Monday, September 11, 2017

Anchors aweigh?

FMT - Mukhriz’s tweet on sending navy to Myanmar (extracts):

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PPBM [Pribumi] supreme council member Tariq Ismail has dismissed concerns over the controversial Twitter message by the party’s deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir on the issue of the Rohingya people facing persecution in Myanmar.

Attempting to downplay the storm brewing over the tweet, Tariq said it had been misconstrued.

Mukhriz had tweeted out “Saya desak Kerajaan Malaysia hantar saja TLDM ke Teluk Bengal. Itu saja bahasa yang Myanmar faham. Allah selamatkan #Rohingya”.

This translates to: “I urge the Malaysian government to send the navy to the Bay of Bengal, as that is the only way to make Myanmar understand. May Allah save #Rohingya”.

Above, to wit, "that is the only way to make Myanmar understand" is actually a softer translation. Better fighting words would be "that is the only language the Burmese understand", wakakaka.


Defending Mukhriz’s tweet, Tariq said his party leader was not suggesting for the Malaysian naval forces to go to waters off Myanmar’s coast to intimidate our Asean neighbours.

Bullshit - look at the context of Mukhriz's tweet.


“In this context, calling for the navy to be deployed to the international waters in the Bay of Bengal will help to protect the borders from an influx of illegal immigrants from the Rohingyan conflict, as well as secure the safety of those fleeing the conflict by sea.”

Tariq Ismail has done a sweet but alas, implausible salvage operations for a relatively political budak kecil.

The context of Mukhriz tweet tells you lots. He thinks or he wants the voters to think he is an anak jantan. We are fortunate not to have an aircraft carrier with dozens and dozens of strike aircraft.

Well, he certainly shows he is at least the son of the man who wanted to shoot the Vietnamese people and tow their rickety un-seaworthy vessels out to the high seas.

His bellicosity and lack of discretion shows he is an extremely dangerous material for PM-ship.

But let's not be too harsh with the budak kecil as every man jack in Malaysian politics is now supporting the Rohingyas, obviously to secure the votes of local Muslims. What bloody hypocrites but alas, they are after all politicians.


  1. The strong parallels between the fate of the Palestinians and the Rohingyas. Disenfranchised, homes destroyed, then forcibly ejected by a powerful military machine that sees them as undesirables.

    As a persecuted Muslim minority, most of the world's powers are turning their back on them.
    China has backed the Burmese generals for decades.
    The Trump Administration couldn't be bothered about a Muslim minority.
    The EU is making some polite noises, but don't expect any stronger action than that.

    1. No parallel. I am a strong supporter of Palestinians because I sympathise with them for Israelis driving them out of their homes and to this day, still persecuting them.

      The Rohingyas were not Burmese, imported by the Brits into Burma. On top of which the Rohingyas wanted to be part of East Pakistan (today's Bangladesh) but Ali Jinnah rejected them. They then wanted to form their own nation out of Arakan which the Brits rejected.

      They were arrogant and abusive of the local Burmese, treating them in a vile racist way.

      There is no parallel at all

    2. What a waste of time, arguing with a single track mind of everything within the ummat MUST be defended, good, bad & urgly!!


    Budak Kecil Najib also playing bullshit on the Rohingyas.

  3. My fear is that, as Muslim emotions in the country are fanned to angry heights by politicians in the country, it will eventually deteriorate into an ugly Muslims against Buddhist issue, and there could well be hate violence carried out against Buddhists or Buddhist institutions in the country.

    As it is , there is already violence and intimidation carried out by Muslim Myanmars , who form the majority of Myanmarese in Malaysia, against Buddhist Myanmars.

    Malaysia has a history of zero tolerance against foreigners bringing their conflicts into this country - both arguing sides usually get deported - but Rohingyas are receiving Kid glove treatment, for obvious reasons.

    1. Malaysia has an un-welcome notoriety of interfering and intruding into the internal affairs of neighbouring countries whenever such affairs involved muslim insurgencies, such as in Southern Philippines and Thailand. 'Tis the nature of the beast.

    2. so what mukhriz twit do sync to malaysia way, or u have many many std depend on who say what?

    3. your arguments has become more and more silly and pathetic - best keep your mouth shut so people would only think you're a fool. If you open your mouth they would know you are indeed one, wakakaka