Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Neo-Nazi oppression during pandemic in Gaza


Palestinians accuse Israel of preventing Covid-19 vaccine transfer to Gaza

The Palestinian Authority (PA) accused Israel on Monday of holding up the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines into Gaza, where Palestinians have yet to receive any doses.

A Palestinian official told Reuters that the PA tried to send 2,000 doses of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine from the occupied West Bank to Gaza on Monday, but that Israel stopped the shipment at a West Bank checkpoint "and informed the Palestinians there was no approval to continue to Gaza".

An Israeli security official said the PA's request to send the 2,000 doses was "still being examined" and that "an approval hasn't yet been given".

The body charged with approving the transfer is Israel's national security council, part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, the Israeli security official said.

Netanyahu's office did not immediately provide comment.

PA officials say they submitted the transfer request to Israeli defence authorities soon after receiving an initial shipment of 10,000 Russian doses in the West Bank on Feb. 4.

"Today, 2,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine were transferred to enter the Gaza Strip, but the occupation authorities prevented their entry," a statement from PA Health Minister Mai Alkaila said.

"These doses were intended for medical staff working in intensive care rooms designated for Covid-19 patients, and for staff working in emergency departments," the statement added.

The vaccine shipment was returned to Ramallah because it needs to be kept under cold temperatures, the Palestinian official said.

The delay highlights the challenges that Palestinians may face inoculating citizens across the West Bank and Gaza - two geographically-divided areas that Israel captured in a 1967 war and which are home to 5.2 million Palestinians.

Israel controls all entry and exit points to the West Bank and most of the coastal and land boundaries of the Gaza Strip, apart from a narrow border adjoining Egypt in the south.

Both Israel and Egypt maintain a blockade on the coastal strip, citing security fears about the Islamist militant group Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since 2007.

Palestinians and rights groups have accused Israel, a world leader in the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, of ignoring its duties as an occupying power by not including the Palestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in their inoculation programme.

Israeli officials have said that under the Oslo peace accords, the Palestinian Health Ministry is responsible for vaccinating people in Gaza and parts of the West Bank where the PA has limited self-rule.

The PA began administering vaccines to health workers in the West Bank on Feb 2, after receiving a small shipment of Moderna Inc vaccines from Israel.

- Reuters


  1. Seems a truck just turned up at the crossing with a refrigerated pack labelled "vaccines", without prior coordination. The truck got turned away.

    As usual KT has already tried, judged and condemned Israel as Nazi.
    Cheapest the true monstrous evil of Nazi Germany

  2. reutar is a west propagandist that tell lies.

  3. July 21, 1816, is the birthdate of Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter, the enterprising rabbi’s son who became the founder of the news service that bears his name.

    1. CCP Fanboys usually consider Reuters as liars.

      - All reports of Xinjiang human rights abuses are crap.
      - Tibetans are fully ,completely, happy.

    2. Ditto with mfers that considered all China/Chinese bashing news r truth, as reported in the western media!

    3. Whiteface tells no lies, only the truth. Whiteface farts smells like perfume. Whiteface democracy, human rights and freedom will bring peace, happiness and zero death to those who accept this ideology. Blacks, brown, yellow and those of other shades that are not white...these are low lives, with low morals, low intelligence, commit incest and rapes, eat their own babies, commit mass genocide and sterilization, imprison their own people in concentration camps, and harvest organs for sales to the whites who has the $$$ to buy a new lease of life. I want to live in white countries desperately...must find a way to get there by hook or by crook.

  4. Jews and Muslims screwing each other is one thing but Muslim Turkey screwing fellow Uighur Muslim to be fren fren with Bullyland is worse no?

    Turkey is accused of extraditing Uighur Muslims to China in exchange for COVID-19 vaccines

    Bill Bostock Jan 16, 2021

    The Turkish government has been accused of agreeing to deport Uighur Muslims to China to access COVID-19 vaccines.

    In recent years, China has forcefully cracked down on Uighurs around the world, using their religion to cite a national security threat. Turkey is home to the largest number of diasporic Uighurs in the world.
    In late December 2020, Beijing ratified a 2017 deal with Ankara to see people with criminal charges extradited to China.

    Turkey is yet to ratify it, and opposition politicians in the country raised concerns that Beijing was withholding the shipments of COVID-19 vaccines from the Chinese firm Sinovac until Ankara agreed.
    Turkey planned to start vaccinating people on December 11, but the first shipment from Sinovac did not arrive until December 30, Al-Monitor reported.

    The Turkish foreign minister has denied the connection between the extradition deal and vaccination deliveries.

    Turkey has been accused of agreeing to hand over Uighur Muslims to China in exchange for access to its COVID-19 vaccines.

    The allegations stem from the timing of two events in December: the long-delayed arrival of Turkey's order of vaccines from the Chinese firm Sinovac and Beijing's abrupt move to ratify a 2017 extradition deal with Ankara.

    Turkey had planned to start vaccinating people with the Sinovac shot on December 11, according to Al-Monitor. But the first shipment did not arrive until December 30.

    The vaccine delay prompted opposition politicians in Turkey to raise concerns that China pressured the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to ratify the extradition deal if it wanted to access the vaccines.

    China announced that it had ratified the extradition treaty on December 27. The deal means that Turkey must extradite anyone with criminal charges to China if asked, and vice versa.

    Turkey has not ratified the deal, though the country's parliament is expected to discuss it when it reconvenes on January 26, The Nikkei reported.

    The Chinese ratification of the extradition treaty has prompted concern that Turkey would expel its Uighur population to China, where they face intense surveillance and mass detention.

    In recent years, China has charged Uighurs with arbitrary crimes, such as growing a beard and receiving calls from other countries. Members of the Uighur diaspora previously told Insider they were too afraid to contact their relatives in Xinjiang for fear of Chinese retribution against their family.

    Over the last few years, thousands of Uighurs have fled China for Turkey, whose language and culture are similar to those of the Uighur community. According to The Guardian and Voice of America, Turkey is home to some 50,000 Uighurs, the largest Uighur diasporic group in the world.

    At the time of China's ratification, Dilxat Raxit, a spokesperson for the World Uyghur Congress, told Agence France-Presse: "This extradition treaty will cause worry among Uighurs who have fled China and do not yet have Turkish citizenship."

    Many Uighurs who had fled China to Turkey do not have Turkish citizenship, meaning Ankara cannot protect them.

    Yildirim Kaya, a politician in Turkey's opposition Republican People's Party, asked Health Minister Fahrettin Koca in parliament on December 29: "Is the Chinese vaccine being held for the return of Uighur Turks?"

    And Lütfü Türkkan, deputy chairman of the opposition The Good Party, outright accused the government of striking a deal with Beijing.

    "China wants the extradition of some Uighurs in Turkey," he said in parliament, according to TR724. "They will return some Uighur Turks in Turkey to China to get the vaccines."

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      So simple a c&p fart of no brainer!

      "Muslim Turkey screwing fellow Uighur Muslim to be fren fren Bullyland is worse no?"

      In zombieism, ummat is just a tag to entice blurred mfers
      , like u. Just liken to its founding origin in Abrahamic cult.

      What's wrong in ratifying internationally recognized extradition treaty between nations for criminal offences?

      Unless yr mind works in the same manner of 台毒 Formosa vis-a-vis the HK/Taiwan fart. R u the right katak to cloak about HR issues?

      Currently every countries r rushing to buy, hoard & hijacking covid-19 vaccines by all means of any insidious undertakings.

      China is the only one, despite the medical needs of her own populace, still DONATE covid-19 vaccines to many other poor nations.

      In this light, where r yr demoNcratic dickheaded countries, besides accusing China & each others, about vaccine availabilities & deliveries?

      Ain't u very picky for yr farts?

      BTW u do swallow western propagandas wholesome w/o thinking.

      "Turkey, whose language and culture are similar to those of the Uighur community"


      The ONLY thing that Turk & Uyghur shared r that Islamic faith. Historically, Uyghur & Turk were blood enemies!

      But only radicalised zombieic Uyghurs fled Xinjiang for the atrocities they caused.

      Blurred mfer, do reread yr own f*cked understanding of "Muslim Turkey screwing fellow Uighur Muslim".

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