Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Avoiding two Devils

At last, finally, to my immense relief, two members of my fave party, the DAP, has sprung to the defence of free speech for the #UndiRosak people, Maryam Lee and Hafidz Baharom, who were shamefully abused, vilified and heckled by the #OtakRosak cyborg clowns, defilers of free speech and free thinking.

Maryam Lee 

Hafidz Baharom 

Resistance to our pro-Mahathirism is futile
(so the cyborgs believe, wakakaka)

Teresa Kok and Charles Santiago have both spoken out in defence of them. Bravo Teresa I still love you and Charles you're my matey.

Teresa Kok 

Charles Santiago
From FMT: Khalid Ibrahim might have won the Port Klang state constituency in 2013 but was NOT known for servicing his constituency ... Political analyst Wong Chin Huat noted that after Khalid became independent, Klang MP Charles Santiago had been looking after the state constituency until PKR’s coordinator, Azmizam Zaman Huri, took charge in 2016

Actually, the campaign objective of #UndiRosak has been unique lateral-thinking in that when two candidates, A and B, are standing in Constituency X and we as voters note that A is Lucifer while B is Satan, #UndiRosak provides guidance to avoid both devils.

Spoiling vote is not a normal or standard action but when desperate situation exists, desperate measures will be required. #UndiRosak is the answer when the ballot papers do not allow for 'None of the Above'.

Bravo Maryam and Hafidz, both of you are worthy students of Edward de Bono.

And once again thanks to sweetie Teresa Kok and matey Charles Santiago. Just smile as 'spoilt votes' have occurred before, since election began, though admittedly this time the spoilt votes may well hit an all time high, only to deny Mahathir any political resurrection - what a frightening thought!

106 people were incarcerated, some for years, while 4 newspapers were banned 

5 High Court judges sacked 

Lord President of Judiciary sacked

"Never in the field of human conflict have so many been f**k so much by just one man" - with apologies to the late Winston Churchill for paraphrasing his eulogy to the Royal Air Field for its outstanding performance in the Battle of Britain

 Never in the field of human memory have so many issues been forgotten so much by just a greedy whim

We should stop flights to Aceh

MM Online - AirAsia limits Aceh flight attendants to men, Firefly mulls non-Muslim crew (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — AirAsia said it will only place male cabin crew on its flights to Aceh, after the Indonesian province enforced requirements for Muslim female flight attendants to wear the “tudung” (headscarf) upon arrival.

In a short statement to Malay Mail, the budget carrier said it was ready to comply with the new regulations imposed by authorities in the province that practises Shariah law.

“We are committed to ensure that our operations adhere to it. For the time being, all AirAsia flights from and to Aceh will be operated by male cabin crew,” the statement said.

Another Malaysian flight operator to Aceh, Firefly Sdn Bhd, said it may review its crew rostering to have only non-Muslim flight attendants to cater to the new law.

Its chief executive officer, Ignatius Ong, said Aceh’s request was still being assessed, but stressed that decisions have not been made.

He added the airline was also looking into incorporating an additional layer of clothing to its signature uniform — a knee-length form-fitting orange dress — only on flights to the Indonesian province.

Al least our two airlines have made some lateral decisions to avoid subjecting our sweeties to Aceh's frighteningly full compliance with syariah laws.

But note that AirAsia will have only male aircrew, which means all females won't be allowed to fly to Aceh.

This means that Islamic laws can affect non-Muslims, even foreigners.

As for Firefly Airline, there will be no necessity of incorporating any additional layer of clothing it and AirAsia both cease all flights into that country.

You never know, when next Malaysian men will have their lil' johnnies checked for circumcisions and if found to be 'unclean' like Moses (pbuh), will be subjected to immediate snipping.

Moses' 'feet' means his genitals

Zipporah by touching Moses' 'feet' with their son's foreskin demonstrated a vicarious circumcision just to please God, thus Moses was saved

Violence threatened over Indira reuniting with he abducted child?

MM Online - Back off Indira’s ex or there will be violence, Muslim scholars tell police (extracts):

Prasana Diksa who was abducted 

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — The Malaysian Association of Muslim Scholars (PUM) has urged the police today to stop pursuing the fugitive ex-husband of M. Indira Gandhi and her youngest daughter that he abducted nine years ago.

In a statement yesterday, the group warned that religious sectarian violence may erupt in this country if the police continue to hunt Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and Prasana Diksa.

“We ask for the kind consideration of the police to not hunt the father and the children until a solution can be found.

“We are worried that if it is carried out, there may be a conflict among adherents in this country until violence happens among the society,” its president Datuk Abdul Halim Abd Kadir said.

After the landmark ruling, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun has pledged that the police will continue hunting down Muhammad Riduan. [...]

PUM also urged that the children unilaterally converted into Islam by Muhammad Riduan must not be allowed to revert back to Hinduism. [...]

PUM had also requested the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to allow the group to advise in matters involving conversion to Islam.

It also demanded Putrajaya to act fast, claiming the issue would embolden provocateurs in the country.

Are the Muslim Scholars of PUM condoning abduction? Abduction is the action of forcibly taking someone away against their will, thus is an illegal/criminal act.

Are they defying the ruling of the Federal Court?

The court has decreed Prasana Diksa be returned to her mother form her abduction. She was a Hindu and illegally converted into a Muslim by illegally means and by her abducter. Thus on her return to her mum, her mother Indira Gandhi will decide Prasana's religion, not a bunch of outsiders like PUM members

If anyone has been emboldened by this issue, it's PUM with its provocateur members. I am disgusted by the usual threats of violence. Isn't there anything decent and civilised they are capable of?

Orang Melayu kata: Jangan campur tangan dalam hal keluarga Hindu.

Ban movie Padmaavat? We've far worse villains in Malaysia

From MM Online:

PETALING JAYA, Jan 31 — The wait is still on. Bollywood movie enthusiasts will still need to continue hoping if they can catch the screening of Padmaavat after the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF) rejected the distributor’s appeal for a previous ban.

A report in The Star quoted Antenna Entertainment managing director Liza Anand who said the ban was upheld after LPF reviewed the film and maintained their stance.

Liza was quoted saying LPF stated the movie, depicting the story of Queen Padmavati, has elements that touch on Muslim sensitivities, in particular the villainous portrayal of Sultan Alauddin Khilji.

In the movie, Alauddin is apparently so taken by Padmavati’s beauty until he decides to wage war against her husband, another ruler, in order to win her over.

“I do not think having (Alauddin) as a bad person in a film should be an issue. The film does not reflect any situation in Malaysia, I feel the reason given is unjustified,” Liza was quoted by the daily.

If the movie character Sultan Alauddin Khilji is villainous, how does that affect the strength of Malaysian Muslims' faith?

they couldn't 'touch' her boss so they went after innocent her

see MM Online's 
Nik Raina’s nightmare finally over as Federal Court dismisses JAWI’s prosecution bid in Borders case

We have far worse Muslim villains in our country, people who oppressed us for 22 years and who still wants to, people who harassed innocent Nik Raina for their beef with Borders (which they couldn't touch), ...

... people who harassed women (Zouk nightclub - see BBC report), ...

... people who want to deliberately label innocent babies born out of wedlock as bastards in society (see I am thus a 'bin Abdullah' and 'bin Abdullah' necessary to stop 'bin Zina'?) and ...

... people who harass and persecute LGBT, people who get their knickers all twisted up over Nur Sadat's sexuality (see What is done with RM1 Billion per annum? and Nur Sajat asks JAKIM: Am I the country’s biggest problem?), etc.

with fiance Coach Yin 

So-called freedom advocates attack her for expressing her free views

From FMT (extracts):

Uphold right to dissent, halt attacks against Maryam Lee

January 30, 2018

Women's rights organisation says recent events also highlight how women are attacked more severely than their male allies for speaking up on the same issues.

Maryam Lee
sadly abused with disgusting obscenities and photoshop images for her views by so-called fighters for democracy and free speech 

By Empower

Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower) strongly abhors the slew of vile attacks against activist and writer, Maryam Lee, following her public expression on #UndiRosak.

Instead of demonstrating maturity when engaging in the discourse, many supporters of the opposition resorted to unwarranted sexist, misogynist and extremist harassment against Maryam. This included the targeting of her identity as a young woman.

Many of these attackers have even used her pictures found online without her knowledge and consent.

They manipulated her images and modified them into sexually explicit ones. These images are accompanied by extremely demeaning and sexualised insults and name-calling.

Many have also falsely accused her of “receiving bribes from the ruling coalition”, “betraying the people”, and “working for Najib”.

Others have belittled her views by saying that she “needs a therapist and some introspection”, is “brain damaged” and so on.

This includes many people who are known for their activism and progressive views, predominantly men but also some women.

It is also disheartening to see fellow activists who hold similar views on the #UndiRosak campaign fail to support Maryam. Instead, they said if someone presents her/his views in public, she/he should be open to be attacked.

Such a view underscores the reality that women are attacked more severely than their male allies for speaking up on the same issues, despite the valid and substantial points women make.

Engaging in a discourse does not mean we only respect those views that agree with ours, but also to be able to respect and listen no matter how these expressions and opinions are alien or new to us.

Maryam’s privacy was invaded when her photos and personal data were used without her consent.

What is more distasteful are the vile efforts to silence a voice that does not fit into the narratives of the opposition’s supporters.

Let us all be reminded that everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, political belief and so on, has the right to freedom of expression and opinion.

Any impediment to these freedoms must be addressed and condemned.

#UndiRosak explained in 10 steps

Lord President of Judiciary Tun Saleh Abas sacked! 

5 High Court judges sacked! 

Ops Lalang - 106 people incarcerated under ISA and 4 Malaysian newspapers banned 

Once he ranted, raved and railed against Mahathir for above, but not anymore today

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

PKR pre-GE14 culling but by which faction?

Word is that PKR will drop Selayang MP William Leong. But I wonder which 'PKR' as there is the main body which no longer works with PAS and there is the Dökkálfar faction which certainly does, wakakaka.

Look at following photo and make a guess which faction wants to drop William?

above: Dökkálfar faction (missing Latheefa Koya)

below: Rafizi faction (William Leong 2nd from right)

William Leong had resigned from PKR's political bureau in August 2017, citing the party's cooperation with PAS as the reason. Then he was so frustrated with a faction of PKR still slutting around with PAS.

Rumours had it then that he was pulling at his hair regularly because, as Rafizi Ramli informed us last year, no decision in PKR's political bureau could ever be reached UNLESS those decisions were made or accepted by a recalcitrant 'someone', to wit, a Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

Thus PKR's political bureau could come up with all sorts of strategy, policies, programmes etc, but unless they suit the Dökkálfar Dwarf's own agenda, for example, continue working with PAS, he won't agree to them, and thus NO decision would ever be made.

It's hardly surprising to learn, admittedly through the grape vine, that William Leong will be dropped form GE14. But as I said, I wonder which 'PKR' as there is the main body which no longer works with PAS and there is the Dökkálfar faction which certainly does, wakakaka.

No, PAS is not yet 'past' PKR

MM Online - ‘PAS is past’ in Selangor, say Pakatan leaders (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 ― Pakatan Harapan has abandoned all plans to negotiate with PAS over seats in Selangor, with the pact’s leaders saying the Islamist party appeared uninterested in cooperation.

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) supreme council member Datuk Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff claimed it was obvious that PAS and Umno have an affinity and challenged the two parties to formalise its cooperation.

“To us, PAS is past. PAS is already in a matrimonial union with Umno. The only thing they have not done is ‘nikah’.

“To some, they may say PAS and Umno are conducting ‘adultery’, some would say they are only ‘getting to know one another’. Regardless, as a coalition, we will not be entertaining PAS as their actions are clear,” he told Malay Mail.

Selangor Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) chairman Izham Hashim said PAS has made clear their intentions to not work with Pakatan Harapan.

All well and good, considering the boast above came from Pribumi (which hates PAS, and vice versa) and Amanah.

wakakaka, even Ridhuan can't join Pribumi 

Strangely the DAP wasn't in the campaign above (perhaps it hasn't even been invited, wakakaka), but far far far more important, Azmin Ali wasn't there nor did we hear a wee squeak from him about total separation with PAS, which means he is still on course with his plan, namely a secret pact with the Islamic Party.

And indeed Amanah Selangor chairman Izham Hashim has been reported as saying, “I am not sure what the stance is for PKR Selangor, but the other parties hold on to the orders from the top.”

Thus I am inclined to reiterate, Selangor will be the most exciting state in GE14. Wakakaka.

leaving decision about standing in Gombak until the very last minute

do you know why? wakakaka


Ever since I read about Michelle Yeoh going to Bangladesh to visit the Rohingya refugees, I have been waiting for this to happen in Malaysia, and it did:

The abuses against her was staggering. The humanitarian reason of her visit was totally ignored.

On the Malaysia Net, there exists no bipartisan stand for, say, humanitarianism, compassion, charity, decency, freedom of expression and silly issues like democracy, democratic choice and democratic preferences.

It's the now-current totally brainless vile vitriolic vicious toxicity of our politics a la George Bush Junior's "You are either with us or against us".

Maryam Lee of #UndiRosak received far worse abuses than Michelle Yeoh just for expressing her democratic rights.

The abuses have been so barbarously obscene it reflect puerile 'Otak-Rosak' Malaysians in the midst of our society.

Maryam Lee

Sangeet Kaur Deo 

Earlier Sangeet Kaur Deo (daughter of the late Karpal Singh) had been similarly victimised. Sangeet is a DAP member but had bravely opined that Mahathir was an ill-considered choice by Pakatan as its PM-Designate.

She was abused with the uncouth and insensitive remark for her to go find out from her late father. Distractors vilified her as brainless, but it would seem those who abused her and disrespected her democratic right to express her opinions have been the totally brainless midgets with their otak already rosak.


vicious foul mouths 

evil-intended hearts 

Monday, January 29, 2018

GE14 - Selangor will be most exciting

Yesterday I penned DAP must watch out for Penang-bound PKR in which I mentioned that ... right at this very period in time, PKR in Selangor has another agenda, one of the party's very survival. PKR has refused to participate in Pakatan's seat allocation for the state as word has it that Azmin Ali is still trying to get the state PAS people on board.

Azmin fears that without PAS Selangor in alliance with him (and f**k the rest of Pakatan), PKR will be torn to shreds in GE14, apart from his own federal seat Gombak being in heightened peril from BN if PAS were to play spoiler.

I wonder what will be the eventual outcome with such a naughty Azmin-Ali manoeuvre, namely, attempting to enter into a secret alliance with PAS Selangor.

Whatever it is or to be, I am quite sure the DAP will or can retain its 15 state seats, those it won in GE13. Admittedly this time in some seats the DAP may face fierce challenges from BN (MCA, Gerakan) due to PAS' sabotage in 3-corner fights, or worse, PKR's, wakakaka. But nonetheless, I am fairly confident the DAP will retain its 15 seats though its ability to expand beyond that looks slim.

But what about PKR?

Let's be frank about one thing, PKR will sell DAP, Pribumi and Amanah down the river if PAS Selangor were to enter into a covert alliance with Azmin Ali.

PKR has come to regard Selangor as its 'home state', and its right to govern the state. But unless it swings the pact with PAS around successfully, it will have to migrate up north to Penang, for an eventual showdown with the DAP, for two tigers cannot exist in the real Bukit Bendera, wakakaka.

UMNO won 12 in the last election and this time, assuming it retains those 12, will require another 16 to form the state government. Considering that this time it will face Pribumi, Amanah, PAS and PKR, that may be too much of an ask thus it is unlikely to be the next state government UNLESS like Azmin, it enters into a pact with PAS.

There is only a slim chance of DAP being part of a new state government, and that is, if Amanah and Pribumi win enough seats to total 28 together with DAP. Of course that will be assuming Pribumi does not stab DAP in the back, wakakaka.

Thus my own preference will be for Amanah to win big, like 10 from PAS and 3 from UMNO. But I'm not even sure how many seats Amanah will get, as PKR has sounded its intention to have its usual lion's share, a gene it inherited from its Mothership.

I reckon the most exciting state to watch in GE14 will be Selangor and not Johor.

None so deaf as Pakatan who refuses to hear

I am not sure why the federal opposition especially those in Pribumi keeps insulting, heckling and abusing the #UndiRosak people?

I have read the abuses against Maryam Lee and I have to say I've been thoroughly shocked by the barbaric insults, eg. "... her mouth is full of my sperm ... etc etc ...".

Why insult or abuse those who do not share your political beliefs? Are you a mini-dictator? Who says that you are right in your political belief in the first place?

The irony has been these abusers have the brazen nerve to proclaim themselves as champions of democracy and free speech. They are only that insofar as no one should ever disagree, oppose or argue with them. They will be worse dictators than Ayatollah what's-his name.

They haven't even identify the cause of #UndiRosak, namely, the preposterousness of Pakatan nominating Mahathir as PM-designate.

MM Online publishes a statement by Dr Patricia Martinez (extracts ONLY as follows):

... This PH is not the same as the one we welcomed and voted for in GE 13. So those luminaries insulting us as “betrayers”, “delusional” “hopeless and giving up”, for #UndiRosak (I have had to personally endure such abuse on a long-term basis) are themselves delusional.

Malaysians can figure things out for themselves... and we are now cynical, angry, disillusioned, frustrated. Among other possible reasons.

Articles sanitising Mahathir or calling on us to “forgive and forget” and intimate or actually tell us to “choose the lesser evil” horrify me.

I have never knowingly settled for evil, so why should I, when I vote?

Patricia A. Martinez is a Malaysian who is Senior Research Fellow for Religion and Culture and head of the Intercultural Studies Research at the Asia-Europe Institute of the University of Malaya.

She is the first non-Muslim Malaysian with a Ph.D. in Religion, specialization Islam, having studied in both the USA and the Middle East. Using her knowledge of Arabic and Islamic texts and tradition, she employs interdisciplinary analyses in her presentations and publications on Islam in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Women and Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. Her latest project researched the identity and Islam of ordinary Muslims in Malaysia. She has been awarded a Fulbright in Islamic Studies at Ohio and Stanford Universities for 2003-4.

From here, we can at least understand why Pribumi has attacked #UndiRosak because the young group's target is the removal of what they see as an evil Mahathir the Chairman of Pribumi. Thus Pribumi has to attack, attack and attack.

But what about the other Pakatan component parties? Recently Lim Guan Eng in an attempted conciliatory move towards #UndiRosak asked them for their wish list, but WTF, they have already given that to Pakatan, to wit, the removal of Mahathir who had his time already for 22 long years, and who had shafted their parents, democracy, freedom, the Constitution and the Judiciary etc kaukau.

Are the Pakatan parties (minus Pribumi) so stupid they can't read what #UndiRosak has been crying out against? The removal of Mahathir as Pakatan PM-designate!