Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New candidate for Senior Minister (Finance and Economics) to attract FDI?

MM Online:

Romanian beauty queen turned politician fired from hospital job for being ‘too pretty’

The 27-year-old former beauty queen was forced to resign after social media users criticised her appointment. ― Picture via Facebook/Claudia Ardelean_

PETALING JAYA, Feb 17 ― A former Romanian model and winner of several beauty contests was ordered to resign from her role at a hospital because she was “too pretty”.

Romanian news portals reported that beauty queen Claudia Ardelean, 27, was appointed to an unpaid position on the board of the Pneumophthisiology Clinical Hospital in Cluj, Romania a little over a week ago.

Delighted for landing her new job, Ardelean, who has a double degree in law and European ethics, posted a picture on social media to commemorate her success on February 8.

“I am thankful for the trust and support of the Cluj National Liberal Party!” she said in the post.

Her post, which was later removed, received backlash as many claimed that she was only given the role because of her looks.

This led the board of directors on the Cluj City Council to “rethink” their decision, as they demanded Ardelean’s immediate resignation.

Ardelean told local news portals that she was understandably stunned by the board’s U-turn on her appointment and disappointed by the backward criticism she faced online.

Ardelean has won multiple beauty contests in Romania, and also works as a lawyer at a local notary office. ― Picture via Instagram/@claudiaardelean_

“Some people’s reactions have been superficial. According to my CV, I have the necessary skills and education to justify my appointment to that position,” she told Business Magazin, as per Google translate.

“By profession, I am a lawyer at a notary office, a double degree holder and a person who is in continuous professional training. I’m even an entrepreneur as I have my own hostess agency and event management company.

“Unfortunately, in Romania, there are still these prejudices. But I believe that beauty should not influence or hinder the professional career of people.”

Ardelean has also actively pursued a career in politics and has previously served as a member of the Cluj National Liberal Party.

Ardelean also pursued a career in politics and has served in the Cluj National Liberal Party. ― Picture via Instagram/@claudiaardelean_

Cluj council president Alin Tise said last week that he felt bad for forcing Ardelean out of the job, but affirmed that it had to be done to avoid any “suspicion” or bad press regarding her appointment.

“I deeply regret the incident. I requested the resignation of Claudia Ardelean. Even though she was an unpaid member of the board,” he said as reported by local newspaper Click.

“From a professional point of view, Mrs Ardelean has the necessary qualifications and proper training. Any other aspects that were presented in the press are related to her private life.

“In order to avoid any doubt, suspicion or question marks regarding this appointment, we requested the immediate resignation of this individual.”



Ridiculous of course, BUT it could be to Malaysia's benefit, wakakaka.

Let's invite her to be our Senior Minister, say, in Finance and Economics, wakakaka. After all, she has a double degree in law and European ethics, and just gnam gnam with competencies for selling palm oil to Europe - besides, who could resist her sales pitch?

As for FDI, wow, she seems to be the best person for such a role (instead of ponteng-ing and groaning 'adoi adoi abangsayangku adoi aiyoyo amah' in a Sandakan hotel).

best lah, bro ... I mean ... sis


  1. me also think she is too pretty, she would wreck havoc the eco system, we shd emulate the muslim ways, pretty ladies shd do what pretty ladies do best, spread get set ready go.

  2. Pretty face is a dumb bomb is a long established & cherished dogma of the western culture!

    Misogynistic & 崇洋媚外 katak have fine-tuned this dogma into an art form par excellent!

    Hence their abangadikism with the zombies.

  3. We definitely need new candidate for Menteri Jaga Kereta. Wee KHAT Siong is so thick skinned want to claim credit for covid vaccine delivery. Even Lee Hwa Beng twitted his embarrassment.

    Aiyo! Like that also claim credit and proud of it! Then what is DHL's role? Was MAS appointed by the government or a sub-contractor of DHL? If appointed by DHL what role did you play?

    MAS some more will receive YET ANOTHER bailout from taxpayers, soon will come GST to fund it. My children and grandchildren will have to pay for the long list of MCA Transport Ministers since the 70s who were so incompetent, corrupt and Boh Lam Phar. And under Emergency Rule, Parliament is powerless to challenge this bail-out.

    Lee San Choon (1979-1983)
    Chong Hong Ngan (1983-1986)
    Ling Liong Sik (1986-2003)
    Chan Kong Choy (2003-2006)
    Ong Tee Keat (2008-2010)
    Kong Cho Ha (2010-2013)
    Liow Tiong Lai (2014-2018)
    Wee KHAT Siong (2020- )

    Malaysia Airlines Parent Firm Gets Green Light for Restructuring
    By Yantoultra Ngui
    22 February 2021

    Malaysia Airlines Bhd.’s parent company was given the nod to implement a wide-ranging restructuring by the majority of its lessors and a U.K. court on Monday, giving a lifeline to the national flag carrier that has floundered amid a plunge in air traffic during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Malaysia Aviation Group, which is owned entirely by the country’s sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd., can now proceed with its plan to reduce the airline’s liabilities of over 15 billion ringgit ($3.7 billion), the company said in a statement.

    The carrier in October begun an urgent restructuring exercise that involved renegotiations with leasing companies and creditors, as airlines globally contend with lockdowns and travel restrictions to combat a resurgence of Covid-19 in many countries. Malaysia Airlines has cut salaries for management and pilots, offered unpaid leave to employees, and has sought payment deferrals since March last year.

    The financial restructuring exercise, which is expected to be completed in early March, will see the airline “successfully achieve” agreements with a range of its engine, financial and maintenance leasing companies and lenders, as well as Malaysian state entities, it said in the statement.

    Khazanah will commit new capital of 3.6 billion ringgit to Malaysia Aviation to fund the airline’s business throughout the restructuring period until 2025.

  4. Our ministers are so incompetent and thick skinned. Wee KHAT Siong only know how to duduk rumah makan Mee Maggi until vaccine arrives then suddenly appear like magic.

    DHL has the global responsibility for flying out the Pfizer vaccines out from the factories producing them. Changi airport is the Asia hub for this region’s supply. MAS only pick up Malaysian requirement, Wee KHAT Siong must make it look like he is so important. MAS is just doing a last mile Grab Food pickup and delivery lah. Not that I look down on these riders but they sure as hell don’t make it a big deal like this menteri.

  5. Those who have assess to the financial outlook reporting of Moody, S&P etc will know that most of them have VERY negative forecasts for m'sia in 2021/22.

    Probably the worst in ASEA!

    The key causality integral is the current administration with hp6 & yet show-off attitudes!

    Brace yrselves for the coming storms.