Friday, September 29, 2017

Another tahfiz fire

Yesterday the As Sofa Islamic High School hostel in Seremban caught fire. 80% of the private school which teaches its students about the Quran was destroyed but thank heavens no kid perished in the blaze.

note the grilled window 

Those who look to the Divine must be wondering whether there is a message somewhere?

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  1. For sure,something is wrong.Very very wrong.It cannot be an coincidence.Both religious schools caught fire and burned weeks apart.Luckily this time no students died.

    It could be bad construction,contractors cutting corners when doing the wiring work.Cheap construction materials.Arson maybe.Or maybe who knows what,maybe work of nature?

    One just have to look at the grills.If the exit or the front caught fire,how are the occupants going to escape with the iron grills screwed to the window jambs?