Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lim Guan Eng continues strafing Penang PKR Chijnese ADUNs

TMI - Guan Eng not convinced PKR 5 abstained based on conscience (relevant extracts):

PKR’s Johari Abdul has failed to convince Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng that five PKR assemblypersons who abstained from voting against an Umno motion on reclamation did so based on their conscience.

“When he (Johari) said that the PKR 5 voted according to their conscience, does it mean that the four other PKR assemblymen who voted against the Umno motion, did not have any conscience?” Lim asked at a press conference today.

KT comment: I'll have more to say about this "conscience voting" soon, wakakaka.

The four PKR leaders who supported the state government in rejecting the Umno motion were Deputy Chief Minister I Rashid Hasnon (Pantai Jerejak), state executive councillors Abdul Malik Kassim (Batu Maung) and Dr Afif Bahardin (Seberang Jaya), and deputy speaker Maktar Shapee.

KT comment: Reminder, 4 Chinese PKR Aduns abstained from voting against the UMNO proposal which is the same as voting with UMNO or alternatively, voting AGAINST the 4 Malay PKR Aduns who voted together with the DAP-led Pakatan state government, one of whom is Rashid Hasnon, the DCM I of Penang.

“Do they not have any conscience when they do not want to see the state go bankrupt?” Lim queried, when asked to response to Johari’s statement at a press conference held in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. [...]

Lim reiterated that cancellation of projects can bring big consequences to Penang, saying that the compensation amount would run into RM1 billion or more.

“As a government, we have to behave responsibly, which is why the four PKR assemblymen voted against the Umno motion.

“They cannot risk Penang going bankrupt,” Lim said.

Lim said Johari may have been aware of the facts of the incident before announcing his support for the PKR rebels.

Johari may not know that the PKR reps did not inform Rashid, whom DAP recognises as the party leader in Penang, before they abstained from voting, Lim added.

“This is unacceptable,” he said. Lim has earlier accused Ong, who led the other four in abstention, of attempting to topple Rashid, which Ong had denied.

This is Part II to my earlier post Chinese PKR against DAP four days ago.

Lim GE obviously isn't going to allow the 5 PKR Aduns of Penang (4 of them Chinese versus 4 Malay PKR Aduns, where the latter voted with the DAP-led state government) get away with their virtually anti-Pakatan voting with the pathetic weak attempt by PKR HQ to broad brush away their political rebellion.

From Lim's comments, it's apparently clear that the PKR leadership in Penang (DCM I Rashid Hasnon) was not even aware of the 4 Chinese PKR Aduns' intention to abstain. Thus it could be said that poor unsuspecting Rashid Hasnon had been embarrassingly ambushed-sabotaged by his own party people.

Some people who've criticized Lim GE as being dictatorial obviously don't understand Westminster parliamentary procedures or rather process, where "conscience vote" by party parliamentarians (or Aduns) is only allowed when the highest party leadership publicly permits it, but as we know, such permission was NOT given by PKR prior to the voting.

Malaysiakini also reported: On the merits of the motion itself, Lim said demanding that DEIA or public consultation to be carried out is “redundant” as these are already provided for under federal laws.

Lim also refuted Farid’s call for new reclamation projects to be halted, saying it included those approved by the previous government, prior to 2008.

He challenged Farid to request that the federal government provide an indemnity in the event compensation needs to be paid out of the Penang government coffers.

“If you just want to study projects which are yet to be approved, then we don't need such a motion, as existing laws already compel the state government to do so before any approval is given,” Lim said.

“We need to look at the financial consequences of this motion, if you don't follow the contract, you need to pay,” he added.

That's responsible governance and public accountability, which PKR should bloody learn, and not only in parliamentary process but also in forming alliance with a political party which is strongly and defiantly against Pakatan Harapan as well as in photo-ops with unfriendly aliens, wakakaka.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Manglish gone salad

TMI - Deputy speaker regrets ‘Scissors Salad’ on Parliament dinner menu

 Malaysian Scissor Salad, wakakaka 

a modern version (with avocado & mushroom) of what Caesar Cardini was forced by lack of 'normal' kitchen supplies to create (in a rush) in 1924 in San Diego, USA, but which my patriotic duty urges me to declare would be no fight with our Scissor Salad, wakakaka

Aiyah, dinna ye fret Datuk Ronald Kiandee, and don't blame that poor bloke or sweetie who wrote the menu.

After all, he/she is probably a product of our much mangled education system which gives us our notorious Manglish.

Yes, our education system had been mangled kau kau by our succession of Education Ministers (including the 'Mentor' and his 'Mentee', wakakaka) who treated Malaysian children's education like a political football for their personal intraparty standing.

By the by, have you heard of Chateaubriand steak?

During Napoleon Bonaparte's time, Chef Montmireil prepared this by-now famous dish for the Vicomte François-René de Chateaubriand, an interesting bloke who served as an ambassador for his emperor, and who was also a writer and historian. Chateaubriand is considered as the founder of romanticism in French literature. The chef named the steak dish after the Viscount.

I love (still do) and used to eat Chateaubriand steak in KL at the Le Coq d'Or (The Golden Cockerel) located on Jalan Ampang. I heard with much sad nostalgia that the restaurant closed down for good in 2001 and the lovely stately-looking building (Bok House) was demolished much against the pleas of local heritage activists.

Le Coq d'Or (Bok House)

ample free parking for customers

The problem with having a Chateaubriand steak was that it was quite a big cut of tenderloin beef which served two (though I was prepared to eat for both if my sweetie partner were to jaga badan, wakakaka). After the steak, we would have Bombe Alaska as desert, yummy. Oh, those wonderful KL days.

If Parliament House were to ever serve Chateaubriand steak, please please don't list it on the menu as Satu-Biryani steak, wakakaka.

Malaysian-styled Chateaubriand (Satu-Biryani) steak?


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PKR's python, princesses & photo

Malay Mail Online - State reps want Nurul Izzah banned permanently from Sabah over Kiram meeting (extracts only):

KOTA KINABALU, Nov 24 — Nurul Izzah Anwar was the centre of attention today at the Sabah legislative assembly, with state lawmakers here still fuming over the PKR lawmaker’s recent photograph with so-called Sulu “princess” Jacel Kiram.

The lawmakers took turns to voice their displeasure at Nurul Izzah’s meeting with Jacel, which they said was insensitive to Sabahans and bordered on treason, and even went as far as to suggest the peninsula-based leader be banned permanently from entering the state.

Datuk Ahmad Bujang (BN-Sindumin) said that whatever excuse Nurul Izzah gave for the meeting was unforgivable, considering the leaders had been photographed holding posters to “Release Anwar” together. [...]

Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail (BN-Pantai Manis) claimed that Nurul Izzah’s family has a history with the Kiram family, noting that Anwar had once met with the late “sultan” Jamalul Kiram III, Jacel’s father and the man said to have started the bloody Lahad Datu incursion in 2013.

“Is this their way of continuing the relationship? If we are defending our sovereignty, we have to curb these incidents at an early stage,” he said. [...]

Jacel’s father was said to be the man who masterminded the armed incursion in Sabah in 2013 that claimed the lives of Malaysian soldiers.

You're it, OK?

OK lah! 

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 24 ― Umno Youth today described the insensitive action of PKR vice-presidents Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah Anwar in organising and meeting with Jacel H. Kiram as bidding goodbye to the Sabahans and their support for the PKR.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said apart from hurting the feelings of the Sabahans, the meeting between the PKR leader and the daughter of former Sulu militant group leader who led the militant intrusion in Lahad Datu in 2013 was also seen as an insult to the deeds and contributions of the security forces personnel who perished in the tragedy.

I disagree with KJ that PKR will lose the Sabah votes.

Yes, Nurul's piss-poor judgement, especially for one touted as a future PM, might have been outrageously insensitive to the families of the dead policemen killed at Lahad Datu with their bodies so cruelly mutilated by the Filipino intruders. However I am not too sure about her photo-ops with Jacel Kiram as likely to cause PKR to lose the votes of those Bangsamoro people in Sabah - au contraire!

Tian Chua has been accused by DPM Ahmad Zahid as the person responsible for the meeting with Jacel Kiram. He stated: "Tian Chua was the man who arranged the meeting. He was the person responsible in connecting with the Sulu sultanate. He has to be very careful with his action." 

Is that true?

If Ahmad Zahid's accusation has been true, then we need to ask ourselves a sensible question: Why would Tian Chua get Nurul involved in a meeting cum dinner which would, as KJ asserted, lose votes for PKR in Sabah?

Tian Chua might have been snaky, as DAP people see him, wakakaka; he might have bitten a policeman, as confirmed by the courts, wakakaka; he might have behaved like a wannabe martyr, as we know of him, wakakaka; but he is not exactly stupid or like sweetie Nurul, politically gullible, wakakaka.

Whatever Tian Chua did or does or will be doing, you can bet there's usually a well thought-out motive behind each of his actions, programs or plans. But surely none of his motives would be so stupid as to antagonize the majority of Sabah voters, especially the not inconsiderable number of Bangsamoro voters there?

So, assuming Ahmad Zahid's accusation has legs, would Tian Chua then be positioning pseudo-Princess Nurul in a cozy photo-ops with so-called Princess Jacel Kiram to win the favour of the Sabah Bangsamoro voters, many of whom have relatives and connections all the way back to southern Philippines, the bailiwick of the so-called royal Kiram family who still have pretensions to ruling Sabah?

Of course, if Zahid's accusation has been untrue, then one wonders WTF has been going on, for Nurul to pose so cozily with Jacel Kiram. She cannot say that she accidentally bumped into the Pinoy sweetie or can she persist in her claim that the meeting was an unavoidable consequence of her host's arrangement.

Yes, Nurul might have been caught in an awkward meeting cum dinner through the arrangements of her Filipino host, but why then did she go that extra and totally unnecessary, insensitive and stupid step into posing cozily in a photo-ops with a woman who's the daughter of Malaysia's enemy, a man who was said to masterminded the armed incursion in Sabah in 2013 that claimed the lives of Malaysian policemen.

What's the reason for Nurul's action?

Would this help release Anwar?

Is Jacel Kiram that reputable and powerful enough to free Anwar as to merit Nurul being in a photo with her?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chinese PKR against DAP

Malaysiakini - Penang Umno motion - PKR reps' conscience, or planned revolt?

The above is an article penned by CM Lim Guan Eng himself. He wrote (relevant extracts only):

The five PKR assemblypersons who abstained from voting cannot be dismissed as an act of a loner, but pre-planned and organised. PKR whip Ong Chin Wen the assemblyperson for Bukit Tengah told the press that the PKR 5 abstained in accordance with their conscience and that it “reflected the current political situation”.

Does this mean that their own four PKR assemblypersons holding government posts, namely Penang deputy speaker Maktar Shapee, the three PKR excos of Deputy Chief Minister I Mohd Rashid Hasnon, Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and Afif Bahardin, who voted against Umno’s motion have no conscience?

What type of current political situation is he talking about when the Umno assemblypersons had earlier opposed PKR’s motion to ask that imprisoned PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, be given medical treatment of his choice as well as refused to answer to questions relating to the RM2.6 billion donation scandal?

Abstention by the PKR 5, as a BN daily emphasised, is as good as supporting Umno’s motion and an “act of mutiny from within”. Can the PKR 5 be counted upon as a reliable or dependable partner, ally or member of the Penang state government?

If you note carefully, the 5 PKR ADUN who did not support the Penang Pakatan government consisted of 4 Chinese, while the 4 PKR ADUN who supported the state government have been all Malays.

I suspect this has more to do with the Chinese section of PKR being ferociously against DAP. Once I had written:

The truth is that PKR (if we leave out the PRM component) has been KeADILan has been UMNO.

It undeniably possesses UMNO genes and characteristics though it claims to be multi-racial, a claim somewhat discredited by Anwar Ibrahim's poor treatment of many of its erstwhile Indian members who left in droves - but then if they hadn't, would Azmin Ali have a chance of becoming party deputy president and eventually party president?

So while the ex-UMNO members represent the core of PKR and dominate party policies and decision making, and precisely because of all these, the nons want so desperately to demonstrate their relevance in the party.

And, hey hey hey, there's the PKR Chinese faction, with its unspoken faction leadership reputed to have been assumed by Tian Chua.

Tian Chua is of course not his birth/legal name, which is Chua Tian Chang. It's obvious he has clung on to his Aussie-given name.

Western nations have this (culturally) bad habit of westernizing Chinese names by relegating the Chinese surname to being the last name (where the western surname stands), thus Chua Tian Chang became Tian Chang Chua, and under the Western-Christian naming concept, which has the First name (Personal or as Malaysians know it, Christian name), then Middle name, and finally Last name (or Surname), Tian was believed to be his 'First' name, thus Tian Chua, not unlike Elvis Presley from Elvis (1st name) Aaron (Middle name) Presley (last name) wakakaka.

Hmmm, I wonder what his parents or siblings call him? Probably Chai or Chang.

For more of Australian (western) mangling of Chinese names, please read my post What's in a name! wakakaka.

And I wonder what role/status former MCA man Chua Jui Meng has in PKR, and what threat he poses to the current leadership of Tian Chua? But sorry, thus has to be another story.

Anyway, long before the 'Lim GE is an arrogant and cocky tokong' brouhaha, courtesy of PKR's Mansor Othman wakakaka, Tian Chua had been well aware that his Heavenly Snake faction in PKR might not have a role at all, or at best only a token one, if Anwar Ibrahim were to see DAP as the Pakatan component to be given responsibility for Chinese and Indian majority constituencies.

Tian Chua's fear has now crystallized into reality and thus become a current contentious issue within PKR, as reported in the Malaysia Chronicle’s MUTINY IN PKR: Anwar under fire for "betraying" members over seats. I'll discuss this further in a while.

Oh, BTW, I was told by a friend that Tian Chua has mucho influence in Malaysian Chronicle, wakakaka.

Thus, prior to 2008, in order to prevent such a terrifying Pakatan status quo (of Anwar accepting DAP as the Pakatan component party to be given responsibility for Chinese and Indian majority constituencies) from setting in to the disadvantage of the Heavenly Snake faction, he and his cohorts had the treacherous habit of making pre-emptive strikes against DAP in seat allocations, by making unilateral media announcements of seat allocations for Pakatan (not PKR) which strangely, if you believe in coincidences wakakaka, usually favoured PKR.

Of course those 'unilateral' announcements meant that DAP leaders would, after reading the morning news, invariably exclaim 'WTF!' wakakaka.

Alas, despite all its pre-emptive strikes, the general success (or lack of) by PKR in elections has been noticeably inferior to DAP , especially in Sarawak, and coupled with the avalanche-like dominance of DAP in Penang DUN, have dampened their (Chinese) members' confidence severely, thus it was hardly surprising these PKR members in Penang desperately sought Mansor Othman's assurances that he would not relinquish any of PKR's seats allocated in 2008, even the ones they lost, to DAP.

The Chinese PKR faction’s fears have been realized today, following news of Anwar's agreement with DAP that Karpal Singh's party will contest in the federal seats of Bentong (Pahang) and Gelang Patah (Johor).

Continuing with Lim GE's piece in Malaysiakini, we read:

Equally disturbing is Ong’s claim that the five PKR assemblypersons had decided to abstain and duly informed their party leadership. However he refused to say which PKR national leader he had informed. Ong also admitted that the other four PKR assemblypersons who supported the Penang state government by opposing Umno’s motion had no knowledge that the PKR 5 intended to abstain.

This is a clear sign of dissatisfaction by the PKR 5 or even a mutiny against the 4 PKR assemblypersons holding government posts.

If true, this shows that there is a party within a party in PKR, one comprising of those holding government posts and the other comprising backbenchers which appeared to be backed by national PKR leaders.

Hmmm indeed, I wonder who that PKR national leader is? Wakakaka.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The sad bizarre acts of Nurul Izzah

Let's not miss the woods for the trees in the Azalina-Nurul Izzah case.

Yes, Azalina Othman, a minister in the PM’s Department might have been procedurally incorrect for suggesting that Nurul Izzah, MP for Lembah Pantai, be referred to the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee for bizarrely meeting up with the daughter of a man who was involved in foreign intrusion into Lahad Datu, Sabah, which not only saw a number of our police personnel killed but a couple of them having their faces and bodies mutilated by those alien intruders.

Criticizing Azalina for her incorrect parliamentary procedure is OK but then what about precious Nurul with her stupid act of meeting and dining with an alien who has close intimate connections with Malaysia's enemies?

Nurul Izzah had been indiscreet before, though in a religious issue but which saw her panicked before running to seek the cleric support of Dr Asri.

In early November 2012, Nurul came under siege for allegedly expressing her support for freedom of religion for all Malaysians, including Malays, in a forum titled “Islamic state? Which vision? Whose responsibility”.

She was so reported by FMT in its news article Nurul Izzah backs religious freedom for all.

Needless to say, UMNO jumped eagerly on her for that, with another sweetie, deputy minister Mashitah Ibrahim out to get her in some legal way, while Dr Mahathir also criticized her for her alleged unIslamic statement.

Thus when the shit hit the fan, the poor sweetie, panicked by the feral UMNO mob against her, scooted off to seek help from Dr Asri (of the theological tefloning type, wakakaka), while PAS' Dzulkefly Ahmad, then still an MP, was reported by the Malaysian Chronicle (wakakaka) for criticizing sweetie Mashitah Ibrahim as being ‘diabolical’ in attacking sweetie Nurul.

I have to admit Mashitah was/is 'diabolically' good looking, wakakaka.

But with such political indiscretions, is Nurul the sort of person we want as our alternative PM? I'm not talking about her future potential but her current status, to wit, should Nurul Izzah be considered as the nominated and putative leader of Pakatan Harapan or (in accordance with PKR's sluttish flirting with pro-UMNO PAS) Pakatan Whatever?

According to Zaid Ibrahim, yes, Nurul Izzah should be designated Pakatan's alternative PM in place of her father Anwar.

Much as I like and most times respect Zaid, I thought he was way out in suggesting that.

What had occurred was that in August this year Lim Kit Siang (DAP) declared DAP's choice for PM would still be Anwar Ibrahim, a man currently imprisoned for the crime of sodomy.

Presumably DAP must have a plan where once Pakatan (2.0) gains majority rule following the next election and installed officially as the new government of Malaysia, that new Pakatan (2.0) government will free Anwar from prison, naturally replete with full royal pardon in order for him to have a clean slate to become PM via a by-election win in a Pakatan (2.0) blue ribbon seat, but which I hope won't involve poor Lee Chin Cheh again, wakakaka.

Now, why has Lim named Anwar?

There might have been several reasons, one of which would be to assure the Malay Heartland that DAP supports not only a Melayu but far more importantly a Muslim as PM, and thus would not be into grabbing power for one of its own member, a scare propagated by the UMNO side of politics.

Another could well be (speculating naughtily here, wakakaka) to forestall the Dwarf or those from the ulama-associated party from laying claim to the No 1 political office. So on so forth ........

But Zaid Ibrahim nixed Lim's declaration, saying ... wait, nay, not just nixed because Malaysiakini reported Zaid not just opposed Lim's nomination but rubbished DAP's backing for Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, describing him as too divisive a figure.

'Rubbished' - wow, what a painful word for Lim KS, and I have to agree though as I have speculated, Lim KS had done so (ie. put forward the 'rubbish', wakakaka) probably for a couple of strategic reasons.

But alas, Zaid after that succinct comment failed to follow up brilliantly. He proposed instead, Nurul Izzah as Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate.

Why Nurul?

Then, I wanted three good reasons for selecting Nurul, and not as per what Malaysiakini reported Zaid saying (in his blog), as follows:

"As a supporter of Pakatan 2.0, I nominate Nurul Izzah as prime minister-designate. She is not controversial unlike her father; she speaks well; she has a good education and the right name."

Zaid said Nurul Izzah has the ability to attract young voters to Pakatan 2.0 and can govern well if given the right advisors. 

Let's analyse Zaid's points for Nurul to be Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate:

  • not controversial
  • speaks well
  • has a good education
  • can attract young voters
  • has the right name

Qualities 1 to 4 can be found in a large number of other Pakatan (2.0) candidates, and also are not particular exceptional qualities, which alas Zaid unwittingly spoilt somewhat with his statement that she "can govern well if given the right advisors".

Well Zaid, so can others too if given the right advisors.

So I have to assume Quality No 5 seems to be Zaid's main justification for Nurul to be PM-designate, namely, that she is the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim.

Zaid's nomination of Nurul as PM-designate has not been the first. Many have been the times I read/heard of the preposterous proposals for Nurul to be the PM of a Pakatan-ruled Malaysia in the event of the non availability of her father. I am not suggesting she can't ever be, but most certainly not now when she is far too jambu in her political experience and thus lacks the necessary political nous as she has so amply and disastrously demonstrated.

Frankly, those proposals have been so unrealistically moronic, leaving me flabbergasted by the puerile mentality of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers.

Zaid Ibrahim who, as mentioned above, I quite respect seemed to have sadly joined the mob though he redeemed himself just a wee bit by rubbishing the idea of Anwar as (yet again) Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate, wakakaka.

Another title for Nurul which always drives me bonkers (okay I exaggerate, wakakaka) has been the equally preposterous Puteri Reformasi.

I don't mind Nurul being Puteri PKR or Puteri Pakatan. I really don't have anything against her being adored as a puteri. But the word 'reformasi' makes me want to puke because there's no such animal as reformasi in her party.

Tell me, what reformasi would there be in a a party which promoted 916, an undemocratic grab at power via financed party hopping, which the late Karpal Singh had described as "unethical" and "immoral".

Please read my post Political defections - a letter to a future PM, wakakaka.

That's right, 'unethical' and 'immoral', thus DEFORM-asi (and not reform-asi) would have been the more apt word. Now, I am not that cruel as to suggest Nurul be known as Puteri Deformasi, wakakaka. And as mentioned, I have nothing against her or the title of Puteri. But screw that word 'reformasi'.

But alas, her latest politically bizarre and stupid act leaves me wondering about her political maturity.

OK, let's get into the meat of the above and talk about one of the most troubling observations of Asian-Malaysian politics, namely, the cultism of personalities.

Zaid has unwittingly exposed himself as a subscriber to it when he said of Nurul's suitability to be nominated as Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate, that she has the right name.

WTF did you mean Nurul has the right name, my dear Zaid?

Anyway, back to the intent of this post, as reported by Malaysiakini - PKR central committee member Latheefa Koya reminded Minister Azalina Othman that the parliamentary Rights and Privileges Committee has no jurisdiction over actions by MPs outside Parliament which have nothing to do with the proceedings of the House.

I agree. OK, so Azalina might have been weak on correct parliamentary procedures, but I feel so disappointed in reading the comments on our media's interactive forums which lambasted Azalina for her terrible crime (perhaps not so much in her incorrect parliamentary knowledge but) in criticizing their darling Impossible Princess, and completely ignoring the fact that Nurul stupidly met up to buddy-pally with an alien who, with her (the alien's) family connections, should be considered an unfriendly person to our nation.

And that's what I mean by Let's not miss the woods for the trees.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak was largely condemned for shaking the hand of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the United Nations General Assembly in New York not long ago. Although it was just an act of courteous handshake when two leaders come across each other, PKR’s Latheefa Koya made a feast out of the matter. She publicly expressed disgust with the handshake, saying Najib shook hands with a person who is smeared with innocent Palestinians blood.

I wonder why is Latheefa quiet now that her PKR associate Nurul Izzah Anwar met up for a gala dinner with Princess Jacel Kiram, the daughter of late Sultan Jamalul Kiram who was behind the Sulu invasion of Sabah in 2013.

Jacel has blood of cops that protect our country on her hands. Palestinian blood matters more than Malaysian blood, eh? Jacel acted as her father’s spokesperson during the Sabah invasion. In fact, Jacel still insists that Sabah belongs to Philippines, and her election manifesto state that she will fight for the reclamation of Sabah. Worse still, Nurul posed for pictures with Jacel holding “Release Anwar” posters. Nurul now can’t say she just bumped into Jacel at a dinner.

Following the Sabah invasion, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein revealed that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim met up with Philippine’s Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman Nur Misuari several times previously. PKR condemned Hisham and accused him of playing dirty politics. Two years later Nurul has just confirmed Hisham’s revelation.

So, is PKR making a deal with the Sulu Sultanate to present them Sabah if they form the government? Nurul’s pictures with Jacel do indicate a bilateral relationship between them.

Ironically, pro-Opposition websites are not playing up the Jacel-Nurul dinner date as they did when Najib merely shook the hands of Netanyahu. What happened to the free media and one sidedness that Pakatan always claim to be victims of?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sex, sex, sex!

Malaysiakini - PKR MP: 'Sexy attire' of athletes may lead to illicit sex

PARLIAMENT A PKR lawmaker today raised concern that the “sexy dressing” of participants in Sukma Games and Fit Malaysia may lead to illicit sex (zina).

However, Youth and Sports Ministry Khairy Jamaluddin responded that there is no evidence the sports programmes lead to fornication.

"I congratulate the minister for organising programmes like the Sukma Games and Fit Malaysia, which were well-received.

"However, I worry. You get commendations today, but we also consider the afterlife.

"The participants wear sexy, arousing clothes and mix freely (both sexes), so we fear that this might lead to zina," Mohamad Imran Abdul Hamid (PKR-Lumut) said.

Mohamad Imran said this when debating the 2016 Budget in the Dewan Rakyat.

In response, Khairy said there was no proof of illicit sex at sports programmes but the ministry took note of the complaint.

The debate on the attire of female Muslim athletes made headlines again last June, after critics slammed Sea Games gymnastics gold medalist Farah Ann Abdul Hadi for wearing a leotard.

This is because the leotard did not comply with the Muslim code of modesty (aurat).

Responding in the Dewan Rakyat in June, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic affairs Jamil Khir Baharom said the aurat cannot be compromised, even in sports.

Wakakaka, as Malaysiakini's readers remarked: When it comes to sex, PKR-Umno-PAS all in same bed.

How some see Batman's symbol, wakakaka 

Anyway, today I'm a bit busy with work, but give me another couple of days and I'll come up with a post on Vagina, Virginity and 'V-agama' or Virile Veneration, wakakaka.

And I'll be fair and not just focus on those Muslim men whose minds were/are overloaded or over-obsessed with the female anatomy, especially her vagina and virginity. I'll be "inclusive", wakakaka, meaning I'll not confine my post on the mentality of only Muslim men, wakakaka again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

PAS just another Malay party

Early this year I posted Local council elections? - USTFU where USTFU means ..... (well, you work it out, wakakaka).

I had then written:

USTFU has proven to be very useful in the distant past but today I reckon it lacks its old latent punch.

Recent practitioner of USTFU is Pak Haji Hadi Awang when he raised concerns over DAP's keenness to have local council elections.

TMI published In Hadi’s May 13 remarks, civil society sees shades of Perkasa, Isma reporting that Jeffrey Phang, the co-chair of the Coalition of Good Governance (CGG ), lambasted Pak Hai for his May-13 warning as illogical, wrong and an attempt to spread fear.

Phang said: "Bringing in a threat of racial disturbance and violence to substantiate his objection to local council election is highly irresponsible and tantamount to fear-mongering and brings the PAS leader to the same level as the likes of personalities from Isma, Perkasa and Perkida."

"CGG finds it illogical to link a May 13 possibility with local council elections. Hadi Awang’s assumption of racial animosity among the people is wrong."

Today Pak Haji croons the same racist remarks. The Malay Mail Online reported:

The PAS president also said his party had objected to the DAP’s recent attempt to introduce local council elections in Penang as it did not want the Chinese to control the cities.

Well well well, s
o much for the so-called Islamic Party which by Islamic values should be supranationalistic (ie. above race, creed and colour), and sadly by Pak Haji's very own words, shows instead it's nothing more than a race-based (rather than Islam-based) political party - meaning it's no difference from UMNO, but at least UMNO is honest it's a race-based party.

Aiyah, PAS under Pak Haji so very low class lah.

But do you realize that PAS by its (Pak Haji's) ethnocentric mentality is an insult to a great supranationalistic religion behind which PAS brazenly hides its racially political face? What would the Prophet (pbuh) have said?

Pak Haji was also reported as saying: He stopped DAP from having local council elections for the Chinese, without caring for the Malay Muslims.

I wonder who responded swiftly and overwhelming to the last horrendous flood in Kelantan? Wasn't that proof that when push comes to shove (in any national emergency) Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, always come together. But nonetheless, it has been an indictment on Pak Haji's narrow-minded and very racial perspective, besides his ill-informed awareness of Malaysian social affairs.

LKS and daughter with flood relief aid for Kelantan

and DAP assisted in funding to build a mosque in Gua Musang too

just as Chinese Penangites in the late 60's had contributed to funds towards the building of the Penang State Mosque 

Pak Haji's too-conscious factorization and differentiation of aspects Malay or Chinese reminds me of another person, one whose writing I in general enjoy reading, Dr Bakri Musa, a former Malaysian now residing in the USA as a surgeon who still writes prolifically on Malay-Malaysian issues, but who sadly was (bizarrely for such a learned person) ill-informed about Chinese, Confucianism and Chinese culture.

Once he wrote on his Facebook site, among other things critical of the Chinese and Confucian (in which he instead showed himself to be confused about, wakakaka) his disdain for Chinese as follows: "... it is just not in the Chinese culture to help those less fortunate, especially those outside their clan or race".

I believe the Chinese (perhaps not the Communist Chinese or Singapore government) is second to none in philanthropy - they have a proud history of excellence in philanthropic performance, whether conducted by religious or non-religious organizations, even in Malaya/Malaysia.

Take his comment about the Chinese 'not helping those outside the Chinese race' - as one small example, it was in the immediate aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that Penang Chinese organizations were among the first, if not the first, to be giving out much needed aid to Penang Malay fishing communities on its north-west coast ...

... leading one Malay resident to comment (words to the effect) that the Chinese gave out aid without first determining whether the recipient was a Chinese or Malay, Muslim or non-Muslim, UMNO or PKR member.

Such racist and religious discriminations would have been completely anathema to Confucian ethics or Buddhist teachings, two principal guiding value-systems of the Chinese.

Sadly, Dr Bakri hasn't been well acquainted with the precepts and teachings of these two religions, well, especially with Confucianism, from what he had written.

Incidentally, we might remind ourselves that Confucianism is about cultivating, practicing and promoting the 8 virtues of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, filial piety and service to elders.

Then there was another medical (hole in heart?) case of a Malay baby, made well known through Jeff Ooi's blog several years back, when Jeff was our king of bloggers.

Following Jeff Ooi's appeal for donations for the baby's heart operations through his Screenshot blog, the majority of donors for her surgical operations proved to generous Chinese Malaysians. The father of the baby acknowledged this, remarking his astonishment that the Chinese could be so generous, more so for a Malay baby.

Therein the father's comments could perhaps be found a possible reason for a common but incorrect belief by Malays, like those held by Dr Bakri and our Pak Haji, of so-called Chinese ruthless selfishness and non-charitable qualities and racially-based charity.

While I had suspected that underlying the so incorrect belief in matters Chinese, Confucianism and Chinese culture by Dr Bakri Musa and the father (of the hole-in-heart baby who underwent the heart surgery) could be misinformation or inadequate information and/or poor observations, spliced with an intrinsic prejudice and/or deep-rooted suspicions of the Chinese in Malaysia, I lament Pak Haji's current mindset considering he's supposed to be an Islamic leader who should be providing inspirational supranationislitic example to us.

He's shown himself to be no one more than a narrow-minded provincial bigot.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

All's not well in Selangor

Malaysiakini - DAP staying put in S'gor to 'keep PAS from mischief' (extracts):

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng believes his party needs to remain in the Selangor state government to ensure former ally PAS would not be up to mischief.

This is so that PAS does not implement “bad policies” in the state, said Lim, citing the predicament in Kelantan.

“Look at Kelantan, they even conduct illegal logging in forest reserves. PAS state assemblyperson Husam (Musa) was the one who revealed this scandal.

“If they (PAS) can do it in Kelantan, they can do it in Selangor, too.

“We want to prevent them from creating mischief like what they have done in Kelantan,” said Lim at the DAP Wanita’s national congress today.

Lim Guan Eng was explaining to party members why the Selangor DAP won't be quitting the ruling coalition of the state even with PAS in the government.

Additionally, Guan Eng has also accused PAS of working together with UMNO and Perkasa.

But PKR still wants to work with PAS, which effectively puts the Parti Kajang-satay Rancid together with UMNO, wakakaka.

So how man?

Does this spell the end of the Pakatan Harapan coalition of Amanah, DAP and sluttish PKR?

Can Amanah and DAP minus PKR capture Selangor, or alternatively, will PAS, PKR and UMNO in a Hadi-Awang-desired Malay Unity coalition, as revealed by Husam Musa, be the new political bloc to take over the state?

But if the latter, what about the PKR non-Malays? Will they play dumb like MCA, Gerakan and MIC? Or will they bersunat and become 'kita Melayu' a la RTA to preserve the concept of a Malay Unity coalition? Wakakaka.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Kang-kang-ness of 'escapism politics'

Malaysiakini - Stop criticising Selangor, Azmin tells Amanah leaders (extracts):

Amanah deputy youth chief (politics) Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin has asked Azmin to understand the reality of politics in Selangor and not adopt an ‘escapism politics’ as it would result in the people becoming suspicious of Azmin's political transparency.

"Politics require honesty in friendship and co-operation. If Azmin understands this, then he would not have said there is no Pakatan Harapan in Selangor," Shazni told Malaysiakini.

PKR's 'escapism politics' is precisely the point, though I would give PKR's current pseudo-manmanlai politicking another less polite description.

PKR's sluttish politics, seen by its supposed allies as shameless and defiant 'escapism politics', has been necessary for its own political survival because reality tells PKR it needs PAS in as much as it needs DAP to survive in Selangor let alone Malaysia. Hence it continues to insist on having a political partnership with PAS against the wishes of its allies DAP and Amanah.

But in doing so, like a wife with too many hubbys, Azmin is severely riling both Amanah and DAP, the former coming into being precisely because of fractured ideology and political strategy with its parent body PAS, and the latter having already vowed to go separate political ways with PAS (and of course vice versa).

I wonder how is Azmin able to reconcile PAS and DAP not forgetting Amanah for GE-14?

PKR without Anwar Ibrahim's manmanlai gift-of-the-gab shoot-ology which saw him brought politically disparate PAS and DAP together in GE-12 and GE-13 is in reality a weak, internally fractured and thus desperate party without much political hope.

Should we then be blaming PKR for its current buka kaki kang-kang politics? OTOH, it could honorably dissolve itself into separate elements which could then respectively be absorbed by PAS, DAP, Amanah and even UMNO, not forgetting MIC, MCA and Gerakan, wakakaka.