Thursday, February 25, 2021

Getting the facts right on Japanese Occupation, communists


Getting the facts right on Japanese Occupation, communists

From Ranjit Singh Malhi

I refer to Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki’s accusation that the current Form 4 history textbook glorifies the communists as independence fighters.

His accusation is baseless, erroneous and done in bad faith to falsely implicate Pakatan Harapan, which has nothing to do at all with the content and writing of the history textbook.

Let’s get the historical facts right. First, it is a fact that the Japanese administration pursued a “pro-Malay” policy of appointing more Malays than non-Malays in government service, including the police. Most of the members of the police force during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya (1942-45) were Malays. Additionally, as stated by historian Cheah Boon Kheng, the Japanese specially trained Malay officers at a Malay police officers’ training school in Singapore. By February 1944, over 1,800 recruits had graduated. Interestingly, the Japanese also established a Malay women’s auxiliary corps in late 1944.

Second, the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) numbering about 7,000 soldiers was indeed the biggest armed resistance movement against Japanese rule in Malaya. It should be noted that the British authorities collaborated with the MPAJA in resisting Japanese rule in Malaya, including providing military training, arms and medical supplies.

Third, it is also true that the use of a predominantly Malay police force by the Japanese against the MPAJA, which comprised mainly Chinese guerillas, subsequently led to racial conflict. In the words of Zainal Abidin Abdul Wahid, a leading Malaysian historian, “the use of the largely Malay police force by the Japanese against the Chinese dominated MPAJA introduced a racial element of Sino-Malay rivalry”.

Fourth, it is a fact that the communist insurrection speeded up the independence of Malaya. In the words of Tunku Abdul Rahman, “Baling led straight to Merdeka” .

Finally, it must be highlighted that Lim Bo Seng, who is merely stated as being a Kuomintang guerilla in the Form Four history textbook (page 75), was truly a heroic Malayan freedom fighter. Indeed, there is a road named after him in Ipoh. Lim was a leading member of Force 136, a clandestine military unit which was established by the British authorities to gather intelligence and conduct operations behind enemy lines in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation. He established an intelligence network in Perak. Lim was captured by the Japanese Kempeitai in March 1944 and died in Batu Gajah jail on June 29, 1944.

Lim Bo Seng was a Chinese resistance fighter based in Singapore and Malaya during World War II. Before the outbreak of War World II, he was a prominent businessman among the Chinese community in Singapore. When the Second Sino-Japanese War broke, he participated in anti-Japanese activities in Malaya and Singapore. - Wikipedia


  1. Blackgoating the communists have been the favourite psychological weapon of the ketuanan f*cks in agitating the current melayu masses against the Nons, especially the Chinese M'sians.

    The old class of melayu, had a very different perceptions about the communism. Most of the time it was about mutual needs & comrades-in-struggles. Hence, there was compassionated socialist like Pendita Zaaba. But they have fast extincted.

    The current melayu r a trapped animal of no trainer. Years of zombieic indoctrination & ketuanan farts intoxications have produced a bunch of brainwashed jelly of led-by-the-nose. Hence, those current breed of ketuanan freaks, zombies & blur-sotong!

    The worst part is that there r mfering Nons, who r helping to propagate that communist theme to flame the xenophobic & racial hatred.

  2. Colonel Lim Bo Seng , a true patriot served in Force 136 under British command.
    He was certainly no Commie.

    In the chain of events , the Communist Terrorist campaign certainly speeded up the push for Independence , but don't try to sanitise what the Communists actually intended.

    They intended to create a Totalitarian Communist State in Malaya, not fighting for Malaya's Freedom.

    1. Who is trying to sanitise what the opposing parties (Communists/colonists) actually intended for Malaya?

      A totalitarian communist state any worst than a demoNcratic state that caters for the privileged elites?

      How confused can u be?

      Or u r considering yrself that class of elite that the state owes u everything while the down&trodden r left to fence for themselves - liken to the despicable Texas in yr USofA.

  3. malay communist finally won on jan 12 2021 without blood n sweat, unlike the stupid chinese communist.

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  4. Buku sejarah ini semua ditulis waktu MCA dan MIC dalam kerajaan BN. Deputy Education minister posts are almost always dipegang oleh these two parties. The ministry appoints the “best” people to review the history syllabus. How did they allow these twisted facts to creep into the textbooks to pollute the minds of our children? Then when Harapan in power for less than 2 years kena blame pulak.

    Like for Jawi/KHAT in primary textbooks was approved during Wee KHAT Siong’s time as Deputy Education Minister in 2013, it becomes Teo Nie Ching’s fault 5 years later?

    1. Have you thoroughly read the said text book? Or are you commenting based upon second hand info?