Friday, February 19, 2021

Hokkiens' MOST important day of the year

Tonight is a very special night for Penang Hokkiens. In non-MCO days, thousands and thousands would have been teeming to Tnee Kong Tnua (Temple of the Jade Emperor, Lord of Heavens) at the foot of Bukit Bendera.

Yes, in kaytee's kiddie days I would be there too with my mateys as 'jaga kereta' kids to earn some pocket money, wakakaka.

So why are crowds pouring to Bukit Bendera tonight? Well, tomorrow, 20 February 2021, the Ninth day of the Chinese New year (of the Bull), is the MOST important day of the year for Hokkiens. Chinese devotees (not just Taoists but also Buddhists and Confucianists, especially Hokkiens - some non-Hokkiens also participate) like an early start to demonstrating their pious devotion to Tnee Kong on Hokkien's MOST important day of the year, hence the pilgrimage tonight.

Tnee Kong, Jade Emperor, Lord of Heavens

For more on the history, tradition and why-wherefores of His Lord Emperor of Heavens (Tnee Kong meaning the Elder or Grandfather of Heavens) and Hokkiens, read my article on KTemoc Kongsamkok, link reproduced here for your convenient perusal.


  1. pray hard not to hv any reunion or nine emperor cluster, one emperor xi cluster is good enough for the whole world.

    1. That China cluster has proved conclusively how to protect human lives & economic activities vis-a-vis yr f*cked hypocritical demoNcratic slogans that u so gungho-lly farted about!

      BTW, what have all those Chinese activities gotten to do with a nonchinese 犬养mfer?

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      Ooop… make sure that whoever inoculating u has that cryptogenic storage.

      Anyway, no matter. Now that Pfizer/Moderna vaccines have proven to be ineffective against England/SAfrican variants. Just pray to yr gods that the variant u r going to face isn't more virulent & lethargic than those two that were induced to mutate via the f*cked challenging trials.

  2. Very minimum people at the Air Itam temple this year.

    Almost everyone obeying the SOP.