he and followers attracted a lot of attention at KLIA.

Rather than looking like anything spiritual, it was more like a scene out of acomedy movie. A P. Ramlee comedy movie "Laksamana Do Re Mi", to be exact.

First of all, I don't think I need to even begin to explain how what this Raja Lawak (oops ... slip of the tongue) is doing contradicts so much the teachings of Islam. [...]

Second, he is insulting all the family members and friends of the passengers of the ill-fated flight MH370 who are facing such a hard time right now trying to come to terms with what has happened.

So I call upon all the ultra-Malay political parties and NGOs to protest aggressively what the Raja Bomoh and his group are doing. Stand up for the Malays, as you so passionately claim to want to do.

And to the authorities, don't just sit quietly and ignore this. Haul them up for investigation and drag them to court for 
insulting the word "Allah".

Michael row the boat ashore, Hallelujah

Raja Bomoh could be authentic because it seems all the JA-organizations have been bomoh-ed into ball-less silence, just like Najib and Anwar Ibrahim and Harussani.

What a contrast in treatment for the Reviled and the Revered!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MH370 - Nattering Nabobs of Negativism & their Schadenfreude

In a democracy it's right and indeed the job of the opposition to criticize the Najib government for its political policies when called for, but to attack the PM for his decision to bring the search for the missing MH370 to its sad conclusion has to be the worst politicization of the tragedy.

It's nothing more than sheer bloody mindedness of a political kind at the expense of the grieving next-of-kin (NOK) of the unfortunate people missing together with the MAS aircraft.

There's cause and a reason for the decision to bring the issue to an end, painful as it may be, because not to do so would have involved far more sufferings for the NOK.  

am fully aware that I will be excoriated for my support for the PM's decision but then, I'm not a moronic blind-as-bat Myrmidon teeming with hatred and venom for the 'other' side. So, much as I may politically support the DAP I will say here what needs to be said, as a Malaysian.

Incidentally before I carry on, in my primary school days Reverend So & So (wakakaka) warned us kids during bible class of the perils of masturbating which he said would turn us blind. Well, he must be right because those who wanked themselves silly in their political hated-happiness (or happy-hatred, a new oxymoron, wakakaka) for the misfortune of those on the 'other' side of the political fence are or have become blind as bats, wakakaka.

Politicization of the MH370 saga happens when the 'other' side (or your side) tries to score political points especially on a tragedy (which would be better done later, say in Parliament) even if the politicization (a) callously and insensitively add on to the grief of the families of the missing people on board MH370, (b) irresponsibly blacken Malaysia's name further, and (c) other than to criticize, does not contribute anything positive to help resolve or mitigate the sorrow, loss and ameliorate the associated morale of those involved, the grieving NOK and the many hundreds of searchers, administrators and helpers.

Indeed what have Anwar Ibrahim and his allies contributed in terms of constructive proposals other than his boast of purchasing a super-duper radar when he was DPM, a radar which performance has been shown not to match his boastful claims - claims which would have nurtured further suspicions and anger in the already suspicious and angry eyes of the NOK?

Zilch man, zilch! That's how much he has contributed to solving/helping in the MH370 tragedy. And his supporters have been no better.

Spiro Agnew, a former VP of the USA, who was forced to resign from his VP position because he failed to report to the Tax Office earnings amounting to around $30,000 and also on accusations of accepting bribery of $100,000 while he was the Governor of Maryland, was actually a moderate in matters of race and had helped repeal the state's anti-miscegenation laws (prohibiting mixed race marriages or mixed race cohabitation). He also passed strict anti-pollution laws, and was one of the very few American leaders who dared to criticize the Israelis and Jews and call for the US to withdraw its support for Israel.

Now you may wonder why I've brought Spiro Agnew into this post? While his record has been undoubtedly tainted (but at least he had a few credits to his name unlike someone, wakakaka) I love one of his more colourful quotes, one rich with alliterations wakakaka, and which I feel would apply most appropriately to some Pakatan leaders and supporters today, especially in their shameful and unconscionable behaviour in politicizing the MH370 tragedy, even and especially when the issue had been burning hot with the NOK's anger, grief and helpless hopelessness.

Their regrettable politicization has been like dousing the flaming issue with barrels of high grade aviation fuel.

In a speech in 1970 in San Diego, Agnew said: "In the United States today, we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism."

Yes, I observe too that in Malaysia today, we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism, mind you, not only from Pakatan but alas recently, mostly from Pakatan.

The decision by PM Najib to bring the MH370 search to a close was not done casually, lightly or precipitously, much as the opposition might have insinuated, but only after advice from the British Air Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) and deep consultation with a large number of people including several foreign leaders.

In fact PM Tony Abbot of Australia announced that "the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was now moving into a recovery and investigation stage, and said the country was handing investigation back to Malaysia."

Abbot's statement implies the search part is over as the MAS Boeing 777 is now, given reasonable evidence provided by Inmarsat and the British AAIB, considered lost in the southern Indian Ocean together with all its crew and passengers ..... unless of course Anwar Ibrahim is willing to lead a search party to the Antarctic to look for its survivors - after all, isn't he God's gift to the people, as his wife had boasted, thus he should be able to do the impossible.


Now, in above I have explained the cause for the official announcement so let's move on to the reason.

Many may not realize that the announcement in the finality of the loss of the missing MH370 is necessary from a legal and administrative angle as death certificates have to be issued and can now be issued, and thus insurance claims can also be lodged, financial compensation be made, inheritance will of those now declared as 'deceased' read and executed, etc.

Without an official declaration of the status of those missing on MH370 as 'deceased', all the above can't and won't be processed and would only further the sufferings of the NOK.

While we expect the western press to exploit every opportunity to indulge in their favourite sports of bashing Asian governments, entities and cultures, we don't expect fellow Malaysians to do so, especially in such a tragic case like MH370, where our collective first priority now is to help the families of those missing bring matters to a close and hopefully their emotions to also have closure of some sort.

should we ameliorate or aggravate such grief?

I can give you various examples of the western press bashing Asians and things Asians but take one American blogger just as an example - he has called on his readers not to fly any Asian airlines - okay, perhaps he wants them to fly Aloha Airlines, American Airlines and again American AirlinesSwiss Air, Air France, and Pan Am & KLM which gave us the WORST air disaster in history, etc etc etc. But then, not unlike some people in our highly toxic political culture, he is blind as a bat to the reality of western air disasters while nursing invincible bias against things Asian or non-Western.

And we shouldn't be surprised if there are some Malaysians who would also advise Malaysians and foreigners not to fly any Asian airlines, particularly Malaysian Airlines System (MAS).

Why not? Well, because I have read the comments of some so-called 'Malaysians' who poured scorn on a TMI news report that the Mum of Chinese national on board MH370 denies she was manhandled just because (a) the real reason - she was complimentary to the Malaysian authorities and (b) the excuse for not believing (a) - the news source had been Bernama, even though Bernama had based that article on her interview with China Central Television (CCTV).

That news report had said:

She even thanked Malaysia and Malaysians for taking care of her daily and refuted allegations that Putrajaya had neglected the passengers’ families.

"I don't believe that is the case. I am sure they are under a lot of pressure. I understand that they are busy searching for the aircraft.

"So, it makes some sense, that they (the government) can't pay as much attention to the families.

ome readers insisted variously that she was coerced, bribed etc into not telling the truth, but alas for them, a couple of readers went on to the Chinese TV station (on the web) and have confirmed it's all genuine.

The sad part of above has been that some so-called 'Malaysians' actually want Malaysia and the Malaysian government to do badly (thus the above compliment from a Chinese national must be fabricated or forced), be embarrassed and/or having problems.

There's a German word for such toxic emotions, to wit, Schadenfreude.

In German, Schadenfreude means 'pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others' or if translated literally into English, 'Harm-Joy', almost alike what I mentioned earlier about Myrmidons having 'Hated-Happiness' or 'Happy-Hatred'.

Yes, those Myrmidons would only feel joy or pleasure when they see their political Malaysian opponent fail or suffer misfortune, EVEN at the expense of the national interests of Malaysia and other Malaysians.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Apa lagi Cina Kajang mahu?

Congratulations to Kak Wan for winning the Kajang by-election on Sunday by a decent majority of over 5000.

I support Khalid but hubby doesn't and I'm a good Muslim wife lah
apa saya bolih buat?

Some claimed she suffered a reduced majority compared to that of the last PKR candidate, Lee Chin Cheh, who enjoyed a majority of 6,800 plus, while some claimed it might have been less in numbers but effectively it has been an increase in percentage terms (from Lee's 57% to Dr Wan's 59%).

In the immortal words of Dr M, a majority of just one is still a victory to relish, wakakaka. And indeed Dr Wan Azizah believes so, and has heaved a big sigh of relief, claiming the 'Kajang Move' has been a success.

Of course I had termed that unnecessary resignation of the ADUN-ship by Lee Chin Cheh, as the Kajang Betrayal but since Dr Wan Azizah is now the victorious ADUN, she certainly has a right to termed her victory as a success for the 'Kajang Move'.

But pray tell me, what was/is the objective of the 'Kajang Move', caused by a resignation of a PKR candidate from an already won constituency to force a by-election to be re-won by a new PKR candidate?

What has been achieved by PKR in the re-winning of Kajang in real terms, so much so that Dr Wan has termed it (the Kajang Move) a success?

Yes, Yang Berhormat Datin Dr Wan Azizah, please explain to us the 'success' of PKR's 'Kajang Move' or what the 'Kajang Move' was to achieve?

Has it been to remove Khalid Ibrahim as Menteri Besar of Selangor?

Has it been to propel Pakatan to Putrajaya a la the 916 scam (to subvert the supremacy of the 2008 ballot box), though I'm still confused by how PKR re-winning a state seat which in the first place it already had in its hands can help Pakatan on its way to Putrajaya?

if only AAB was as gullible as he was sleepy


Or has it been to stop the sky from falling down as was warned by Mr Henny-Penny? Mind you, Mr Henny-Penny had specifically qualified the 'Kajang Move' as dependent on the very person of Anwar Ibrahim winning the Kajang by-election, but we note that though he wasn't 'available' to stand as the candidate in the by-election and thus unable to achieve the ADUN-ship, yet ... yet ... yes, yet the sky hasn't fallen down ... not yet anyway, wakakaka.

Let's leave those PKR wonders with the so-called success of their 'Kajang Move' (whatever it had been for) and also whether Khalid Ibrahim will be ousted soon to allow Dr Wan to become MB, where then there'll most likely be a man behind the woman MB, and also most likely too, the man behind the woman MB will also have a man (a dwarfish one, wakakaka) behind him, wakakaka.

Lots of being behind someone, wakakaka. But if I have confused you thoroughly, what I imagine has been that if Dr Wan becomes the MB of Selangor, there'll be a man (hubby Anwar Ibrahim) behind her (if this is what she meant by the 'Kajang Move' has been a success) and also right behind Anwar will be a man (the Dökkálfar Dwarf ), wakakaka. Quite unlike UMNO where there's a woman behind a man, wakakaka.

We're of course assuming she'll be able to overcome her dilemma, as I've posted two days ago in The Dilemma of Dr Wan Azizah.

Anyway, the annoying thing about the Kajang by-election for probably Dr Mahathir and his rightwing cohorts in UMNO has been the voting outcome in terms of the racial support for each candidate.

Gasp gawd omigosh, unbelievable as it might have been, it seems the majority of Chinese in Kajang have voted for a Malay candidate rather than a Chinese candidate.

Alamak, apa lagi Cina mahu? An Indian candidate before they would vote for the Chinese candidate? Wakakaka.

In fact I would say Kajang was specially selected for the forced by-election for its 41% Chinese voters, because PKR must have felt more secure with a decent bloc of reliable Chinese votes, wakakaka.

Ironically Kajang with its registered voters made up of 48% Malays, 41% Chinese and 10% Indians has the racial mix that Dr Mahathir in his PM days had wanted because with such a racial spread he could then rely on the Chinese to opt for BN rather than PAS, and for the Malays to reject DAP, wakakaka, and Kajang was gnam gnam such a constituency, this one albeit at state level.

So those damn bloody Chinese have been the trouble-makers again, wakakaka!

wrong, in Malaysian elections they f**king are


Cendol lesson from MH370?

According to Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a lesson to be learnt from MH370 is to serve cendol instead of alcoholic drinks, and to allow the stewardesses including non-Muslims, if they wish, to be properly attired so as to protect their aurat and which will also prevent strands of their hair from falling into food being served to passengers.

I have no comment on the stewardess' dress as some tudung-ed sweethearts look even more gorgeous than starkly naked girls running around in the streets.

But cendol?

Much as I love this Malaysian desert, especially the one sold by a hawker at one corner of Padang Brown (renamed Padang Dato' Keramat) just in front of the Jalan Dato' Keramat Chinese Convent Secondary School (wakakaka, memories from my naughty school days), I wonder how Ridhuan Tee has arrived at this dish as a lesson from the MH370 saga?

oh, how I loved those sweeties at Light St Convent,
Dato' Keramat Convent and especially Greenlane Convent

I'm baffled though I'm not classifying Ridhuan Tee's proposal as a B-cube (Brains Baffling Bullshit) ..... not yet anyway, wakakaka.

If you know how his cendol has relevance in the mystery of MH370, please tell me.

I consider Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's comment NOT as a politicization of MH370 but as a bizarre and crude exploitative attempt to Islamize a tragedy.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's going on in Kajang

Malay Mail Online - Kajang by-election turnout at 47pc says Election Commission

Alamak, the EC reported that only 17,977 voters comprising 47.24% the Kajang electoral roll had cast their votes by 1 pm. This was accompanied by the following Malaysiakini news snapshot report:

2 pm: Turnout is 53.71 percent. The turnout at close of polls in the 2013 general election was 87 percent. Pundits say that lower turnout will hurt PKR.

On Twitter, Anwar retweets urgent calls for voters to turn up to vote.

20 minutes later PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil claimed on Twitter that Anwar Ibrahim was almost punched at an incident in Sungai Sekamat.

But Malaysiakini reported that while there was a scuffle it was nowhere near Anwar.

Aiyoh Fahmi, why have you resorted to such tweetering?

Anyway, it seems the following has been happening, wakakaka.

Mah Hwa = Mah Jom ... ooops ... I mean Mahjung, wakakaka

Chew Mei Fun and MCA aren't expecting to win but will be most rapt if she can secure just 25% of the votes, which will be an increase from its 2013 miserable 18%. That will be cause for humongous celebrations, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo, MCA has certainly lowered its expectation to a more realistic level.