Saturday, February 20, 2021

Political scientist wants MPs to review contempt law


After Malaysiakini verdict, political scientist wants MPs to review contempt law

In the aftermath of the contempt of court verdict by the Federal Court in which Malaysiakini was handed an RM500,000 fine, political scientist Wong Chin Huat called on MPs to review the law to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.

"We cant tell judges how they should judge, however, if the law is flawed enough to allow bad judgements, we need to fix the law.

"MPs, please function as lawmakers and study how the law on contempt of court should be amended to prevent another Malaysiakini case," said Wong in a Facebook post.

He called on parliamentarians to treat the Malaysiakini verdict as a crisis of fundamental liberties and constitutional rights.

"Even if the Parliament is suspended, no one can suspend parliamentarians' brains. The Select Committee on Fundamental Liberties and Constitutional Rights should be convened even if just unofficially. Other MPs should join in too," said Wong.

Yesterday, in a 6-1 majority decision, the bench found Malaysiakini liable for contempt of court over its readers’ comments.

The majority verdict also ruled that the news portal's editor-in-chief Steven Gan was not guilty of the same charge.

The seven-person bench chaired by Court of Appeal president Rohana Yusuf delivered the 6-1 majority decision with the dissenting judgment by Federal Court judge P Nallini.

The fine of RM500,000 exceeded the sum that the Attorney-General’s Chambers had sought, which was RM200,000.

In calling for more action from MPs, Wong also expressed disappointment that there was no shadow minister on information or law from the opposition contingent of 108 MPs to speak out on the case.

"Please debate and propose necessary amendments. Don't tell us that you can't do anything because you are not in the government.

"If you are not bothered to get into the details, nothing would change even if you are in the government," said Wong, not mincing his words.


kt notes:

Atuk is no longer PM so DAP leaders should have the guli's to propose review of 'contempt' laws, which they dared not on ICERD, Rome Statute, etc, when he was their TaiKoe, wakakaka.


  1. DAP doesn't hold the majority in Parliament.
    Why keep hentam them , just for the sake of making another stab at Lim Guan Eng ?

    Why MCA in the Ruling Party gets a free ride ?

    1. not referring to now - talking about the Pakatan Harapan, govt wakakaka

  2. MCA can bang table and demand PN gomen review contempt law, otherwise they withdraw their 2 MPs. But Guanee was so brave to defend Malaysiakini...but their 42 cannot tumbang Yiddin...on the other hand Wee KHAT Siong supports tutup Parliamen, duduk rumah makan Mee Maggi...

    DAP: Halt action against Mkini, don't blame vehicle when driver causes accident

    Published 19 Jun 2020

    DAP has criticised the contempt of court proceedings initiated by Attorney-General Idrus Harun against Malaysiakini and the news portal's editor-in-chief Steven Gan.

    Party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Malaysiakini should not be blamed for its readers' comments.

    "While some of the comments are abhorrent in nature and should not be condoned, the AG must not attempt to penalise Malaysiakini or Steven Gan for those comments.

    "Action, if any, should be initiated against the commentators of those comments instead of Malaysiakini.

    "This is tantamount to blaming the vehicle for the accident when the driver is responsible," he added in a statement this evening.

    The contempt proceedings related to comments made on Malaysiakini's website by its readers regarding the judiciary.

    The Federal Court yesterday granted leave for the action to proceed.

    However, Lim said this should be withdrawn to uphold media freedom.

    "The AG is placing an onerous responsibility on media websites by making them liable for what others say.

    "For all intents and purposes, act against those who made the irresponsible comments but not against a news portal that did not endorse those views,” he added

    1. aiyah, berani daje bila Tuk ta menjadi TaiKoe, wakakaka

  3. the law is the problem or the communist?

    1. Wakakakakaka………

      This 犬养mfer is hard at work to spook the melayu crowd about the existence of communist!

      Failures in promoting don't-spook-the-melayu-sensitivities amongst the Nons now change course into arousing-the-meme-ed-communism-fears amongst the melayu.

      Keep at it. U would be the first victim as those China linked rumours causing racial attacks in yr mfering demoNcracies!

    2. communist no fear of another communist, communist work together to gloriously get rich.

    3. Yaloh, a definition makes up by one 犬养mfer, using the farts generated from that fart filled well!

  4. Wee KHAT Siong sure won't join, nanti PAS marah sama dia ha ha ha...

    76 opposition reps decry 'unreasonable, unfair' contempt verdict, want govt action

    Published 20 Feb 2021

    Seventy-six opposition MPs, state assemblypersons and senator have jointly called for an immediate consultation to discuss media guidelines that are fair and built on a rights-based approach, following the Federal Court verdict against Malaysiakini yesterday.

    They also expressed their grave concern over the guilty verdict against the news portal.

    "The verdict sends a chilling message to Malaysians as it indicates the further narrowing of media space on freedom of expression, a right that is guaranteed under the Malaysian Constitution.

    "Media is the fourth estate in a democratic country. Media freedom is one of the bulwarks of a free democracy," read the statement.

    The political representatives were from PKR, DAP, Amanah and Warisan, and also included former ministers Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Maszlee Malik.