Monday, September 18, 2017

Hadi Awang incommunicado

With the deepest respect for the 23 victims of the recent horrific tahfiz school conflagration and their sorrowful families, that tragedy has now become to many politicians and interested parties in a way that Malaysians would term as 'hangat hangat tahi ayam' and thus before long, would soon be forgotten.

The recent tragedy was NOT the first tahfiz school disaster but it nonetheless happened again, but Inshallah, hopefully would this time be the last.

So Terengganu claimed it has checked all existing tahfiz schools in the state for compliance with safety regulations, whilst minister this and that uttered motherhood statements. PM declared this, opposition leaders said that, Dr Asri declared it's unIslamic to put one's children in similar unsafe tahfiz schools, and thus so on so forth.

Dr Asri 

I hope those responsible and I don't mean the current suspected youths remanded by the police but rather the irresponsible principal of the school and all the authorities and parties behind him (the principal) who had directly or indirectly allowed the tragedy to occur, will be brought to justice, to account for the most horrific deaths, and to pay the appropriate due deserts for their gross criminal negligence.

But in the midst of all the cries of calamity (but with JAKIM attempting to STFU on this tragedy at a tahfiz school), one entity remains utterly silent, so much so its remarkable and strange taciturn mute-ness exploded away like fireworks on a Guy Fawkes Night in Britain.



Hadi Awang!

Kenapa Pak Haji bagitu diam diam sahaja?


  1. same reason as u when we asked y u diam diam on najib la.

  2. The modus operandi of the 7 Jahanam is clear: arson and murder. What has it got to do with the principal or JAKIM or MAIWP?

    No CFO or Bomba non-compliance is a completely different issue.

    This DQI incidence now falls under Section 302 of the Penal Code; the CCTV and the admission of altercation, and intention are all so obvious to all.

    But there is one thing that Hadi could do: to appeal that all of them should be forgiven. They should serve time and to be released one day until they have really repented and changed. We should hate the thing that they had done but NOT the persons. They are still young, they deserve a second chance.

    1. are you suggesting that the tahfiz schools principal not be held accountable? Even if the alleged suspects started the fire, a boarding school with approved safety regulations would not have fared so badly. And we must not forget Jakim had initially threatened people into shutting up but f**k Jakim

    2. At the third floor dormitory door, they put two mattresses, poured petrol gasoline all over, placed two gas cylinders, one vertical upright and one horizontal on its side; they opened the safety valve, propane liquid escaping, and they lighted the fire. And you still want to put the blame on the principal of DQI for contributory negligence? Tsk..tsk..tsk..

    3. wah, you should go to the police with such intimate information.

      those rascals even carried two mattresses and two gas cylinders into the building - rats (same as the one which saved the asst warden at the tahfiz school in JB??)

    4. I live nearby the DQI, whereas you are living near Blue Mountain. Wah, btw you know better than the police or the coroner in regard to the tahfiz school in JB??Tsk..tsk..tsk..

    5. in accordance with published reports and not something that even the police or press haven't yet released

    6. Moron, with leaked propane gas cylinders around burning mattresses, poured with petrol gasoline all over, u get explosion lah.

      Maybe that explosion can 'blind' u too since u live near that doi!

      How much goreng would u make for this piece of fake csi???

      Tau fitnak ke?

      Or zombie has a different interpretation for fitnah!

      BTW, who teach those 7 'jahanam' such militarized skill under such young age? Some more intoxicated with drugs too!

      Look inwards lah, if u have REAL conscience. Don't just show superficial 'hangouts' as kindness to the B40 ummat lah.

  3. we wait with bated breath for him to say something sensible, logical, rational and knowledgeable

  4. When MH370 disappeared into the thin air, Ktemoc condemned those who were demanding for accountability over obvious lapses from various in authorities. The reason being it was "insensitive" and "politicising the issue ".

    Those lapses in various authorities may not have any direct cause over the tragedy, but they very likely reduced very considerably the possibility that the wayward flight would be detected and its final fate be found.

    Ktemoc seems to be singing a different tune over the latest fire incident ?

    Does Ktemoc's blog have double or even triple standards ?

    1. different cases - don't be mischievous and attempt to draw similarities

    2. Wakakakaka..none so blind as one CANNOT see/read!!!!

      Essence, essence of the writing lah, tau ke?

      U r getting more & more like yr sifu in perfecting that dog-vs-colour-of-the-dog-collar counter-argument le!!

    3. Yes, I'm being mischievous, asking questions.

      Why was it wrong in the previous tragedy to hold people in authority accountable for relevant lapses ?
      Why is it now correct in the current tragedy to hold people in authority accountable ?

      Principles, man, principles don't turn turtle just because of different cases. Not true ?

      Or Is the motivation dependent on whether the persons likely to be embarrassed are PAS, Religious Authorities, PKR, Mahathir ? How about DAP or Najib ?

    4. fire at tahfiz school violated fire and safety standards


  5. Events on the night March 8, 2014 exposed serious flaws in Malaysia's air defence and airspace monitoring stance, which led to the search being conducted in the wrong Ocean (South China Sea) for the crucial first five days. To this day, nobody has been held accountable for this most critical error.

    On the morning of March 8, no decision maker in the RMAF or Mindef was notified of the wayward Boeing 777 making a U-turn towards the Straits of Malacca and Indian Ocean.

    Right up to the morning of March 13, the Malaysian authorities were still insisting the South China Sea was the correct area to search for the aircraft.

    After the crucial first 5 days, tell-tale signs such as Oil-Slicks, floating aircraft structures or components which could have identified the crash were gone forever. Blindly searching the Indian Ocean seabed was much-much more difficult

    1. 1. it's incorrect to say no one was held accountable but the military doesn't like public exposure, party because of shame and partly because of security

      2. the rmaf does not have immediate or even a 10-minutes standby for intercept because of the relative peaceful zone we live in. Immediate standby with interceptors is expensive and very trying on our limited resources

      3. there was indecision and lack of coordination between the civilian DCA-ATC and the rmaf - again as I just mentioned, the rmaf has never been open about its internal investigation, especially into its own defence competency

      4. the rmaf radar peopl3 passed upwards the findings but again there was uncertainty whether it should be a DCA bailiwick or that of defence? in the end it came out badly for the rmaf

      the rmaf has always been a step-child to the dca so whichever way it turned out the rmaf looked bad

    2. How do we know the matter was not simply swept under the carpet or kautimed NFA Not for Action?

      Many times people in the Malaysian government get away scot-free and even get promoted because "no wrong-doing proven". This is a system that protects itself. But it will not survive the first contact with the enemy.

      The US and UK militaries also usually do not reveal exactly what action is taken or the names of the individuals involved, unless it is severe enough to become a court martial trial. In which case, it will be publicised anyway.

      But they will inform the public that lapses were found, and action taken against individuals and also at a system level.