Monday, September 25, 2017

Crying Wolf in Kingdom of God

The Malaysian Insight - Muslim groups cry foul over ‘seditious’ Christian video, DAP leaders again (extracts):

Some 15 Muslim groups in Penang cried foul today over a three-year-old video and article on Christianity, alleging it was the work of extreme Christian evangelists out to incite people to invade and take over the country. [...]

The Muslim groups, led by a Mohd Hafiz Kassim, said the seven-minute video contained messages like "prepare for the war".

He then took aim at Selangor state assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh, who had urged the Oversea Church Fellows (OCF) to go to Penang to help the Christian movement because it was a calling from God, in her book "Becoming Hannah".

Mohd Hafiz also targeted DAP's senator and vice-president Ariffin Omar, who was accused of supporting the setting up of a Christian city in Penang, a Pakatan Harapan-controlled state.

Mohamed Hafiz said the report also mentioned Yeoh since earlier reports lodged in Selangor against her over her book had not resulted in any action.

He said her book, which he claimed was spreading Christianity openly, was sold in the market, which should not have been allowed.

"She called Christians to come back and build the Kingdom of God. What is that Kingdom of God? Whose God? She should stop. The authorities should take stern action.

"We are not Muslims who are against Christianity. But they cannot propagate to Muslims, or talk in public about their religion to attract followers. The constitution prohibits it.

Just like beer, Hannah Yeoh's book need NOT be read by Muslims as it's not meant for them. But if read, then those Muslims could be academics, the curious or the less than faithful to Islam.

Incidentally, the English word 'propagate' means 'spread and promote (an idea, theory, etc.) widely' so let me ask, was Hannah Yeoh spreading and promoting her religious ideas and ideals. Her book is no more than a book as in Kassim Ahmad's Hadis or Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, wakakaka.

Yes, WTF then can these 15 Muslim groups in Penang do when the Malaysian government has long approved the publication of Hannah Yeoh's book?

After all, books on Islam and Muslim practices are also sold in Malaysia, and what would these ulamaks do if non-Muslims touch them with their filthy infidel hands or worse, read them?

It's preposterous to suggest that the Pakatan people or the DAP people, the majority of whom are Buddhists or Hindus would countenance the setting up of a Christian city in Penang.

Christianity has existed for nearly a quarter of a century millennium in Penang yet that religion has not made much headway among the Penangites, most of whom are devout Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists and Confucianists, and yes, some atheists, wakakaka.

The first to object to any alleged Christian or Hannah Yeoh's Kingdom of God would be the Buddhist and Hindu Penangites and indeed atheists.

Then the silly group accused poor Hannah Yeoh of calling Christians "........ to come back and build the Kingdom of God. What is that Kingdom of God? Whose God? She should stop. The authorities should take stern action."

The 'Kingdom of God' is just a metaphorical allusion to the Christian God as King, Judge and be-all who will eventually judge his subjects (Christians only, wakakaka). But it's said God has assigned the judging to his son Jesus.

It has just an intuitive meaning or significance to Christians, just like the mysterious Kingdom of Gunung Ledang has to Malays, wakakaka.

Since the early days of the Christian Church the Christian saw the Kingdom of God as variously:

(a) that of Jesus himself representing the Kingdom (to wit, a la the common saying "if the kingdom is separated from Jesus, it is no longer the kingdom of God which he revealed"),

(b) representing the hearts and minds of the faithful captured by the love of God and the pursuit of Christian teachings,

(c) representing the Christian Church composed of the faithful.

The Penang Muslim group in accusing Hannah Yeoh has shown utter idiocy but probably pre-election 'gnang' (wakakaka) in crying 'wolf'.


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  2. This issue Is much, much, more serious than beer.

    The constitutional right to practice one's religion in peace, must not be interfered with, whether Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais.

    It is not the business of the 15 Islamics groups in Penang nor that of the police.