Sunday, May 29, 2011

Malaysia gone to the dogs

The Malaysian Insider’s article on SPAD inherits messy legacy from CVLB: Should we be surprised? was written by Moaz Yusuf Ahmad, a member of Transit, Malaysia’s public transport forum, .....

..... and the answer to his rhetorical question is of course:
No, we aren't in the least!

The article reveals the horror story that has been CVLB, but it’s a story that we have become familiar with about several Malaysian public and government backed organizations/departments over the past 25 over years.

Banks, GLC, universities, the Malaysian Civil Service, Police, MACC and what else have you.

Once Malaya and then Malaysia was the hallmark of excellence in how a democratically elected government operated.

What happened?

Surely it’s not just about stuffing up the organizations by staffing them up with incompetent people, though there is that too.

It seems as if at some stage there was a humongous avalanche, where Malaya/Malaysia’s old excellence in governance was hurled down the slippery slovenly shameful slope, a slope which is now bereft of good management, discipline, merit, respectability and credibility.

Our institutions have gone to the dogs, with even some, like banks, universities and the police, in repetitive fashion.

Someone or some people has/have a lot to answer for the regrettable plunge towards zero.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give UMNO enough rope ...

There’s a saying ‘give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself’.

I believe this has applied most appropriately to UMNO. Mind you, not that the anti UMNO people (not necessarily only from the federal opposition) were giving out the rope, but by virtue of UMNO controlling the government and all its apparatus such as the police, MACC, Felda, civil servants, and I’m sad to say, the judiciary, etc, they have free rein of such a rope.

For years the not-so-mysterious deaths of many detainees in police custody were largely brushed aside or arrogantly ignored, sadly as I suspect, because the victims were mainly Indians.

Then there was a high profile Chinese case in Teoh Beng Hock. The authorities dug in, bunkered down, and every man jack pahlawan marshaled around the clarion call of Utusan to defend ‘Malay institutions’ against the untermensch (‘under-people’ or inferior race).

At that time, a ‘Malay institution’ in Utusan’s rabid terms meant a government organization such as the police, MACC or civil servant, who was criticized or condemned by the opposition or non-Malays for questionable conduct.

Of course if the government organization had not been criticized or condemned, that term ‘Malay institution’ would not have been necessary because then there would be no requirement to rally the heartland troops to prevent any further criticism, condemnation or investigation into the conduct which might even be criminal in nature.

So, the use of emotionally charged ethnocentric terms had been more to deflect, prevent or neutralize not just public condemnations but official probes, investigations etc (such as RCI) into the conduct of these ‘Malay institutions’. Jaga orang kita, the standard mentality of most Malaysians, not just UMNO’s.

Then, sadly, we have the drastic killing of Aminulrasyid Amzah, a mere 14 year old boy driving around in a car without a driving licence. As we had read in the newspapers, Aminulrasyid in his joy-ride was not only pursued by a number of police cars but machined gunned down as if he was Chin Peng or a feral armed drug dealer.

As I had posted in
Home Minister must sack an unrepentant Selangor CPO is it police standing order to shoot at licence-less drivers?

Or perhaps even one with say, 250 gm of heroin to peddle? Question to ask in the latter scenario would then be, would such a drug peddler be deserving of being gunned down?

What kind of training have the police received with regards to discharge of firearms? What kind of values such as respect for the lives of even unarmed and non-hostile criminals have they been indoctrinated in?

The CPO (he disgusts me so that I can’t bear to allocate him a human name) urged: … all parties to “stop talking about the matter” as it has “gone to court. Let the court hear the case and decide what is appropriate.”

Yeah right!

Consider, if people had not talked about the matter, would the authority (not the police) have taken the investigation to this point when a police corporal is now charged with manslaughter, when originally, according to those police, Aminul was an alleged wannabe cop-killer for attempting to mow down innocent cops with his reversing death machine?

But it was typical of his variation on the Utusan's hordes besieging a ‘Malay institution’, and by the nature of the sad tragedy, a necessary variation because the criticizing horde in this sad case were no longer just Chinese or Indians but Malays, and the victim a 14 year old Malay boy. The bigoted term ‘Malay institution’ could no longer work – ta’laku lagi ler!

That unrepentant a$$h*le was also grossly insensitive to demand that the victim’s parent apologize to the police for allowing the boy to drive around without a licence.

I wrote:

It’s shocking that the CPO has the unmitigated gall to argue that Aminul’s family should apologize for allowing Aminul to drive without a licence, thus endangering the lives of the people of Shah Alam.

Did he mean that driving without a licence was a bigger injustice compared to killing someone for driving without a licence?

I wonder how such a person gets to become a CPO of one of the most important states in Malaysia? And I wonder when the Home Minister will finally find his backbone to sack this man!

And we know how useless the Home Minister has been, is and will be.

As I said, give a man enough rope …

Sadly, the idiots took it up and we see another not-so-mysterious death at the MACC building, this time not of a Chinese DAP member but an assistant director in a Custom department, a Malay man by the name of Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed.

So everyone learnt of a Malay man being killed in a building run by Utusan's ‘Malay institution’!

Then there was Johari Abu Bakar, not yet 17, shot dead by police on May 13th. Malaysiakini reported in Body of teen left for hours before 2nd post-mortem that:

Police claimed that Johari, a secondary school drop-out turned odd job worker, was shot dead after he opened fire at police.

Just like Aminulrasyid attempting to mow down police with his reversing killer machine?

They also claimed that the teen was hiding out in a budget hotel in Dengkil after stealing a Toyota Alphard in Kelana Jaya on May 7. His family is, however, suspicious of the circumstances of his death, claiming that the boy's body showed signs of bruising and that his arm was broken.

How do the tragic deaths of Aminulrasyid, Sarbini and Johari, and hitherto their lack of explanation affect the thinking of the Malay community? What do they now think of Utusan's 'Malay institutions'?

Give a man enough rope ...

Now we read Sakmongkol’s erudite article on how UMNO had sat on and crushes its own balls by not immediately distancing itself from the smutty attempt to smear Anwar Ibrahim’s reputation with a very dodgy sex video, and worse, by people of dubious characters – read Sakmongkol’s article in The Malaysian Insider titled
Umno and its farcical morality.

He wrote: Now it’s too late The media frenzy that accompanied the revelation of the trio turned what initially could have been an advantage into a general rejection of the veracity of the story.

Surely logic alone would tell us whether a man like Thamby what-his-name could be trusted in such a salacious revelation.

Now even if we can prove that it was indeed Anwar who is the actor in the porn clips, general distrust and cynicism would destroy any balance of truth in the sex scandal. [...]

The public cannot find the stomach to tolerate the injustice forced on Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her family. What the government has done as a result of its own sluggishness and mental blockage is to allow itself to be regarded as a tyrannical bully.

Sweet justice? But let's face it - it's not just UMNO's inertia or, as Sak put it mildly, sluggishness or metal blockage, but actually its eagerness to embrace what it thought was a political winner, but which has since turned out to be a poison chalice.

Yup, give a man enough rope ...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Melayu or Mamak UMNO?

Dato’ Mohd Ariff Sabri, better known as Sakmongkol AK47 in the blogging world, is pissed off with a certain group of UMNO-ites.

In his latest post
Talking Malay on false premises Sak rails against the Mamak-wannabe-Melayu’s in UMNO. He wrote:

How can we force ourselves to suffer fools by allowing ourselves to consume the hate spewing writings of some bloggers whose Malay-ness are questionable?

Why isn't the peddler of rancid curry speaking on behalf and for Kimma members? He looks more kitol-ish that the person he castigates as Kitol. Why isn't the gold nugget seller doing the same? We thank you but no thanks.

Jadi jadi lah kita orang Melayu kena tipu.

I find myself in strange territory listening to people like Reezal Merican, or Azeez speak for the Malays. I would have thought, Malays are better off if these people speak on behalf of KIMMA. I think Malays have got enough talented people to speak for ourselves.

Peddler of rancid curry?


I see two observations in Sak’s ire: (a) the Mamak-wannabe-Melayu’s in UMNO have been indulging in, as Sak puts it, 'hate spewing writings', presumably as part of the current UMNO desperate political campaign to agitate Malays into having a siege mentality, and (b) Sak opines these Kimma-ish mamaks wakakaka should be the last people to instigate Malays against nons, when they themselves are really nons, or in his angry words, peddlers of rancid curry (wow again!).

Sak is pissed off because he abhors the mamak-ish manipulative machinations, where these wannabes have brazenly hijacked and driven the Malay agenda into wrong directions, for their (Mamak-wannabe-Melayu’s in UMNO) own interests.

But then, who is a ‘Malay’?

According to the Constitution, even Dr Ridhuan Tee is one, and man, has that bloke ever stopped reminding everyone who reads his column in Utusan of this via his “Kita orang Melayu” mantra, where incidentally his “Kita” assumes all who read his articles would be Melayu’s.

Our Constitution is probably the only one in the world which defines one particular race, namely the Malay, where ...

... he/she is one who embraces Islam, speaks Malay and follows Malay customs and traditions habitually.

The first requirement, that of religion, prevents many baba-nyonya’s from becoming Malays though they are far more Melayu's (even in looks) than most of the Mamak-wannabe-Melayu's in UMNO.

Whether those Mamak-wannabe-Melayu’s in UMNO have fulfilled the Constitution's 2 latter requirements doesn’t seem important as they’ve been fully embraced, including some of those Johans-come-lately who converted after failed marriages to (a) keep full custody of their children, (b) avoid or minimise alimony payments, or (c) marry someone else (usually though not always a nice Melayu sweetie), or various combinations of (a), (b) and/or (c). There is also a fourth motive, sometimes pushed by male relatives (brothers?) of a male deceased, to retain ownership of property

Anyway, in politics, ambitious Mamak-wannabe-Melayu’s in UMNO have to be more vocal and more ethno-heroic than a 'genuine' Melayu (though I wonder who a 'genuine' Melayu may be?) to establish their Melayu credentials.

Sometimes the ultra ethnocentric behaviour could be born from a state of insecurity about their place in their adopted community. At times I wonder whether Dr Ridhuan Tee and one Dr Omar what’s-his-name* Uztaz Ann Wan Seng (who maliciously and gleefully vilified Chinese religious practices in front of a Malay-Muslim audience) could be suffering from such insecurity. I feel sorry for these lost souls.

* my mistake, the culprit is Uztaz Ann Wan Seng, not Dr Omar; I apologize.

Anyway, Sak asked what we already know, that after more than 50 years of Melayu domination in every aspects of Malaysian politics, royalty, government where its core has been UMNO, and public services (including the military and police), why are UMNO Melayu still complaining of being left behind. He stated succinctly:

So what conclusion can you deduce from these observations? The only valid and justifiable conclusion, is having Malays up there does not readily translate into Malay prominence in any of the fields we mentioned. It follows from here, that positioning Malays in strategic offices is not necessarily beneficial and advantageous to Malays.

The other conclusion is those Malays in power have not helped other Malays. So if UMNO insists that UMNO is Malay and Malay in UMNO, then by extension, Malays in power do not help the rest of Malays will also mean, UMNO in power does not help the rest of the Malays.

I wonder whether he was referring to just the Mamak-rised UMNO or UMNO in general?

But he concluded: UMNO people must be realistic on this. One doesn't stop becoming Malay if one dismisses UMNO. People are already doing that if you still don't realize it. 1.5 million UMNO members protested by not voting in UMNO candidates. That should be interpreted as a rejection of not merely the candidates but perhaps more so of the policies and vision that UMNO projects. 1.5 million members didn't share in the vision of UMNO. 3.7 million Malay (including the 1.5 million) voters didn't subscribe to the UMNO ideals pedaled by UMNO leaders.

Amin to that!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysian double-standard interference in our neighbours' domestic affairs?

The Malaysian Insider’s news article Eskay close to Thai insurgents, leaked US cable shows reported that:

The cable also said that Shazryl shared a 12-page paper on the insurgency and Thai Malay views resulting from his interviews with numerous separatist leaders.

"Eskay credibly appeared to have contacts with a large pool of old guard leaders insurgents and sympathizers from Thailand’s Malay south. His views on the insurgency were the most detailed we heard during five days of travel in northern Malaysia and tracked well in many respects with information and opinions from others," the cable said.

It also said that several Malaysians volunteered they were suspicious of Eskay’s contacts with Malay separatists and alleged Eskay had been involved in controversial business deals in the past.

This is the sort of story that explains why our Thai and Philippine neighbours don’t trust us in the least. And most of the time, ‘twas the States (not Federal) governments that had dabbled in the affairs of neighbouring countries by supporting their separatist insurgencies.

Apparently years ago, some powerful politician in Sabah was supporting the Muslim separatists in southern Philippines. Some said he fantasized himself as a potential Caliph in a new Islamic Caliphate comprising Sabah and the southern part of the Philippines. Even Gaddafi of Libya bought into that meddling of Filipino domestic political affairs.

I wonder whether his fantasy included that dirty word 'secession' [from Malaysia]?

The Thai issue was more of a kinfolk participation, involving mainly Kelantanese, rather than someone’s imperialistic fantasy. But the Thais didn’t (and still don't) trust any Malaysian Muslim officers.

I do not know how true has been a story I heard, that in those anti-CT days when we had a cross-border military liaison office in Songkhla (or was it Hadyaai?), the Thais requested Malaysia to send only non-Muslim military officers as staff there.

I'm sure The Malaysian Insider article would no doubt raise a few ‘told you so’ across the Malaysian-Thai border.

We bristled with outrage when we suspect other nation of interfering in our internal affairs, yet we ourselves couldn't even respect the internal affairs of another nation by refraining from poking our bloody nose and fingers into them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project IC

Malaysiakini - Project IC: Anwar says he was kept out of the loop.

Project IC (early 1990’s) – for Southern (Muslim) Filipinos: to get a Malaysian blue Identity Card (IC) to vote for UMNO

Objective – to ensure UMNO rules in Sabah

Responsible? – no one.

UMNO leading personalities at that time:

PM & Home Minister – Dr Mahathir –
“Dei, I wasn’t involved lah.”

DPM & UMNO leader instrumental in setting UMNO in Sabah in 1991 – Anwar Ibrahim – “Aiyah, I know I was powerful but still, I was kept out of the loop lah.”

Deputy Home Minister – Megat Junid Megat Ayub – “Alamak, I’m dead liao lah. Besides, I was only a deputy minister.”

UMNO treasurer – Daim Zainuddin - “...... [silence] ......”


‘Twas the aliens who did it, ... er ... not from Philippines, but from Alpha Centauri!

Deepest condolences

I grieve for the 16 killed by the landslide which hit the Al-Taqwa orphanage yesterday afternoon in Hulu Langat. May they rest now in the arms of Allah swt.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The destructive avarice of UMNO

No point in condemning Hishamuddin Hussein for his blatant double standards in handling demagogue Ibrahim Ali.

As Haris Ibrahim
reminded us, the double standard is already so obvious in Hishamuddin explicitly stating Ibrahim Ali is NOT an extremist but that some Chinese are.

Ibrahim Ali is merely a front man for UMNO, which has been why Hishamuddin won’t act; likewise in his kid gloves treatment of Utusan.

Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, who wrote ’The Unmaking of Malaysia’, and also a former general manager of state news agency Bernama as well as the press secretary to both former PM Tun Razak and then-DPM Dr Mahathir, lamented in The Malaysian Insider’s
A very dirty and very dangerous game that:

In sports games can be made dirty and sometimes fatal. But they only involve the players and nobody else. But in the case of politics when the game becomes dirty and dangerous, the country and the people will suffer. There are no gainers and even the perpetrators themselves will suffer.

Their aim is to destroy their opponents with no compunction as to what happens to the country. We have to beware of such political shenanigans.

The current coalition of parties in power especially the main player Umno is in a state of panic.

The length of time that they had been in power had made them flabby in their thinking and actions. They simply cannot comprehend that their actions and the actions of their cahoots are wrong and detrimental to the welfare of the people. Their blind support for the grave mistakes by their agents proves their inability to grasp the seriousness of these actions. They pass the blame on others for the blunders made by these agent provocateurs.

In his article, Ahmad Mustapha Hassan also explained why UMNO is petrified of the alliance of DAP and PAS, where more Malays have now lent their support to the Rocket. He explained how UMNO has unleashed its provocateurs like Utusan, Perkasa and Pembela to agitate against DAP and the Christians, to demonize the DAP in the eyes of the Malays.

This has led many to blame rightwing elements in UMNO for the recent unfounded accusations (sheer blatant lies) against Chinese, Christians and the imaginary Communist bogeymen.

But kaytee believes it depends on what they meant by ‘rightwing’ elements?

If they mean those UMNO members who are worried that Najib’s liberalization of economic policies won’t guarantee their ability to continue dipping their snouts into the trough, then I agree. But then, why not just call them rent seekers instead of adding a racial-political hue to those leeches, because in life behind their sandiwara politics, these bastards would be real pally-buddies with their rich Chinese towkays friends.

It’s not about religion, race or ideology. It’s about the economic gravy train. It’s all about the avarice of some UMNO bigwigs. They have been playing with fire to ensure their personal economic-financial interests are protected. They're prepared to set the country aflame to satisfy their greed.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who is Alpha of the pack of rabid dogs?

S Arutchelvan of PSM says it all in Free Malaysia Today’s BN won’t go if it loses, expressing his fears that the BN will resist giving up power even if it loses the next general election. What Arutchelvan meant was UMNO rather than BN, because the other members of BN have no say whatsoever.

Sadly he’s right! Wasn’t May 13 an example of what could happen when a political party didn’t like the results of an election? Incidentally the dubious anniversary of that tragedy is tomorrow, when I expect Perkasa to make it a noisy noticeable obnoxious affair.

But more worrying right now has been the serial fabrications by a certain UMNO group comprising Utusan, UMNO bloggers of whom the leading player is Big Dog, Perkasa, Pembela and some ministers.

They have resorted to lies to agitate the Heartland, but more to frighten them into seeing threats from firstly the Chinese, secondly the Christians, thirdly Chinese Christians, and then to ensure the perception of the alleged anti-Melayu threat is not missed, dragged out a smelly old sock, the Communists - with only the usual Perkosa Perwira Pahlawans to defend them against the yellow hordes.

They were certainly insinuating being politically swarmed by that feared hybrid, Chinese Christian Communists wakakaka!

But wait, there’s more. Big Dog just said, lies and a complete lack of evidence notwithstanding, the pastors had pledged to bring a
Christian Prime Minister to Malaysia and perhaps turn Christianity into an official religion. Naturally, according to his growling grubby gospel wakakaka, DAP is collaborating with the pastors.

Chinese, Christians, Communists, Churches, Christianity – all factors to frighten the sh*t out of the Heartland.

The sheer blatancy of Big Dog-Utusan’s fictitious fraudulent forged fabricated fucking falsehoods would have been f* funny if not for sacked Utusan journalist Hata Wahari's ominous warning in Free Malaysia Today's
Utusan Malaysia: Behind the print, that ignoring Utusan would be a very bad idea because its sickening sinister seditious slanders are very dangerous.

He advised that unlike urban people who are not only exposed to multi-culture but have access to various media resources and can question Utusan’s lies, people in the Heartland will accept the Utusan slander as gospel truth (excuse the unintended pun).

He stated:
“But the rural community is predominantly Malay-Muslim. Who are they going to cross-check their facts with? Neither is there another Malay-language paper to counter Utusan’s reports. The only media they are exposed to is government-owned media.”

“The racial flames are being stoked there and one day it will explode. I’m very afraid of that. If anything were to happen, it will begin in the rural areas. I have said before that another May 13 is likely if Utusan is allowed to continue playing up rubbish issues.”

Pakatan leaders, the Bar Council, Church leaders and various NGOs have lodged police reports, protests, sent letters to PM, met up with him, threatened to censure this or that minister in parliament (when the ministers give a f* about parliamentary process or universal values of good conduct and ministerial responsibilities), all serving only to provide the spotlight on a lie UMNO wants the Heartland to be conscious of.

And we know that either Najib is powerless to act against a reckless seditious Utusan or he is reluctant to do so, for thus far, the PM has done nothing useful than to murmur soothing words to anyone who bothers to listen – well, there aren’t many.

But then, to ignore Utusan is exactly what Hata Wahari advised against.

OK, so we have the racial-religious lies started by a mad dog, spread by a loud barker with a pseudo-sheen of legitimacy (to the Heartland) as if it’s substantiated news, and abetted by two other rabid creatures. They have acted in concert as a pack, and we know pack creatures work under the leadership of an Alpha.

So, who is the Alpha?

Could it be a slimy sneaky two-timing Najib? But why would Najib offend the nons after working so hard to win them over, and succeeding with a significant percentage of them, as the polls have shown? Why should he secretly initiate this anti Chinese racial-religious campaign to mess up his overtures to the nons? What is there to worry about the Heartland when he has fixed deposits among the FELDA and Heartland community? And hasn’t he shown his campaign competency in Sarawak?

Not logical.

Then who?

Who does Big Dog obey? Who has humongous pull over Perkasa and Pembela and likely has more say and sway than Najib in controlling Utusan?

Perhaps someone who has a different agenda to Najib, with a different focus of interest? Someone who doesn't like Najib's economic overtures to the nons or his promises to loosen up the NEP barriers?

Khairy Jamaluddin has just attacked Big Dog, calling him a proven liar, one who should be charged with sedition and spreading false news.

Does Khairy Jamaluddin’s very vocal attack against Big Dog signal and mark the demarcation line within UMNO?

Who is the real Biggest Dog, the Alpha?

Monday, May 09, 2011

RPK too limited in 'thinking out of box'

RPK and blogger Masterwordsmith have both just questioned PKR’s inability to think beyond Anwar Ibrahim as the Pakatan’s PM-designate. In other words, the PKR people hold a dangerous belief in the indispensability of Anwar as the leader of Pakatan. RPK worries their inability to think ‘outside the box’ may in fact be putting Anwar in greater danger from UMNO, leading it to believe that to destroy Pakatan, they must first destroy Anwar.

RPK and Masterwordsmith also accuse PKR and PAS for failing to directly defend DAP against Utusan’s vile fabrications that DAP plans to amend the Constitution to make Malaysia a Christian nation. I won’t bother to comment on this as it’s known that where the ’supreme’ race & religion are involved, PKR and PAS would normally keep mum for fear of being seen as too ‘liberal’ by the conservative Heartland - am not going to waste time asking the reluctant to do the impossible.

But on their principal point, PKR's erroneous perception on Anwar's indispensability as Pakatan head, it really beggars belief that PKR members can’t see beyond Anwar, as if the man is immortal and will be forever around. Or, perhaps PKR members are expecting Azmin Ali to automatically assume Anwar’s post as Pakatan leader when Anwar is not available?

Significantly, on a leadership alternative to Anwar (at Pakatan and not PKR level), both RPK and Masterwordsmith did not mention Azmin Ali at all, wakakaka.

You need to understand that Azmin is in reality only a political pygmy in the Pakatan scheme of things, and not even a successful politician at that. We have already witnessed his serial failures in Sabah, party polls, Sarawak and recently, PKR-DAP relationship. He survives only because of Anwar; without Anwar he is nobody. Thus, Azmin has a femtometer-thin possibility of succeeding Anwar’s position and status as the assigned leader of Pakatan.

Now, it so happened that on 24 November last year, I posted
PKR without Anwar Ibrahim & Azmin Ali, triggered by a Malaysiakini news article '400k PKR members, where art thou?' which questioned PKR on its real membership figure. There has been a nasty suspicion PKR has creatively jacked it up humongously for the purpose of gaining advantage over its Pakatan allies in seats negotiations.

I had then written (extracts):

However, my post is not so much about the numbers per se, but the longevity of PKR as one of the Pakatan trio. In this, naturally I have to raise questions about Anwar, and since Azmin Ali is so closely tied in with Anwar, him as well.

Naturally I included my reasons for not supporting Anwar, based on why I didn’t believe in his reformasi credentials. I wrote:

Anwaristas and most of his supporters have been deceiving themselves by arguing that anyone, anything would be better than further enduring the UMNO-BN sh*t. Let me ask: aren’t Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali also UMNO sh*t?

Changing an Anwar/Azmin-led PKR for UMNO is just changing sh*t. Then, some anwaristas, not accepting their icon is not deserving of our support, came along to say: Anwar sh*t is better than UMNO sh*t, and so the arguments continue on, along the line that Anwar, regardless of his faults and weaknesses, is better than any UMNO leader.

Well, what can you say about people who are prepared to eat sh*t?

They’re of course the same people who indiscriminately labelled Zaid Ibrahim, Gobala, RPK, etc as frogs without even evaluating why these guys had left or was pressured out, like Nallakaruppan, or in RPK's case, stating the brutal truth about Anwar. I can also confidently predict they’ll do the same to anyone else who may leave PKR in disagreement with the Anwar-Azmin duo.

I also wrote that notwithstanding my sneers at PKR, it can still be a good party, and worth voting for ... provided it gets rid of Anwar, Azmin and their inner coterie. Zaid Ibrahim had also said the same thing, that for the good of PKR, Anwar and Azmin should leave PKR.

It certainly speaks well of Zaid’s courage if not political correctness that he made that brave but necessary call when he was still in PKR.

In an earlier post
The Poison within PKR - Part III I wrote of Zaid:

When he was in PKR at the time leading to the party polls (before he tossed his hat into the election ring) Zaid Ibrahim was criticized for being erratic because one moment he said he would not challenge the deputy presidential post IF (initially) Nurul Izaah took up the challenge*, then IF (subsequently) Khalid Ibrahim did so, and the next (when both didn’t) he took up the challenge.

* Azmin Ali went into a panicky tizzy when Nurul causally mentioned her interests, and ‘advised’ Nurul against it because people would talk. Bet you Anwar had a few private words with Nurul

The standard anwaristas' cries against Zaid Ibrahim were his inconsistencies (in supporting Nurul, then Khalid, before standing as a candidate himself), and their accusations unimaginatively attacked Zaid for his lust for power.

But I didn’t see any inconsistency in Zaid’s manoeuvrings. In fact there was a very consistent objective in his support for firstly, Nurul, and subsequently for Khalid Ibrahim, before he personally challenged Azmin Ali in the party election.

That objective was to prevent Azmin Ali from coasting home on an Anwar-provided free ticket into the deputy president post. He wanted Azmin Ali stopped!

Yes, Zaid was invincibly against Azmin Ali, the man for whom Anwar Ibrahim instructed Nallakaruppan to stand aside in a party VP contest some years back, and which drove Nalla out of the party in angry frustration. Nalla would have easily won that VP position because of the strength of his Indian supporters in PKR.

Ironically, my hero Karpal Singh who dislikes Zaid Ibrahim, had actually preceded Zaid in a call for Anwar to go. After the disgraceful and reformasi-blasphemous 916 nonsense, Malaysiakini reported in a news article that Karpal told Anwar to step down as the Pakatan head. The Lion of Gelugor lamented:

"I am somewhat confounded how Anwar could have openly espoused and encouraged crossovers after the people gave a resounding mandate to the Pakatan on March 8 last year."

"In the public interest, and in particular in the interest of the Pakatan, Anwar has a lot to answer for creating the woes of the Pakatan now."

But getting rid of Anwar and Azmin from PKR may be far more difficult than my admittedly simplistic suggestion. Thus I offer another suggestion, that if Anwar and Azmin won’t leave (and you may take it they won’t willingly), the PKR members, those who aren’t part of his inner coterie, should themselves leave the party.

But where would they go then? Actually there is precedence. When Abdul Rahman, who held KeADILan membership No 3, left together with Johari Jasin on issues related to PKR party elections (just like the Nallakaruppan, Gobala, Zaid Ibrahim) he joined PAS. PAS accepted him.

Thus I urge DAP to open up to PKR members who want to join them, with the condition they must not hold or carry over any MP or ADUN status won under the PKR banner unless they resign from these MP/ADUN positions. If the DAP doesn’t accept good people who had enough of Anwar-Azmin bullsh*t but who don’t want to join PAS, it’ll just drive them into BN hands ... and who's to be blame then?

I had reckoned the scandal, complaints and questions over the last PKR party polls might have been a blessing in disguise because it should have woken up PKR members and supporters to the ugly reality existing in PKR. But alas, sterling examples of such awakening have been few. Apart from those who left with a huff and puff, only Jonson Chong has the guts to publicly proclaim he no longer recognizes the undemocratic nonsense of Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto leader of PKR, while Chegubard has publicly criticized Anwar for his bias in the party polls.

I had also hope they would be brave enough to consider their party without Anwar and Azmin (meaning, get rid of these two), but alas, even with the recent bad behaviour of their party leaders in the Sarawak election and propensity to offend the leaders of both DAP and SNAP, most have adopted a zombie-like silence. Maybe they have been frozen stiff like a certain PKR leader, who was described by Terence Netto (MKINI) as like a deer caught in a car’s highlights?

This has my biggest disappointment with some of my PKR friends. Instead of standing up bravely like Chegubard and Jonson Chong, they have all bunkered down like deers ostriches.

RPK proposes Nurul Izzah as a worthy successor to Anwar Ibrahim, a nomination which Zaid Ibrahim had also indirectly supported during the party’s deputy presidential race. OK, she appears bright and promising as a politician, but her age? RPK of course dismisses her tender years as a constraint to her potential to head Pakatan (the alternative Malaysian PM), but pray tell me, which political leader in the world is only aged late 20’s to early 30’s, without the surname of Kim (wakakaka)?

Besides, I’m not supportive of a dynastic approach per se to PKR leadership.

I know in Malaysia political leadership, has been oligarchical in effect, especially in UMNO but not excluding DAP, thus I wonder whether RPK had been subconsciously influenced by it. No doubt Nurul will one day be a leader, if not the leader, but that doesn’t mean that PKR or worse, Pakatan, should adopt the UMNO style of oligarchical leadership.

Maybe a non-Malay PKR leadership may be thinking much too far out of the box that RPK wants us to, wakakaka. Pity Zaid Ibrahim has left. But what about Khalid Ibrahim, Fuziah Salleh, Mansor Othman? Don’t tell me that PKR suffers from a paucity of able leaders?

And since we’re talking about a leadership candidate for Pakatan (and not just PKR), why restrict ourselves to only PKR? We should seriously consider PAS’ Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin – see my 2009 post
Nizar in federal politics - unlimited potential where I wrote on Nizar’s suitability as a Pakatan (not just PAS) leader:

… he could, as a potential PR leader, give Anwar a run for his money, and through that, possibly allay the concerns (but perhaps not ambitions) of Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

Nizar as a potential future PM could satisfy both the PAS rightwing elements as well as the non-Malay parties of the PR, like DAP (I list ‘parties’ as I expect a few more to join PR).

He alone in PAS has the potential and personality to keep the politically-divergent component members of the PR together as a cohesive group. In this potential he would render Anwar Ibrahim totally irrelevant to the needs of the coalition.

This is important because Anwar has since 916 lost a considerable quantum of his (undeserved) sheen by his unmitigated nonsense on the froggie approach to seizing power, refusal to discipline the thuggish Kulim Wonder, and through the shameful and equally alarming cases of alleged corruption among his PKR politicians.

Nizar, as a potential future PM and a political leader capable of holding PR together without any man man lai bull, has a very attractive appeal to people like kaytee ;-)

If the royal house of Perak is to be ever thanked at all, thank the Regent for his unprecedented intervention (or interference) in the selection of the PR MB for Perak, which sweetly turned out to be a serendipitous choice for us.

Wakakaka, Fate has a funny way of gifting many Malaysians with the leadership of Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, a man respected, admired and adored by many Malaysians of all shades, hue, creed, religious affiliation and background. Dirgahayu Nizar.

UMNO, a dangerous cornered rat

Malaysiakini - Archbishop slams 'irresponsible' reporting.

There’s no further doubt that the 13th GE is just around the corner as UMNO and its various mouth pieces such as Utusan, Perkasa, etc, frenzily ratchet up the ethnocentric-religious temperature.

UMNO realizes it has lost Chinese support though might have recovered Indian allegiance, but is aware that the Chinese votes constitute a larger percentage than the latter. So it is now taking steps to shore-up and consolidate its 'fixed deposit' of the Heartland support. As part and parcel of its strategy, it must neutralised any PR inroads into the Heartland.

While it has been relying on the old British-taught ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, hoping to split the dangerous unified PR voting bloc (Chinese voting PAS and Malays voting DAP) by targeting what it sees as the glue binding PR, namely Anwar Ibrahim, it is also acutely conscious of a new political paradigm, that DAP has on its own, through meritocracy of good public governance, transparency, accountability and non-corruption, made minor though incrementally significant inroads into the Heartland. Mana boleh, unacceptable!

Hence we see the series of inflammatory, seditious and vilely fabricated religio-racist barrage of lies against DAP, that the Chinese in the PR component party intends to make Malaysia a Christian nation.

The reality is that only 9% of Malaysians are Christians,with the majority in Sarawak (43% of state populace) and Sabah (28%). In Penang, for example, only 3.6% of locals are Christians while Selangor, Johor and Perak have 4%, 2% and 3% respectively.

Apart from these sickening political lies of humongous seditious implications, how in the world will the 9% minority Christians win the right to govern with a 2/3 majority, get the Rulers’ approval to amend the Constitution to turn Malaysia into a Christian nation? How will these Christians get the support of blokes like kaytee, let alone millions of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Taoists, Confucianists and wakakaka, the Ayah Pin group?

But facts don‘t matter, for perception rules in politics.

For nothing motivates (negatively) than fear and hate, where we see a convergence of such Utusan-initiated incendiary nonsense in its various forms and guises, including several contributions from Dr M, being announced day after day to terrorize the heartland, and drive them into a siege mentality, so to prevent any support of a clean, non-corrupt and responsible DAP.

It also doesn't help when a Chinese blogger (the Han chauvinist who told us that MCA is a worthy son of Han) rails against DAP sweeties such as Hannah Yeoh (a prominent figure of his dark lustful fantasy), Teresa Kok, PKR's Eli Wong (son of Han always dreams of her sarong) and MKINI's Steven Gan, Josh Hong (another of his dark fantasy wakakaka) and Dean Johns as Anglophilic soldiers of Christ.

Hishamuddin, Rais and the ‘acting-dunno’ cabinet have either directly support the blatant seditious lies or condone it (silence means consent).

UMNO is plain sh*t scared of losing the 13th GE, though I don't think that's still likely. But with these preponderance of daily ethnocentric religious agitations, it’s a scary situation for the rakyat. A cornered rat is a dangerous rat, and UMNO is such a corned rat. It doesn't care anymore about the unpleasant consequences of such blatant lies that may fall upon Malaysia, but only its own interests, preparing to burn even as it loses.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Replying to Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad's reply

Dear Nik,

Thanks for dropping in to leave a comment on my post
A letter to PKR. Allow me to address an incorrect assertion in your first sentence?

I am not, as you alleged, anti-Keadilan per se, but just anti-bullshit. In fact, I have even defended your 'Great Leader' on a number of occasions though admittedly I bashed him more, wakakaka.

You might have mistakenly sensed that I am anti-PKR because I have hammered your leaders more frequently than others, but the fact is I haven't spared any political leaders, including DAP's, with probably PSM's as the sole exception. But in my more generous allocation of criticisms for PKR leaders wakakaka, you may wish to be self-critical and ask yourself why!

By the way, do you recall KJ gibing at Anwar for dancing with the daughter of the late (Genting Highlands’) Lim Goh Tong? Well, 'twas kaytee who wrote in to Malaysiakini to defend Anwar. Surely this calls for a wakakaka as you would also see in the title of my related post.

I posted that letter to MIKINI on my blog as
Defending Anwar Ibrahim - wakakaka.

Then, I had also defended Eli Wong during the period of her most trying times and joined in the call for Nathaniel Tan to be released from police custody.

So, as can be perused in black & white on my blog, I’m not anti-PKR per se, but most certainly I detest bullshit like the 916 perversion, a shameful attempt to subvert the supremacy of the ballot box a la the Sabah State Elections of 1994, or PKR’s shameless pursuit of potential BN frogs all the way to Taiwan. Reformasi?

Perhaps now you can see why I've been so unforgiving of your leader for having the brazen cheek to proclaim that KeADILan and then PKR as the party leading the political reformasi movement. What utter bull!

And don’t think I’ve only been targeting PKR because on 22 June 2008 I hentam Lim Kit Siang for showing signs of frog hunting inclination as well in
Has the DAP lost its way?

Yes, my anti-bull blogging extends to the party I currently favour, the DAP. I have criticized even my hero Karpal Singh for demanding the death sentence for a demented sexual pervert, a school bus driver, and also for his childish reference to Zaid Ibrahim as someone who couldn’t be trusted just by 'looking at his (Zaid’s) face'. What rubbish he was sprouting then! And I posted too that I don’t think very highly of the Perak DAP mob for childishly walking over the poster pictures of the 3 frogs.

Additionally, there was also my post
Lim GE is wrong on nuclear plant. No one is immune from my criticism, a blogger's privilege. My only regret is the limitations of time and opportunity where I am forced to cherry pick the ones which annoyed me immensely.

In short, my dear Nik, I’m not a fanatical acolyte of any politician, blind to his or her impropriety or undemocratic conduct, unlike some in PKR like my matey Antares, who no doubt on reading of kaytee describing him as my ‘matey’, will be raging and pulling at his hair in exasperation, wakakaka.

Back to PKR bull ;-), I know that on the governance of your recent party polls, a party which has the unmitigated nerve to proclaim reformasi as its core value, a lot had already been written by Haris Ibrahim, RPK and your own PKR members (some still members, while others have left and may be leaving) without the need for me to add on to the scandal.

OK, let's now switch to Bahasa proficiency. If you were referring to Sarawak DAP leaders, I do agree with you that this is somewhat lacking, but it's a deficiency not uncommon in Sarawak or just unique to DAP politicians. I’ve actually blogged on this lack of Bahasa competency in general terms some years ago, 2005 to be precise, in a post at BolehTalk titled
Tar'da Bolay Lar, Tar'da Bolay Carkap Marlar-yoo Lar!

Unfortunately, lack of Bahasa oral proficiency among non-Malay Sarawakians has been an outcome of the political history of Sarawak in Malaysia as well as the neglect of our Education Ministry for the two States in the East.

But then, their command of Bahasa is no more worse than that of the MP for Kelana Jaya wakakaka - see an earlier post on Loh's command of Bahasa titled Bahasa Mělayu - a letter to Yang Běrhormat.

Just a reminder, Loh Gwo Burne was a last minute personal nominee of Anwar in the 2008 GE. His perceived unsuitability as a federal MP led Haris Ibrahim to demand an explanation from Anwar Ibrahim for his (Anwar's) choice, which as with all such challenging queries to PKR, remained unanswered.

As for what you alleged as Wong Ho Leng's impertinent statements against your leaders, specifically Azmin Ali, I support Wong in telling Azmin to butt out of his intrusive attempt to control and micro-manage state PR inter-party issues.

Regrettably Azmin has a lamentable history in obsessive proclivity to control everything in PKR or even PR. Sadly by this, PKR top (KL-based) leaders indicate they do not condone nor would allow decentralised leadership and decision-making at regional levels. As Wong succinctly asserted, PKR has shown its refusal to 'grant autonomy to its state chapter when handling party affairs in Sarawak'.

We know that recent consensus has accused KL-based political leaders of all denominations for being too patronising to their Sarawakian and Sabahan colleagues by failing, time and time again, to recognize and respect that the regional leaders and their supporters prefer to manage their own state politics.

While PR has agreed to and recognized Anwar Ibrahim as the designated leader of the coalition, the same should not be assumed for Azmin Ali. I fear Azmin might have been entertaining unrealistic grandoise ideas about his personal standing in PR. To PAS and DAP he is no more than just a deputy president of a component party, thus Azmin should not automatically assume he has inherited the leadership authority assigned by PR to Anwar. Azmin cannot dictate his will on other PR members, least of all a leader of the Sarawak DAP.

And he has disgracefully resorted to ethnocentric ploy to have his way by a most un-reformasi call for Dayak dominance in the Sarawak PR shadow cabinet. Yes, my dear Nik, as the PKR Comms Boss, you have brilliantly spun away Azmin's ethnocentric bluff as a need for 'diversity' (that's your job and congratulations, you're doing it well) but his bigoted utterance has been no better than those of Utusan or Perkasa.

As for someone in Keadilan showing disrespect to Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or DAP, do you remember Zulkifli Nordin the Kulim Wonder (when he was in PKR) and the consistent reluctance of Anwar Ibrahim to admonish him for his bad manners and anti-Pakatan conduct? And there were a few such others as well in Penang like Zahrain Hashim and Tan Tee Beng. Tian Chua of course had on several occasion treaded on the very edge of civility vis-a-vis PKR-DAP relationship.

PKR under Azmin Ali (and let's not mince words here, he IS in charge of your party) has shown an amazing talent and consistent inclination to offend the very people that PKR/PR should in fact be seeking support from. While I have criticised Anwar I recognize some good he has and can continue to do for PR, to make it a cohesive alternative party to the BN for Malaysians to choose as their government, but I fear Azmin Ali and his obsessive need to control, dominate and dictate terms all the time to PR and indeed PKR leaders will inevitably pull Anwar down and disintegrate PR.

Ask yourself why people who were once closed to Anwar like Ezam, Nallakaruppan, Johari Jasin, Abdul Rahman (membership No 3), and most of all Gobala wakakaka have all left PKR with animosity. One word - Azmin! Zaid Ibrahim left for the very same reason.

Yes, some of them joined UMNO or became BN-friendly but when one is not as rich as Zaid Ibrahim, one can't form one's own party to rail at Anwar or Azmin; one has to make use of the most available political platform (BN-UMNO) to do so, for hell hath no fury like a friend betrayed.

Soon more will leave for the same reason.

Nik, what worries me more are the PKR members who were not part of Anwar's UMNO faction, good people from PRM or those who inspired by the pseudo-reformasi call had joined directly from the streets, but alas, who, with a few exceptions like those who left (not inclusive of frogs) or Chegubard and Jonson Chong, have remained silent, as if in a state of comatose, to what have been perceived by many as un-reformasi shenanigans in your party. I say to these people that silence is consent.

Unless they wake up to rescue Anwar, I'm sorry to say that your de facto leader will eventually be rejected ignobly like Emperor Zhou, the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty, who betrayed his wife, sons, relatives, loyal ministers, faithful officials and people, and finally brought an end to his family's 600-year old rule of China, because he pampered and indulged his favourite concubine by listening blindly to every of her words against them.

Best regards,


Thursday, May 05, 2011

A letter to PKR

Dear PKR members,

I think it’s high time you guys decide whether your party is a multi-racial one, as you've often claimed, or in fact a two-tier 1Bumi 9Non political organization, not unlike the two-tier BN of 1UMNO 9Others.

I ask because your Sarawak state chief has just been pushing the 1Bumi line, arguing that the PR Sarawak state shadow cabinet
does not have enough bumis. If he is so conscious about racial equity, then please be frank and declare your party as one like BN, of 1Bumi 9Nons.

But I sympathize with you because its seems Bian can’t make up his mind about his bumi status, as yesterday he challenged DAP to prove its (DAP’s)
multiracial credentials. He wasn't alone in his jealous outburst because I recall that Nik Nazmi, your chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote in The Malaysian Insider, challenging it to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat.

Jealous lah. Tough, eat it, or your sour grapes pathetic jealousy will be so poisonous that if you aren't careful, you'll toxify yourself, that is, if you haven't already.

Baru Bian, hot one day on multi-racialism and cold the next when he suddenly turned sizzling on ketuanan bumi, not unlike a cacing kena abu or a kera kena belacan, twisting and turning and a hopping around, probably because he wasn't nominated opposition leader, wakakaka.

Incidentally, your royal princess has declared that PKR will not cede to other PR members any of the 49 seats it contested recently, despite losing in 46 wakakaka - what a dog in a manger. What percentage does 49 over 71 make? What percentage of bumi does Baru Bian demand in the shadow cabinet? Or, does he just want be opposition leader wakakaka? Another Zahrain Hashim in the making?

Hmmm, I wonder what other outrageous demand PKR is going to make, but whatever, I won't be surprised?

Incidentally, do you know how long PKR has been in Sarawak politics? Just a mere ten years. So don’t be so easily discouraged by your pathetic results in the state election despite claiming for yourself the largest chunks of seats to contest, wakakaka. Oh yes, we remember all too well (and with disgust) the fangs you had snarled at your supposed PR allies when they asked for a fair share of the 71 seats.

DAP had hoped to get a mere 20, less than one-third, but you forced it to reduce its share to 15; SNAP asked for 20 or so, but you arrogantly declared it could have 3 as if you are like UMNO dictating to MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of 9Non. Maybe some of you still think you’re UMNO and can grab the lion share wherever, whenever, however?

Baru Bian is also now eyeing DAP’s traditional grounds of Miri (and Stampin). For the next state election, why don’t you demand those 12 seats that DAP won (only after they had invested 30 years of hard work in those constituencies)? Wait, why don't you ask DAP to stay out of Sarawak and Sabah altogether, allowing you to declare these two states as PKR's 'safe deposit'? Such a policy will better align you with UMNO's thoughts.

Let me remind you of an old saying, to cut one’s suit according to the cloth one has. Thus there is no obligation for DAP (or you) to charge into constituencies where angels dare not thread* tread, those it knows it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance. It's just a commonsense appreciation of using one's limited resources as best as one can - no need lah for a grandstanding D-Day landing in 49 seats wakakaka.

* Update: My dear English teacher, dear Mrs Goh, rang me all the way from Penang to admonish me on my poor spelling - she chided me, but sweetly, "kaytee kaytee, you've forgotten my teachings!" sob

By the way, don’t panic if you now hear about DAP making man man lai inroads into Bidayuh territory. This has been based on the encouraging support it had received from the community in the last election. But fret not as it plans a lengthy five-year campaign to win the support of the people. It won’t be a fantasized 916 quickie or Taiwan foray to 'political power in 7 days'. Slow and steady wins the race, as proven in its 30 years of investment. No investment (including hardwork), no gain, because there isn't and shouldn't be any affirmative action in PR politics. So keep your fingers out of Miri, please.

Now, many of you weren’t UMNO rejects. Apart from the Batu martyr wannabe, why don’t you see the truth and do something positive, as dear Jonson Chong has, instead of remaining silent and acting 'dunno'?

Do you know something unpleasant, you bunch of ‘Confusions’ wakakaka are actually witnessing and tolerating the further UMNO-ization of your party, so really, what’s the difference between you and MCA? Wake up and remember your socialist roots, and don’t be the PKR equivalent of Liow ‘My beloved PM’ Tiong Lai wakakaka.

Yours wakakaka,


p/s don't forget to read my earlier post PKR’s green-eyed monster wakakaka!

The Osama killing - another US Rambo fairytale?

The US Administration is a creature of its worst aspects of American culture, of which three stand out prominently, namely: (i) American avarice, (ii) vigilantism and (iii) its compulsive show & tell.

Thus when I read of its ‘heroic’ strike against ‘cowardly’ Osama bin Laden who was accused of using his own wife as a shield, I could only sigh “Oh no, not again, those lying Yanks”.

I was to be proven right – read SMH’s
US sets record straight on bin Laden killing which tells us that:

(a) Osama wasn’t armed [was probably shot while still asleep],
(b) He didn’t used his wife as a shield; she was shot in the leg by a US SEAL commando,
(c) Another woman was killed by the Americans, etc.

Obviously the Yanks wanted to demon-ize Osama beyond what he already was, perhaps to show Muslims what an arsehole he was to use his wife as a shield, thus ameliorating Muslim anger against the assassination.

Recall the story of Jessica Lynch in the invasion of Iraq, one of shameless lies by the Penatagon.

It was a story exclusively concocted by Pentagon Productions. With the aid of sycophants in the media, they told us a tearjerker about Lynch, a photogenic young private "who had been ready to fight to the death" before she was captured by the enemy.

Remember the grainy footage of her so-called 'rescue', one straight out of a Hollywood action movie script? The commandos landed (but without an Iraqi soldier in sight). They kicked in the unlocked doors of the hospital where she was being treated for injuries suffered during a vehicle accident and whisked her off to safety.

"Our brave heroes," sobbed patriotic grannies from Vermont to California.

There was only one problem - Jessica turned out to be a reluctant heroine. She spilled the beans. The Iraqi doctors and nurses had been kind to her and had been trying to find a way to hand her back to the Americans, but instead was rough-housed by those ‘brave’ Yank commandoes during the 'rescue' bull. And what's more, she wasn't been raped or beaten, as insinuated by the Pentagon.

For more, read The Guardian’s article on
Jessica Lynch.

Then, there was the ‘show & tell’ bull in the early stages of its invasion of Afghanistan. It had to deliver some footage to its home audience. A paratroop drop was planned and filmed, the soldiers jumped in a very safe area of Afghanistan (of course with no local troops in sight) and were IMMEDIATELY extracted out by helicopters waiting at the drop zone (DZ).

The whole exercise was nothing more than just a nonsensical publicity stunt to show Americans at home how ‘brave’ American paratroopers had leaped to ‘glory’ into enemy territory, with the Production team ensuring there was to be no casualty by choosing a DZ with no enemy presence and that their troops didn't hang around to be shot.

I suspect the raid at Osama’s home was done so stealthily that there was no firefight as the Pentagon had claimed. Osmaa and his group were sound asleep (or perhaps even drugged into sleep). It certainly was an American success, but one which didn't have any opposition – Osama was caught sleeping and accordingly killed. His wife must have just woken up and tried to stop the American soldiers, but was shot for her trouble.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pakistani government, at least some sections of it, had helped in providing information for (and keeping a closed eye to) the raid, and perhaps even providing drugs in food and drinks to render the Osama camp into sleepiness or drowsiness, but is too afraid of its own people (Osama’s supporters) to admit it.

America’s murderous lies
Another Jessica Lynch Story with a Sad Ending

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PKR's green-eyed monster

If it had been UMNO who demanded DAP to prove the latter is multiracial, I would have understood. But guess what, PKR has just done that, in the form of what I see as a disgraceful petulant sour grapes merajuking Baru Bian who told The Malaysian Insider PKR wants DAP and PAS to prove they’re multiracial, but obviously targeting the DAP. How f* dare he!

He claimed that PKR “...wants its Pakatan Rakyat PR partners to contest in ‘black seats’ in the next general election and dismiss the notion that they cannot cross the racial divide.”

He also told reporters that PKR “... could not continue shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone."

Shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone? My bloody foot, don't make my toes laugh!

This is the state head of a party who pre-emptively grabbed 52 seats without even a thought for its coalition allies in an unrealistic expectation PKR could be the winning PR member with the majority of seats, with him as CM wakakaka.

Here’s a case of a greedy gluttonous grabbing beast which had refused to share and ate more than it could practically swallow, and now blames DAP for its tummy ache. Padan muka.

But what could have triggered such an unfriendly accusation against the DAP from a supposedly PR ally? If we recall, just recently, Nurul Izzah, the so-called Princess of Reformasi had (post-election) greedily refused to concede some of the seats PKR unsuccessfully contested to its allies.

Surely, Bian’s current accusation against DAP flies in the face of consistency among PKR leaders vis-a-vis its claimed domain in Sarawak.

The probability lies in a green-eyed (not blue-eyed this time wakakaka) Baru Bian who was most chuffed by the lineup in the PR shadow cabinet, where he was assigned not the opposition leader’s post but only the shadow cabinet’s 'native & customary rights' and 'land development' portfolios, wakakaka.

Most likely he's jealous as hell, green to his gills, and like losers, blamed and focussed his anger on the state DAP.

So, not unexpetcedly, Anwar Ibrahim came out like a flash to say
the Sarawak shadow cabinet lineup is not final, to mollify the green-eyed monster. Anwar sure has his hands full of blue-eyed and green-eyed boys, wakakaka.

Dei, Anwar, stay out of Sarawak State PR issues.

Maybe now we can see why the PR, for all its claim about being an alternative government, has been unable to form a shadow cabinet - it's likely to do with PKR's selfish ambition to sapu all the important portfolios like Finance, Home Affairs, Defence, etc. It may also explain the PKR gluttonous grabbing greed in the run up to the Sarawak election as a DNA problem coming from its federal leadership.

I fear the PR won’t last long unless ..... well, you work it out.

Monday, May 02, 2011

1Malaysia, 1Melayu but what about 1UMNO?

To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master
And cried, 'All hail!' when as he meant all harm.
- William Shakespeare (King Henry VI, Part III)

Either Najib has finally admitted his 1Malaysia was bull all along or he has succumbed to the 1Melayu drive.

The 1Melayu campaign (forget about its second chant, 1Bumi, because to UMNO, only Melayu are bumis) was initiated by Utusan Malaysia, which is owned by UMNO. For Utusan to publish such an agitating, radical and provocative policy proposal, logic tells us that it must have been ordered by the owner.

This indicates either Najib was having two bites of the cherry at the same time or he was having internal dissent (mutiny) within his own party, because Utusan’s 1Melayu is the very antipodes to his 1Malaysia. Thus have been asked, how could an UMNO-owned newspaper go against the policy of UMNO No 1, unless Utusan’s 1Melayu was ordered by someone other than Najib, against Najib.

Thus, assuming Najib wasn’t two-timing us with his 1Malaysia, he is suffering mutiny from very influential UMNO warlords. But who?

Whoever the dissenting UMNO warlord(s) is/are, this would mean his deputy Muhyiddin has not been playing bad cop to his good cop, but in earnest opposition to his 1Malaysia.

We know Muhyiddin is much older than Najib, and unless the younger man dies before his naturally expected time or is ousted from office, Muhyiddin is unlikely to be ever PM. Could it then be Muhyiddin undermining Najib’s position in his party to seize the No 1 leadership spot, an aspiration which no doubt exists in his heart?

But we also know Muhyiddin is not that smart enough to cook up such a sinister rebellion (he can’t even direct a state election effectively, forcing Najib to personally turun padang in Sarawak for 10 long days), nor has he the requisite party support to act on his own. In fact, in the UMNO party election which first elected him as deputy president, if not for a timely ‘convenient’ revelation of Ali Rustam’s sin of money politics (as if Rustam was the only UMNO leader to dabble in that) and consequential ban from standing for election, Muhyiddin wouldn’t have been deputy party president nor DPM. Ali Rustam would have been the popular choice (money politics regardless).

When Najib was DPM and playing his usual overly cautious man man lai to replace AAB, despite the strident urgings of Dr M, there were rumours of a threat by the former PM to support Muhyiddin instead for the party’s top post, out of frustration with Najib's prevarications.

So the Muhyiddin as a potential threat to Najib is not new, and could, on the basis of rumours, be linked to Dr M’s thoughts/wishes for UMNO’s current and future ideological, doctrinal and policy directions, as can be argued from his willingness to be patron to the ultra rightwing Perkasa.

The problem with UMNO politics is that whenever Dr M’s hands are seen to be or accused of being involved, the story would, as I see it, be grossly embellished to syiok sendiri category.

The current popular one is that Dr M is stacking the odds for his junior, Mukhriz, to leapfrog up to one of the very top positions. And obviously, the story suggests that there is a done deal with Muhyiddin, namely, Dr M backs him for the party president (and the PM-ship) while he (Muhyiddin) sweetly mentors (or mollycoddles) young Mukhriz upwards as his eventual successor.

But it’s not a very plausible theory because Mukhriz didn’t succeed in his bid to be Youth boss - no grassroot support, so how could he possibly ascend up to the very top of the party hierarchy?

That he became a deputy minister while KJ wasn't must be due more to Najib’s suspected appeasement of Dr M, to avoid the sort of disruptive and destabilising campaign against his premiership that Dr M is capable of, as witnessed in his attacks against poor AAB.

However, there is a limit to Dr M's power, because in UMNO when it comes to an individual members' interests, most UMNO members would happily stab Dr M in his back, as I will show shortly, wakakaka. Besides, Dr M knows he isn’t exactly a spring chicken, and young Mukhriz cannot depend on papa’s protection forever.

There are of course other warlords besides Dr M.

What about young KJ?

His biggest obstacle is Dr M, who hates him for several reasons: KJ is Mukhriz’s biggest threat in UMNO. KJ has offended Dr M’s son in more than just politics. KJ is seen as the hand behind AAB’s dismantling of Dr M’s pet projects and the marginalization of Dr M while father-in-law was PM. But most of all, the unforgiveable sin, KJ has blasphemously pally-buddy-ed that little red dot in the south wakakaka.

Bloody complicating, isn’t it?

UMNO has often boasted about the Malay sense of loyalty to the liege lord (superior, boss, raja, sultan). That may be true about 'Malay' loyalty per se, but we know it’s a different story altogether in UMNO.

Yup, some people in UMNO (as opposed to Malays per se), while claiming to be both Malays and Muslims, have often demonstrated their un-Malayness and un-Muslim ethics, where their so-called loyalty to their ‘liege lord’ and fear of the Almighty flew out of the window. There have been enough such incidents in recent times to make it unnecessary for me to provide any example.

Let’s leave their religious values aside (too sensitive), though of course we recognize that religious convictions (or lack of) temper values of loyalty and its exact opposite, treachery.

Perhaps here, we should also state a truism, that loyalty can only exist long term if it is of a bi-directional quality, and not as some bosses believe, only from subordinates to superiors.

But on treachery, there has been no greater display of this universally despised behaviour than by some UMNO leaders. Foremost had been the example of how Razak politically stabbed Tunku in the back. Many of my elders believe Razak’s treacherous coup d’etat against Tunku broke the old man’s heart more than his suffering the loss of power and pride.

Then, equally notorious, the Kedah Wonders (Johari Baharom, Osman Aroff) whom Dr M as PM had nurtured and pampered, kicked him ungrately and treacherously in the guts when AAB was PM wakakaka – see my Sep 2006 post
Et Tu Baharom. This is what I meant by UMNO members willing to stab even their Iconic Senior when it suits their personal interests. Loyalty? wakakaka.

There is of course Malaysia’s foremost warrior-patriot Zahidi who was once Anwar Ibrahim’s vanguard perwira who attacked Dr M by accusing him of graft and nepotism, to drive the old man out of office pronto as the Anwar faction had wanted. He flopped and Anwar was booted out of UMNO. But survivalist Zahidi is now Defence Minister and must be considered as one of powerful warlords. He won’t even look at his erstwhile boss Anwar now - loyalty? wakakaka.

But note that Zahidi has recently bought into the 1Melayu camp, meaning (unless Najib is two-timing us) he like Muhyiddin is against Najib.

And on UMNO’s sense of loyalty (or lack of) I’ve no doubt many would also want me to add on to this list Dr M’s serial dumping of his deputies, like Ghafar Baba (in favour of his once blue-eyed boy wakakaka), Musa Hitam, the blue-eyed boy wakakaka again, and His Snooziness the Sultan of Somnambulance, poor bloke, even way after his deputy days.

IMalaysia? IMelayu? 1UMNO?

Can PAS trust UMNO?

Wait, more importantly, can Najib trust Muhyiddin and Zahidi? wakakaka!

P/S Ooops, somehow I forgot to add to the list one of the most powerful, if not the MOST powerful UMNO warlord, who chooses to always work in the shadow - Daim Zainuddin.

Sex, sumpah laknat & scums

Some years ago, on 29 May 2009 to be precise, I posted Wanita MCA: "No, no, no to Suzie Wongs", where virtually every comment was against my stand; I had criticized MCA Wanita for demonstrating that old ironical observation that women themselves are the greatest sexists against other women.

This post came back to my attention two days ago when a (married) sweetie commented that she has been a victim of husband snatching China woman, now in Malaysia with a work permit for a factory job.

I won’t comment on the above, but in reviewing my post, I re-read my disgust with a Gerakan wanita leader for her lamentable attacks against a victim (and a woman at that). This was what I wrote:

It's sad really, but it seems women themselves are the greatest sexists against other women.

Recall a case of a former Taiwan woman mayor who was to appear in a variety show in Malaysia a few years ago?

One Gerakan woman leader objected to that.

I can’t recall that Taiwanese lady’s name but she gained the wrong notoriety when she was videotaped secretly by a so-called close friend with a hidden video cam, while she was having a private tryst with her lover.

Her political opponents converted the secretly taken video into VCDs and gave them free to subscribers of a Taiwanese newspaper. The video was published on a website which hit an all time record as the world’s most visited website – imagine a billion plus Chinese rushing to see the two lovers having what they thought was a private sex session.

Apparently the Taiwanese court eventually penalized the newspaper for distributing porn, and invasion of privacy. But her career was destroyed and her financial situation somewhat in peril. That was why she took up the option to participate in a Chinese variety show, to earn a little something for herself after she resigned from her mayor's appointment.

How does this tie in with the Gerakan woman leader? I am not sure what was the name of the Gerakan Party senator but she was Indian.

What I recall though was when the variety show (in Malaysia) announced the former Taiwanese mayor would appear, the Gerakan female leader objected strongly to it and said what I thought was the strangest thing for a woman leader to say - that the Taiwanese former mayor was immoral or words to that effect.


That Taiwanese lady was a victim of a conspiracy. She had her privacy invaded. Her career was ruined. What was her crime? - wasn’t she allowed to have sex in private with her lover? All she wanted from the variety show was to earn some money for her retirement.

And we had a woman as a self-acclaimed voice on morality, not just any woman but a Malaysian woman political leader, condemning another woman who was a victim of the most savage invasion of her personal life. I believe this [Malaysian] is the sort of woman leader who would probably blame society's rape victims for being itchy-fied.

The immorality, the sin, the shame must surely lie with the accuser. I felt utterly disgusted with her hypocrisy, her weird values, and her ironically anti-woman stand.

It’s small wonder that male MPs feel free to attack their female counterparts with sexist remarks.

All the above brings us today to the brouhaha about a recent sumpah laknat, and how some Muslims would go to the extent of abusing the sacredness of religion for such a trifling salacious event, so as to exploit an alleged private encounter by a political opponent to demonize him for political interests. Apart from the question of whether the person has been correctly identified, where is the religious imperative or community benefits?

Really, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ...

... which brings us to the worst part of this sleazy much-racking or more correctly, politicized poo flinging (so some will stick no matter what), that the central figure fronting the disgraceful show-&-tell scum is a man of dubious dodgy and dirty credentials, the absolute pits.

That the campaigners and supporters have been screaming in mock disgust (but actual delight) has been no different to the pathetic behavior of the Gerakan wanita senator two years ago.

They possess monkeyed, muddled-up morality.