Saturday, September 23, 2017

There's flooding and there's flooding

Malaysiakini - Kedah flash flood victims rise to 1,000, Perlis water supply hit (extracts):

The number of flood victims in Kedah has risen to 1,060 as of this morning.

They are being sheltered at 13 evacuation centres.

In a statement today, the State Disaster Management Department said the centres were located in the districts of Kuala Muda, Kota Setar, Kubang Pasu, Pokok Sena and Pendang.


Meanwhile in Perlis, residents in six areas have been advised to consume water sparingly following supply disruption since 5pm yesterday.

Syarikat Air Perlis in a statement said the disruption was caused by flood waters that inundated the pump house at the water treatment plant at Timah Tasoh Dam in Beseri near Padang Besar.

The affected areas are Beseri, Titi Tinggi, Padang Besar, Kaki Bukit, Bintong, Kangar and its surroundings.

Humongous deafening silence! But wait, I heard a big yaaaaaaaawn.


Not in Pakatan (DAP-led) states. Not interested.


  1. we care regardless whose state, there is great possibility flood happen bec the current mb n cm only talk, the big mouth type.

  2. True, respective media are rather one sided based upon which way they lean politically.

    There has been flooding in BN, Pakatan and PAS controlled states and territories (such as Kuala Lumpur) and even in "ultra modern", "futuristic", "high-tech", "gee whiz" Putrajaya and the respective authorities cannot do anything about it, and a large contributor to all this is "development" or more precisely over development.

    Since Mahathir's time there was so much talk about Malaysia becoming a "developed, knowledge-based, information-rich" economy by the year 2020 and we are just over two years to 2020 and we still have flooding.

    Last year, I visited a government office in Putrajaya, which was on the straight main road which runs all the way up to the Prime Minister's Department and we had to leave our IC with the security guard, which by the way is illegal under the law. The guard is only allowed to view the IC and record our particulars, then return it to us. He cannot hold it.

    Some private office buildings have equipment which can read and record the smart card on our MyKAD and if necessary, also our thumb print but this government building in gee whiz Putrajaya with its "futuristic", "gee whiz", communications infrastructure and which supposedly is an "intelligent" city has to resort to archaic manual methods.

    Putrajaya is part of Mahathir's much touted Multimedia Super Corridor, now called MSC Malaysia which is managed by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC) and this.

    Meanwhile, the Penang Island City Council announced that it will install flood sensors to alert local authorities about impending flooding next year.

    But what will the local authorities do to stop the impending flood waters from rising? Command the flood waters to recede, like King Canute who commanded the tide to not come in?

    Just listen to that guy Lakhbir Singh Chahl tell reporters about Penang implementing some UN specified measures and it makes me want to puke.

    I wish one of those reporters had asked him what the Penang Island Shitty Council planned to do to solve or mitigate the flooding problem in the longer term.

    This is what I call a load of "IT scheiss".