Saturday, September 09, 2017

PAS Selangor is King-Maker

Berita Daily - PAS game changer for Selangor (extracts):

Chandra assessed that in Selangor, PAS would be vital to both PKR and UMNO. He shares with us his take on the Islamic Party in that state, saying:

“The critical question is how PAS is going to determine its role in Selangor. Will it have a common stand as PAS in other states or would it have a unique one?”

In other words PAS in Selangor may take a different path to the rest of PAS by cooperating with PKR (instead of UMNO).

“Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali knows that mobilisation of PAS grassroots is critical for him and PKR in retaining seats. The arrangements between both parties are unknown. It can be clandestine.”

I bet it's probably clandestine as Azmin is dead set on an alliance with PAS but would be careful not to upset Mahathir.

He has just seized on Anwar's letter authorising him to continue "talking" to PAS. But in ding so, Azmin has frustrated not just his intra-party foe Rafizi but also neutrals like William Leong. Currently there exists a schism in PKR which is not good news for its longevity.

“Umno knows that to win back Selangor, it needs PAS. There are limited chances to win back non-Malay majority seats so it wants an arrangement where PAS is not with PKR.”

Can UMNO convince PAS in Selangor, perhaps with the help of Central PAS, to jump on board the UMNO gravy train? This is UMNO biggest chance to get Selangor state back under its oversight but it has to be done without any likely assistance from MCA or Gerakan, as the DAP has alreday tapau (bungkus) most of Chinese and Indian support.

To wit, PAS in Selangor has become the King-Maker.


  1. Amanah, a sitting duck waiting to be sledgehammer-ed in GE14.

  2. in this article mahathir n azmin not father n son? like lks n lge when it suit u? gosh.