Monday, October 09, 2017

Best wishes to me

Reference: MM Online's PM sends well wishes to students sitting for PT3 exams tomorrow:

I have been observing Ah Jib Gor's various facilitation to all and sundry. He has been very punctilious.

I am quite sure he has a special section in his PM's Department which ONLY monitors events and achievements worthy of the PM's attention and reactions.

I will be very upset if Ah Jib Gor does NOT send me. sweet naive kaytee, wakakaka, happy birthday wishes on my special day.

Lim Guan Eng should do also.

But Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang needn't bother, thank you, wakakaka.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

un-Chinese Tony Pua

Two years ago, I mentioned that much as I have been long a supporter of the DAP, I personally do not take kindly to Tony Pua (TP), who has been considered an ace on analysing economic-financial issues on government spending and calling the relevant ministers to account, ... BUT ...

come back Teresa, we miss you

and we miss you even more because of that arrogant bloke standing besides you

... who in my opinion is only a young political upstart, a parvenu on the socio-cultural-political sphere, one who hasn't quite acquired the necessary nous so vital in our Malay-dominant society to deal with Malay society, especially with the treacherous PKR, wakakaka.

Yes, TP for all his (so-called) technical expertise on financial matters was outfoxed by PKR leaders on both the exco formation during post-2013 election phase - for more on how he was outplayed by Khalid Ibrahim in the latter, read Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality? - and 
the Kajang Bull where he was outplayed by the PKR inner coterie on the art of bullshit satay grilling, wakakaka.

I will shortly comment on why I have in the above para qualified 'his technical expertise on financial matters' as 'so-called', wakakaka.

Mind, in the Selangor multiple sagas, the DAP was not without its own f*up faults. The Selangor branch led by an inexperienced and at-that-time naive Tony Pua was somehow convinced into playing Chicken Little in the PKR's Kajang Satay shindig but without any benefits for DAP.

Au contraire, the DAP was placed in an uncomfy awkward position of being confrontational with HRH - obviously TP then was not very clever at Malaysian politics to place the state DAP on disagreeable terms with HRH. Matey, we're not quite Republicans yet, wakakaka.

Also, it embarrassed me when subsequently TP asked, nay, begged Azmin Ah Hneah (Abang) for a deputy Speaker post for DAP as a quid pro quo for supporting PKR.

WTF for, man, because that was akin to wandering into MCA, Gerakan and MIC territory of picking up f* meaningless crumbs!

Quite frankly I was damn glad, nay, grateful to Azmin Ali for once, wakakaka, that he spurned TP's Oliver Twist-like request, and put a merciful end to my pro-DAP shame. I was sure Azmin was acutely aware that yes, the DAP might have backed PKR but t'was Wan Azizah they supported rather than
 Azmin himself, wakakaka again.

wtf do you want?

can i please have a deputy speaker position for my party please?

But today, reading of the public spat between TP and MCA's See-To, which I have to admit was started by TP's rather pompous hubris-tic and arrogant dismissal of a debate with the latter because, according to TP, See-To was to him a 'nobody', I am reminded that TP might not be so shit-hot in economic affairs as we might have believed.

See-To informed us (and not denied by TP) TP’s Cybervillage suffered six straight years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, whereafter he packed his bags, left Singapore for Selangor and joined DAP to bless the party with 'his technical expertise on financial matters', wakakaka.

I first heard about TP and his losses in TP’s Cybervillage from blogging matey Jed Yoong years ago. Jed was an accountant who revealed in her blog TP's losses in his dot-com business, so much for his economic-business expertise. I believed then she disliked TP for his arrogance.

I too personally had a run-in with TP via the Net but over a very small issue but in which he surprised me with his faint whiff of arrogance for a DAP politician - if TP were to ask me on this, another 'nobody', I'll be quite happy to remind him.

What has perhaps been not pretty (for DAP and me) was TP treating See-To with such nasty arrogant social contempt and also his 'mudah lupa-ness' that See-To was once his good matey who willingly loaned RM100k to him when his business had some cash flow problem.

Malaysiakini reported:

According to See-to, he and Pua had known each other for the last 15 years, when they both ran their respective IT companies and did business with each other and worked on joint projects.

“Since he listed his company amidst the dot-com rush in 2001, Tony Pua’s Cybervillage had straight six years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, until Tony Pua left the company and joined DAP.

“When his company got into some cash-flow issues in 2005 or 2006, before he went into politics, he called me for a loan for (sic) RM100k, and within hours, it was this ‘nobody’ who gave it to him which he then gave me this IOU letter.” [...]

See-to further wrote that despite their political differences, he was one of the first to congratulate Pua when the latter was elected MP in 2008. Later, he also helped out by arranging fund-raising golf tournaments, he added.

“But I guess now he is a high-flying Member of Parliament, he can dismiss me as a nobody and no longer considers me as a friend.

“Times have changed, I guess you need to be at least a deputy minister these days before Tony Pua will layan you,” See-to said, adding he was compelled to reveal the IOU since Pua had fired the first shot. “YB Tony, you truly disappoint me. I guess fame and power has ubah (changed) you now,” he said, playing on DAP’s motto.

Thus what See-To has revealed merely confirmed what Jed Yoong informed me about ten years ago, and which I had a brief personal experience of.

TP's arrogance has been and still is an unjustified non-virtue for him if I may say so!

His current contemptible curt arrogance towards his beneficiary, erstwhile as the latter might be, has been very un-Chinese and un-Confucian-like, and perhaps very Chinese Christian?

As if the 'nobody' insult wasn't sickeningly un-Chinese enough, TP brazenly placed on his Facebook a rude disrespectful message to See-To as follows:

"Yes, you kindly provided me with a RM100,000 10-day loan for my then-company when we faced problems with our own debtors some 12 years ago - fully repaid, yes, 12 years ago. Yes, thank you very much.

"So, because of that, you are ‘somebody’? Because of that, you are terribly ‘hurt’? Are tears rolling out too? Do you need a pacifier?"

Disgusting, disrespectful, disappointing!

The other aspect of TP I want to grumble about, wakakaka, has been his insensitivity to non-Christian Chinese Malaysians, or more precisely, their Chinese folk religion. But first, a kaytee kiddie story:

When I was a kid I accompanied my mum to the funeral of a neighbour. The deceased was a Christian so a Chinese Christian preacher was there at the graveside to say the last words for her.

What shocked many of the villagers who attended the funeral, 99% being Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists and Shenists (adherents of Chinese folk religion), were the extremely harsh, hostile and insulting words of the preacher during the sermon, with his derogatory words directed specifically at Buddha and Chinese gods. The sermon was delivered in Penang Hokkien, wakakaka, so the funeral party understood what he said.

The bloke seemed oblivious of who the majority of the funeral party were or rather, what were their religious affiliations and his gross insults to their gods, religions and beliefs.

He was lucky that he was not beaten up kau kau by some of the headstrong village young bucks who had to be forcefully restrained by village elders, who mollified the angry youths by appealing to their neighbourly goodwill to respect the last rite of the deceased by tolerating those insulting words.

Flash forward to last year February 2016 - to reiterate, despite my political sympathies and support for the DAP, I've little respect for TP. 
After reading the Feb-2016 Malaysiakini's How to explain a poor God of Fortune, Gerakan asks DAP I became even more disappointed in TP's insensitive behaviour towards Chinese folk religion.

The MKINI article informed us of Gerakan upset at DAP for a parody Chinese New Year music video which made fun of the Chinese God of Fortune as being poor, saying that this raised concerns what Chinese children would think if they saw the video.

Gerakan Youth secretary-general William Chang Yong Hsi said Chinese New Year songs were meant to bring in good vibes, thus turning the God of Fortune into a beggar was a 'huge disrespect' to Chinese beliefs and cultural traditions.
TP was the insensitive clown who had use disrespectful music video in a bid to win cheap political propaganda.

William Chang stated, "How would parents explain if their children were to see the God of Fortune looking so poor and terrible in the music video?"

"I am not promoting superstition but the God of Fortune is a symbol of good luck and wealth among the Chinese."

"Such disrespectful behaviour should be condemned."

I was not concerned so much by Gerakan Youth's worry for non-Christian Chinese parents to be able to explain to their children why the Chinese God of Fortune looked so poor and terrible in the music video.

I was just annoyed that TP, a known staunch Christian, showed gross disrespect for the believers of a non-Christian religion. But that's his arrogance showing through and through.

Sad to say, from my personal experience, some (not all) Chinese Christians have been notably very disrespectful towards beliefs in Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism as if their belief is the only true religion.

Let me advice those DAP Christians - don't be mistaken that all your supporters are Christians like you. In fact most of them are Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists, Hindus with only a smaller population being Muslims and Christians. You f**kers are the minority.

Yes, don't alienate most of your supporters.

Before I conclude, at least for now, wakakaka, I want to say that, unlike the anwaristas, wakakaka again, even as a long-time DAP supporter I will happily chew DAP politicians (like TP, wakakaka again) if I find anyone of them somewhat wanting.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Malay forum wants Malay woman as Pakatan CM for Penang

Malaysiakini - 'Create history with Wan Azizah as first Malay, woman Penang CM' (extracts):

PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail would create history if she is ever elected to be Penang chief minister, said author Hasmi Hashim.

Speaking at the forum “Ketua Menteri Melayu Pulau Pinang, ya atau tidak” (A Malay Penang Chief Minister, Yes or No) at Malaysiakini last night, the writer and lyricist recalled the 2008 Pakatan Rakyat manifesto had mentioned they would change the chief minister every two terms.

He said as Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had said he respects PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, he should consider the suggestion.

“Wan Azizah (photo) has fought for a nunber of years, and true she is a MP, but she has never had the chance to sit in the appropriate seat that would allow her to put into place policies that she has come up with,” said Hasmi.

Alas, the examples of Perak (2008) and Selangor (2013) showed that in sultanate states, no Chinese or Indian could ever be the political head even if the head of the winning coalition component party with the most number of ADUN happened to be a Chinese or Indian, eg. Perak (2008) and Selangor (2013).

Penang is theoretically one of the few states where non-Malays could be its political head as CM, the other being Sabah and Sarawak, where in the latter the chances would be zilch; once upon a time Sabah could be the second state where a Chinese Malaysian could become CM, but today that's no longer possible.

So that leaves Penang as the ONLY state in Malaysia where a Chinese can become CM. I hope the Malays remember Chinese are also Malaysians.

Yet the seemingly Malay-centric forum, organised by PKR Hasmi Hashim (former aide to Azmin Ali) wants to deprive Chinese Malaysian of their only sense of accomplished political participation by proposing to take away from them this sole exception for Chinese Malaysians.

Leave it to a PKR man to propose the above Malay domination game.

Suggesting Wan Azizah as the next CM of Penang, on the double barrel basis that she is a woman and a Malay, is the bitterest and cruellest blow to the Chinese Penangites.

The bitter irony of the forum's proposal has been that, by bigoted contrast, years ago (in 2008) Teresa Kok could NOT be the deputy MB on the basis she was (still is) a Charbor (woman) and a Chinese.

And hasn't that been always the case, where the very reasons why a Chinese could not be qualified will be the very reasons why a Malay can.

Take note that in Penang, once a very predominantly Chinese populated state, even a Chinese in the person of a very distinguished and eminent lady, namely PG Lim, who served the government and was highly regarded by them, was never nominated by that government to be Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang. She was just a Chabor and Chinese, like Teresa Kok.

Distinguished person, Distinguished family, Distinguished career

Distinguished Malaysian, Distinguished Penangite

For more, see my April 2012 post Chinese Malaysian highest achievements?.

Apart from that, why didn't the forum recommend Wan Azizah for the post of Selangor MB, not forgetting that Wan Azizah is also a known reluctant politician who just wants to be near and to serve her jailed husband in KL.

Don't forget that when she was involved in the rancid Kajang Satay saga, she had to seek help from Pakatan people to look after her Permatang Pauh federal and Kajang state constituencies. How in the world then will she be able to cope with being CM Penang if she could not look after her constituencies?

We Penangites can do with less of creating PKR Malay history and more of Malaysian and Penang history.

And if you desire a woman CM of Penang, I recall my proposal in June last year has been Chong Eng (ADUN Padang Lalang).

On the basis of experience then Chong Eng could easily be Guan Eng's replacement and the first woman to become the state's (and Malaysia's) first female CM.

She has been not only an ADUN but a very experienced MP for Bukit Mertajam long before DAP rotated its MPs to become ADUN and vice versa. Unlike Wan Azizah she is NOT a reluctant politician.

BTW, Chong Eng is married to Gunabalan Krishnasamy, an artist - they have two children. If she were to become the new CM of Penang, she may possibly satisfy the demands of two minority groups, that of women and indirectly the Indians.

But leaving out the argument that Penang must have a Chinese CM, since the PKR organised Malay-dominate forum was worried that the image of a Chinese CM might possibly estrange Malay Penangites, why not propose Dr Ramasamy as Guan Eng's replacement?

Yes, why didn't the forum propose Dr Ramasamy as Penang's first Indian CM? He is currently Penang DCM II and has bags of experience running the state. Dr Rama is also an intellectual of some standing in both the academic and Hindu worlds.

Let me reiterate that Penang is the ONLY state in Malaysia which can possibly have a Chinese or Indian CM. The nine sultanate states can only have Melayu as MB while Sabah and Sarawak are likely to continue doing what the sultanate states will do.

The PKR-Malay forum thus should be mindful that Pakatan already has Selangor (and once Kedah and Perak) for their Malay pride.

Don't take Penang away from non-Malay aspirations as Tengku Adnan once tried to, via his sinister and unconstitutional proposal to FT-rise Penang. You guys have been exceedingly too greedy.

Why UMNO fears DAP

This post is based on Professor Wang Gungwu's article “Chinese Politics in Malaya” in The China Quarterly published by the University of Cambridge in 1970.

I obtained this article from Malaysia-Today, although RPK has nothing to do with Prof Wang's analysis - besides, how could RPK when it was written some 50 years ago - surely RPK is not that ancient? Wakakaka.

By the by, Prof Wang Gungwu is an authority in the field of overseas Chinese history. Many of his articles on the overseas Chinese society put forward the concept, analysis framework and observation, and are still valid.

A reminder - Prof Wang was one of the Gerakan Party's six founding fathers, together with Professor Syed Hussain Alatas, Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, Dr. J.B.A. Peter, Lim Chong Eu, and V. Veerapan.

the best political party for us but which perished in 1972 in the flames of BN 

Gerakan was formed on 24 March 1968 in time for the 1969 GE which results shook the foundation and heart, as well as shrunk the gonads of UMNO. Sadly, May 13 then occurred.

But even then, Gerakan was at that time viewed by many Malays as Malaysia's future premier party, until Tun Razak kowtim-ed nearly the entire lot including dedak-makan-ing PAS, with the sole exception being the DAP which steadfastly refused to join Barisan Nasional.

Today the Gerakan Party, like its once powerful (in Perak) PPP have lost much of its once appeal.

Gerakan's slogan is Satu Hati Gerak Bersama (Forward Together with One Heart) which was actually adopted from the previous party of the late Dr Lim Chong Eu, namely, the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Dr Lim founded the UDP in Penang (it was essentially a localised Penang party) after he resigned from MCA in disgust.

The late Tun Tan Siew Sin took over the MCA with much delight and became, much as he was very unpopular with many Chinese Malaysians, the best Finance Minister we had.

Tun Razak so admired and respected Tan that he ordered the Armed Forces to salute Tan whenever the latter was in their presence (only PM, DPM and Defence Minister were entitled to military salutes). 

Then Lim Chong Eu's UDP had the simple yet very catchy slogan of Satu Hati.

OK, enough of Unc's stories wakakaka - In the article, “Chinese Politics in Malaya” [note the term 'Malaya' and not Malaysia] and to cut the story short which includes some of kt's editing, wakakaka (for more, go over to Malaysia-Today), Prof Wang ..... pointed out that the Chinese Malayan/Malaysians, in accordance with their political orientation, could be divided into three groups, as follows:

(i) Group A - their political leaning was towards China, as they felt that they were just foreign immigrants. Naturally they cared about China politics and not politics in Malaya. At the end of the article Wang Gungwu also pointed out that following the establishment of Malaysia, the number of people in Group A would invariably shrink.

(ii) Group B - the majority of Chinese Malaysians - they gave the impression of being apolitical by focusing on their own economic and social status, and solving the relevant problems through Chinese organisations (or money).

Basically, their involvement in politics were indirect, had no long-term objective on political development; they would support the existing political power who helped them in solving their problem.

If we look at the modus operandi of the present Chinese societies around Peninsular Malaysia and their relationship with politics, we would be able to know that the modus operandi of Group B is still valid.

Kaytee opines they are not as 'good' as the overseas Jews who generously fund BOTH SIDES of politics to always be on the winning side, no matter who won, wakakaka.

(iii) Group C - Chinese Malaysians who cared about domestic politics in Malaya and participated actively in politics.

After World War II, as the number of settlers were increasing, their sense of belonging (as citizens) were also enhanced. This group expanded especially during the post independent era.

Today Group A might have lost its entire numbers to this group, whilst Group B, to a lesser extent but not too less, is also likely to experience the same, as younger Chinese Malaysians feel they are true Malaysians.

Kaytee's analysis through observations follows, wakakaka: 

Based on Prof Wang's political analysis, Group C Chinese is the puzzling and most worrying bloc for Malays, more so when they (especially UMNO) realise MCA and Gerakan have lost effective control over their political leanings.

I believe that the questions uppermost in many Malay minds (including some of those in Primbumi, PKR and Amanah) today must be:

(a) How dare the Chinese interfere (or are so aggressive) in Malaysian politics.

no beer - not our Malay culture 

Many conservative Malays still consider Chinese Malaysians as either 'permanent residents' or at best, '2nd class citizens', or both, or in Prof Wang's classifications, as Group B business opportunists with fleeting emotional attachments for Malaysia.

We frequently hear that in exchange for citizenship in this country, Chinese Malaysians must keep their end of the fabled bargain (fabled by ketuanan people, wakakaka) and must not question 'Malays' rights and privileges'.

But that's not in the Constitution other than the 'special position' of the Malay Rulers and their prerogatives in safeguarding and ensuring Malays do not get trampled upon. 

Yes, I wonder, for example, where in the Constitution the 7% discount in purchase of housing for Malays come from, which BTW would be probably recovered by the developer from the Nons - in other words, Nons have been in all likelihood made by developers as subsidisers of Malay (even Midas-rich types) purchasers of houses from their housing estates.

[quickie calculation, wakakaka - 7% per house x 30% of reserved-for-Malays housing estate = 210% divided by the rest (70% Nons) = 3%, thus in simple terms, a non pays 103% while a Malay pays 93% of the developers 'real' price]

But in short, many Malays believe the Chinese, despite being not treated as full citizens of Malaysia, are still getting a good 'bargain' and should not be 'ungrateful' which brings us to (b),

(b) How ungrateful are the Chinese, like the proverbial 'Arab and his camel' - haven't heard of this fable? Ask RPK, wakakaka.

The conservative Malay Heartland still see Chinese Malaysians as belonging to Group B, commercial-business 'animals', yes 'business-animals' as once the aggressive-trading Japanese were seen as when they even traded with White Supremacist South Afrika.

For trade and access/purchases of vital goods, the latter cunningly classified the Japs as 'honorary Whites' (but still considered Chinese as 'coloured', wakakaka).

In reality the Japanese, one of the most supremacist bigoted races in the world, must have cringed at the very act of being considered as equal to the crass gross untermenschen 'White Trash' of South Afrika, wakakaka.

(c) How biadap are the Chinese?

See reason above in subpara (a) - conservative Malays, in the times of Tun Razak and even today, have never really accepted Chinese Malaysians as 'equals'.

The best they could accord the Chinese was/is the Group B label of aggressive economic-creatures whose chief trait was in 'cheating the innocent easy-going Malays' - I think 'someone' had written of this ethnic dichotomy, wakakaka.

BTB, I have a Malaysian racist story but which I won't tell - it's about the old Volkswagen car involving a Chinese and a Malay, wakakaka - both received the short end of that bigotry.

But at least they have dropped the more seditious label of Group A for the Cinapeks, where Group A Chinese were nationalistically, spiritually and emotionally never Malaysians but rather Middle-Kingdom expatriates, wakakaka.

OK, so that's why today a successful DAP (post 2008 and 2013), deriving most of its support from the 'Nons' are frightening the Malays, especially UMNO.

And that is why today UMNO, which had hitherto, at least until 2008, considered the DAP as just a kutu-pest for the MCA to deal with, now has a special 'program' to crush DAP, especially more so when young Malay sweeties like Dyana, Syerlana, etc, and hairy-chested Ariff Sabri, Dr Bari, loose cannon Zaid, Senator Ariffin, Tengku Zulpuri Shah, Khir Johari and more, have joined the DAP.

Besides, the MCA, which had derived most of its support from Group B Chinese Malaysians, has lost of its power-base as the Group B Chinese migrated over to Group C, influenced perhaps by their younger family members and children of friends or encouraged by the increasing power of the DAP. Thus UMNO cannot depend on the MCA (or Gerakan) to handle the DAP.

To UMNO today, the DAP is becoming less of a Group C Chinese-based party but more of a Malaysian political party equal to UMNO and PAS, and even more significant than single-issue Pribumi. Forget about MCA, Gerakan, and also-single-issue PKR (same DNA as Pribumi).

Friday, October 06, 2017

Religions do not want facts?

MM Online - DPM: Mustafa Akyol’s book banned for opposing ‘societal norms’ (extracts):

author Mustafa Akyol 

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 ― Turkish author Mustafa Akyol’s book was banned by the Home Ministry as it was against so-called societal norms here, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today.

The Home minister explained that after reviewing the book titled Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty, it was prohibited as the facts in it were allegedly not suitable for Malaysians.

“The book we have banned from an international author as there were many facts in the book which were not suitable to the societal norms here,” Ahmad Zahid told reporters in a press conference after an event here.

The Umno MP also stressed that allowing the book to be sold here may lead to security concerns. He did not elaborate how and why.

Ahmad Zahid has a notoriety for tok-kok and shooting his mouth off before he engages his brain.

He has the silly nerve to say: “The book we have banned from an international author as there were many facts in the book which were not suitable to the societal norms here.”

It has been f**king silly of him to impute that Malaysia does NOT welcome religious FACTS in a book about Islam just because those FACTS would not be suitable for the Malay-Muslim minds.

The norm by most would be to welcome religious FACTS, except of course by church authorities - I mean 'church' in the generic sense, wakakaka.

I have to admit I am quite curious about what religious FACTS have been deemed by Zahid and his ulamak-wallahs to be not suitable.

However, I do know what he meant by 'the societal norms here'. He was obviously referring only to Malay-Muslims.

Drawing a logical conclusion from Zahid's stupid statement, we have to assume the government and its ulamak cronies do not like religious FACTS, which may collapse the religious house of cards.

Thus Muslim-led authorities could be said to be scared of losing believers and thus control of them.

Chinese socio-religio-culture includes alcohol and pork

MM Online - Reclaiming our culture and public spaces by Boo Su-Lyn (extracts):

Even worse than acquiescing to religious fundamentalists, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) actively engaged in the same bigoted campaigning as their rivals by launching a petition to ban all beer festivals throughout the country.

On the campaign by the ketuanan Pribumi Youth AGAINST having beer festival in Malaysia, see my previous post Pribumi Youth: Beer Fest could lead to Gay Fest in which activist Siti Kasim was reported to have chewed up Pribumi youth chief Syed Saddiq for the latter's online petition and political expediency over and above his necessary Malaysian balance and fairness as a Pribumi politician, or he can f**k off to PAS.

Syed Saddiq youth gang had told us to "reject the culture of holding liquor festivals in public spaces", saying that it could even lead to "gay festivals" being organised in the future.

I suppose Syed Saddiq and mates might be thinking that if you, a male, were to drink more than a pint, your kok and bola-s may drop off, while if you, a female, were to drink a mere half-a-pint you may suffer some form of womanly defects leading you to become a lesbian.

Su-Lyn, incensed by Pakatan Selangor caving in to PAS' repeated protests, remarked:

The silence of PH component parties PKR and DAP only means that they condone the petition by Armada Selangor and have no issues with such extremism being a part of the coalition’s proposed policies, should it win state or federal power in GE14. Muslim party Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) has also said they do not support beer festivals.

There is no more denying that Pribumi has been lording over PKR and sadly for my DAP mateys, the DAP. Even Pribumi Youth has a far bigger say than the DAP ADUN in Selangor, and Lim KS has the bloody shameless cheek to commend Syed Saddiq as a future PH youngest minister.

On the BN side in Selangor, MCA is caught in a similar conundrum and was forced to lodge a police report when Umno threatened to protest against the German festival in Klang.

Hmmm, from what Su-Lyn has just written, it appears that in Selangor the MCA at least has some balls compared to boe-lan-hud PKR and DAP there. What a pack of pansies being led by the PAS' kok-sucking Azmin. Shame on you guys.

At the same time, Su-Lyn's fellow MM Online columnist Farouk A Peru said:

When DBKL refused to grant a permit for the Better Beer Festival last month, questions arose about the basic freedoms granted to Malaysians.

Are we really free as a modern democracy should be? Or are we under the care of a nanny state that intends to control our every move?

Worse still, are we pawns of political puppet masters who play off sections of the population against each other in order to score political points? Is any kind of alcohol-related festival prone to some kind of terrorist attack and thus too dangerous to be held?

However, the issue which interests me is the argument that Oktoberfest should be banned because all religions oppose alcohol consumption. [...]

This has been a fallacy or an outright lie promoted by Syed Saddiq and his mates - see FMT's Selangor PPBM Youth starts petition against alcohol-based events which reported that The Selangor PPBM youth wing also rubbished claims that it was meddling in others’ way of life by opposing Oktoberfest, saying that alcohol-based parties were not part of Malaysian culture.

What exactly is 'Malaysian culture'? Does ketuanan Pribumi Youth think it is ONLY Malay-Muslim culture and does NOT include Chinese and Indian culture?

Thus who the f**k is Pribumi Youth to say alcohol-based events is not part of Chinese Malaysian culture? 

we have been making votive offerings of alcohol-drinks to our ancestors for thousands of years 

For a start, Oktoberfest is not meant for Muslims, like the Bible or gambling so Muslims are automatically precluded. But what about the others?

In the Oktoberfest related discourses on social media, those who are for the banning of Oktoberfest say that the others should follow the dictates of their own religions and thus avoid alcohol consumption. Is this correct?

A number of responses came from the non-Muslim camp. For a start, it is not true to say that religions other than traditional Islam prohibit alcohol consumption outright.

In the Far East, namely, China (including HK, Macau & Taiwan), Japan, Korea's, Mongolia and Vietnam, drinking (alcohol) by their people is in fact part of their socio-religio culture (exceptions to evangelistic Christians and Muslims there). In fact, alcohol in the form of wine (rice wine, sake, soju, etc) are served by Easterners as mandatory votive offerings to their gods, spirits, ancestors and departed relatives.

Korean 'charye' ceremony on Chuseok (New year's Day)

Wikipedia informs: Jesa is a ceremony commonly practiced in Korea. Jesa functions as a memorial to the ancestors of the participants. Jesa are usually held on the anniversary of the ancestor's death.

The majority of Catholics, Buddhists and nonbelievers practice ancestral rites, although Protestants do not. The Catholic ban on ancestral rituals was lifted in 1939, when the Pope Pius XII of the Catholic Church formally recognized ancestral rites as a civil practice.

kt's comment: wiki must have included Confucianism under Buddhism. South Koreans are in fact the most devoted Confucianists 

And even in Buddhist countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Philippines, drinking is okay.

So who the f**k is Syed Saddiq and his Pribumi Youth members to say or/and decide drinking is not part of the socio-religio-culture of Chinese Malaysians (of course with exceptions of the minority Chinese Malaysian evangelistic Christians and Chinese Malaysian Muslims).

If Pribumi Youth campaigns against alcohol consumption for election purposes, namely, to win votes from the Muslims, then Syed Saddiq and his Youth members are a bunch of exploitative hypocrites.

If Pribumi Youth campaigns against alcohol consumption for their religious observance, I congratulate them on their Islamic piety, but must warn non-Muslims that voting for Pribumi, who has shown an arrogant and unwelcome intrusion into our non-Muslim value-systems and lifestyles, and who has the brazen temerity to decide on what our culture should be, is akin to voting for PAS. 

Non-Muslims, you have been advised. Voting for Pribumi and any anti-Beer-Fest political parties would be at your own choosing and risk.

But Syed Saddiq must not interfere in non-Muslim affairs especially our socio-religio-culture which he can learn more of in Oxford.

Chinese have not only made alcohol votive offerings but roast pigs as well - above you can see two wrapped partly in red paper 

Syed Saddiq must learn of this to prevent him from saying in the future that pork is not part of Chinese Malaysian culture