Monday, October 26, 2015

Zero's fiddling while our Rome burns

Sydney Morning Herald

Disaster has put Indonesia top of carbon emissions charts - above even US

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Lindsay Murdoch

South-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media

Indonesian students in Surabaya collect donations for victims of smog pollution during a protest to condemn the performance of President Jokowi's government after its first year in power. Photo: Getty Images

Bangkok: A conservation scientist has described an acrid haze choking parts of South-east Asia as one of the worst ever man-made environmental disasters, saying that it is affecting about 40 million people.

Eric Meijaard, an associate professor at the University of Queensland, warns the pollution levels of toxic carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone are "presently off the scale".

Thick smoke from a peatland fire in the Ogan Ilir district in Palembang, South Sumatra, earlier this month.
Thick smoke from a peatland fire in the Ogan Ilir district in Palembang, South Sumatra, earlier this month. Photo: Getty Images

"Not only is there appalling human suffering, with hundreds of thousands of people ill and many dead, the fires are a massive economic cost to the Indonesian economy," said Professor Meijaard, an expert on Indonesia's forests who co-ordinates the environmental program Borneo Futures.

Thousands of fires caused by slash-and-burn farming have blanketed parts of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia for almost two months, forcing many schools to close and flights and international events to be cancelled.

Late last week the haze spread to southern Thailand, with record high pollution levels.

Last month I posted Smoke gets in Indon's eyes, in which I had penned:

Indonesia has got it f* wrong in highlighting that Malaysian (and Singapore) companies are among those responsible for bush burning activities involved in clearing wooded areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan for plantation development, thus being also responsible for the horrid toxic smoke haze affecting Malaysia, Singapore and most of SE Asia.

Indeed, it doesn't f* matter whether the companies are from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Swaziland or Iceland. The forest fires causing humongous volumes of poisonous carcinogenic smoke and pollution to drift north to most of SE Asia (where Malaysian schools have been forced to close two days ago) are in, would you believe, the nation of Indonesia.

And who is f* responsible for stuff in Indonesia?

Indon then has either the unfounded and silly unhelpful pride
to refuse Sing's offer to send aircraft to help put out the fires
* - see The Strait Times' Jakarta declines help to fight fires, leading to us to suspect rather unkindly, whether she prefers to continue her chief export to Malaysia and Singapore - no thank you.

* it initially refused but subsequently (after much criticisms from its northern neighbours has grudgingly accepted

A message to Indon: Take f* action or allow us to send resources to help dowse those pollutant producing forest fires in your country. You must do something to stop poisoning your neighbours.

Memegang teguhlah kepada Sila Kedua Indonesia, yaitu, "Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab".

Okay, we're facing the worst cancer-causing pollution in 133 years since the explosion of Krakatoa on 27 August 1883, also of Indonesian origin.

The Krakatoa explosion was/is said to be akin to the 'volcanic winter' which was what caused the global climate changes of AD (CE) 535-536.

Wikipedia states: The extreme weather events of 535–536 were the most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2,000 years. The event is thought to have been caused by an extensive atmospheric dust veil, possibly resulting from a large volcanic eruption in the tropics, and/or debris from space impacting the Earth. Its effects were widespread, causing unseasonal weather, crop failures, and famines worldwide.

... and indeed the fall of several empires and civilizations.

It is not unlikely that in years to come, many of our people and those in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand, especially children, may become victims of cancer and other health sickness as a result of breathing in carcinogenic substances year after year from the Indonesian smoke haze which has been plaguing us.

Then there is the economic factor where Indonesian northern neighbours have suffered enormously incalculable losses.

Will these spell the eventual end of the hitherto hearty health of our Malaysian society if not our civilisation?

Apart from making some futile gestures and mild criticisms of the culprit, what have our 222 MPs been doing to deal with this gargantuan human disaster which is severely, nay, even fatally affecting our human and national economic problem?

They're f* busy quarreling among themselves over a relatively minor issue.

And just how much did he as PM lose for Malaysia? 

F* Rome, I have my personal priorities 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Preemptive Strike in Machiavellian PKR?

The Star Online - It's just a rumour, says Saifuddin on "Rawang Move"

don't turn around mate, it might be a stiletto next


Has someone in PKR launched a preemptive strike against Saifuddin Abdullah?

But first, what is a "preemptive strike"?

There are many definitions and explanations in the dictionary and on the web. Let's use this one from the Free Dictionary:

A first-strike attack with nuclear weapons carried out to destroy an enemy's capacity to respond. A preemptive strike is based on the assumption that the enemy is planning an imminent attack.

It's not the best definition there is. Firstly, a preemptive strike might not involve nuclear weapons at all. Secondly, it might not have the assumption of an enemy planning an imminent attack.

Let me provide two examples: firstly, in the 6-Day War between Israel and Egypt there was no nuclear weapons involved; secondly, in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 07 December 1941 the USA had not planned any attack on Japan, let alone an imminent one.

Japan preemptively attacked the US Navy in the Pacific because she was about to attack British, Dutch and American possessions in SE Asia and didn't want the powerful American Pacific naval force to interfere nor obstruct its invasion.

Anyway, preemptive attack in politics means you attack a potential enemy or rival before the enemy or rival poses problems to your own career plans and/or ambitions including an attack on you.

So, has someone preemptively attack Saifuddin by saying there was a 'Rawang Move' a la the 'Kajang Move' where a sacrificial PKR goat, usually a PKR Chinese ADUN, would make way to create a by-election for a party princeling?

The 'Kajang Move' saw the ouster of Khalid Ibrahim, who admittedly had been a stubborn man who didn't understand his party's instruction to vacate the Selangor MB position and his obligation to obey party instructions.

the indignity of it, not even a professional razor sharp steel stiletto

but a lousy satay stick with splinters and all - bastards 

Perhaps someone fears Saifuddin Abdullah as another Zaid Ibrahim, gaining significant prominence and ascendancy in PKR, and with this preemptive strike, a rumoured/false allegation (more of an accusation) of a coup a la the overburnt Kajang Satay, aims to put Saifuddin and his backers on the defensive.

But frankly, if there is indeed a faction backing Saifuddin for higher office, such preemptive strike will not deter the faction's intention, that is, if there ever has been one.

If there's ever a more politically Machiavellian party than UMNO, guess which party? Wakakaka.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tony Pua's 'pasembur' could have been worse

From Malaysian Chronicle:

Dei, it wasn't me
Aiyoyo, c'mon man, don't sabo me lah

The attached image was circulating widely via Whatsapp yesterday, particularly among the Indian community.

Based on the image, I had allegedly tweeted that “The Indians really behave like thugs and act like Pariah! i will not be threathen by them!”

The above tweet is clearly a fake image and I have never written anything remotely close to what was written above. It is clearly fake because you would notice that the time stamp next to every tweet has been removed.

In addition, I would like to think that I would not misspell “threaten”, nor would I be grammatically wrong when it should be “threatened”.

Regardless, I have never used the word “pariah” to describe anyone and I most certainly do not believe that Indians “behave like thugs”. However there are those among us – Chinese, Indians, Malays, who do behave like thugs. The person or persons who made the above image is certainly a shameless “thug”, regardless of his race.

Aisehman, aiyam an Oxford graduate lah, no such bad spelling this kind one man - alamak, 'threathen'?, some more one kinda grammar

Perhaps the above malicious fake tweet, was a vicious response to me when I described those who had prevented licensed Indian traders from setting up their stalls, and those who disrupted my press conference at the Deepavali Bazaar in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya last week as “thugs”. They had come to intimidate those who were present by heckling, shoving and spewing unprintable expletives.

Pua asserted that the fake tweet was likely related to the very recent brouhaha (between Tony Pua and some PKR people) over the Deepavali Bazaar at Sungai Way, where some dissatisfied traders at the old bazaar site and who happened to be PKR members showed their anger at Pua for the re-location of the bazaar to just the next lane which has more space for new traders.

What man, this is only council matters
My dearest friend Tony should stick to federal issues lah
And don't simply blame blame one

Yesterday TMI reported: On Sunday, Petaling Jaya mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain announced that traders who wanted to use the old site for the bazaar would be allowed to do so.

This followed the council's earlier announcement that the bazaar would be relocated to Jalan SS9A/12. Yesterday, Pua expressed shock at the reversal of the initial decision made by the Petaling Jaya City Council, saying they had succumbed to thuggery led by several PKR grassroots leaders.

Aisehman, storm in a teacup one lah. Tony Pua should consider himself lucky he has been sabo with just fake tweets, not unlike fake (non-authentic) Penang pasembur.

KNN, Penang pasembur got mee one ker?
And where's the bangkuang, chili sotong and hard-boiled eggs? 

All for you know, he could easily have been the victim of a SD filed by, say (hypothetically), an independent-minded, politically-neutral, civic-conscious and very courageous private inve ... citizen who, very much troubled by his conscience after a few drinks in a pub in (say) Sri Hartamas, could claim he (ie. Pua) was involved in, say something vile and shocking, like the sodomy ("she liked it in the back"),  murder and vile unholy disposal of a beautiful foreign sweetheart.

Praise the Lord, Pua should be thankful for small mercies. Amen!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Has 'no confidence' motion reveal Pakatan's no confidence?

Over at RPK's Malaysia-Today one of his regular contributor Umar Mukhtar posted a piece titled
Signs of things to come: DAP is the boss of Pakatan Harapan.

His article is about the opposition's proposed vote of no-confidence against PM Najib Razak in the coming parliamentary session, and that the DAP has been insisting on the Pakatan Harapan's appointed Chief to table that motion, and not for PKR's Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian to do so. The DAP suggested that Hee withdraw his submission.

Mind, Umar Mukhtar agrees with the DAP's argument that a parliamentary vote of no-confidence against the PM is no small matter, and indeed that should be tabled by none other than the Opposition Leader herself and not someone from the hoi polloi PKR corp of MP.

But nonetheless, even in agreeing with the DAP's stand, Umar Mukhtar wonders that for such an important parliamentary motion by the new Pakatan Harapan (PH), why hasn't PH meet over the issue to decide, for example, who does what?

But aha, he actually has the answer already and readily provides same as follows:

I guess DAP has not called for it yet. Until it does, nobody else is supposed to move.

Meanwhile, DAP just plays to the gallery and milks the silly situation through the social media. After all, to propagate after losing the vote will be an anti-climax.

But PKR did make a move and initiated an action. What upstart, some in DAP’s inner circle may say. Except that, being haphazardly led, PKR lost the forest for the trees. So a nondescript MP was asked to table the all-important vote. Surely it it was not his own idea!

In other words, the DAP as the alleged PH's de facto boss decides and Dr Wan Azizah, the putative or de jure leader of the federal opposition, shall obey, hence the title of his post.

Umar also argues that PKR would be motivated to tremblingly obey (wakakaka) as it needs DAP support to survive the next general election, which to me is a completely new angle to how PKR had been behaving towards the DAP (and other allies) in the last two general elections and in particular the state elections in Sarawak, wakakaka - indeed, like the Imperator of Pakatan, wakakaka again.

Anyway, I welcome Umar's analysis in above paragraph and hope he's correct because it would be a nice welcomed change to see PKR behaving itself when it comes to issuing coalition policy, especially on the matter of seat allocation among coalition members, and not for it to make unilateral media announcements without consulting the DAP or Amanah (previously PAS) a la the Kajang Satay Folly, actions which usually result in the DAP screaming "WTF" on reading the newspaper headlines the following morning, wakakaka.

Oh, of course we also know that PKR is in desperate need of PAS support for GE-14, where its very survival as a political party in the next election requires cooperation in the Heartland from the Islamic Party.

Hence PKR is currently indulging in a politically bigamous behaviour, sleeping with DAP in legal matrimony while having an illicit raba raba affair with PAS, wakakaka.

Don't believe me? Please recall that we have been informed by Dr Wan and Azmin Ali that PKR will work with EVERYBODY, where I hope you appreciate the significance of the all-embracing word 'EVERYBODY', wakakaka.

Coming back to Umar Mukhtar's article I have to respectfully disagree with his allegation that the DAP has already and peremptorily seized or exercised power as the de facto head of PH, though it's a wonderfully titillating allegation in the current political situation, which the Italians have a phrase for, to wit, se non è vero, è molto ben trovato, which means (even) if it is not true, it is very well invented, wakakaka.

As if that wasn't enough grist to the mill, Umar went one step beyond by arguing that the DAP, being annoyed by PKR's Hee Loy Sian instead of Dr Wan tabling the no-confidence motion, further showed its displeasure through Tony Pua chiding PKR's Sivarasa over the latter's naughty advice (though some saw that as a warning) to Pua over the Sungei Way Deepavali bazaar petty traders' issue.

The Sungai Way Deepavali bazaar issue has been a completely different kettle of fish, in which Tony Pua had "... stressed in a statement that the local council, Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ), should not negotiate with and bow to thugs who use force and intimidation to get their way ...", regardless of those involved who apparently included "... a PKR division deputy chief, a PKR division secretary and various PKR councilors from other districts ... who, in accordance with Pakatan's (or at least DAP's) C.A.T policy ... should not receive any preferential treatment just because of their party status.”

The chiding or if you like, wrist slapping (wakakaka) of Sivarasa was in regards to an issue separately from and totally independent of who in PH should be tabling the parliamentary motion. Hmmm, I have to say Umar has been rather cheeky or naughty in his attempt at weaving or intertwining the two different issues together to consolidate on his allegation of who is boss in PH.

The reality is not so sinister as Umar wants us to believe. My take on why the DAP had been unhappy that the motion to be tabled by the opposition leader was instead done by an apparently eager and quick-off-the-mark Hee Loy Sian rather than Dr Wan Azizah herself (a sentiment which Umar Mukhtar himself agrees that the DAP has been correct) has to do with a politically reluctant Dr Wan Azizah.

She is not known as a 'reluctant politician' for nothing. For a long time I sense, and indeed I'm not the only one too, she is not really enthusiastic about such politicking and I suspect Hee Loy Sian must have gallantly tabled that no-confidence motion to 'spare her the trouble'.

Surely a party MP wouldn't have tabled such an important motion all by himself without consultation with party leaders? And just to remind everyone, Umar Mukhtar agrees too because he wrote (see above): ... being haphazardly led, PKR lost the forest for the trees. So a nondescript MP was asked to table the all-important vote. Surely it was not his own idea! 

Amen to that!

We could argue from our experience with her mannerisms that she has only one single political interest, to wit, to free her husband from prison. It's a commendable tribute to her character as an admirable and devoted Muslim wife ...

... and, indeed also as a loving mother, as I had witnessed her on Aus TV (a decade ago?) when she was interviewed about Anwar Ibrahim's (initial) incarceration. Then she couldn't resist or couldn't help bubbling over what was a non sequitur during the interview (which was about Anwar and Malaysian politics). She beamed and proudly announced to the surprise of the TV interviewer that her daughter Nurul Izzah had graduated successfully in her engineering degree.

I and probably everyone viewing that Aus TV program could see the initial surprise on the face of the TV interviewer and then his total lack of interest (about Nurul Izzah's graduation). The bloke nodded perfunctorily though he was gracious enough to congratulate her but in a manner which left no doubt that he wanted to return to talking about Anwar the politician rather than Nurul the newly graduated engineer.

Some time not too long ago, it has been said that she had been having (maybe still has?) much problems in looking after her federal and state constituencies, respectively Permatang Pauh and Kajang, as there were numerous complaints against her and her alleged absence from her constituencies by local residents. She was referred to as a 'sleeping YB', an unfortunate title held earlier by AAB.

Following several attacks by BN pollies on her non-performance as a MP and ADUN, both Azmin Ali (PKR) and Lim Guan Eng (DAP) offered to look after Dr Wan’s constituencies.

But our dear Mukhriz Mahathir wasn't satisfied with that, stating quite correctly: “I’m perplexed about that too because usually a Member of Parliament will be responsible for her own area, she can’t be depending on other people.”

“So that, to me, proves that they don’t really understand the responsibility and role of a Member of Parliament.”

“A representative in a parliamentary seat is a heavy responsibility. They have to look after the people and speak up for them in Parliament. That’s why when you want to choose your representative here ... most important thing is who among those contesting can defend your rights.”

Oh the poor lady, and she only wants to be a good wife and mum.

I suspect the only reason she is still appointed Opposition Leader of PH is:

  • PH needs a Malay Leader,
  • Anwar Ibrahim is not around,
  • Nurul Izzah is far too young,
  • DAP is a bit wary of Amanah after the PAS encounter
  • Besides, non-Malay voters may not support PH with an Amanah man as its leader, especially after the PAS hudud demand
  • Most of the DAP and Amanah people don't trust nor like Azmin Ali and perhaps even shudder at the very thought of him being the Pakatan Harapan Chief, wakakaka

Sorry Datin, you may be reluctant but your country coalition still needs you, wakakaka.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Will an ABU-ed Saifuddin Abdullah be Zaid-ized?

So ... or as the Japanese would say, so desu ne, wakakaka, not that I know Japanese well ...

... our dear Saifuddin Abdullah has now joined PKR (dipendapat saya, Parti Kosong Reformasi, wakakaka).

Oh dear, I have so many things to write of his move to PKR but I have to make do with just this post, at least for a while wakakaka.

Yes indeed, I had wanted to blog on the following issues (just sharing my earlier thoughts):

  • Saifuddin's impact on Pakatan Harapan.
  • Will Saifuddin contest Temerloh in GE-14?
  • Will Saifuddin, already ABU-ed by Pakatan, be further Zaid-ized by PKR? Wakakaka.

But I suppose I have to make do with just this post, apart from my inclined laziness yesterday, and can you blame as it was such a lovely Sunday?

But let's make use of above dot-points to discuss some likely outcomes of Saifuddin's change of political allegiance.

Firstly, let me make it very clear that, as Saifuddin is NOT holding any federal or state constituency from the 2013 general elections (in fact the poor bloke lost his seat), he is NOT a frog, not like, for example, Mrs Hee was in the 2008 GE term. Mrs Hee won her ADUN seat for Jelapang under the DAP banner but subsequently switched her allegiance to BN while still holding that state seat within that same election term - a case of her disregarding the voters' choice, which in the end she paid for it (or as some alleged, was paid for it, wakakaka).

Yang diPertuan DUN manhandled forcefully out of DUN  

Another example would be Kamaruddin Jaafar. He was the PAS MP for Tumpat, elected in 2013, but left the Islamic party recently to join PKR. He took the Tumpat seat along with him to PKR.

Nik Nazmi, PKR Youth Chief, argued that there was nothing wrong with Kamaruddin exercising his right to freedom of movement or freedom of association by citing that former PKR treasurer Abdul Rahman Othman had left PKR in 2007 for PAS.

On the issue of frogology, Nik's argument has been pathetic in missing the principal point because Abdul Rahman did NOT win nor hold any federal or state seat under the PKR banner when he moved to PAS and thus was under no moral or honour-bound constraint to exercise his freedom of association, but Kamruddin Jaafar did in holding the PAS-won Tumpat seat when he joined PKR.

Okay, so current election laws bar any MP or ADUN from standing in elections for 5 years if he/she resigns prematurely before his or her term as a people's representative has expired, and is thus a damper on that MP (or ADUN) making a voluntary honorable resignation when changing party allegiance before an election term is up.

But then, shouldn't all MPs or at least federal opposition MPs be raising this in parliament to change this stupid election law ages ago, instead of wasting valuable parliamentary time in debating silly issues on whether a convict like Anwar Ibrahim should be able to vote in Permatang Puah, and various other publicity-seeking gimmickry such as a convict with a bad back, bad shoulder, bad this, bad that, be allowed to serve his convicted sentence in his own house (and why not the Istana Negara where he can then play catur or draughts everyday with the Agong?).

Anyway, a political frog is one who wins a federal or state seat (or even both) under the aegis or banner of Party A and subsequently within the same election term changes political allegiance to Party B and takes along the seat(s) he/she had won under Party A to his/her new Party B, a bloody subversion of the people's (voters') will/choice!

And let's not forget someone's 916 Gambit was promoting precisely such subversion of the ballot box, a vile disrespect for the supremacy of the people's voting preference.

I am not sure whether you are aware that Saifuddin Abdullah has been one of the UMNO few that I like or accept as a reasonable politician, the others (in the latter category) whose names I could easily pluck off from the air would be UMNO headkicker and at times obnoxious minister, Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz and former Trades Minister Rafidah Aziz.

Poor Saifuddin was ABU-ed in the 2013 general elections. In case you might have forgotten, ABU stands for Asal Bukan UMNO or Anyone But UMNO.

While I admire and support Brother Haris Ibrahim and understand why he launched the ABU campaign, I did not support the ABU campaign per se as I believe (still do) that it was far far too indiscriminating a la a single Chinese bamboo sweeping down everyone in its path.

Hence I have often lamented the tragic ABU-rization of this politically-moderate UMNO man in favour of a man who has blamed Valentine's Day and New Year parties as responsible for Malay single mothers who abandoned their babies.

In many ways I blame the mindless moronic mentality of some voters, especially non-Malay voters (yes, Chinese and Indians) who lashed out blindly, indulged stupidly in an Aladdin-like "new lamps for old lamps"* and allowed PAS Nasrudin Hasan to replace Saifuddin. ABU should instead be Asal Bukan Ulama, wakakaka.

* by the by, just an entertaining trivia, if you weren't aware, Aladdin was Chinese as was his wife Princess Badrouldbadour who made the lamp exchange, wakakaka. Coincidence? Wakakakaka again. But they were probably Muslim Chinese in Xinjiang. Their principal foe was a sorcerer from the Maghreb (western North Africa)

Aladdin or Ah Lah Ting in the Magic Garden

Princess Badrouldbadour 

Okay, so how will Saifuddin's presence or membership in PKR impact on the national political landscape?

Political analysts opine that he won't make much of an impact. One of them, associate Prof Dr Ahmad Nizamuddin Sulaiman of UKM, gave a more or less common observance, commenting to the MM Online that:

“I think Saifuddin, his idea of being moderate is suitable for PKR. All this while his views in Umno were also being rejected he’s not comfortable in Umno even from the very beginning when he was a deputy minister.

“But he’s a moderate-ideas figure, not a leader with huge grassroots supporters that is strong. He’s not very public like Anwar in Permatang Pauh.

“I don’t think he can swing a lot of votes.”

I personally believe it's time for low-key, decent, serious and deep thinking politicians like Saifuddin Abdullah (then UMNO, now PKR), Hanipa Maidin (then PAS, now Amanah), Dr Bari (then PKR, now DAP), Liew Chin Tong (DAP), Zairil Khir (DAP), Ti Lian Ker (MCA), Baljit Singh (Gerakan), Ramkarpal Singh (DAP) and my matey Hsu Dar Ren (then Gerakan, now partyless) to grace our politics.

I have had enough of flamboyant, attention-grabbing or even ultra-robust heel-snapping brand of politics as demonstrated by Anwar Ibrahim and his former mentor Mahathir (plus mouthpieces Pak Kadir Jasin and former Min-Info Zainuddin Maidin), Lim Kit Siang, Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli (both are okay when they stick to their economic forte and not so-called strategic but stupid politicking like the nonsensical overburnt Kajang Satay), and those vile bigots from UMNO & 'associates' or oppressive ulamas who misuse god's divine name to threaten people with brimstone and fire.

Our politics need more Truman's than Roosevelt's, more Anwar Sadat's than Gamal Abdel Nasser's and more Zhou Enlai's than Mao Zedong's. And it need to be said that on the DAP side I would like NOW to see more of Tan Chee Khoon's* than Lim Kit Siang's, wakakaka.

(the late) Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon

* the late Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon was not of DAP but initially the Labour Party and thus Socialist Front, then (as a founding member of the original 1969) Gerakan before he left in disgust over Gerakan joining Razak's BN, to form his own Pekemas. A truly great Malaysian and a politican respected by both sides of politics.

Moving on, we have been informed there was allegedly a certain someone (wakakaka) who wanted as many of our federal constituencies to be made up of mixed ethnicity voter composition, along an average of 60 to 70% Malays and 30 to 40% non-Malays, because in those days, the majority of the 'nons' would be pro-BN. Thus even if the Malays were split right down the middle between UMNO and PAS, the 'nons' would determine the results in those constituencies in favour of the BN.

"So it has been said, so it shall be was done."

Guess where this phrase originally came from? Wakakaka.

Temerloh is one of such constituencies, having voters made up of 64% Malays, 33% 'nons' (and about 3% 'others'). But alas for that 'brilliant' strategist, his desired 'mixed ethnicity' constituencies were to ricochet on his party with a wee adverse repercussion.

The tsunamic swell in 2008 saw BN lost its 2/3 majority (held since 1974 when Razak's newly formed BN won 135 out of 154 federal seats).

Pakatan Rakyat's strength gained more grounds by 2013, enhanced not only by the ABU campaign but by a younger generation becoming new voters, which turned such 'mixed' constituencies into liabilities rather than assets for the BN. Temerloh in 2013 has 46% of its voters below the age of 39 and another 20% below 49.

In fact, one of PAS (Erdogen's) strategies was to capture around 60 such federal seats with the support of Chinese and Indian votes, hence its initial enthusiastic embrace of the non-Muslims and its promotion of the 'welfare state' instead of the unpalatable-to-non-Muslim hudud.

Now, regardless of how divine hudud is to Muslims, the 'nons' view the Islamic legal code of punishment with much fear and trepidation, and you can't blame them as hudud is not part of their religious beliefs and they sure as hell (excuse the pun) aren't going to trust their hands, skins and other bodily parts, let alone their lives, to religious blokes who claim instant 'connections' to the Almighty.

But thankfully, and maybe by the will and grace of god (Alhamdulillah), the ulama faction in PAS regresses to its intrinsic DNA, reveals its true 'nature' beneath its 'welfare' clothing and thus spares us in time of painful surprises in a frightening future.

And 'twas said that erstwhile Quranic-verse sprouting (DAP) politicians went into hallelujah-ing gratitude, wakakaka.

Anyway, it needs to be said that poor AAB and Ah Jib Gor inherited those alleged 'sculptured' political electorates and thus suffered from them, when BN lost the 2/3 majority that these 'mixed' constituencies were supposed to ensure, wakakaka. Yessir, Melayu shouldn't mudah lupa whence then they should have thanked the man allegedly behind those 'brilliant' electoral compositions for their respective poor performances, wakakaka again.

An example of above was Saifuddin holding Temerloh in 2008 with 52% of the votes, but losing to PAS Nasrudin Hassan in the following 2013 election when the tsunamic swell was at its apex. By then, Saifuddin obtained only 48% of the votes while Nasrudin won the former BN stronghold with approximately 50%, by a slim majority of 1.62% or 1070 votes. All Saifuddin needed was just another 536 votes but alas that was not to be. The Temerloh turnout was admirably 85.6% of registered voters.

It could be said that Temerloh in 2013 confers upon the federal constituency a political bellwether status, where 'bellwether' means a national trend as in the election result in Temerloh indicating a national trend - its 2013 results of Saifuddin Abdullah UMNO at 48% of the votes against Nasrudin Hassan's 50% more or less reflected the national result for UMNO-BN at 46% against Pakatan's 51%. So keep an eye on Temerloh in 2018, wakakaka. 

What will happen if PKR were to stand Saifuddin Abdullah in Temerloh again in the 2018 or 14th General Elections, say against PAS Nasrudin Hassan? But will they since PKR has a cozy PRIVATE arrangement with PAS outside of Pakatan Harapan? And with PAS also having an unsaid 'arrangement' with UMNO, one can only wonder which party or who will be standing in Temerloh?

If PKR dares not stand against PAS in Temerloh, then I would encourage DAP to stand Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji as its candidate there. Tengku Zulpuri is already the ADUN for the state seat of Mentakap which is happily within the federal parliamentary seat of Temerloh. DAP has no obligation to avoid contesting PAS, and since it's an issue between DAP and PAS, PKR has no say at all - f* PKR, wakakaka.

A few days ago, Zaid Ibrahim said he has doubts Saifuddin can make Pakatan stronger. I wonder whether Zaid has been diplomatic in not wanting to say bluntly that outside of the Anwar Ibrahim family-coterie which includes Azmin Ali, PKR only accepted or accepts members like himself (and many others who had long left PKR in disgust like himself) and now Saifuddin Abdullah as only machai (beh-knia in Penang Hokkien) or in more polite English, supporting cast.

By the by, can anyone visualize PKR top leadership beyond Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah or even Nurul Nuha?

sorry lah, there's little room at a pyramid top  

Zaid Ibrahim was reported by the Star Online as follows:

"I was in a hurry to be a leader of Pakatan Rakyat and paid the price. He should be more careful," the former law minister told The Star Online.

Although Saifuddin, who on Thursday announced that he was joining PKR, would be a great asset to the party, Zaid said he was less convinced that he could make the Opposition pact stronger.

"Even (former Opposition leader Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) could not do that," he said, and advised Saifuddin to play it safe in his new party.

Zaid was referring to the time when he decided to contest for the PKR deputy presidency despite being a newcomer.

He later withdrew his candidacy, alleging fraud and electoral misconduct by his opponent, Azmin Ali.

Zaid subsequently resigned from the party in November 2010, saying he had lost confidence in the PKR leadership.

Zaid was a former Minister in the Prime Minister's Department overseeing legal affairs and judicial reforms under Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He resigned from the post after criticising the detention of several people under the Internal Security Act in 2008.

Saifuddin, before joining PKR on Thursday, was facing disciplinary action in Umno for attending a round-table discussion by the Opposition on the rebirth of the coalition as Pakatan Harapan.

However, Zaid believed Saifuddin would not end up like him.

"No, he is a better politician so he is more adept. Anyway, situations have changed," he said.

Zaid Ibrahim had a torrid time in PKR. It was said he was sabo kau kau right in the back (okay lah, between the shoulders, wakakaka) by someone in PKR (wakakaka again) in the Hulu Selangor by-election on 25 April 2010.

Apart from that he also experienced amazing EC-like party election process ..... but wait, my apologies to the EC as it has had no experience on par with the PKR party elections in 2010, wakakaka.

Then, Brother Haris Ibrahim of the People's Parliament blog was informed by Zaid Ibrahim's polling agent, Rashid Azad Khan, of phantom voters in PKR Kubang Pasu. Zaid’s polling agent reported that the voter turnout in Kubang Pasu was only 84, yet the result mysteriously showed Azmin winning with 80 votes while Zaid obtained 76, a total number exceeding the actual turnout by 72 votes, wakakaka.

Shades of the phantom voters that PKR had blamed UMNO for! Wakakaka again.

Rashid also pointed out that there was a 30-minute blackout (wakakaka) immediately after the election ended but candidates’ agents were not allowed into the polling room, at a time when the ballot boxes were still not sealed. He also mentioned an election officer was caught on camera wearing Azmin’s campaign badge, raising questions over the officials’ impartiality.

The gravest indication of the questionable polling process came to light after Zaid’s agent lodged a complaint on the extra 72 votes as well as his exclusion from the polling room during the blackout. Rashid Azad Khan said the party election monitor decided, probably in the face of such damning complaints, that the Kubang Pasu result should be a tie of 81 to 81.


Undoubtedly, in the annals of Malayan and Malaysian election experience, it was an amazing, bizarre and unprecedented decision, where the election official not only raised the total votes cast to 78 above the actual turnout (instead of the earlier extra 72 votes), but could rule arbitrarily on a fairy tale result, from the earlier dodgy 80 to 76 to an outrageously ta'malu fabricated nonsense of 81 to 81.

And PKR dares to use the slogan of ReformasiEC, eat your bloody heart out, wakakaka.

According to Haris Ibrahim, Rashid Azad Khan then confirmed that the Zaid team had evidence in hand of the fraud in Kubang Pasu and had communicated this to Saifuddin Nasution, the party's secretary general. Rashid says that Saifuddin Nasution promised to see them but apparently reneged on that promise.

Well, Saifuddin Nasution needn't worry about his broken promise anymore now that Zaid had long left the Deformasi Party, wakakaka.

In the immediate aftermath of his resignation from PKR, Zaid was reviled by PKR as an apostate (though not of Islam but) of ‘manmanlai-ism’. Zaid was then the very epitome of a syaitan-ish frog which came from the UMNO pits of hell to brazenly challenge the PKR consecrated Messiah and his Chosen One.

That he had earlier resigned from his position as Law Minister on principles, in a protest against an UMNO minister allowing the misuse of ISA against a Chinese news media reporter and a DAP politician, did not highlight his integrity, political courage and personal character, no, not in the least, because he had committed a far greater sin, in insolently and sinfully challenging anointed Azmin Ali, Anwar's heir apparent and destined by Providence to ascend and ascend and ascend (at least guaranteed within PKR).

To anwaristas, Zaid was also a man driven to bitterness by his loss in the Hulu Selangor by-election to a tambi novice (can’t remember his name - was it Kamal, Nathan or Hands-kissy-one?), but of course they failed to take into account who had contributed to his loss, such as providing UMNO with photographs of him in the Muslim indiscretion of yamseng-ing.

According to RPK then, the backstabber was not an UMNO or pro UMNO person but … gulp .. gasp .. no, surely not, it can't be .. alamak … a PKR man – one who saw Zaid as a (then) most imminent potential threat to his own party position.

Thus I wonder whether poor Saifuddin Abdullah may be Zaid-ized kau kau if he does not know his place in PKR, as one no more than a mere machai.

As I had once lamented about Zaid and now I do the same for Saifuddin Abdullah, he should have joined DAP where he would have been well received and accorded a proper high position in accordance with his merits, talents and, undeniably for a DAP looking desperately for top class Malay leadership, his Malay ethnicity.