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Chin Peng shunned for his Chinese-ness, not communism

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Uproar Over Chin Peng’s Ashes But Happily Welcome Back ISIS Radicalized Terrorists

Yazid Sufaat an unrepentant JI terrorist with links to al Qaeda and the 9/11 terrorist attack
released by Malaysian police to reside under conditions in Ampang

he has been described as "The MOST Dangerous Man in Malaysia"

and they're tokking-kok sedition ab
out the ashes of a man long gone , with police wasting time probing the return of ashes to Malaysia instead of probing the Gay Sex Semburit video clip involving a minister

As the grand plan to form a new “Malay only” government fails to take off, the opposition continues their search for new racial and religious issues to play. The intention is to ensure ethnic Malays keep on hating the ethnic Chinese. The fallen Barisan Nasional coalition, after losing the government for the first time in 61 years, still cannot forget or forgive the Chinese for voting against them.

Up to 95% of Chinese voters had voted for the then-opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition in the May 2018 General Election. Chinese-based DAP, one of four components of the coalition, was the biggest beneficiary. Hence, the frustrated Barisan repetitively stirs up racial and religious sentiments among the Malays that they have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”.

author missed out 'Chabor' wakakaka 

In reality, the Malays did not lose any power to the Chinese, Christians or Communists. The new prime minister is another Malay Muslim – Mahathir Mohamad. But considering the majority of the unemployable graduates consists of Malays, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell how easy it is to influence and brainwash this community with fake news and false propaganda in social media.

Besides being the majority (61.7%) of the 32 million populations of Malaysia, the ethnic Malays dominate the civil service – 78.8%. The Malaysian army comprises 98% of Malays, while in the Royal Malaysia Police, 80% are Malays. In terms of King, Sultans, Malay Rulers and Governors, all of them – 100% – are Malay Muslims. So, how on earth could the Malays lose power?

Thanks to their insecurity and gullibility, the Malay community has again been bombarded with another mind-boggling threat – a dead man’s ashes. Yes, some Malays, despite claiming their race and religion are the most superior in the universe, are now spooked by the news that the ashes of former communist leader Chin Peng were brought back to the country.

While it’s understandable that opposition UMNO leaders would use the ashes to make a mountain out of a molehill, it’s jaw-dropping that Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his deputy, Mohd Azis Jamman, have chosen to join the bandwagon and dance to the tune of the opposition party. Suddenly, the police resources are diverted to investigate how the ashes were brought home.

Apparently, the Royal Malaysia Force under the leadership of Mr. Muhyiddin tries to be the Malay champion after Opposition Chief Ismail Sabri Yaakob said even though Chin Peng is as dead as his ashes, the fact remained that he was a communist terrorist. Sabri said many soldiers, policemen and civilians were killed or injured during the conflict against the communists.

UMNO warlord Sabri Yaakob said – “Their families are still here, their grandchildren, children and wives. What happened to their fathers cannot be forgotten.” Well, using the same logic, thousands of people of Malaysia (then Malaya) were tortured, raped and killed by the Japanese during the World War 2 and their families – grandchildren, children and wives – are still here too.

So, why Malay leaders like Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Muhyiddin Yassin have zero issue whatsoever with the Japanese brutality, but foam at the mouth when learned that the ashes of Chin Peng was brought back on Sept 16 from Thailand (with a funeral ceremony being held on the same day)? How come the Malays could easily forget and forgive the Japanese cruelty, but not Chin Peng?

Heck, for some weird reasons, the Government of Malaysia had even allowed the building of a monument to remember fallen Japanese soldiers. Yes, the state of Kedah Tourism Department did not see it offensive when three giant billboards were erected to remember three Japanese soldiers who were killed during the Japanese Occupation in 1941.


Chin Peng, whose real name was Ong Boon Hua, died of cancer in Thailand on September 16, a month before his 89th birthday. Born in Sitiawan, Perak, the ashes of the former communist leader were thrown into the sea near Lumut, Perak and in the jungles in Titiwangsa Range without any memorial or grave.

The idiocy of those who lose sleep over the return of the ashes has gotten former Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Rahim Noor really impressed. The ex-top cop said those complaining about Chin Peng’s return in the form of ashes were either ignorant of the treaty, intentionally refusing to acknowledge that communism no longer exists, or are simply racist.

The treaty mentioned was the Hat Yai Peace Agreement signed in 1989, which saw the end of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) insurgency in the country after 40 years. The MCP delegation involved not only Chin Peng in his capacity as the secretary general, but also Abdullah Cik Dat (MCP chairman) and Rashid Maidin (MCP central committee member).

As part of the terms of the Hat Yai Accord signed on December 2, 1989, MCP members who laid down their arms would be allowed to return to their homeland if they wanted. A total of 330 former communist members was allowed to return to Malaysia, included its chairman Abdullah CD (Cik Dat). However, in the case of Chin Peng, the Malaysian government broke its own promise.

By ex-IGP Rahim Noor’s own admission, Chin Peng should be allowed to return home to Malaysia. However, his wish to return to his home in the coastal town of Sitiawan in Perak state to visit his parents’ graves and to eventually die there had been blocked by the government numerous times. In 2009, then-Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin insisted that Chin Peng cannot be allowed to return.

Depending on which angle you look at Chin Peng, the ageing guerrilla fighter might have ended up a national hero. During World War II, he took to the jungles to lead a fierce war against the Japanese, who occupied the then-British colony in 1941. He was even awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE), one of Britain’s highest honors, as well as two campaign medals from the British.

From the beginning, it’s all about racial and religious extremism. Even MCA, a component of the previous Barisan Nasional government admitted in 2013 that the refusal of the regime to allow Chin Peng’s burial in Malaysia was due to racially motivated decision. Yes, even among the communists, the colour of their skin will determine whether one can return home or not.

How could other leaders of the communist party like Syed Hamid Ali, Rashid Maidin and Shamsiah Faekah allowed to return to reside in Malaysia, but not Chin Peng? Former Prime Minister Najib Razak had labelled Chin Peng as a “terrorist leader that waged war on the nation”. Yet, the same Najib was impressed with ISIS and told his UMNO members in 2014 to learn the terrorists’ bravery.

Even though a new government has taken over, it’s business as usual for racism, extremism and bigotry in the country. As hilarious as it may sound, the Malaysian government has gladly welcome home its citizens who left to join the terror group Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL), but not the “ashes” of Chin Peng, an ethnic Chinese communist member who had died since 2013.

Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, the head of Counter Terrorism for Special Branch, previously announced that Malaysians (all of them Malay-Muslims) who made the mistake of joining the ISIS may return provided they comply with enforcement checks and complete a one-month government-sanctioned rehabilitation programme.

Exactly how the police could be absolutely sure that the radicalised terrorists had made a mistake – and not shedding crocodile tears now that the ISIS has been defeated – is quite a mystery. However, Chin Peng, who signed the 1989 Hat Yai Peace Accords, was never granted permission to return home – even after his death in 2013 and his corpse was turned to ashes.

Despite being slapped by the United States as a transit point for terror groups in the latest “The Country Reports on Terrorism 2018”, Malaysia appears to take pride with its achievement. Amazingly, the same Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said – “This is nothing new. In fact, such report (that Malaysia was a transit point for terror groups) had surfaced since the 1980s.”

Essentially, Malaysian police has done almost nothing since 1980s about the country being the terrorist haven – a favourite breeding ground for “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mazlan Mansor said the police will be calling up the group of people who were involved in bringing back Chin Peng’s ashes. But he was silent about ISIS terrorists.

The best part was when the police, approved by the Home Ministry, found it fit to release notorious terrorist Yazid Sufaat, who had direct links to the September 11, 2001 terror attack in the United States. The convicted Malaysian terrorist, who acquired four tonnes of ammonium nitrate in 2000 in preparation for a foiled bombing plot in Singapore, was freed after serving only 2 years behind bars.

An “unrepentant” terrorist, the 55-year-old US-trained biochemist has previously been jailed three times in the past 17 years for terrorism-related activities. To justify the surprising release, the police said Yazid Sufaat will be under police surveillance for 2 years and will need to wear an electronic monitoring device (EMD). Why wasn’t Chin Peng given such a similar “privilege”?

Yazid is allowed to use a phone and is free to leave home except between 8pm and 6am. The terrorist can even freely accept visitors. Clearly, it screams hypocrisy and racism that dozens of ISIS terrorists and an unrepentant Al-Qaeda terrorist are welcome home with red carpet but not the ashes of Chin Peng. As a Chinese and a former communist leader, naturally Chin Peng is a perfect punching bag.

Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money investigating the ashes of a dead man, perhaps the police should explain to the public what they had done about the mysterious missing of a Christian pastor, Mr. Raymond Koh, and a Muslim social activist, Mr. Amri Che Mat. Malaysia’s human rights commission has concluded that the country’s police are behind the disappearance of both individuals.

Cina terbunuh PKM, keturunan mereka 'dah ampun PKM


Prof Datuk Dr Ramlah Adam, Ismaweb

Pada 12 Julai 1973 kira-kira jam 9 malam, enam pengganas komunis telah merempuh masuk ke dalam rumah seorang pegawai polis bernama ASP Chin Chin Kooi di Serdang, Kedah.

Kesemua mereka melepaskan tembakan bertubi-tubi ke arah Chin Kooi hingga menyebabkan beliau menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir – di depan keluarganya sendiri!

Dosa Chin Kooi di mata komunis adalah kerana pegawai polis itu amat aktif menyiasat dan membongkar kegiatan Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) khususnya dalam ‘Gerakan Sedar’ di negeri itu.

Kegigihan dan kesungguhan Chin Kooi yang berjaya memusnahkan beberapa tempat persembunyian anggota PKM di kawasan Serdang dan Hutan Relau telah menyebabkan kumpulan itu nekad untuk mengakhiri riwayatnya.

Tiga bulan selepas itu, Detektif Sarjan Chong Kek Oh pula ditembak oleh anggota-anggota PKM di Sungai Siput, Perak. Tahun yang sama juga menyaksikan mereka menembak mati Timbalan Penguasa Polis, Wong Lin Hoon di Kuala Lumpur.

Pada 3 Januari 1974, PKM bertindak membunuh Detektif Konstabel Lee See Kaw di Malim Nawar, Perak diikuti pembunuhan terhadap Detektif Sarjan Lee Yoon Chin pada 20 April 1974 di Melaka. Empat hari kemudian, Detektif Konstabel Ong Soon Chua mati ditembak di Chemor, Perak.

Pada 13 November 1975, Ketua Polis Perak, Tan Sri Khoo Chong Kong pula telah dibunuh di Ipoh semasa berada di dalam kereta. Kejadian tersebut turut meragut nyawa pemandunya Sarjan Yeung Peng Cheong.

Ini hanyalah secebis kisah bagaimana pegawai dan anggota polis berketurunan Cina yang mati dibunuh oleh PKM, itu belum dicampur daripada pasukan tentera.

Namun, kita semalam dikejutkan dengan berita di mana lebih 150 orang yang hampir kesemuanya berketurunan Tionghua, dengan bangganya telah membawa balik abu mayat bekas setiausaha agung PKM, Chin Peng dari Thailand sebelum menaburnya ke laut dan gunung di tanah kelahirannya.

Penyelaras kumpulan berkenaan, Chan Kan Fook berkata, separuh daripada abu Chin Peng ditaburkan di laut berhampiran Lumut, Perak dan sebahagian lagi di kawasan hutan banjaran Titiwangsa.

Bagi memenuhi hasrat terakhir Chin Peng, kumpulan itu membawa abu mayatnya melalui tempat asalnya di Sitiawan dan kubur ibu bapanya di Lumut sebelum menabur abu tersebut di laut dan hutan.

“Biarlah dia kembali ke laut dan gunung di tanah airnya, biarlah dia selamanya dengan kawan-kawannya yang berkorban untuk negara ini,” kata Kan Fook.

Begitu bangga nampaknya Kan Fook bercerita tentang kejayaan ‘mengembalikan’ abu mayat Chin Peng ini.

Namun sedar tak Kan Fook dan rakan-rakannya itu, bangsa merekalah antara yang paling ramai dibunuh oleh PKM waktu pengganas-pengganas itu bermaharajalela!

Kalau dilihat pada sejarah ketika era Perang Dunia Kedua, kebanyakan kaum Cina di Tanah Melayu mendiami pinggir hutan bagi melarikan diri daripada pemerintahan Jepun yang kejam terhadap mereka.

PKM yang banyak bergerak di kawasan hutan tidak teragak-agak menyeksa dan membunuh kaum ini yang enggan membantu atau membekalkan maklumat serta makanan pada mereka.

Justeru, tidak hairanlah keganasan komunis pada darurat pertama (1948-1960) banyak direkodkan di negeri yang mempunyai populasi Cina teramai seperti Perak, Johor, Selangor dan Negeri Sembilan berbanding di negeri majoriti Melayu seperti Kedah, Melaka, Kelantan dan Terengganu.

Kekejaman tidak berperikemanusiaan PKM terhadap kaum Cina ini direkodkan pasukan keselamatan dan disaksikan pekerja estet. Kaum Cina diseksa akibat enggan bekerjasama malah penyeksaan lebih teruk dibuat kepada mereka yang secara terang-terangan menentang perjuangan PKM seperti guru, profesional dan ahli perniagaan.

Untuk rekod, sepanjang zaman darurat dari 16 Jun 1948 hingga 31 Julai 1960, sejumlah 2,473 orang awam dibunuh oleh komunis dan 1,385 orang dicederakan.

Di pihak pasukan keselamatan pula, sejumlah 1,865 nyawa terkorban dan 2,560 orang dicederakan. Justeru, kita hairan bagaimana ada orang Cina seperti Kan Fook dan rakan-rakannya boleh bertindak sebegitu ‘mulia’ untuk membawa balik abu lelaki yang pernah mengotorkan tangannya dengan darah orang-orang bangsanya sendiri.

Apapun kita jangan terperangkap dengan permainan sebegini. Jangan hanya kerana kebiadapan Kan Fook dan rakan-rakannya telah menyebabkan kita sewenang-wenangnya menuduh orang-orang Cina lain juga bersekongkol dengan mereka.

Ini kerana majoriti orang Cina masih menolak fahaman komunis dan kita percaya sentimen itu akan kekal sampai bila-bila.

Cuma kita jangan sama sekali terleka kerana senjata utama komunis ketika ini bukan terletak pada senjata, tetapi pada pemikiran dan dakyah-dakyah yang disampaikan secara ‘halus’ apatah lagi dalam era segalanya di hujung jari ini.

Ingat, dalam usaha untuk mengembangkan pengaruh komunis, memecahbelahkan perpaduan yang kita ada juga merupakan ramuan dan resipi mereka.

Tiada yang lebih menggembirakan PKM selain melihat kita sesama kaum mencurigai antara satu sama lain.

Bagi mereka, matlamat akan menghalalkan segala cara. Di akhirnya, PKM hanya letak senjata – tetapi tidak pada cita-cita! Maaf hanya untuk renungan kita rakyat Malaysia yang bersatu daripada pelbagai kaum dan budaya.

Prof Datuk Dr Ramlah Adam

Pakar sejarah

Rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina termasuk gabungan mereka yang mempunyai ahli2 keluarga dan saudara3 terbunuh PKM, telah mengampun PKM, saperti rakyat Malaysia keturunan Melayu pun mengampun Rashid Maidin, Shamsiah Fakeh, Syed Hamid Ali, CD Abdullah dan lain2 bekas ahli PKM dari kaum Melayu.

Ini nilai dan perikemanusiaan wajar bagi kita rakyat Malaysia yang sanggup mengampun ahli2 PKM yang sudi setuju hidup secara aman dan damai sejak menandatangani Persetujuan Peace Accord Hat Yai pada tahun 1989, saperti yang kita mengampun juga orang negara2 Jepun, Britain, Belanda dan Portugal, bahkan mereka yang telah meninggal dunia ini.

Oh, jangan lupa juga Muhammad (Mat) Indera, seorang tokoh PKM yang menyerang balai polis di Bukit Kepong pada 28 Feb 1950 and membunuh hampir segala ahli polis disana.

Dipenyerangan tersebut, seorang ahli polis dibalai yang terkorban adalah Koh Ah Cheng. Perlu kah rakyat Cina benci juga Mat Indera walaupun arwah Mat Indera 'dah tergantung mati olih pihak British pada tahun 1953. Sebaliknya, al Fatihah allahyarhum Mat Indera.

Kebetulan Mat Sabu (Menteri Pertahanan sekarang), pada 21 Ogos 2011 pun menyebut Mat Indera bukanlah terrorist tetapi seorang pahlawan nasional Malaya. Adakah Mat Sabu biadab saperti Kan Fook dan rakan-rakannya?

Dan bagaimana dengan Yazid Sufaat?

Why Muslim nations lack behind

MM Online:

Dr M: Muslim nations have the capability to compete against developed countries

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrives at the 58th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Muslim Welfare Organisation in Petaling Jaya November 30, 2019. ― Bernama pic 

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 ― Muslim nations have the capability, strength and could compete against the other developed nations but do not have the will to do it, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This resulted in the Muslim nations being perceived as weak and the Muslims continued to be suppressed, controlled and abused by the other countries.

“With a total of 52 Muslim nations in the world, none of them can be considered to be a developed nation, is this because of prohibition from our religion so that we do not progress? Does this mean that people professing Islam do not progress, are not allowed to develop?

“I wish to clarify that we are capable of competing with them. We are equal to the terms of the ability to think but we do not utilise this blessing from Allah SWT in the proper a manner that enables us to protect the Islamic religion,” he said.

He said this when speaking at the 58th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Muslim Welfare Organisation (Perkim), here today. ― Bernama

The Ottoman Empire now Turkey, Iranian Empire now Iranian Islamic Republic, Saudi Kingdom, Indonesia, etc, 'etc' being the rest of the Muslim World including Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, haven't the capability and competency to compete with the more advanced nations because of:

(1) Piss-poor leadership,

(2) Rampant corruption,

(3) Weak or non-existent legislative structure,

(4) Good education especially on science,

(5) Resilient culture, in particular, respect for education,

(6) Too powerful cleric interfering with politics, economy and commerce,

(7) etc.

The one exception, probably the only one bright spark, appears to be Turkey, OK and probably to be followed by Indonesia - WHY? You can speculate, wakakaka, and inform Mahathir (who in actuality hopes to lead the Muslim nations to forge ahead).

TAR UC - Remember Kiasu Guan Eng in GE15

TARC our common legacy


Education is a long-term project for the well-being of our future generations. Instead of arguing endlessly over it, why not put our prejudices aside and join hands to develop UTAR/TAR UC? 

I wrote an article with the title “Don't let political struggle take down TARC” in this column on November 29 last year. In the article, I concluded that politics is not about fighting for supremacy. If we really must compare, we should compare who has done a better job. Any fight involving politics must not drag education into the picture.

One year has since passed and we continue to get embroiled in the controversies over whether politics should stay out of education at all. There is no need of separating education from politics if political intervention is non-existent in the first place.

As a matter of fact, we should have mustered all the strength we can employ regardless of political affiliation, including the government and political parties on both sides of the divide, to develop our education sector.

For the past several decades, the local Chinese community has been able to develop the Chinese language education in the country thanks to the non-partisan concerted efforts of DAP, MCA, Gerakan Rakyat and large and small local Chinese associations. We did it yesterday, and should be able to do the same today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the development of UTAR/TAR UC today is not being bogged down by Umno or PPBM but ourselves, Chinese Malaysians!

DAP veteran Liew Ah Kim has made frequent advice lately to party leadership through videos posted on his Facebook account, but much of this has fallen on deaf ears.

This is what Liew had to say about the UTAR/TAR UC issue in his latest post: "There is one thing I would like to tell the democratic fighters: you must estimate that the grenade you are going to throw will hit the enemies and not yourself. When we talk about separating education from politics, we need to come to the full realisation that different issues may yield very different conclusions under democratic and undemocratic political systems. Simply put, will a more dominant race respect the views of the less dominant race when they talk about politics, education or economy? It is utterly unwise for either of two equally less dominant parties to act as if it is more dominant than the other, because you will eventually lose the people's support. Unless you are prepared for far worse consequences, you should always look before you leap!"

People who lack the wisdom will never see far beyond them.

On the UTAR issue, while it appears that MCA is being beaten, it is the Malaysian Chinese community that actually gets bruised. Anyone familiar with the bitter history of the Chinese community will tell you that TARC has become the common legacy of the Malaysian Chinese community right from the very first day it was established.


The Chinese community came out with the money to set up TARC with the hope it would help the Chinese students rejected by public universities under the country's quota system. For the past 50 over years, TARC has not disappointed the Chinese community, and has so far produced more than 200,000 competent professionals in various fields.

In order to punish MCA, DAP has inadvertently penalised UTAR/TAR UC and many poor Chinese students who look to it for further education opportunities.

MCA is at best just an initiator of TARC and has backed off soon after the college was fully set up, delegating the management powers to educational professionals.

From what we understand, although eight of the nine trustees are MCA leaders, they have never taken a single cent from the institution. The college's management and students should know very well whether there is any intervention from MCA or whether political elements have been introduced to the school.

TARC Education Foundation Secretary Ong Whee Tiong has said in a statement that TAR UC is wholly owned by TEF, a public company limited by guarantee and closely monitored by the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry, education ministry and finance ministry through the Inland Revenue Board.

Ong said there are four layers of governance in TAR UC. Firstly there is a CEO whose appointment must be approved by the education ministry and who is solely responsible for the operation of TAR UC under the guidance of the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 and the second layer of governance which includes five representatives from the education ministry and one from the finance ministry.

The third layer of governance consists of trustees whose position is similar to that of directors, but are known as trustees on the grounds that TEF is a non-profit foundation. They are primarily responsible for the statutory compliance with the Companies Act 2016, Income Tax Act 1967, Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) and other relevant acts.

This is followed by the fourth layer of governance which consists of members of the foundation. Trustees and foundation members are performing their duties strictly on a voluntary basis and they do not receive any benefits. This is to ensure that the foundation's objectives are carried out and not derailed by those with ulterior motives.

Now, who owns TAR UC? Ong pointed out that TEF's constitution has specified that in the event the foundation were to be wound up, all its assets must be donated to the government or another foundation approved by the IRB, hence the real beneficial owners are the government and the public, not the founders of the foundation. The founders and subsequent trustees are merely acting as trustees.

The Chinese community has already conveyed a strong and clear message through the Tanjung Piai parliamentary by-election results, but such a message has sadly been ignored by some.

The Chinese community used to believe that the government would understand the needs of the people and would review its decisions after the by-election results were released. The thing is, be it UTAR/TAR UC or the recognition of UEC certificate, it has become obvious now these issues are much tougher than they appear.

Education is a long-term project for the well-being of our future generations. Instead of arguing endlessly over it, why not put our prejudices aside and join hands to develop UTAR/TAR UC?

Although UTAR/TAR UC was a brainchild of MCA, it has now become the common legacy of Malaysia's Chinese community. Forcing MCA to cut its ties with UTAR/TAR UC does not go well with our traditional Chinese culture.

Those who sold their 'DIGNITY'

Forgetting the flag is traitorous but desecrating dignity is not

By Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

Just when I thought Semenanjung Malaysia could not get any worse than the Kongres Maruah Melayu, we now have the idea of forgetting the number of spikes in the star of a Malaysian flag as ‘traitorous’. There are MPs who would question the loyalty to the country based on a probable mistake of a flag? There are ministers in PH calling those who do not remember the flag’s characteristic as a traitor? Really? Are you serious? In this article I will call on Malaysians to measure what traitorous means to us as opposed to those who sit in Parliament.

First of all, I want to ask Malaysians if they can remember the proportion of the blue box containing the crescent moon and the star to the bigger rectangle containing the stripes. I don’t know. Am I a traitor? Next, can Malaysians recall how wide are the stripes and how many red ones as opposed to the white ones are there? I remember drawing the flag in Standard One but I forget how wide and how many there were. Am I a traitor? Can anyone recall the radius of the crescent moon and the width of the widest crescent? I certainly don’t. So… how many times a traitor am I now? Even if I were to look up the flag on the internet and punch in the images I would not be able to venture a guess which of the flags are in correct proportion of the blue field to the stripes and the radius of the crescent or even the star. Would that seriously entitle me to a SOSMA detention as a traitor to the country?

Now let me remind the MPs and Ministers who are quick to label Malaysians as traitors because of a mistake in the flag about what real treachery is in our midst. First of, is not the Kongres Maruah Melayu organised by public universities and sanctioned by ministries and politicians in attendance a treacherous act to Malaysians? Why not? The Kongres puts the blame entirely on others except the Malays who were in power for 60 years. Stupidity or treachery? The 360 academics who did the research I am sure has PhDs and glowing resumes. I call them treacherous and traitors to Malaysians.

Next of, why isn’t ministers appalled at some Malay politicians from Islamic parties calling Malaysians musoh-musoh Islam not considered traitors? There have been Muftis calling Malaysians kafir harbi of which under the Islamic traditional interpretation means one’s blood is halal to be spilt. That is not traitorous? What about the same politicians calling Malays to vote only Malays and that it was sinful to vote non-Malays? Is that not in contradiction to the constitution of this country? Not traitorous? How about an Umno leader calling for Jihad against Malaysians simply because of an unproven allegation of insulting the Prophet by one elderly man? Are we allowed to kill Malaysian citizens because one Chinese man insulted the Prophet, Allah or Islam? Is that not a traitorous call to arms?

Backtrack three years..what about the Jamal gangs of Red Shirt ruffians calling Cina babi oendatang harus mati? That is not traitorous? What about Friday Sermons which do not mention these acts of desecrating the dignity of fellow Malaysians sinful in Islam and violating our Rukunegara. Why not brand these Melayu ruffians traitors? Ooops..I forgot to put a capital R on Rukunegara…am I a traitor? Wait a minute, is Rukunegara one word or two? Wiki says its either one or two. Which is it really? I can recite the Rukunegara by heart. Can I challenge Ministers to recite? You don’t remember? Traitor-lah!

Who is to fight for the dignity of Teoh Beng Hock, Kevin Morais and the disappearance of Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat? If I ask any Malay, I can venture 99% would not care two cents about their fate. Can these non-caring people be called traitors to the well being of our nation?

When a diagram of a flag or a piece of cloth with some colours on it is weighed more than the dignity of Malaysians, then we truly are completely lost. I would be ashamed to be called a Malaysian with a leadership that would place the unintentional mistakes of a flag rendition over the desecrated dignity of Malaysians. I say shame on you Ministers and leaders of PH.

We Malaysians honour the flag and symbols of our nation, but we honour the respect, mutual tolerance and acceptance of each other’s cultures and faith much much more. We can do without leaders who do not understand where dignity is to be placed.

At the end of the day, we now know whom not to vote into Parliament in the next election... those who sold our dignity for a cheap price of unintentional graphic symbols.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Mahathir's election modus operandi - prior election, lie and promise, after election capati the promises


Ex-Dong Zong leader dies, scolding from Dr M recalled

Quek Suan Hiang breathed his last yesterday at the age of 90.

He had led the prominent Dong Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) for more than a decade before stepping down in 2005.

He also headed the Suqiu (Malaysian Chinese Organisation Elections Appeal Committee), which had courted Dr Mahathir Mohamad's wrath during his first tenure as prime minister.

Recalling another of Quek's meeting with Mahathir, Dong Zong's Johor chapter former president Wang Toon Jui said the deceased met the prime minister over the rights of Chinese Malaysians with regard to the New Economic Policy (NEP).

“Quek told me that during the meeting, Mahathir scolded him for more than one hour.

“Although at the time, Quek said he had prepared for such a tongue-lashing, the latter still considered it as one of his unforgettable moments,” he told China Press.

Wang also paid tribute to Quek's numerous contributions to the Chinese community, especially in the education sector and noted that it was during his leadership of Dong Zong, the New Era College was founded.

Chinese Malaysian votes had helped keep Mahathir and BN in power in the 1999 general election following the split among the Malays due to the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim as deputy premier a year earlier.

After the election, Mahathir angered the Chinese community when he likened Suqiu to the communists over the 17-point appeal which the organisation had submitted to him before the polls.

Kit Siang takes Mahathir to task

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang had also excoriated Mahathir over the latter's parliament reply to then Kota Melaka MP Kerk Kim Hock on the Suqiu issue.

Apart from repudiating Mahathir's Vision 2020, he said the premier's remarks were also a confession that BN deceived the Chinese to vote for it in the general election to save its parliamentary two-thirds majority.

He said it was most unprincipled for Mahathir to state that the cabinet was forced to accept Suqiu "in principle" as the general election was approaching and that the election appeals were a threat to BN, which if it had refused to entertain, Suqiu would have told the Chinese not to support the coalition.

“Mahathir's claim that any potential chaos arising from Suqiu’s demands was defused because he personally forbade Umno Youth and other Malay groups from resorting to 'violent protests' is most shocking, when any form of 'violent protests' to any form of electoral appeals in a democratic society must be denounced without qualification.

“Is Mahathir suggesting that there would be circumstances when 'violent protests' by Umno Youth would be justified or could be condoned and that this was why no action had been taken to prosecute Umno Youth for the provocative and racist demonstration outside the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall?” Lim had asked.

Quek: Umno needed an imaginary foe to unite Malays

In 2005, Malaysiakini reported on Quek relinquishing his role in Dong Zong, where his wife Leung Lai Ming, in a pre-recorded interview, recalled the Suqiu incident.

Leung said she was inundated with phone calls from friends and family members concerned that the government would initiate an arrest.

She said she packed her husband's clothes and high-blood pressure medication in preparation for any eventuality.

Ops Lalang 

Despite this, she said Quek told her that the movement's past presidents had been arrested before and hence, there was no reason for him to be afraid.

Meanwhile, Quek claimed that Suqiu became a victim of Umno's attempt to reunite the Malays.

"After the fall of Malay votes in the 1999 general election, Umno needed to find an imaginary opponent to unify the Malays, and Suqiu became the victim," he said.

Apart from the Suqiu episode, Quek also dealt with the possibility of arrest when Dong Jiao Zong published a booklet entitled "The Last Defence", which protested the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English in all schools.

teaching of Science and Mathematics in English may slow down progress of vernacular students? 

According to Quek, police special branch officers raided his office and investigated the booklet's editor.

"I could not sleep well for the whole month. The noise of vehicles passing my house at night worried me. I was wondering if the police had come to arrest me.

"Luckily, I was trained to overcome this kind of pressure,” he added.