Tuesday, February 23, 2021

LIm Kit Siang's "Malaysian 1st & Chinese 2nd" opportunistic provocative kerbau


Decade after 'Malay first', Kit Siang asks if PM is now 'Malaysian first'

Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang wants to know if Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is prepared to declare that he is "Malaysian first", a decade after the latter declared himself "Malay first".

This was after Muhyiddin yesterday launched the National Unity Policy and National Unity Blueprint 2021-2030.

"When Muhyiddin cautioned Malaysians against politicians who play on racial sentiment to gain political mileage, describing them as challenges faced in multiracial countries, all Malaysian eyes were on him as the classic example.

"After 64 years of nationhood, is Muhyiddin prepared to lead Malaysians throughout the country to declare he is 'Malaysian first' to spearhead the 10-year National Unity Blueprint, where every Malaysian can declare he or she is 'Malaysian first, Malay/Chinese/Indian/Kadazan/Iban second'?" Lim said in a statement.

Lim said on March 18, 2010, he made the same challenge to Muhyiddin, who was at the time the deputy prime minister.

At the time, he noted that then prime minister Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia concept was "the vogue of the day".

"I declared in Parliament that I was Malaysian first and Chinese second and challenged every cabinet minister to make a similar declaration to show that they have the 1Malaysia DNA.

"But no other cabinet minister dared to take up the challenge. Instead, Muhyiddin declared that he was 'Malay first, Malaysian second'.


kt notes:

As usual, Lim Kit Siang stirs provocative sh*t with his meaningless challenges but really, with no expectation of achieving anything for the rakyat other than to glorify himself in Chinese eyes with his useless "Come fight with me" taunts.

Yes, he is nothing more than an opportunistic sh*t-stirrer, knowing full well Muhyiddin has already committed himself to being a 'Malay first'. Did he expect Muhyiddin to respond? Of course not. So why provoke, agitate, rile Muhyiddin for no gain other than crude low class political opportunism? If KHAT wants to claim he is a Malaysian first, and a Chinese when he finally remembers his ancestors, that's jolly good for him, but 'nuff lah of his pompous prancing.

Instead of going around provoking the opposite side, Lim KS should instead resign as he has pledged publicly he would if Mahathir refused to hand over the PM position to Anwar during the reign of the Pakatan government. Everyone in Malaysia and in neighbouring nations know that Mahathir has reneged on his promise to transfer the prime ministerial position to Anwar. So tolong lah, have an iota of integrity and resign and not be like totally untrustworthy Mahathir, though I fear being in bad company, KHAT Sial would have been contaminated - mind you, as a willing captive.

Kit Siang, resign lah as it's your last chance to save your son's face after Chye-Chye's over-glorifying tribute the poor boy had recently paid to you (but expectedly, devoid of your mistakes and 'dark side'). 'Tis your final chance to redeem your once statesman-like personality and to also save your Chye-Chye's face, but alas, based on your performance over the past 5 years, I doubt you will ever do it.


  1. Eh.... MCA oso hentam Muhyiddin back in 2018 for his Ayam Malay First remark, today MCA bodek and sokong him and Wee KHAT Siong hisap his curut kuat-kuat.


    QUOTE (MCA Statement)
    Muhyiddin, no need to double talk; We know what you stand for
    On Monday 31-12-2018

    PPBM President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mis-assumes that Malaysians are a naïve lot and can be expected to forget his infamous line of “I’m a Malay first” whereby he relegated his citizenship.

    He tries to play the good cop’s role in the recently concluded PPBM annual general meeting by declaring “economic rights are for all” (like since when they weren’t?) or that “PPBM won’t rob the rights of Malays.” Muhyiddin may assume that his gentler renders him charitable to other races, as opposed to his boss cum Prime Minister cum PPBM Chairman Tun Dr Mahathir who asserted that “there is no room for negotiation when it comes to defending Malay, Bumiputera rights” or that earlier he sounded a tacit warning to non-Malays that “it would be irresponsible of us if we do not try to avert racial riots (due to economic inequality) by at least narrowing the gap between the rich and poor.”

    But make no mistake. Muhyiddin has type-casted himself with an indelible mark of “I am Malay first.”

    1. The point of argument is not in Muhyiddin's hypocrisy or racism, but in the uselessness of Lim's kok-tok, that KHAT kacau for the sake of gaining brownie points from the gullible Chinese

    2. MCA free pass as usual. No need to explain why they make U-Turn. Everything LKS said must dissect and analyse to death.

    3. Perhaps, it should consult one 犬养mfer about taking the said words literally.

      Politikus r fame for that kind of utterances. But katak have improved them to the next level!

  2. MCA supports a racist and hypocrite gomen and gets a free pass. LKS asks a tricky clever question and gets hentam?

  3. lks cakap lain orang memang pandai, berleter tak henti henti dari muda sampai sikarang, kami cina sudah dengar lebih setengah abad masih tak bosan, lespek sama cina.

  4. So KT voted for DAP in GE14? If not then using KT's logic he has no right to ask Father and Son to resign.