Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feudalism in Malaysia

I have to say I disagree with RPK's assertion in his post 'Liberating the Malay mind', that the Chinese can be as 'feudalistic' as the Malays, though I do agree with him that some Chinese are very 'clannish'.

Being 'feudalistic' is not the same as being 'clannish'. The former involves devoted allegiance to a 'liege lord' while the latter does not but is more about 'tribalism', where a striking example of clannish Chinese may be found in Sibu wakakaka. The Malay equivalent is Kelantan wakakaka.

The greatest example of feudalism in Malay history can be found in the tragedy of Hang Tuah.

Tuah was a bloke so devotedly or, if you like, blindly imbued with feudalistic allegiance to his liege lord, a tyrannical despot who had unjustly ordered Tuah's execution but unashamedly made use of him to kill Jebat when the last rebelled against the cruel and unjust ruler.

Ironically Jebat had rebelled because of the sultan's injustice to his best matey Tuah. And on being ordered by the tyrant, Tuah without any hesitation fought and killed his best friend, the very man who alone stood up for Tuah against the tyrannical injustice of the Malacca ruler.

Jebat to Tuah: "But I laugh at your professed loyalty. Isn't it strange that though you upheld so blindly the orders of one who wanted you dead, here you are again upholding his command to kill the very person avenging you?"   

Now wouldn't you see Tuah as an idiot of the 9th Order, one without an iota of sense, balanced perspective, gratitude, brotherhood or kaamcheng, in killing the very man who militated against the sultan's unjust order to execute him (Tuah himself)? And to round up on Tuah's apparent imbecilic mentality he did the killing on the say-so of his oppressor.

But you'd be surprised because in general the Malays for hundreds of years didn't and don't think so. Rather, they adulated Tuah (many still do) for his unquestioning loyalty to his ruler. Kassim Ahmad, Azly Rahman and Mahathir are probably exceptions.

But far more importantly than feudalism per se, in the example of Hang Tuah must be the underlying near-absolute power that could be wielded by a ruler in a feudalistic society.

That's why in Malaysia (and the Malay world like the 'sultanate' of Jogjakarta) the Malay rulers have disproportionate influence in politics despite the legislated limits of their constitutional role.

When RPK talked about the four branches of Malaysian government, namely, executive, legislative, judiciary and the rulers, many believed he was talking cock in inserting the fourth.

But no doubt he was referring to the undeniable and near invincible feudalistic mentality of the Malays, rendering through their mindset a distorted version of the Westminster model to exist in real though not legal terms in Malaysia.

This is something DAP has to consider seriously. The last MB brouhaha in Selangor demonstrated the powers of HRH beyond his constitutional role and indeed beyond the mere issue of selecting a MB because the Heartland was watching, listening, probably applauding, and eventually will be voting.

Like it or not, the DAP must learn to suck on it. Ampun Tuanku.

Wakakaka (no don't do this with HRH, wakakaka).

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Capitalizing on a Mahathir's prediction for Kedah?

TMI (25 Jan 2015) - Removing Mukhriz will doom BN at next polls, warns Dr Mahathir

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned that those working to unseat Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir as Kedah menteri besar will lead Barisan Nasional to its doom in the next general election, The Star Online reported. "I'm not saying don't change the menteri besar, but know the consequences."

An Umno lawmaker today said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should not question attempts to remove the Kedah menteri besar, as the former prime minister had done the same thing during his tenure.

Padang Terap MP Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid brought up Tan Sri Osman Aroff's sacking during Dr Mahathir's administration in 1996, which he said happened without the consent of Kedah state representatives.

"I remember during Tun's time as prime minister, 22 state representatives in Kedah had signed a petition in support of Osman as the menteri besar.

"But Tun, who was also Umno president at the time, decided to replace him anyway," Mahdzir, an Umno supreme council member, told a press conference in his constituency.

Dr Mahathir decided to replace Osman with his loyalist, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid.

There is a small though vital (overriding) difference between removing Osman Aroff and removing Mukhriz Mahathir, oops-a-daisy, I've inadvertently let the cat out of the bag by providing the latter's name, wakakaka, which is precisely that: Mukhriz is Mahathir's son while Aroff is not!

What do you think of Papa Mahathir's words or credibility? Bukan saja Papa mudah lupa tetapi juga cakap ta'serupa bikin, wakakaka.

A few days ago I posted Kedah MB issue - the royal consent in which I penned:

... if the avenue to oust Mukhriz takes an intra-party avenue, ie. for BN-UMNO to change its choice for the MB a la Pakatan's attempt to kick out Khalid Ibrahim (but which flopped disastrously thanks to PAS), the dear boy is definitely finished (unless daddy can pull a rabbit or two out of his songkok) ...

In other words, Mukhriz can be removed without the need for the anti Mukhriz faction to show there are a minimum 19 ADUN against him. The minimum 19 is ONLY relevant in the 36-seat State Assembly which will include the vote of non-BN ADUN.

Because BN with 21 ADUN commands the majority in the Kedah DUN, it is the state ruling party with the right to nominate one of its member to be MB, for HRH's consent.

If the majority of the BN ADUN informs HRH that the majority of them (to wit, at least 11) no longer have any confidence in Mukhriz leading the BN ruling majority in the House, then HRH can consider a new nomination for the MB position from the BN.

Admittedly, a mere 11 of 21 BN ADUN may be too wafer-thin a majority to fully convince HRH, but if say, 15 or so UMNO ADUN are against Mukhriz, HRH will have to recognize there is a sizeable majority among the BN ADUN who have no confidence in the Mukhriz's leadership in the state DUN.

But Pakatan has challenged BN to call for a vote of no confidence in Mukhriz in the House?

Incidentally, did Pakatan in Selangor call for a vote of no confidence in Khalid Ibrahim?

They could have and should have because they had the numbers in their favour, with 13 PKR (minus Khalid Ibrahim, though we weren't too sure whether Khalid had any allies among PKR), 15 DAP and 3 Amanah ADUN against the former MB, making that 31 a definite majority in the 56-seat Selangor DUN.

PAS' 12 (15 minus 3 future-Amanah) and UMNO's 12, plus of course Khalid Ibrahim himself (15 total) would have voted against the vote of no confidence against Khalid Ibrahim.

Why then didn't Pakatan call for that vote of no confidence, when they are now so eager for BN to do so in Kedah?

I suspect that's because they feared Khalid Ibrahim doing a Czar Alexander's 1812 'scourged earth' tactic by advising HRH Selangor to call for fresh elections, and with HRH being very supportive of his (previous, wakakaka) Royal MB, that would have been a very likely possibility, nay, not just a possibility but a probability.

It wasn't that Pakatan couldn't have won in the fresh elections, but with an uncooperative PAS in the Khalid Ibrahim MB issue, PKR was scared shitless.

By the by, isn't it a fantastic coincidental that now, in the Kedah MB issue, there'll be also at least 15 ADUN (PAS' 8 assuming they want to vote against BN, DAP 2, PKR 4 and Mukhriz himself) who will cast their ballot against the vote of no confidence?

4-Ekor lucky number for this weekend - 1515? Wakakaka.

Anyway, the safer avenue for Kedah UMNO (as was initially thought to be for the Selangor Pakatan during the Khalid Ibrahim saga but subsequently proved not so when HRH flexed his royal biceps) is via the intra-party avenue.

But say, if push comes to shove, and UMNO fails to convince HRH in its intra-party decision and associated SD (shot down by friendly or not so friendly fire, wakakaka, to wit, the two MCA king-makers, wakakaka, with Gurun ADUN Leong Yong Kong even stating that he and his Kulim colleague's alleged support and signing of a SD to remove Mukhriz was only a rumour, wakakaka again), then the process, the vote of no confidence in Mukhriz Mahathir, will have to take place in the Dewan Undang2 Negeri (DUN) Kedah.

In my previous post I stated that Pakatan Harapan (not Pakatan Rakyat, wakakaka) would vote against the UMNO motion, while I wasn't sure of PAS' intention. We all know PAS is definitely on the side of UMNO, but then which UMNO? Najib's or Mahathir's?

That's the problem with a snake. You don't know which end is its head until it sinks its fangs into you, wakakaka, and like so with the smaller but equally poisonous PKR, wakakaka again.

And that has been why I stated (for simplicity's sake) PAS' 8 ADUN may abstain.

But look, Mahathir has now warned UMNO that unseating his darling boy as Kedah MB will lead BN to its doom in the next general election ..... which should give PAS another possible chance to form the state government in collaboration with its sluttish ally, PKR, wakakaka.

Surely that possibility stemming from a Mahathir's prediction (hopefully a prophecy, wakakaka) makes for better motivation than being friends with Najib's UMNO?

So on the basis of logic, PAS should vote together with the anti-Mukhriz faction to ensure BN loses the next state elections.

Again, on the basis of logic, so should DAP. In other words, vote against Mukhriz to (first) topple the BN government, and (subsequently) deal with a possible PAS state government.

As for PKR, from its sluttish behaviour with PAS, they may vote together with the Islamic Party, wakakaka.

Monday, January 25, 2016

DAP bashing

There is a fair bit of DAP bashing over at RPK's Malaysia-Today, wakakaka. For me, a known DAP supporter for eons (but not a party member, yet anyway, wakakaka), a few of the barbs thrown around stung home, but some have been outright nonsensical.

But then, isn't that precisely the beauty of free speech, where we can fence, parry and riposte at those bashing, and vice versa, and hentam kau kau when the accusation against DAP assumes monstrous proportion of preposterous bullshit, wakakaka.

One humongous bullshit of an accusation was written by a bloke named Megat Ibrahim in his article titled WHY MALAYS WOULD RATHER VOTE FOR AN UMNO-LED BARISAN THAN A DAP-DOMINATED PAKATAN.

He wrote the following:

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam is in a state of disrepair

These are actually words going around in Shah Alam. The exterior of the state mosque looks terrible. Panels have fallen off, whatever that were blue and white are now blue, black and grey. Moss seems to be flourishing on top of the dome and it has never looked as bad as it is now. Word is going around Shah Alam that since there are so many DAP EXCO members in the Selangor government right now, the government won’t approve funds for the mosque to be routinely cleaned and maintained.

Tens of thousands of Shah Alamites drive past this mosque every day feeling sorry and ashamed for something they used to be proud of. These are probably the respondents in IDE’s survey.

This mosque is a symbol of Islam not only in Shah Alam but in Malaysia and these people feel that this symbol has been compromised by the government the DAP is part of. Don’t blame UMNO for not maintaining the mosque post-2008.

So I asked in a comment at RPK's:

  1. How many DAP exco are there in Selangor?
  2. Who is the MB of Selangor?
  3. Are there PAS exco members?

... and ended up with an expression of my take on the above article (extract), to wit, Podah! Wakakaka.

The rabid mob over at M2D went feral, abusing me with all sorts of racist insults, with their oft-used 'DAPigs'.

mind, in abusing DAP as pigs, there's a certain innocent charm in their limited mental capacity and narrow lexicon


I wonder whether I ought to advise them (from their names/nick, most being Muslims) not to be so fond of using Porky, or that Chinese don't mind being called pigs as some even named their children by that, eg. Aw Too, Too Knia, Tua Pooi Too, Too Bah Chek, etc, wakakaka.

The Selangor state cabinet comprises a MB and 10 exco members. Out of the 11, only 3 are DAP ADUN (1 Indian and 2 Chinese).

The MB is a Muslim from PKR and so are the 3 PAS exco members.

PKR, the Pakatan component party with the least number of ADUN but the largest number of exco members, wakakaka, as well as the exalted position of MB, has 4 exco members, three of whom are Muslims. I do not know whether Eli Wong is a Muslim so I'll leave her out of this discussion.

Thus there are 6 Muslim exco members (3 PAS and 3 PKR) and a PKR Muslim MB, 7 out of 11. So tell me, why has Megat Ibrahim put the blame on DAP for the pathetic state of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque in Shah Alam?

This is not disinformation but rather mischievous Machiavellian misinformation. 

One of M2D's regular commentator, fair-minded Syed Putra Jamalullill informed us: The Shah Alam mosque was already crumbling ten years ago. There were no water in its pools and the marble tiles looks shoddy. Unpolished. Cracked. Missing. Just like those in KLIA.

Ten years ago make it around 2005-6. Shouldn't we then ask the three previous MBs, our infamous Khir Toyo (UMNO) and his successors, Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin Ali, the latter two PKR blokes being (my guess) Royal MBs? Why ask DAP?

Recall, Megat Ibrahim wrote: Word is going around Shah Alam that since there are so many DAP EXCO members in the Selangor government right now, the government won’t approve funds for the mosque to be routinely cleaned and maintained.

But the feral anti-DAP mindless moronic mob (wakakaka) either ignored or swallowed his bullshit assertion and abused me for my three pertinent questions (see above).

Dear HT Low, a commentator at M2D, who always made serious deep thinking comments came out to defend me - thanks but poor Low had a few nasty names hurled at him too for his kind efforts by the same pack of attack hounds.

Another was GrandMarquis US, who though defending me (thanks matey) was not so supportive of the DAP (his rights).

Even the article about Dr Bari being dropped from the list of proposed councillors in Selangor (in another M2D post) was lashed at ferociously with wild reckless (or moronic mindless) accusations that DAP had played out a Malay, a leitmotiv loved by the jackasses, who either didn't read the article properly or who used every occasion, regardless of facts and figures, to bash DAPigs as being anti-Malay.

Also see my earlier article What's the REAL reason Dr Bari has been rejected as a MPAJ councillor? in which I voiced suspicions on the sabotage of Dr Bari's candidacy. I had then written (extracts only)

Kena sabo kah? The Selangor State government or better still, its MB, should investigate into the admin mess-up and clarify, at least to clear up the fishy stink from the air!

It would be f**king ironical and an obscene treacherous travesty of justice in coalition fairplay that a DAP nominee gets blocked from a councillor position while non-Pakatan PAS people are enjoying such positions within a Pakatan-ruled state.

Just a reminder, Dr Bari was formerly in PKR but decided he could serve the people better by being a DAP member.

When I pointed out at M2D that the DAP had actually nominated Dr Bari among 5 others to be a councillor for Ampang Jaya (instead of the wild reckless accusations that DAP marginalized yet another Malay), and that his name was dropped because I suspect he was sabo kau kau by a non-DAP person, you could virtually hear the unearthly racket spewing out from the vile abuses written in that post.

Mind, I have to admit I was not handling those attack jackals with kid gloves, wakakaka.

Eventually, in another RPK post, one of his regular commentators Edwin Jansz provided information which threw sad lights on why Dr Bari's name was dropped. Jansz had written (only relevant extract):

... azmin's recent silent but deadly chess move against bari says a lot. and i suspect (merely guessing) that azmin is under the sultan's tutelage. 

So, if Jansz' info is correct, then Dr Bari was 'done by' his former PKR party No 2, supposedly an ally of DAP, wakakaka.

I won't touch on Jansz' suspicion that Azmin was acting under HRH's orders - Ampun Tuanku.

But I've to grudgingly admit that regarding the sad state of affair for DAP in Selangor, I've been terribly disappointed with the so-called DAP whiz-kid wonder, Tony Pua.

Since he took over DAP in that state he has been outmanoeuvred by Azmin Ali every which way, even with Azmin once rejecting his pathetic beg for a DUN deputy speaker position for DAP, for supporting PKR in the Kajang Satay bull.

Thank goodness for the dignity of DAP in general, Azmin said no to a post which if you look at seriously, offered no real benefit to the rakyat. You may wish to ask: Why the f**k did TP ask Azmin for that position for DAP?

I can tell you more about Tony Pua and how I first came across him but I won't. I still have emails (years ago) between us on a cut & paste issue at his blog to substantiate my story and first (lousy) impression of him, where I had then found him to be pretentious, overly proud and strangely for a new budding politician, quite unfriendly.

But let's leave it at that as those email exchanges were only between us, but which led to my personal poor impression of him.

From there, he further dismayed me by his unsatisfactory interactions with PKR (initially Khalid Ibrahim where he was played out of a 4th exco position, and then Azmin Ali), for example, allowing the DAP to be stupidly sucked into the Kajang Bullshit, even unto playing out the role of Chicken Little.

Well, perhaps Tony Pua can now tell us how the f**k has that Kajang Bullshit moved Pakatan nearer to Putrajaya or protect the alleged swamping of Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor by BN?

Hasn't the exact opposite happened to PR?

In mitigation I have to say Pua lacks the political training, exposure and fine honing to be the consummate cunning crafty politician Azmin Ali has demonstrated kau kau that he is, wakakaka.

But then Azmin was trained under the best (or worst, wakakaka) in the art of political cunning, craftiness and Machiavellianism, wakakaka again.

Alas, Azmin's mentor has a terrible personal 'weakness', but which Azmin appears not to share, well, not that same 'weakness' anyway wakakaka, so that makes Azmin a far far more dangerous player on the political stage, and a difficult operator for the state DAP to do business with.

I feel that for DAP to deal firmly, securely and adequately with a smooth slick operator and potential adversary like Azmin Ali, who now has the ears and full confidence of HRH, DAP Selangor needs a better leader, someone like Gobind Deo or even Teresa Kok (bring her back lah) or Dr Bari, though the good doctor needs to mend his fence with HRH a.s.a.p, wakakaka.

TP should stick to financial figures and continue learning politics from his seniors (LKS, LGE and Dr Tan Seng Giaw) and betters like Azmin Ali or even Tian Chua, wakakaka.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hadi Awang - his true character

Xiphophorus hellerii.

It is a freshwater fish native in Central and South Americas, known to us by its popular name of swordtail. Xiphophorus in Greek means just that, sword-tail.

The fish was named after Karl Bartholomaeus Heller (20 November 1824 – 14 December 1880).

Wikipedia informs us that Heller was an Austrian botanist and naturalist who explored Mexico in 1845–48. He collected the green swordtail, which today in its many many hybrid forms is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium (or pond) fish.

Once, in my kiddy days, I kept a number of its more fancy looking hybrids.

Allowing the fish to breed in my home aquarium I was deeply disappointed when the offsprings didn't look anything like its beautiful colourful parents. In fact they were pathetically ordinary looking.

My uncle told me that it's quite common for such fish hybrids to produce offsprings that reflect more accurately its original form, nature's way of reverting the hybrid to its true form.

It's as if hybrid-zing what had been a common looking fish into something very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes won't hide nor change its true character or characteristics for long.

That, my dear readers-visitors, seems to reflect the nature of Pak Haji Hadi Awang, wakakaka.

In the runup to and even after GE-12 in 2008 Pak Haji presented to us a very pleasing picture of his Islamic welfare state and his kind embrace of non-Muslims.

But following the sad departure of the more senior Pak Haji, Allahyarham 'Tok Nik Aziz, Pak Haji Hadi, not unlike such a 'reverted' swordtail, has abandoned his earlier fatherly and supra-nationalistic personality and reverted to his true nature, his real character.

Take your pick, a swordtail fish which has reverted to its original form, its true self, or a leopard which hasn't changed its spots, or fangs.

Indeed Pak Haji has recently showed another aspect of his true nature, willingly moving from compassionate Islamic grounds into the ultra-nationalistic ethnic cesspool.

No, I'm not talking about his post GE-13 falling out with DAP (his right to do so) nor his cozying up to his new sweetheart UMNO (again his right to kiss and make up with the Mothership), nor about his acceptance of PKR behaving sluttishly to PAS.

Two days ago our dear Pak Haji, so-called esteemed Islamic leader, flabbergasted everyone (except his PAS minions) by saying, as reported by FMT, that 
DAP and Singapore support TPPA as ”Chinese control trade”, of course reminding his followers that both DAP and Singapore are Chinese.

FMT reported: In a three-minute video posted on his Facebook today, Hadi accused DAP and Singapore of supporting the trade pact because a single race dominates commerce.

“DAP agrees to it, Singapore agrees to it. Why? Because the Chinese control trade in Malaysia.”

He urged PAS’ party members to come out in support of tomorrow’s anti-TPPA rally. “It is the Bumiputeras who are tired of the TPPA.”

Let's leave his racist outburst for a second or two and make mention, just for discussion's sake, that there has been some (global) analysis the American TPPA is a US economic
manoeuvre to marginalize or even subordinate China, in other words, strategically anti-China in character and purpose, so what rubbish is Pak Haji talking about Chinese supporting TPPA, just because they control trade.

Syariah-compliant Brunei also supports the TPPA, being a partner since 2006 and having officially signed up as a member in 2008. Shall we blame the Chinese again?

P Ramasamy, Penang's DCM II, responded to Pak Haji's uncontrolled burst of shameful bigotry (as reported by FMT):

Hadi Awang, the leader of PAS and so-called defender of the Islamic faith, has reacted to TPPA rather than coming out with an analysis as to why Malaysians should oppose the agreement.

He is opposed to TPPA not so much because it has dangerous political, economic and social implications, but rather because he thinks, though wrongly, that the DAP, its one-time friend now turned foe, supports it!

According to Hadi, the DAP supports the TPPA in order to sustain the Chinese business community. And since the TPPA in his view only benefits the Chinese businessmen, there is no reason for PAS to support this trade agreement. Beyond this, he thinks that the Malays would be affected by the trade pact.

The DAP has made it clear on many occasions that it would oppose the TPPA because of its negative implications on the people.

By saying that the DAP favours the trade pact, Hadi betrays his own ignorance and lack of understanding of the broad implications of the trade pact on Malaysia and to other developing countries.

I have always respected Islam because of, among other things such as zakat and fasting, the religion's non-racial promotion.

PAS untuk semua? In Chinese too, wakakaka

What utter bullshit!

Dusta lah!

Pak Haji has by his ignorant and very racist accusations seems eager to persuade me to abandon my belief. He has become an abysmal example of a so-called Islamic leader and a disgrace to the great religion of Islam.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kedah MB issue - the royal consent

HRH Sultan of Kedah is currently in the position of HM the Yang di Pertuan Agong. A Council of Regency, comprising his brothers and daughter, discharges his duties as Sultan of Kedah.

Presumably on the issue of Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir 'losing the confidence' of his UMNO colleagues, when that comes to the royal consent, HRH the Sultan may choose to directly give his consent rather than leave it to the Council of Regency.

If HRH sticks to true form, I have no doubts he will follow the constitutional avenue as he is, like many of the Kedahan royalty (and unlike royalty of a few other states), known to be a strict adherent of the constitutional process and protocols for rulers vis-a-vis the federal and state political process.

I'm not a lawyer let alone a constitutional expert like Dr Bari, but I believe that proper process to remove Mukhriz from his position as the MB may come about via two possible scenarios, the DUN and the intra-party process.

If the DUN passes a motion of 'no confidence' in Mukhriz as MB, he has to vacate that position.

Currently the BN holds 21 in the 36-seat DUN including Mukhriz seat of Ayer Hitam and MCA's two seats of Gurun and Kulim.

This means the anti-Mukhriz UMNO faction can at best count on 18 UMNO ADUN but as we have read since then, Maznah Hamid, Kedah Wanita Umno chief and Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi, head of Umno Youth’s Bendang Baru branch in Langkawi, both of whom attended Ahmad Bashah's press conference, wakakaka, have had second thoughts, wakakaka again.

But OTOH, both Maznah and Akhramsyah are not ADUN (unless I'm grossly incorrect on this point). And it'll be in the DUN that the votes of 'no confidence' in Mukhriz will be taken so their 'second thoughts' may mean for nothing, unless they are able to influence their ADUN kakis.

A majority in Kedah's 36-seat DUN calls for 19 ADUN. Let's say PAS' 8 ADUN will abstain, notwithstanding its current rapport with UMNO, Najib's UMNO that is, wakakaka.

DAP's 2, PKR's 4 and Amanah's 1 will definitely support Mukhriz on the basis of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

But even if PAS joins PH in opposing any 'no confidence' vote against Mukhriz, mummy's dearest darling boy will get (including his own vote) 16 votes, still shy of 3. Thus Mukhriz must secure another 3 more votes from his BN.

How many of the remaining 18 UMNO ADUN can Ahmad Bashah count on? I'm speculating wildly to say, perhaps and a BIG perhaps, 17, that is if he is lucky, wakakaka.

Wow, that then makes, Chua Thiong Gee (Kulim) and Leong Yong Kong (Gurun), the two MCA blokes king-makers, mind you, not a position they would want to be in, wakakaka.

Chua Thiong Gee 

Leong Yong Kong 

MCA HQs will undoubtedly instruct them to vote against Mukhriz and earn the gratitude of Ahmad Bashah but the wrath of Mahathir, wakakaka. I doubt Chua and Leong will exercise any personal kam-cheng for Mukhriz, wakakaka.

OTOH, if the avenue to oust Mukhriz takes an intra-party avenue, ie. for BN-UMNO to change its choice for the MB a la Pakatan's attempt to kick out Khalid Ibrahim (but which flopped disastrously thanks to PAS), the dear boy is definitely finished (unless daddy can pull a rabbit or two out of his songkok) because Ahmad Bashah will be guaranteed of an overwhelming majority.

Whichever way, HRH's consent is vital and as I reckon, he'll strictly observe the correct constitutional way. Kedah won't be another Selangor.

There is a third possibility. If the DUN process is taken and Mukhriz loses by a simple majority in a vote of 'no confidence' in him, he may do what Czar Alexander did to Napoleon in 1812, wakakaka, and ask HRH to dissolve the DUN and call for fresh elections.

Russian 'scourged earth' tactics defeated Napoleon campaign  

It'll then be up to Ahmad Bashah to convince HRH that is not necessary as he commands a majority in the DUN.

Friday, January 22, 2016

What's the REAL reason Dr Bari has been rejected as a MPAJ councillor?

TMI - Setback for Aziz Bari after name dropped from Ampang Jaya councillor list (extracts):

DAP's Dr Abdul Aziz Bari will not be a local councillor as widely expected, after finding his name dropped from the list of candidates who are to take their oaths today.

The law professor, who joined the largely Chinese opposition party in July last year, was touted as a candidate for the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ), in preparation for an eventual run as an election candidate.

However, contacted by The Malaysian Insider yesterday, Aziz confirmed his name was not among among those scheduled to take their oaths.

"Yes, that's correct. I could not find my name on the list when I went to the MPAJ office to check in order to prepare for (the ceremony)," he said.

DAP, with a quota for six MPAJ councillors, had named Aziz one of them.

However, only the other five names were listed for the oath-taking.

The move to reject Aziz as councillor is believed to be made on technical grounds, as he does not live in Ampang Jaya, but under the Selayang council area.

But this has rarely been an issue as candidates have crossed that hurdle with an address in the area.

Aziz had put down an address in Bukit Antarabangsa as his home address.

Kena sabo kah? The Selangor State government or better still, its MB, should investigate into the admin mess-up and clarify, at least to clear up the fishy stink from the air!

It would be f**king ironical and an obscene treacherous travesty of justice in coalition fairplay that a DAP nominee gets blocked from a councillor position while non-Pakatan PAS people are enjoying such positions within a Pakatan-ruled state.

Just a reminder, Dr Bari was formerly in PKR but decided he could serve the people better by being a DAP member.

Mid-last year TMI reported Dr Bari saying: ... given his involvement with Penang Institute as a fellow, he had come to realise that DAP was an efficient, principled party based on meritocracy.

"In the opposition alliance, DAP has the most number of parliamentary and state seats and this gives me the confidence that they have the strength and confidence to get ahead."

"I hope my involvement in the party can help speed up things for the opposition to get to Putrajaya," he said at the DAP headquarters in Kuala Lumpur ...

Incidentally, last year too, Tumpat MP Kamaruddin Jaafar left PAS and joined PKR as its political director.

Wan Azizah had then said: “We welcome and are heartened by the inclusion of Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar,Tumpat MP."

I wonder what was her reaction 2 months earlier when Dr Bari left her party to join DAP?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Empire strikes back?

MM Online - Is Umno’s Mukhriz ouster backed by MCA, Gerakan, DAP MP asks?

It's hardly surprising there is now a 'move' to oust Mukhriz Mahathir from his MB position.

It's Team A and Team B again.

. US-led boycott of Olympic Games Moscow 1980
. Moscow-led boycott of Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984

Tit for tat.

And add on to that some competing ambitions, jealousy and resentment against a parachutist upstart within UMNO Kedah and Bob's your sambal kerabu, wakakaka.

But political ouster based on 'loss of confidence' in a political leader, in this post Mukhriz Mahathir, is not unique to Malaysia or Kedah but quite common in Australia.

Kevin Rudd - Julia Gillard

Tony Abbot - Malcolm Turnbull

Once a political party senses a leader is unlikely to inspire or secure a win for his party in an approaching election, he or she is done with, discarded so to speak, to enable another/new leader to bring about better prospects for the party in the elections.

So I presume DAP's Lim Lip Eng (Segambut), who knows all these, in asking MCA and Gerakan:

“I'd like to ask the MCA and Gerakan leaders of Kedah ― What sin did Mukhriz commit for this to happen? Were there donations that weren't shared?

“Is Mukhriz being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission or Bank Negara? Did he abuse state funds for golfing holidays or hire family members into state posts?”

..... was being rhetorical, merely char koay teow-ing, the political kind, wakakaka. Tor-tee latchew, huan cheow kar chay, lebih cabai, wakakaka.

Besides, Lim knows the opinions of MCA and Gerakan are f* worthless.

But while Mahathirists like Rafidah Aziz comes out to defend mummy's dearest darling boy, it's interesting to see how poor young Mukhriz will cope with his own party's predators.

And whether these predators have been prompted by Ah Jib Gor or their own self interests and ambitions, or both, doesn't matter as Mukhriz will have to deal with them.

Frighteningly for dear Mukhriz has been that his own deputy, Kedah Umno deputy chairman Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah had been the one who held a press conference to highlight 4 reasons why UMNO Kedah has lost confidence in their state No 1 man, as follows:

  • failure to unite the party’s leadership and machinery at all levels in Kedah; 
  • lack of strategic planning to face the 14th General Election; 
  • failure to lead and galvanise the party machinery after taking over Umno’s leadership in Kedah; and, 
  • as menteri besar, he had failed to administer the state government effectively.

More than a dozen UMNO division leaders (to wit, almost all division leaders) were present at the press conference while Mahdzir Khalid (Padang Terap Division) who was away in London was represented by someone from his division and who had since voiced his support for the ouster.

Most embarrassing for Mukhriz, his own Jerlun Division was also at the press conference in the person of his deputy division chief Othman Aziz, ouch and et tu Othman.

Can Mukhriz deal with these himself or does he need daddy's power and connections to achieve the necessary Houdini act?

Ignoring his personal 'conflict of interests', wakakaka, Ahmad Bashah, who will be the one to gain most from ousting Mukhriz, has called for Ah Jib Gor to intervene and replace Mukhriz as Kedah MB.

I love to see what Najib will do, wakakaka again.

Interesting times.