Saturday, November 26, 2011

Politics - play safe, play the race

Much as I may wish, I personally doubt Pakatan will form the next government, EVEN if it wins the majority of the seats in the next general election.

Huh? You may exclaim at kaytee’s strange assertion above.

For a start, I am troubled by many factors – UMNO’s advantage of incumbency, our remarkable EC and other state apparatus (which performance had been amply demonstrated in Perak, Selangor and during the earlier days of the Pakatan-governed Penang), increasingly royal political activitism, the judiciary, etc.

But the most worrying factor has been the centrifugal policies and behaviour of Pakatan itself.

We witnessed a sampling of this in the period of campaigning leading to the last Sarawak state election and its sour-grapes aftermath, PAS increasing reversion to its intrinsic hudud-inclined stripes, as well as in recent remarks by PKR leaders.

The new PKR ethnic hero is Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, its Youth Chief, who has borrowed (or inherited) a leaf from his mother organization, UMNO Youth, by selling his and his party’s appeal on a Malaysian sure-fire best-selling platform, definitely one to warm the cockles of the heartland, namely, Ketuanan Melayu or Malay-supremacy.

While UMNO Youth under KJ has quietened down a wee bit (perhaps because KJ wants to present himself as a less crude and more cosmopolitan politician, or because UMNO Youth has already farmed out its brown-shirts and steel jackboots to Perkasa), PKR Youth has instead eagerly adopted its ethno-centric tactics.

The acorn sure as hell doesn't fall far from the oak tree.

According to
Malaysiakini Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin called for a constitutional amendment to state that only a Malay can be appointed prime minister.

Jettisoning his party’s mantra of (wakakaka) reformasi, he justified his ethnocentric persuasion, stating: "The lack of such a constitutional provision allows irresponsible quarters to manipulate Malay anxieties about their future (should a non-Malay be appointed PM). This is because of the suspicions they have of those from other ethnic backgrounds. Such manipulation can cause them to feel unsafe and create tensions. This way, the Malays will always pin their hopes on these so-called Malay champions, who turn out to be the real enemies."

And he comes even complemented with a very supportive BN-type lapdog in the person of his deputy
Chan Ming Kai, who stoutly defended his Taikoh’s siren call to the heartland.

The term ‘political prostitute’ was recently aired to pinpoint someone who was usually referred to by the 'whore’ synonym, but I wonder whether we can use this term, ‘prostitute’, as a verb (instead of a noun) to describe Shamsul’s racist proposal, .....

..... that in calling for a policy which is 180-degrees in direction to his party’s claimed ideology, he has 'prostituted' PKR’s credentials for rewards, to shore up his personal popularity (pre-election) as an ethnic warrior and his hope for heartland votes.

We also recall all too well The Great One’s support of Pak Haji Nik Aziz’s proposal to implement hudud in Kelantan. 'The Renaissance Man' became unashamedly 'The Reneging Man', all just for attention because at that time he was racked by anxiety over what he perceived as his diminishing relevancy as Pakatan’s de facto (wakakaka) leader and that of his party in the loose coalition.

Bigotry as a 'whatever it takes' justification to win seems to be a prevalent mentality in PKR, because I recall that in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 elections in Perak, its 'Lost Socialist' demanded, in most unexpected, unbecoming and unbelievable behaviour for a so-called ‘socialist’, that the State exco must be made up of an ethnic composition that was representative of the Perak population by ethnic percentage, meaning the PKR-PAS bloc (effectively PKR) ADUNs should get the lion’s share of the exco position.

So, with such an ethno-centric proclivity in PKR and an equally dismal religio-ethno-centric mentality in PAS, I doubt Pakatan will remain cohesive as an alliance to form a new government even if the component parties manage to resolve the pre-election division of parliamentary seats and win majority rule.

Dr Hasan (PAS Selangor) and the Mufti of 'Malay Unity' may yet realize their dreams.

Do not be surprised by the butterfly metamorphosing into a slug (caterpillar).

Dirgahayu Bangsa, Pordah anak Malaysia.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dr Syed Husin, the Socialist who lost his way

Tell me why I’m not at all surprised by the relevation of Ezam Mohd Noor that former PKR Deputy Chairman Dr Syed Husin had condemned Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali in a private conversation with Ezam (when the latter was still in PKR).

Malaysiakini reported in its
Syed Husin: Ezam's throwing up a smokescreen that (BN-appointed) Senator Ezam Mohd Noor, once the right hand man of Anwar Ibrahim (Azmin Ali being the left hand man wakakaka) claimed that … Dr Syed Husin had in frequent chats with him (Ezam) at a favourite restaurant in Petaling Jaya criticized Anwar and Azmin for what he (Syed) perceived as their lavish lifestyles.

Dr Syed defended his snide comments about The Great One and Blue-eyed Boy to MKIN as:
“In general, I criticize any and everybody who offends against the unspoken rule against ostentation in their lifestyles. We are fighting for the have-nots in Malaysian society; it requires we be modest in our lifestyles.”

Dr Syed Husin explained that Ezam’s tattling was an attempt to distract from the motive behind Ezam’s departure from PKR, namely good old fashion ‘money’, by positing that he (Ezam) did so because of his dim view of the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim.

MKINI stated that Syed Husin expanded:
“I know this is coming down to a ‘I said, he said’ sort of thing but if you look at page 157 of my book, you will find that Hishamuddin Rais says in a letter that he wouldn’t be surprised if Ezam leaves PKR. That letter was written in 2002.”

Whether Hishamuddin Rais was proven to be prophetic is besides the point, because it’s interesting to note Dr Syed hasn’t denied that he had criticized Anwar and Azmin for their lavish lifestyles.

Indeed, Dr Syed has been wise not to as it’s an open secret about the lifestyles of Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali. As they say, “Once UMNO, always UMNO”.

In fact I would say Dr Syed rather than Ezam in attacking the latter for deserting PKR for money would be the one attempting to distract from the fact he held (maybe still does) a very dim view of the lifestyle and leadership of Anwar Ibrahim and his darling boy. Mind, this is not to say Ezam is an angel, but he is no better or worse than Azmin Ali, both being at one time or still, political praetorian guards of The Great One.

Dr Syed Husin was the leader of PRM, once a wonderful socialist like Dr Jeya of PSM until he (Dr Syed) wandered into a wrong camp, a camp with people used to opulent lifestyles totally in contrast to his socialist ways.

I used to respect Dr Syed, even after he led the PRM foolishly into PKR (when fellow socialist DAP would have been the natural choice). Maybe he was like Zaid Ibrahim, believing he could ‘save’ PKR? Who knows?

I admired Dr Syed even more when he graciously declined to accept the PKR’s candidature for the Kota Bahru parliamentary seat, following strong objections from PAS in the person of Pak Haji Nik Aziz. Probably Pak Haji objected to what he saw as a syaitan-ish pinko standing as Pakatan candidate in KB.

But alas, I shed a tear and lost my respect for Dr Syed immediately after his racially-oriented remarks/demands about the composition of the Perak exco following the Pakatan victory in March 2008.

That’s what mixing with the wrong crowd could do to a former socialist.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 'K' factor

Kerbau, korupsi, kronisme, keluarga, kondo, korek (Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan), kapal (ta’selam), kollapsing (stadium), krack-ed (MRR2, roof of Parliament building), kepala-sakit (for Auditor General), konstitutional (blasphemies), kurang konscionable (fabriKations), kowtim-ness (Indonesian ‘bisa diatur’) … etc etc etc.

The Malaysian K factor.

No doubt every country in the world suffers from corruption, but the difference lies in its degree. Today, Malaysia has reached the level of Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines of Marcos’ days and India of yonder years, etc.

How did we allow this to happen, when did it begin, but more importantly how can we stop it?


Just look at the corruption in Pakistan and other Middle-Eastern country where hudud is part of their legal system. No man, hudud won't the solution.

Look at that pimple on China’s backside, Hong Kong. Many don’t realize HK’s much vaunted ICAC was patented after Malaysia’s original ACA.

But today the Malaysian ACA or its new named MACC is an obscenity.

We were once the envy of many Asian nations but now, we have become the new laughing stock. Yes, we still have some fat to continue in our merry ways but these are running out soon, which may explain why we see an unrepentant horrendous frenzied scramble for the last dip of the snout in the public trough.

We badly need a modern-day Hang Jebat, one who is pure in his heart, brave and honest.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A tale of two sweeties

... with apologies to Charles Dickens for misappropriating and paraphrasing the title of his Classic wakakaka.

Today I’m talking about the daughters of local politicians, not sons like Mukhriz, Lim GE, Lim Si Pin or Chua Tee Yong, or son-in-law like KJ wakakaka.

But for this post, I’ll limit myself to just two daughters of the two principal political antagonists Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, respectively Marina Mahathir and Nuruh Izzah.

First of all, let me be truthful and declare my personal position, that I know Marina through blogging, but alas sob sob sob, not the latter sweetie.

I have also followed Marina’s activities in, firstly, her former role as the Head of Malaysia’s AIDS Foundation, socio-activist in women affairs, a socio-political blogger at her website Rantings byMM, and at her column in The Star, while I cannot but help hearing constantly from the avalanche of adulation, acclaim and accolades for Nurul by her devoted supporters wakakaka.

Marina is of course not a politician, unlike Nurul.

When I think of these two sweeties, I am reminded immediately of the biblical saying that the sins of the father will be visited upon their children for several generations …

Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate meDeuteronomy 5:9

And also from Isaiah:

I will even repay into their bosom, both their own iniquities and the iniquities of their fathers togetherIsaiah 65:6-7

… which I opine is utter nonsense on the basis of logic, commonsense and secular justice.

Many of those I know dislike or at best, are suspicious of Marina because of their immense dislike, if not hatred, of Dr Mahathir – hence the biblical quote of 'sins of father visited upon the children' would be most appropriate in Marina’s case.

Okay, I’m sure by now, you would have got it that the “many of those I know” are Pakatan people wakakaka.

By contrast, to these same people, Nurul is virtually the equivalent of Virgin Mary, Jeanne d’Arc and Rosa Parks all rolled into one. They have even proposed (preposterously, if I may add) that should her dad be jailed for Sodomy II, she be selected as the Prime Minister of the new (hoped for) Pakatan government.

Now, I'm willing to accept Dr Wan Azizah as a substitute PM, but young Nurul ...? Puhleeeze lah, but then, such is fanaticism.

As if that was not enough, Nurul has also been conferred the title ‘Princess Reformasi’. That either implies her dad is the Sultan Reformasi wakakaka or worse (what I suspect), she is the PKR’s version of Nyai Loro Kidal, the anwaristas' Goddess of Reformasi, though quite frankly, there is nothing to substantiate or justify the bestowment of that title on her - please explain how she is Princess Reformasi? In fact, I believe Fuziah Salleh, the MP for Kuantan, has done far more as a PKR politician than Nurul.

Mind, I have nothing against Nurul. My criticisms above is directed not at innocent her but rather those mindless muddle-headed Myrmidons of PKR whose adoration, adulation and acclamation for her (because she so happens to be the daughter of The Great One) have been as amaurotic as the Graeae deprived of their sole eye.

There’s no doubt Nurul Izzah has a bright future as a politician. But I cannot bring myself to see her as (the preposterously titled) Princess Reformasi or, gawd, gasp, omigosh, the ‘PM anointed’ in the event her father is not available to head a Pakatan government.

Sorry, I don’t share such a moronic view which would be that exclusively of the anwarista cultists.

OTOH, whatever good Marina Mahathir might have done, they (as well as some UMNO-BN people too) would impute some ignoble motive on her part.

Sometime back, I read an article (somewhere) where the author aired his distrust of Marina’s motive in walking with Bersih 2.0, suggesting she possessed a secret agenda to infiltrate Bersih a la the Trojan Horse to destroy it from within. Well …

Then there were others who questioned her ’enjoyment of the privileges’ of being a PM’s daughter as if she could only be free of guilt if she had chosen someone else to be her parents. Such has been the stupidity of those mindless comments.

And incidentally did Nurul not enjoy the same privileges when Anwar was the powerful rightwing DPM from UMNO? Anwaristas' double standard?

Once when I voiced to an erstwhile (dear) friend wakakaka my admiration for Marina as an advocate for AIDS awareness through her sterling role as President of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation, I received from her a stupid sleazy sickening retort, a non sequitur and puerile revelation that Marina once wore mini-skirts.

Huh and f* cheh, as if that was her sin? Hey, I used to walk around naked, yes, naked … when I was three years old wakakaka.

The vicious malicious tattler backed off when I showed my disgust at such a gross grubby gossipy item. To be frank, I was outraged for two reasons, firstly, WTF has that got to do with her fantabulous role as an activist for AIDS awareness, and secondly (I have to admit) I was personally annoyed in missing seeing her in the mini skirt wakakaka. So I was suffering from mixed feelings, of both anger :( and frustration ;-).

It’s so typically the attitude of those who have been/are very anti Lee Lam Thye, where some PKR people hate this wonderful man who had done more for the common people of KL than they and their loud mouths could ever dream of achieving.

Lee LT is reviled by PKR people because of his post & non-political activities with some government agencies or projects. But the same fuckers remained like mutes when Anwar Ibrahim offered his (unsolicited) services wakakaka to AAB during the crooked bridge controversy – see my post A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim.

What f* double-standard hypocrites, those anwaristas.

Today, Marina Mahathir has again shown her bravery, fairness and invincible justice for the underdogs when she stood up for the organizers of Seksualiti Merdeka, who have been mischievously libelled by the mainstream media with the usual msm lies, in their description of Seksualiti Merdeka as a ‘free sex festival’.

I was wondering how long before Marina’s public stand would shame a pro-hudud person to finally come out to declare his stand on Sexsualiti Merdeka, naturally all complete with ‘qualifications’ wakakaka.

[Footnote: when Eli Wong was under tsunamic attack (by the f* usual suspects) for the sins of sneaky shifty sleazy slug who took photos of her while she was innocently asleep, I learnt that a certain ‘someone’ in PKR had then wanted her out as she was seen as an ‘embarrassment’ to him – that f* spineless unconscionable coward]

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

UMNO's venom is spinach for 'Popeye' Lim GE

When I hear such words and phrases:

• ‘Unity’ [as in Malay, Muslim unity],
• The Chinese or Martians will take over the country [though with nary a mention of millions of illegal Indonesians, Filipinos and Bangladeshis already allowed into our country],
• There will be a Christian PM,
• They will make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia,
• The communists are lurking behind every melati tree in Penang
• 2,500,000,000,000,000 Malay Muslims have been converted to Christianity,
• A Chinese CM is biadap towards the sultans
• Etc etc on such like threats to Malays and Muslims and their raja, agama & adat

I then know UMNO is in deep deep deep political trouble, and more so when Dr Mahathir, its greatest icon since (ironically*) Hang Tuah, has also joined in the scare-mongering, presumably with the ulterior aim of frightening the hell out of the Malays and nurturing an ethno-siege mentality in their psyche, to stampede them towards their only ‘hope’, namely UMNO.

* ironically because I believe Dr Mahathir like Dr Kassim Ahmad despises a palace sycophant like Tuah

As Samuel Johnson told us more than 200 years ago, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Why has UMNO, in its current battle manoeuvres against Lim GE and DAP Penang, its threat in vogue, considered it has to resort to the ‘last refuge’, an unethical ethnocentric scare-mongering?

In the past, prior to 2009, UMNO had only considered DAP as a kutu Chinese-based party, a MCA problem and certainly not that of UMNO.

Indeed why has UMNO lately become more and more dreadful of a mere kutu Chinese-based party?

Hmmm …

Even a future hope like KJ has sadly succumbed to such shameless guttersnipe slandering. Actually, KJ’s action has shocked me more than any other UMNO sins. Sayang saja!

The latest incident against Lim GE has been by the Mat Rempits. Ayoyo ama, I wonder who in UMNO used to promote them?

Alas for UMNO, it seems Allah swt has not been kind on its actions against Lim Guan Eng.

The more UMNO attacks Lim Guan Eng, directly or indirectly (by persecuting Lim’s 16-year old school boy), by itself or through its agents, Malay and Chinese wakakaka, the more popular Lim becomes, much to the chagrin and anxiety of Penang’s Gerakan and MCA.

It is as if UMNO’s vile, vicious & vitriolic venom is some form of sweet succulent spicy spinach to ‘Popeye’ Lim, turning him super sexy and strong.

But the real answer is of course Penangites have been revolted and repulsed by the incredulous, indecorous, indecent, inexcusable, iniquitous lies propagated by pro UMNO bloggers and the head of UMNO Gelugor Division. Their outrage has been further fuelled by the obvious inaction of the MCMC and Police.

So, is it any wonder that members of Penang’s Gerakan and MCA have been banging their heads on the walls at UMNO’s continuing stupidity in making Lim more and more popular by attacking him with foul flagitious fabrications?

They have been made to vicariously bear the full brunt of Penangites’ contempt and anger for UMNO’s beastly barbarous bullsh*t.

And it’s not as if UMNO fails to understand Penangites aren’t like the good folks of the heartland, where non-heartland Penangites (whether of DAP, MCA, Gerakan or PKR affiliations) already dislike UMNO.

Mind, UMNO doesn’t care two f* about the Chinese and Indian Penangites leaning more and more towards Lim – these voters are known to be lost cause for BN. UMNO is petrified that Malay Penangites will continue swinging over to Lim’s DAP.

Thus UMNO attacks Lim with whatever it can ‘manufacture’ to ensure the heartland does not swing any further towards Lim and the DAP. In the process it knows it is destroying whatever faint hope Gerakan and MCA might have entertained.

Tough, just collateral damage for Gerakan and MCA. When the ship is sinking, it’s every rat for itself …

… which has been why I have often posted that the DAP is not the Gerakan or MCA’s greatest foe. UMNO, their so-called ally, is! wakakaka.