Thursday, June 30, 2016

Guan Eng a flight risk?

FMT - Gobind: Guan Eng’s bail higher than RM1m earlier

GEORGE TOWN: The bail initially set for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who was today charged with corruption, was more than RM1 million, Lim’s lead defence counsel Gobind Singh revealed.

Gobind, who is representing the DAP secretary-general, said the attorney-general and the deputy public prosecutors had initially come up with a “certain figure” which was higher than what was agreed upon.

“Yes, it was negotiated to RM1 million in exchange for the need for Lim to surrender his passport."

The accused is the Chief Minister of Penang. Is he a flight risk over the charges he will be facing?

The sum of RM1 million is way over the top, of persecutorial proportion. And requiring Lim GE to surrender his passport adds insult to injury. BN is having its moment of viagra-aided pseudo-orgasm.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The necessary demon-ization of a 'tokong'

Lim Guan Eng as a Penang-perceived "tokong" (deity) is politically invincible, iconic and idolised by Penangites. He has been seen as politically un-removable, with his image and status quo as CM almost set in concrete.

Gerakan and MCA were in deep deep trouble and have virtually given up hope for their respective futures in the face of such a political god.

So what can BN do with such an invincible foe?

Well, you guys know what has just happened. Lim Guan Eng had long become for BN a primary target to be politically assassinated, after Anwar Ibrahim. With the massive government machinery behind his opponents, it was just a matter of time when (not if) he would be kowtim-rized.

Fling enough poo around and hopefully some may stick on to Lim Guan Eng. Even if he is eventually found not guilty of whatever alleged crimes he is to be charged under, some blemishes will have hopefully been inflicted on his near-perfect image in Penang.

If he can be found guilty, wow, that will be a bonus for BN.

But ironically, even as BN hopes Lim Guan Eng's image will be in tatters as a result of the bungalow affair, very few Penangites will believe he is at all guilty of what he is going to be charged with, and that it is nothing more than a nasty dirty unscrupulous BN plot to politically assassinate him. Such has been the wicked image of a rotten BN in the eyes of most non-Malay Penangites.

As we hear so often, in politics perception is everything. And the perception regarding Lim Guan Eng is that he was once politically-assassinated by BN so that he had to serve time in prison for a noble cause while the culprit got away scot-free (many people still believe in this and have dismissed whatever SD involved with the case came about), and now he is once again being politically murdered because he is far too invincible in the eyes of his foes to be defeated in fair competition.

His image as a "tokong" is thus ironically further glorified through his second martyr-hood. There will be a lot of resentment against BN, in particular the Gerakan Party of Penang.

Gerakan, be careful what you wish for!

Malaysian politics poisoned Malaysians into supporting Indons

Two days ago I posted Indon dangerous game in regards to Indon jet fighters based recently at Natuna Islands interfering with our air force C130 flight from KL to Labuan, a flight schedule which has been going on for donkey years, since the RMAF was flying the British-produced Dart Herald transport aeroplane, the predecessor to the US-produced C130H.

During Konfrontasi a RMAF Dart Herald flew over Sumatra at night, dropping leaflets informing the Indon people who was the aggressor in the conflict. The RMAF aeroplane was fired upon by Indon air force or army anti-aircraft artillery which of course missed, wakakaka. That's why the Indon military, apart from their sheer numbers (thus strength), have been viewed by Malaysian military as of cap-3-kepala standard, wakakaka.

It also testifies to Malaysian arrogance towards Indons which naturally make them more mad and more jealous - see end of this post to know why I've said so

The Dart Herald with its shorter range was routed from KL to Labuan via Kuching, and back. The schedules between the two wings of our nation have been ongoing for more than 50 years.

Today FMT reported that Jakarta wants apology over ‘intercepted’ aircraft in which it was said that Indon Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu told the Jakarta Post: “I have in person asked the Malaysian defence minister to apologise” for the RMAF C130H aeroplane flying over Indon territory.

Now, either the Indon Def Min is clueless about the treaty signed long ago by both Indon and Malaysia, which in return for Malaysia recognizing Indon's archipelago territorial concept, accepts that Malaysia has the right of continuous, expeditious and unobstructed overflight through the airspace over territorial waters between east and west Malaysia, or he has been bullshitting his own media for domestic consumption as to siapa jaguh.

As I had penned earlier, the Indons locating fighter jets on Natuna Island recently have been an over-the-top belligerent response to intrusions of Chinese fishing boats into Indon territorial or EEZ fishing waters in the South China Sea, but done as a consequence of Indon President Joko Widodo ordering the Indon military to increase its presence at Natuna.

Widodo wanted to show a domestic audience that he's a real tough guy. In this he's no different to a succession of recent Australian PM who too showed and is still showing to Australian voters how tough each had/has been, and will be especially in denying illegal migrant boats from landing in Australian territories.

But Widodo is sinisterly unique (different to Australian PMs) in that his tough guy image has initially been built up from his shameful serial executions of criminals at a time when most of the world are gradually turning away from capital punishment. Even the supposedly more draconian President Suharto in his time did not succumb to the wicked temptation of executing criminal prisoners.

Thus at their president's orders, the buildup Indon military activities have invariably and inevitably led to include nonsensical and illegal interference with a friendly neighbour's military schedule flights between east and west Malaysia, which have been going on approximately the last 50 years and which have been sanctioned under a bilateral treaty.

Yes sir, bisa diatur dan segala2nya telah diberes bapak, so steroid-ed adrenalines have been flowing in the Indon military's blood arteries as rapid as the Ayung River in Bali, in those military's amateurish eagerness to bodek their Bapak President kau kau.

Ayung river in Bali 

But let's leave the Indons alone as that's their nature. We should be thankful their air force cap-3-kepala flying (my Malaysian arrogance, wakakaka) didn't lead to any air accidents.

What riles me most of all is not so much the Indon Def Minister's flabbergasting demands, flabbergasting to Malaysians but music to Indons a la Widodo's tough guy image, but the anti Malaysia diatribes, jeers and insults issued by our own side against the Malaysian Def Min, Hishamuddin.

'Twas obvious they, so-called Malaysians, believe in the Indon Def Min, a foreigner but not in our own Def Min, a Malaysian.

While I understand why many Malaysians have been sick of BN ministers, and still are (after all, I'm a DAP supporter), they need to think intelligently on each separate issue as to which side is actually correct. Don't moronically ABU everything, not when the interests of our own Malaysia is being pitted against those of a foreign country, one whose minister has been grossly incorrect in his belief and demands.

Indeed I commented at FMT that it grieves me to see many Malaysians or so-called Malaysians (with a couple of notable exceptions) badmouthing our own side when it's obvious the Indon Def Minister has been preposterously talking nonsense.

Such is the f**king poisonous state of our politics that so-called Malaysians are happy for Indons to bully and talk down on our own minister when Hishammuddin has been actually right.

And if Hisham has been right, then he is right regardless of whether he's a BN minister.

Those shameful so-called Malaysians should live under the Indons and realize how fortunate they are to be Malaysians, even with a corrupt BN government. They would soon realize the word 'corruption' had been invented and well practised and mastered by Indons. Indons are actually clamouring to live in Malaysia as Malaysians, and many already have.

But as the late Indon Foreign Minister, the erudite Bapak Ali Alatas, one of modern Indon's most famous sons, had once said (words to the effect): "Malaysians are arrogant to Indons but Indons are jealous of them."

Bapak Ali Alatas 

And the arrogance of our so-called Malaysians have prevented them from looking at themselves in the mirror as to when they are wrong.

More importantly, they should also look into their hearts as to whether they're really Malaysians.


Damn great word 'munafik'. I have been told it means 'hypocrite'. The Bahasa word was derived from the Arabic language.

Cerita lama okay? One day, when working in KL some years back, I was with my department boss, a humorous Malay gentleman, when he rang up one of his subordinates, a section leader (let's just call him X), at around 12.30 pm during the month of Ramadan.

Now, everyone on the department knew X, though generally harmless, was an unmitigated hypocrite, saying one thing to his Muslim subordinates while doing exactly what he warned them against doing, eg. preaching about the sin of gambling while he visited Gentings almost every weekend, wakakaka, and not only that, would on Monday mornings be moaning about his inevitable loss at the cards (but only to his non-Muslim staff members) wakakaka again.

Anyway, while waiting for X to pick up the ringing phone, my boss winked at me and said (words to the effect): "If X doesn't pick up the phone, I'll love to hear what excuse he has for not being present in his office as he doesn't need lunch during Ramadan".

Wakakaka, such was the quirky humour of my old boss.

As would have it, X indeed wasn't around and my boss subsequently had a real gala time teasing him. My boss wasn't punitive, oppressive nor vindictive, seeing only the funny side of sins committed by X and many others, including himself. He was really a humble self-critical bloke and loved to joke. The old gentleman had since left us for better place - al Fatihah - I do miss the kindly man, his humorous views of the world and indeed his jokes, not forgetting his missus' lovely nasi lemak and various kueh-mueh.

Anyway, fast forward to the present, on to the subject of another set of Arabic words, to wit, 'kafir harbi' with which our dear and most remarkable Pahang Mufti had recently labeled those who oppose PAS' proposed amendment bill to increase the quantum of punishments the syariah courts can hukum offenders of Islamic laws.

Yalah, punish punish punish kau kau kau - syioknya!

Kafir harbi are murderous words or words with a murderous intent as they signal to the devout Muslims that those so labelled are belligerent infidels and could be legitimately killed or as stated, halal to spill their blood.

By the way, don't depend on the IGP to arrest him for seditious utterances as his statement had been made with a political objective (someone's objective) in mind, namely, to deter any would be Muslim supporter of DAP from continuing their support for the kafir harbi. That's why he has so pompously and recalcitrantly refused to withdraw those murderous words

Look mateys, he is nothing more than just another BN macai but one wearing a serban and yelling from the pulpit rather than one carrying a stick or parang.

But let's see what sort of mufti he is. Farouk Peru, a MM Online journalist wrote of him:

Firstly, on the obviously political bias being employed by Abdul Rahman. It must be remembered that the largest political party most unfortunately for the nation is the Malay-Muslim Umno. Despite PAS’s pressure to implement Shariah law, Umno has resisted all this while.

If Umno was truly committed to its implementation, they would have cast aside their coalition partners for the sake of “Islam.” No, they chose to remain in power (back then MCA and MIC actually mattered) and put Shariah in second place. Are they kafir harbi or at least munafik (hypocrites)?

Not a peep from Abdul Rahman. Secondly, is Abdul Rahman himself implementing Shariah? Ok, I admit he cannot ratify the barbaric hudud laws but where is his denouncement of Malaysia’s Las Vegas in his home state? I don’t recall any condemnation from him because his Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam) is being compromised?

If he was a staunch believer in Shariah, he would have resigned and have no part in this policy. He is no better than those who served YAPEIM and enjoyed golfing holidays at their expense.

And this has been the part that shows Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman to be a munafik, a hypocrite:

... but where is his denouncement of Malaysia’s Las Vegas in his home state? I don’t recall any condemnation from him because his Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam) is being compromised? If he was a staunch believer in Shariah, he would have resigned and have no part in this policy ...


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Malaysian higher education?

Reference materials used in the controversial slides for the Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (Titas) subject in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) recently, do not have credibility and are not authentic to represent the traditions and religious beliefs of the Hindus and Sikhs.

In a statement, UTM's vice-chancellor Professor Wahid Omar said this was the assessment made by the Indian Civilisation Independent Expert Committee appointed by the university to assess the contents of the slides for the course, which created a controversy.

Wahid said the committee, which comprised Professor Zaid Ahmad and Associate Professor Sarjit Singh from Universiti Putra Malaysia, as well as Professor M Rajantheran from Universiti Malaya, unanimously found too many factual errors in the two slides.

"At the same time, there were too many judgmental elements in the slides and this is not in line with the spirit of the Titas course introduced in tertiary institutions to foster understanding and harmony among a multi-racial and multi-religious society," he said.

How the f**k did UTM employ such "experts"?

By the way, has anyone been sacked yet?


Then it's hardly surprising that the following also happened:

Malay Mail Online - Now TITAS teaches Osama may not be real, 9/11 possible conspiracy theory

I'm not Osama bin what's-his-name?
I'm actually Santa Claus in my younger days (hair & beard still black)

KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 ― An Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies (TITAS) lecturer from a local private university taught today that Osama bin Laden might not have existed and the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the US could have been a conspiracy theory, according to a student in the class.

The student who requested anonymity said the TITAS lecturer at the university’s Klang Valley campus told him and some 100 students in class this morning that the 2001 suicide airplane attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City were used by the West as an excuse to persecute Muslims.

just a couple of smoke flares 

“He said that Osama could have been a creation, that he didn’t really exist,” the student told Malay Mail Online.

“He commented on how in his videos, Osama only speaks ‘3 seconds of Arabic’ and then everything else was in English,” he added.

According to the student, the TITAS lecturer, when explaining the September 11 attacks, told students to “never believe everything Western media says, you should do your own reading on the matter”.

He also reportedly said “no religion is responsible for acts of terrorism or violence”.

Hmmmph, what will Titas teach next?

Tits and ass?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Indon dangerous game

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago consisting of 17,508 islands and has enacted laws to govern the seas in accordance with the geographic structure of its archipelagic state.

It states that all the waters surrounding and between the islands in the territory came within Indonesia's sovereignty. It also determined that the country's outer limits of its territorial water was 12 miles.

Now this is the interesting part for Malaysia. Indon measures its outer 12 nm territorial limits from a straight baseline drawn from the outermost points of the islands, sometimes loosely or informally referred to as Indonesia's archipelago territorial concept. Naturally the airspace within and above these areas are to be considered as Indonesian airspace.

On the surface this would, it seems, effectively divide the geographical integrity and sovereignty of Malaysia because the Natuna Islands are smack right in the middle of the South China Sea which lies between Peninsula and Sabah-Sarawak Malaysia.

However, as I was told years ago, Malaysia has only agreed to recognize Indonesia's archipelago territorial concept on the strict condition that its territorial concept does NOT interfere with nor separate Malaysia's sovereign rights to communicate freely between its Peninsula and SAbah-Sarawak states.

Ever since pre, during and post Konfrontasi, a period of more than 50 years, Malaysia has had unrestricted and uninterfered air and sea travel between the two wings of our nation. The RMAF has flown countless transport flights between Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah-Sarawak. And our jet fighter planes and heavy helicopters have move freely between the Peninsula Malaysia and the Eastern states.

So why then have we now come to hear about the nonsense of RMAF aircraft [being] intercepted by Indonesian jet fighters (as reported by the Star Online)?

A RMAF C-130 transport aeroplane was intercepted by Indon Air Force fighter jets over the main Natuna Island. This has to be considered as unwarranted interference in our air force flight during peacetime conditions.

And even leaving aside for a moment the Indon's disregard of the Malaysian-Indon agreement on uninterfered unrestricted movement between the two wings of our nation, why would the Indon Air Force do so to a transport plane of a friendly neighbour state when such flights have been going on uninterfered for the last 50 years?

I suspect:

One - the Indon Air Force wants to practise its air interception on an unarmed slow lumbering C-130 transport plane.

KT opinion - most unlikely in my opinion.

Two - The Indon Air Force which hitherto has no fighter jets on Natuna Island and presumably has recently moved some to Natuna, wants to demonstrate to China it possesses teeth in the South China Sea.

KT opinion - The background to this, namely, intrusions into Indon territorial or fishing waters by a few Chinese fishing trawlers, seems to indicate an over-the-board reaction by Indon. Possibly Joko Widodo wants to perpetuate his tough guy image at home, as a followup to his shameful serial executions of criminals. Most likely.

As a concluding note, I suspect there could well be kowtim-ness between Indon and Malaysia on the air interception, as a warning to China.

But if that had been the case, I'm not sure whether Malaysia was wise to have accepted such a joint sandiwara by playing the victim role. It's f**king dangerous for our C-130 crew, considering how cap-3-kepala those Indon Air Force pilots are known to be.

Indon F-16 fighter interceptor

burning on ground 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

There are prisoners, and then ...

Currently I am watching a Korean TV drama series titled 'The flower in prison'.

The story is about a gorgeous sweetie who was born in prison and brought up by one of the wardens to become a warden herself. Sweetie Jin Se Yeon acts as the delightful delectable delicious prison warden cum heroine.

Jin Se Yeon
when you see her you want to be a prisoner too


What is interesting about the story is that in those medieval Korean period there were prisoners and then there were prisoners. If one was rich, then one could live like a lord even in prison, not unlike some Mafia godfathers in American prison and Yakuza big bosses in Japanese penitentiary in more recent times. Even the prison wardens had to kowtow to those VVIP jailbirds.

In the TV drama, rich prisoners could pay other prisoners to take the flogging meant for them and even take permitted though illegal 'leave' to visit their spouses back in their palatial mansions, wakakaka, but of course returning in time to be present during audits by external officers.

In Malaysia we of course have had big shots put behind bars, people like the former Selangor MB, Harun Idris and an UMNO former minister who shot one of his party members dead (rumour has it the dead bloke bonked the murderer's sister).

The latter jailbird was once said to be UMNO PM-material but alas his trigger happy self killed that (excuse the unintended pun). But fortunately he was pardoned (from the gallows), eventually freed and now presumably rehabilitated, and still retains his datukship which he took into prison and emerged from it with that title all intact, wakakaka.

But I wonder how these former UMNO VVIPs were treated in jail?

Oh never mind, because today we have an interesting story on another "VVIP prisoner", namely Anwar Ibrahim, former deputy PM, though I'm not sure whether he's still Pakatan Harapan leader?

In Malaysia-Today's INJUSTICE AND INEQUALITY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER? author of article Umar Mukhtar laments and is also disgusted by the 'act-dunno' on both sides of the political fence because of the special and preferential treatment Anwar Ibrahim has been receiving in prison. He wrote:

I have written here before that it is not difficult for Anwar Ibrahim to indulge in politics while in prison. The facilities accorded to him in order to able to do that is unbelievable. Maybe even a smart phone with scrambling abilities. Even without that he is probably the only incarcerated person in Malaysia who can respond to current events in real time and whose mail is not censored, with carriers at his beck and call.

I am not bitching about the fact that he can do that. He can translate the whole works of Shakespeare for all I care. I am just citing this as an example of the malaise that has overcome over public service can now be detected everywhere. Do you mean to say, for example, if the minister in charge of prisons is once your ‘macai’ you can expect a bit of favour as if he owns the prison? So it pays to be connected then. No wonder the country is going to the dogs!

Imagine, nobody is going to raise this matter in parliament. Because this miscarriage of justice benefits the opposition and nobody on the government benches dares to be on the wrong side of the minister. It is these kind of little favours between friends that open the floodgates of injustice. This would be a terrible place to be in if you are born of the wrong pedigree. I guess that’s why the pariahs of the world look up to an underground godfather!

Really, I am just so curious that an incarcerated person can so free to rally his troops. Imagine if Botak Chin, the Mamak Gang and Bentong Kali could have communicated to their followers about where to stash the weapons, etc. There are two types of criminals? And it is up to the Director-General of Prisons to personally decide who deserves what? Humour me.

Well Umar, I suppose like in that Korean TV drama, in Malaysia we also would say there are prisoners and then there are prisoners, just as a Malaysian adult having sex with 13-year old girl could be considered as either consensual sex or statutory rape, depending on who the Malaysian adult male happens to be - see Warped sense of values.

Hmmm, I wonder whether his cell is air-conditioned, equipped with a comprehensive library, private toilet, spa bath, Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, fridge and coffee-tea bar and a Samsung 50" Series 5 Full HD LED LCD TV?

Hoe liao!

Oh, by the by, may I also say that in Malaysia there are statutory declarations and then there are statutory declarations, wakakaka.


Star Online - Malaysia ranks third in the world for child porn violations

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia ranks third worldwide for possession and distribution of child pornography.

This information was shared by international police, said Bukit Aman’s head of Sexual Investigation Unit (D11) Deputy Supt Tan Gee Soon.

She said Malaysia did not have specific laws that made possession of child pornography an offence.

“However, we have Section 292 of the Penal Code and Section 5 of the Film Censorship Act to act against those with pornographic images and films respectively,” Tan told reporters after attending the #ReplyForAll-MY town hall session organised by R.AGE, Digi, WOMEN:girls and Unicef yesterday.

Omigosh, break out the tapai juice, Malaysia has done it again, reaching the top echelon on world rankings, but this time on the shameful issue of child pornography.

It's shameful but then some of us are totally shameless - more on this soon.

Malaysia is just behind the mighty USA and the near-totally liberal Netherlands, the two countries renowned for their belief in freedom of expressions. In fact, the Netherlands was the first country to allow its soldiers to keep long hair (though hair netting was recommended for safety and health reasons), legalize marijuana and display prostitutes in shopping windows.

But Malaysia? A nation declared by then PM Mahathir as not only an Islamic nation but a fundamentalist Islamic nation on 17 June 2002, now No 3 in global ranking on child pornography?

But then, of course, considering we have our global rep on this in the very person of a mighty mafulat-ish maggot by the name of Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, now serving time in Britain for his perverted crimes of monstrously evil child pornography BUT whom Mara had wanted to give to him a second chance as he has been deemed as an 'exemplary student', and whom the Mara chairman had recently attempted to shield from the fallout of Richard Huckle's notoriety.

Did I mention some Malaysians being shameless.

Mara's most exemplary student
His Most Abysmal Darkness our notorious representative to global child pornography

How come a fundamentalist Islamic nation like Malaysia (as declared by then PM Mahathir on 17 June 2002) could reach such abysmal depth in evil?

Maybe it's our environment of cyclopic tolerance, not quite alike the liberal environment of the Netherlands, in fact quite set apart in attitude and tolerance.

But then we have richness in evil, in hypocrisy and in warped values.

For example, we should be able to recall (most unpleasantly) that slimy sleazy slug Noor Afizal Azizan who bonked a lil' 13-year old girl and got away with that evil act ... while another Malaysian slug by the name of Chua Guan Jui who did exactly the same thing and around the same time as the 1st slug was jailed (most correctly so) for more than 5 years.

after all the most learned judges said I have a "bright future"
and I didn't use "force" on that 13-year old girl 

And of course, far more importantly, let's also not forget our most esteem and most remarkable judges who gob-smacked many of us by their yang amat ariff's unprecedented ruling (now a stare decisis for Muslim child-bonkers) that since Noor Afizal did not use force on the lil' girl, and the lil' girl consented to the bonking, it was thus consensual sex and not statutory rape, what more when our bonker of a lil girl has been assessed as having a bright future.

Oh, somewhere in the deeper recesses of my angry mind I recall someone in Malacca bonking an underage girl and got away with it too. On top of which he was said to have been made a Tan Sri - surely not ... but this being Malaysia, yes, surely yes lah!

Thus I am not in the least surprised that Malaysia has attained a remarkable No 3 in child pornography.

I wonder how Malaysia stands globally in acts of incest specifically with small children.

Friday, June 24, 2016

What goes around .....

Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman must be having the last laugh. If he sees us from heaven (if there is one for a compassionate kind Muslim, he must be there) he would smile and probably say 'Padan muka' to Mahathir.

Mahathir's political dynasty has virtually ended today with the expulsion of his son Mukhriz from UMNO.

m afraid the UMNO situation today for Mahathir is not quite the same as it was during AAB's days when Mahathir still had a lot of pull. I don't believe Mahathir can perform any miracle to save Mukhriz's political career, and I suspect Mukhriz must be quietly glad about it, the poor sweet boy being a reluctant pollie.

Let's attribute the End of Days for Mahathir's political reign to Najib's cunning and pandai political skills and manoeuvres.

C'mon Azmin Ali, buatlah thunderous applause kau


Mahathir had been the man who ousted Tunku because he said that Tunku was far too accommodating to the bloody Chinese when the late PM should have paid more attention to Malays (as if Tunku hadn't).

Ironically, Mahathir also accused Najib of the same thing, that of giving the Chinese far too much when he (Najib) should have concentrated on the Malays. Thus it's sweet justice for Tunku's soul.

When Tunku was ousted from power, just imagine how our first PM must have felt. I hope Mahathir suffers a hundred times more for the terrible hurt he as a ferocious Young Turk had ruthlessly and uncaringly rendered to poor Tunku.


Malaysia among neighbours

FMT - Malaysians are funding Abu Sayyaf, claims report (extracts):

MANILA: A hard-hitting article in The Manila Times has charged that Malaysians are funding the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group by raising ransom money for the release of kidnapped Malaysians.

It also excoriated the Philippine Government over the Abu Sayyaf kidnappings and for allowing Malaysian agents to “trample” on Philippine sovereignty.

The opinion piece written by Rigoberto D Tiglo raised the question as to whether the Malaysian Government thought Filipinos were stupid.

Tiglo said the Philippines had become the only country in Asia where a known terrorist group received huge ransom money by kidnapping foreigners.

With funds available the Abu Sayyaf will find it easier to recruit additional fighters, acquire more powerful weapons, and bribe local officials to provide sanctuary for their future hostages.

The writer asked why “our Government hasn’t even protested the Malaysians’ payment of the ransom undertaken through its intelligence service, operating in our territory”.

“That is so reflective of the stupid, incompetent Government that we have. Shouldn’t it undertake an intensive investigation into how the Malaysians could operate so freely in the country, violating our anti-ransom policies and consequently boosting the strength of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf with more funds?

“Shouldn't the Government find out which local channels were used by the Malaysians to make the ransom payment? Malaysia is mocking our sovereignty by operating in our territory to pay ransom to terrorists plaguing our land, and (President Benigno) Aquino doesn’t seem to mind it. Or has this Government become close buddies with the Malaysians, who had promised Aquino they would handle the MILF to agree to a peace pact?

“What kind of a country have we become that even our neighbours trample on our sovereignty?”

The Northern Filipinos, the majority of whom are Catholics, have always harboured deep resentment towards Malaysia, not just for their failed attempt to claim Sabah, but more for what was seem as Malaysian interference in their domestic affairs in the southern Philippines which is dominated by Muslims.

While the Malaysian federal government had and have been generally scrupulous in its relationships with our neighbours the same couldn't be said for our 'local' warlord(s). Let's see what Wikipedia has to say about the late Tun Mustapha Harun, a former (3rd) CM of Sabah:

During Mustapha term as a Chief Minister of Sabah, he has a vision to make Islam as the majority religion in the state. Thus to achieve it, he was actively harbouring Muslim refugees from the Philippines more so with his similar ethnic background relations with the Muslim refugees.

Mustapha was also believed to have aiding the Moro in their struggle for independence by providing arms and training facilities in Malaysia.

His action were tolerated by the Malaysian government because he was consistent in delivering Muslim votes as well for his continuous backing for the Malaysian government which he was later succeeded in making Islam as the main religion of Sabah.

However, as Malaysian government wanted to maintain good relations between Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with the Philippine central government, the Malaysian government cannot raise the plight of Muslim minority in the Philippines.

Due to this, Mustapha planned to secede the state of Sabah from Malaysia but his intention failed after he was removed from his position in 1975. The Philippine central government then retracted the Sabah claim in 1977 as a reward for Malaysian government action to stop supporting the southern Philippines Muslim rebels.

Mustapha wanted to secede from Malaysia as part of his pompous design to form an Islamic Caliphate together with Mindanao, of course with him as its 1st Caliph. The same old story of Numero Uno.

The situation back in the Peninsula then was no better at the Malaysian (Kelantan) - Thai border where Thai Muslim terrorists-separatists frequently run across the border to seek refuge with their Muslim kinfolk.

While the federal government was not actively supporting the Thai insurgency, it dared not object to those Thai Muslim terrorists hiding safely away in Kelantan and as rumours had it, training there and being supplied up too. In other words it not only did a 'cyclop' but a myopic cockeyed one too, wakakaka.

It was also rumoured that the Thais paid us back in spades, turning their eyes away from what the Malaysian CTs were doing in southern Thailand just as what the Thai Muslim terrorists did on our side of the border. They played the Graeae to our Cyclop, wakakaka.

In Greek mythology the Graeae, also called the Grey Sisters, and the Phorcides ("daughters of Phorcys"), were three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among them

The common denominator in our less than proper (though indirect) complicity in neighbouring states on both sides of Malaysia had been Muslim terrorism.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Warped sense of values

MM Online - Technician charged with raping 13-year old girl

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — A technician pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court here today to a charge of raping his girlfriend’s 13-year-old sister.

Muhammad Syahir Naim Ramli, 20, was charged with raping the girl in a house at Jalan 9/56 Ulu Klang here at 12.30pm last May 15.

The charge, under Section 376 (1) of the Penal Code, provides a maximum imprisonment for 20 years and is liable to whipping, if found guilty.

But was the sex act consensual? Does Muhammad Syahir Naim Ramli have a "bright future"?

Now, why in the world did I ask these silly questions when a 13-year old girl was involved in the reported sexual act with Muhammad Syahir Naim Ramli?

Shouldn't it be plain straightforward that under "previously known" Malaysian law that any sex act with an underage girl must automatically be considered as statutory rape even if the lil' sweetie consented to the sex and was a most willing partner?

Well, did you note I annotated the particular Malaysian law on statutory rape as "previously known"?

That's because in Malaysia, the mentioned law today is not so clear, as in our Bolehland there is man and there is man, and there is lil' sweetie and there is lil' sweetie, and there is sex and there is sex!

It all depends on who the man is, wherein such a sex act with a 13-year old girl could be consensual sex or statutory rape.

Take for example, such a case in 2012. A maggot by the name of Noor Afizal Azizan who had sex with a lil' 13-year old girl was judged as having consensual sex with the wee sweetie - yes, 'consensual sex' with a 13-year old in the words of the judge.

I have a "bright future"
Besides, it was consensual sex
The judges agreed 

It plainly showed the pathetic pariah-ish poverty of our legal system where the judges allowed the term 'consensual sex' to be employed in a case of statutory rape, in which a female minor, only 13 years of age, was well below the age required to legally consent to the act of sex.

In statutory rape cases, unlike those of forcible rape cases involving adults, there is no requirement to prove force or threat had preceded or was involved in the rape. The laws MUST automatically presume coercion, because a minor or an adult who doesn't have normal/mature mental capacity is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.

But our remarkable judges did not think so.

Additionally, we were told that Noor (perhaps like our Imperial College maths genius Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin the paedophile pervert) was assessed as having a 'bright future'. So not guilty lah, it was 'consensual sex' in which the lil' 13-year old girl was a willing and consenting partner?

By the by, the now-defunct Malaysian Insider (TMI) reported then in its news article Rapists freed by courts match medical definition of paedophiles that the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD) categorizes paedophilia as ‘a sexual preference for children boys or girls or both usually of prepubertal or early pubertal age’, ...

... while the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used by mental health professionals globally states 'paedophilia is the sexual attraction to pubescent or pre-pubescents aged 13 or younger and the subject must be 16 or older with the child at least five years younger'.

TMI states the slimy maggot Noor fitted the medical profiles of paedophiles and that international research of paedophilia as a sexual disorder suggests that paedophiles start offending at a young age.

But many of us were totally gob-smacked by the judges' explanation in Noor Afizal's case in which the judges had dared, in a case of statutory rape, to offer the excuse that Noor Afizal did not use force and that it was consensual sex.

Let's return briefly to another slug, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin the maths genius, whom Mara had wanted to give to him a second chance as he has been deemed as an 'exemplary student' - an 'exemplary student? I kid you not.

The Star Online reported the following:

UM law lecturer Azmi Sharom questioned why Mara was “bending over backwards” to help Nur Fitri.

“Paedophilia is a very serious crime and a person should therefore serve his punishment. As for his future, it is really his responsibility. I do not understand why Mara is bending over backwards to help someone, especially someone who has committed a crime this heinous,” he said, questioning the value systems of Malaysian education institutions.

Activist Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin was appalled by Mara’s move.

In spite of the conviction, Mara has described Nur Fitri as an ‘exemplary student’.

“Clearly, the people running Mara have a warped sense of values,”
she said, adding that education was not just about excellent academic results, but also building character and instilling good moral values in students.

She pointed out that Nur Fitri was not just found with over 30,000 hardcore porn involving children, but also had a life-sized mannequin of a boy.

He is obviously a pervert and for Mara to make excuses for his actions is totally repugnant,” she said, adding that it was obvious Nur Fitri had a serious problem and needed treatment, not a place to continue his studies.

Recently, the Mara chairman attempted to mitigate against comparison of Nur Fitri with the Pommie slug Richard Huckle, asking the public not to link Nur with Huckle.

The MM Online reported:

Mara's "exemplary" student 

KUALA LUMPUR, June 8 — Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said today that British paedophile Richard Huckle’s case should not be in any way linked to Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, the mathematics scholar who was last year convicted for possession of child pornography.

Annuar said this when asked if MARA would stand by its decision to give Nur Fitri a second chance after Huckle’s case, which has sparked outrage in Malaysia.

"No need to link Nur Fitri to this case," the Ketereh MP told Malay Mail Online via WhatsApp.

When asked his reasons for saying so when both youths were found in possession of indecent images of children, Annuar did not elaborate, merely replying, “No”.

It would appear that despite a couple of ministers and university lecturers saying no to Mara giving notorious Nur Fitri a second chance in his academic career, the Mara establishment or chairman is yet to be persuaded from its "warped sense of values" (the very words of activist Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin) perhaps because the paedophilic pervert has been deemed by Mara as an "exemplary student".

Is Mara so hard up for academically clever but morally repugnant repulsive and reprehensible students? Indeed, what a f**king "warped sense of values"!

So we know that Noor Afizal and Nur Fitri share the same taste for lil' kids but only one has been allowed to go free because of his "bright future" whilst the other, unfortunately trapped in a different country which viewed his crimes as heinous and perverted, goes to jail.

But I suspect he may possibly be given a second chance when he is eventually freed and back here in Bolehland, because he has been deemed as an 'exemplary student'.

But the Mara chairman was resoundingly condemned for his attempt to mitigate for Nur, as reported by the MM Online as follows:

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 — Attempts to dissociate a former Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) scholar’s child pornography from similar crimes by convicted child rapist Richard Huckle diminish the severity of the behaviour, said child rights groups.

Commenting on Mara chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa’s insistence that the two cases should not be linked, they said Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin’s crimes were no less serious simply because he did not rape or sexually molest children.

Huckle and Nur Fitri were both convicted in the UK for the possession of child pornography.

“In both ways, you have children involved and you have extreme cases of pornography. Both have the same ingredients... both have committed a crime,” Suriana Welfare Society for Children chairman James Nayagam said.

“We cannot deny that this is a clear-cut case of a person who has violated children. We cannot say which case is different; they are all linked. Yes, very irresponsible statement.”

Voice of the Children (VOC) chairman Sharmila Sekaran argued that Nur Fitri’s action was still a form of sexual abuse towards children and noted that he possessed depraved images of child pornography prior to his arrest last year.

Nur Fitri was last year found with over 30,000 videos and photographs of child pornography that London police described as “some of the most extreme” materials they have ever seen.

Sharmila said the offence was heinous given that the images were in the worst category of child pornography — those depicting sexual acts — and should be viewed with the appropriate gravity.

“It is splitting hairs. One person rapes; another person watches the rape, keeping a record of it for repeated viewing. It’s still wrong and rightly an offence!” she told Malay Mail Online.

But not everyone enjoys a "bright future" like that slimy slug Noor Afizal Azizan.

Around the same time as Noor and his remarkable miraculous mind-boggling enjoyment of an unpreedented Malaysian legal precedent of 'consensual sex' with a 13-year old lil' girl, another maggot by the name of Chuah Guan Jui also bonked an underage lil' girl.

Thank goodness for commonsense and common law, Chuah was jailed for 5.5 years after public outcry over the initial moronic court ruling (due to stare decisis set by Noor's case) and consequently a successful appeal by the prosecutor. The f* maggot deserved it.

But what about the bloke with the 'bright future'? Surely what's good for the goose (Chuah Guan Jiu) should be good for the gander (Noor Afizal). Why was Chuah jailed but not Noor?

I really like to know who are Noor's parents?

I wonder whether Noor is still representing the states or the nation with his bowling ball with which he managed to brilliantly strike down all the judges? Chuah Guan Jui should have taken up bowling.

Anyway, our current accused Muhammad Syahir Naim Ramli bloody well come up with at least one of the following reasons:

(a) he must have a "bright future", like bowling or being good at maths

(b) claim the 13-year old consented to the sex.

Again I wonder who his parents are?

And now a word from Ridhuan Tee