Thursday, February 25, 2021

Arrest warrant issued against Sajat after no-show in court - why are non-Muslim taxes used to fund the Jabatan Agama organizations


Arrest warrant issued against Sajat after no-show in court

The Syariah High Court in Shah Alam has issued an arrest warrant against controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, 36, for failing to attend today’s proceedings.

According to a source, the arrest warrant was issued by judge Mohammad Khalid Shaee @ Shaii.

"(Sajat) did not attend the court today and the judge issued an arrest warrant,” the source said.

Meanwhile, lawyer Zuri Zabuddin Budiman who represents Sajat (above) said the mention of the case of the accused who was charged with dressing as a woman at a religious event, which has brought Islam into contempt, three years ago, has been postponed to June 1.

“(Sajat) is required to be present in court on the new date.

“We will probably do mitigation but have yet to discuss it,” he told reporters at the court compound here.

Apart from Zuri, Sajat was also represented by lawyers Ahmad Nazib Johari, Noor Azlina Che Hassan, and Amirah Zainal.

The entrepreneur who was scheduled to turn up at the court at 9 this morning failed to do so until the end of the proceedings.

In earlier proceedings that took place on Jan 6, Sajat was charged with committing the offence at a beauty centre in Section 16, Shah Alam, at 7.30pm, on Feb 23, 2018.

Sajat was charged under Section 10 (a) of the Syariah Crimes (State of Selangor) Enactment 1995 which provides for a maximum fine of RM5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years or both, if convicted.


kt notes:

Undeniably the religious authorities looks to eff-ing Sajat kaukau (figuratively lah, wakakaka).

Recall how those mullahs had her for a whole full month for their 'expert' on the 'science cum psychology' of 'woman-man thingy' to work out whether Sajat is who she or he claims to be. Where's the eff-ing result of that investigation? Why are they still eff-ing around with her.

It seems there are some people in Malaysia who or whose business thrive on Shadenfreude (a German word used in the English language meaning 'pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune').

Recall also Nik Raina, store manager at Borders Bookstore, who 5 years ago was oppressed, harassed, tormented and intimidated ceaselessly by religious authorities in the name of religious laws, when she was completely INNOCENT, yes, COMPLETELY INNOCENT.

In other words those mullahs who claimed to champion religious laws had exploited and abused the same laws to hound her mercilessly, maliciously and mafulat-ishly to her immense tortured distress.

I've blogged on the horrendous intimidating persecutions of Nik Raina before but it may be worthwhile to just review what happened to torment Nik Raina to the extent of making her cry in dread, despair and distress in order to have a picture of how JAWI (one of those religious authorities) had been terribly and unjustly bullying an innocent Muslim young woman.

The persecution (on top of the attempted legal prosecution) of Nik Raina was probably the WORST case of misusing the name of religion and misusing syariah laws to ferociously and brutally intimidate/harass a woman. In fact, JAWI's actions was deemed as UNLAWFUL.

JAWI obviously wanted to punish her as manager of Borders KL for selling Irshad Manji’s 'Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta' even though JAWI's prohibition on the sale of that book was issued only 6 days AFTER the books went on sale and after the FT religious department raided Borders.

To reiterate, at the time when Borders had sold the book, there was no official ban on that book, yet JAWI insisted on charging Nik Raina under Section 13 (1) of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Federal Territory) Act with allegedly selling and distributing a book that was contrary to Islamic laws, a nonsensical bullshit of an unlawful charge. The book when sold was NOT contrary to any gazetted Islamic law, for the simple reason no such law was gazetted until 6 days AFTER it had been sold.

I reckon she was charged because she was/is the only Muslim officer in Borders dealing with book at that time and JAWI couldn't touch the non-Muslim officials of the book company. Just imagine if JAWI had authority over non-Muslims.

Yes, JAWI hunted down one convenient Muslim to prosecute for allegedly violating a non-existent ban at the time for the sale, of what was not a banned book, but as if that was not enough they continued persecuting her relentlessly for 3 long years after her charge was first dismissed as unlawful, insisting on irrelevant (nonsensical) appeals.

Those religious officers were true to their stripes and spots, needing to fulfil their lust of power through their 3-P's (prohibiting, persecuting & punishing) regardless of the fact of the case.

Nik Raina did NOT violate Islamic rules and prohibition with respect to the sale of the mentioned book, but nonetheless she had to be prosecuted to show JAWI's power, and if the legal prosecution wasn't successful at first she would be persecuted until she repent, and kowtow to the unquestionable might of JAWI.

Of course JAWI and JAKIM lacked the balls then to prosecute a clown like Raja Bomoh for un-Islamic activities. Maybe they feared Raja Bomoh hitting them on their numbskulls with his twin coconuts or poking them in their behinds with his bamboo telescope.

good on you Raja Sai Kong
keep your flag coconuts flying high, wakakaka
those JA-cowards dared only to go after women

And in the midst of Nik Raina's suffering who helped her? Read on.

After JAWI finally gave up the persecution of Nik Raina, this was what MM Online reported on her lawyer Rosli Dahlan saying:

“I’m happy for Nik Raina and I commend her employers for standing by her through these difficult times,” Rosli told Malay Mail Online today, citing Yau Su Peng, the chief operating officer of Borders’ operator Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd, and Berjaya Group CEO Datuk Seri Robin Tan.

“Not many employers will spend substantial cost and expense to do that, especially when they are defending the rights of Muslim/ Malay staff. I am disappointed that the Malay/ Muslim rights groups did not come to Nik’s defence or assistance.”

Don't blame those Malay/Muslim rights group as they were shit scared of those so-called moral police.

I won't go into how a JAIS officer in Gombak some years ago forced a woman allegedly caught for khalwat to do a blowjob for him and also molested her by caressing her breasts. And we still remember how the notorious case of JAWI personnel misbehaving and bullying women at the Zouk nightclub.

Islamic officers?

Why the f**k should non-Muslim taxpayers fund JAKIM and those states' JA-organizations to be bully boys?

As HRH Sultan Johor had queried: why does JAKIM need a budget of RM1 billion (yes, billion).

Putrajaya should disband JAKIM for a start, and if it does not want to, then fund JAKIM and other JA-organizations from only Muslim sources, say like contributions from ISMA, Perkasa, PAS, Saudi Arabian, Brunei and OIC contributions, etc and if at all necessary, zakat.

Back to Sajat, the existence of Mak Nyah has been an intrinsic part of Malay society & culture so WTF with the current prosecution of Sajat for being another Mak Nyah in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Mak Nyaks in Malay social history though the ages?

Have those religious policemen forgotten their roots?

Look at Thai TV dramas and movies (which I frequently view, wakakaka). More than a few feature 'phuying praphet song' (means 'second kind of woman'), though the men call them (rather crudely) 'kathoey'
(means 'lady-boy'). The Thais do not hide that part of their social culture but accept and accommodate it bravely and in a relaxed behaviour. No camel here, that's the crucial difference!


  1. Ruled by Islamist Komunis is like that lah...

    1. yeah lor, follow the party, listen to party, long life chairman moo.

    2. Ain't that the fundamental trace of a feudalistic fart?

      & who r more inward-looking to the past if not yr dickheaded dangdut pals!

  2. Is the state allowed to enact criminal law against cross-dressing? Is it in the State List? Is the state law constitutional in this respect?

  3. They are so fucked up. While hunting down a cross dresser they just turned a blind eye about corruptions, abuse of power and so many other repulsive behaviours especially by those who walk the corridor of power.