Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mike Tyson Pseudo-Myth Thickens

Muhd Muhd Taib jumped back to UMNO, where his regular jumping (wakakaka) finally made it a round trip event, from UMNO to PAS to PKR to UMNO.

Does this fit with that consoling saying that "What goes around comes around"? Wakakaka.

His mini-momentous mafulat-ish event was announced personally by Najib with fanfare which was initially mistaken for an election announcement, wakakaka. Many were in fact disappointed with Najib and UMNO making a mountain out of a molehill.

But the pro Pakatan The Malaysian Insight (alleged to be the former pro Pakatan The Malaysian Insider) had insinuated (allegedly) the event would have deserved its PM-rial fanfare announcement had Mike Tyson succeeded in instigating a Perak-styled change of government in Selangor by roping in the minimum required number of PKR ADUN to join PAS and UMNO into forming a new state government.

But RPK (the man you love to hate because he now hates what you love and loves what you hate, wakakaka) declared it was merely a bullshit story by Jahabar Sadiq of The Malaysian Insight.

Incidentally Jahabar Sadiq is the editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Insight and also of the former The Malaysian Insider.

RPK called that rumoured Perak-styled switch of government in Selangor as yet another Jahabar's cock-and-bull story. He said glibly: Jahabar must have had too many beers last night and is still suffering from a hangover because he is definitely imagining things.

Instead RPK said that Mike Tyson had been pissed off with Azmin Ali for alleged corruption, and corruption to such an extent that staggered Mike Tyson and left him nothing, so much so into leaving PKR.

Today the MM Online publishes PAS not jumping ship in Selangor, veep says after Mat Taib switches to team Umno which seems to support RPK's story about the plot of Mike Tyson causing a Perak-styled coup d'etat as a Malaysian Insight's cock and bull story. Extracts of the MM Online news follows:

PAS vice-president Datuk Iskandar Abdul Samad has denied rumours that the party’s Selangor lawmakers planned to align themselves with the Barisan Nasional (BN) at the state level.

Several Selangor PAS assemblymen had been rumoured to follow former Selangor mentri besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib who had recently returned to the BN anchor party, Umno, after a sojourn first in the Islamist party and then PKR, the current Selangor government lynchpin.

“We, too, have heard many rumours. The media have also contacted me saying that the state government will fall and all that.

“I do not see that happening. Why we would want to do so when the state government is functioning well and gives the best services to the people?” Iskandar was quoted saying in a report last night by the New Straits Times on its website.

The Cempaka assemblyman added that “it does not make sense” that Muhammad — popularly known as Mat Taib — would be able to entice PAS state lawmakers to his side and upset the current delicate power balance in Selangor shared three ways among PKR, PAS and DAP, to form a new state government.

“So what is the point? We have accomplished many things for the rakyat; it would be a waste to just leave it all just like that.”

Not that I like to agree with a PAS person but his words seem to make sense. So what's going on.

Could it be just what I had posted initially, that much as Mike Tyson hasn't been the most admirable character in Malaysian politics, his return to UMNO could have a wee psychological effect, much as that would be minimal, amongst UMNO old-timers in the Heartland where it matters.

Hence the brouhaha in UMNO with even the PM breaking that silly piece of news.

But for PKR it has been quite embarrassing when even a questionable man like Mike Tyson saw fit not to be with the party-buka-kaki-kangkang anymore.


  1. I do not think it is a Cock-and-Bull story, though the full details we may never know.
    Mat Tyson, aka Discarded Toilet Paper, alone rejoining UMNO would not have merited Najib's "important announcement" in person, with bated breath.

    So it is a reasonable assumption that the Najib announcement was originally intended to be of much bigger significance.

    "Something" happened not according to plan in the meantime, and ended up with an embarrassingly trivial case of has-been Mat Tyson returning to the mother sailing boat.

  2. it is a damning indictment isn't it what RPK said about mat tyson and by extension umno that corruption is in their DNA and if you can't find it elsewhere you are most welcome back into the den with open arms and fanfare

    1. I fully agree with you that corruption is rife in UMNO's DNA and its buah langsats (PKR and Pribumi) which obviously do not fall far from the UMNO langsat tree

    2. dap catching up fast. we dun see the sel mb, from pkr, buy cheap bangaloooo, or hold bn responsible for illegal factory after a decade, or blame the weather. dap might one day blame god, n dap fanboy is thick face enough to accuse others.

    3. can't beat what's alleged to be happening in selangor (sand, water, etc), wakakaka - that's why pkr continues to suck pas to hold on to government in selangor

    4. I told DAP people that LGE better get his arms around the flood problem in Penang, otherwise it is going to have a costly electoral impact.

      Flood waters invading your home and destroying your possessions every time it rains a bit heavier is no joke, especially when it didn't happen, or happened much less frequently than in the past.
      You can only blame God or the weather only so many times...

      Fair or unfair, there is a strong perception of Penang State Government inaction on the issue.

      Coupled with perception of rampant uncontrolled development on hillslopes, also something the State Government has influence over.

      There is danger of Lim Guan Eng being "flooded" out of Penang.

    5. I can't argue with you on your comments as politics have always been about 'perceptions'.

      But the more pressing item for LGE, his elephant in the room, is the DAP's CEC re-election which thus far hasn't gained track at all. The DAP will be in deep shit if Najib were to now call for the dissolution of parliament and a new election

    6. For DAP, I imagine holding fresh CEC elections is an internal political and external ROS landmine. The situation has totally changed from 2 years ago, and the outcome of fresh polls may go in totally unexpected directions.

      Add to that administrative headaches such as - should the same candidates contest ? Some have left the party, and there are new faces. - should the same party voter roll be used ? - some have left the party, and there are new members.
      What is the agreed settlement with the ROS ? Has DAP talked to the ROS ?. "Talking " via the press or via a loudhailer is not going to work.

    7. RoS has deliberately ignored DAP's query on what it (RoS) wants. This is a time-bomb for DAP ticking away as the GE approaches - part of the plot against future success of the DAP