Sunday, September 17, 2017

Exodus from PKR?

The Malaysian Insight - Muhd Taib rejoins Umno (short extract):

... Najib Razak today announced that Muhammad Muhammad Taib has rejoined Umno, in an announcement that produced many rumours and speculation since morning.

Bloke is NOT the most admirable political person thus his resignation from PKR to return home to his Mothership is no major loss, other than as a slight pre-election psychological blow for PKR, especially in the Heartland, as 'perception' counts especially among Malays.

But much as Muhd Taib is nowadays just a nobody in politics, it does say something about PKR internal politics. There seems to be an unhealthy unstable internal problem.

Yes, PKR has lost good politician as well, not just lousy ones like Muhd Taib, who we might also ask, why did PKR accept him in the first place when he lompat from PAS (and there from UMNO) - didn't it say something about the hard-up-ness of PKR, notorious as a political taxi sapu to accept such a chowkana type of politician like Muhd Taib?

I recall good or potentially good politicians or good party members which PKR lost to other parties have been Dr Aziz Bari (to DAP), Zaid Ibrahim (to DAP) and Abdul Rahman Othman (to PAS). The last was one of the pioneer PKR members with a membership number of 003 (just after Wan Azizah).

Dr Aziz Bari
DAP nominated him to be an Ampang Jaya councillor (MPAJ) but his candidacy was mysteriously (wakakaka) dropped by Selangor government (controlled by PKR)

Initially DAP-bashers blamed DAP for sneakily dropping him because he is a Malay and DAP is/was allegedly anti-Malay, which made cow-sense because why then would the DAP have nominated him in the first place?

But morons are morons!

10 years ago, in June 2007, I wrote that:

Abdul Rahman Othman, a former PKR treasurer and a presidential candidate for the recent party election has abandoned the PKR boat.

He was nominated to contest for the president’s post in the party national congress last month but pulled out at the eleventh hour when Anwar Ibrahim announced he couldn’t stand in the contest because of a warning from the Registrar of Societies.

Abdul Rahman’s inexplicable withdrawal automatically allowed the de facto leader’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah to become de jure leader. I wonder whether Abdul Rahman had received a ‘quiet word’ like Nallakaruppan did, to withdraw?

Abdul Rahman has applied to join PAS last night. This is a man who had joined Keadilan (PKR’s predecessor) since its inception in 1999 following the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO and his DPM post.

You would wonder, wouldn’t you, why he left, especially in the sudden wake of his strange last minute withdrawal from the party's presidential election, after Anwar was barred by law (with a dire warning) from contesting.

Abdul Rahman maintained a tight lip when pressed for reasons why he has left a party he had helped found.

Meanwhile, another bloke has abandoned boat too. Former Kedah PKR chief Akashah Ismail has also quit the party and will join PAS soon. Hmmm, looks like there are a number of 'former' PKR this-and-that.

He said: “I have sent a letter to the party headquarters and Kedah PKR two weeks ago informing them of my decision. PKR is no longer a party for the ordinary people”.

malaysiakini added that there have been complaints Anwar was allegedly favouring corporate figures over grassroots leaders in the party. Well, we heard too from Nallakaruppan he (Nalla) was told by Anwar to not contest in the VP election, and he (Anwar) had allegedly meddled with party polls.

Other good ex-members who haven't as yet committed themselves have been Badrul Hisham Sharadin (Chegubard) and Jonson Chong.

Badrul Hisham Sharadin 

Muhd Taib might have been 'no loss' and probably 'good riddance to bad rubbish' (but still accepted in PKR, wakakaka). However, his exit from PKR reminded us of a drastic trend in PKR where good party stalwarts, made unhappy or dissatisfied or ignored by the de facto-de facto (real) leader, had left the party, depleting its strength of steady excellent members.

I wonder when Wong Chen, Manickavasagam and William Leong would leave? Manickavasagam is the MP for Kapar but has been suspended by PKR for two years for allegedly criticising Anwar. It spells the end of his candidacy for GE-14 unless he stands as an independent.


Indians in PKR seem to always get the short straw 

And there are some excellent PKR Malay ADUN who should think about crossing over to the DAP before lightning strikes you lot, wakakaka.


  1. Mat Tyson is infamous as the one who was caught in Australia with heavy bagfuls of US Dollar and Aussie dollar cash.
    Leaving aside the question of the source of the cash, merely not declaring it to the Australian authorities was an offence.

    And then his famous escape from penalty through his "Me, No Speeky Englander" defence.

    It was also a fairly stupid Australian judge who accepted his defence.

    1. judge was not stupid but gave the 'benefit of doubt' to Tyson, wakakaka

    2. That was during Mahathir's time as Prime Minister.

      PKR is noted for getting elected representatives to jump ship, so no surprise that they accepted him.

  2. Well,we all know that PKR operates "hen houses" and is a major player in the "spreading legs" business.It just shows how leaderless and desperate the PKR leadership is.Corrupted leaders and personalities in the ruling Umno/BN is unacceptable.

    But corrupted leaders and personalities in the opposition pact is acceptable.Even well known corrupted and expired leaders and politicians from the ruling regime is welcomed with wide spread open legs.

    Is Isa Samad next on the red carpet list of the opposition's welcome mat?

    1. taxi sapu ler so Isa Samad is welcome to join