Monday, May 14, 2018

WORST political statement 2018 (1)

Dear Visitors and Readers,

I'm sure you have heard of, as per my personal opinion, my "BEST political statement 2018" series.

Post-election, with the rich plethora of cakap-banyak (Penang colloquial for 'verbal diarrhoea') I have decided to add a new series, again as per my personal opinion, the "WORST political statement 2018", wakakaka.

Let us go over to FMT and read its PH needs party hoppers for stability, says don (extracts only as follows):

Mustafa Ishak 

Mustafa Ishak of the National Professors Council pointed out that the number of parliament seats the coalition won in the recent election was dangerously small, with the same true of state seats in Kedah, Perak and Sabah. A few defections from PH could be destabilising, he added.

“Party hopping isn’t new,” he said. “When parties win with thin margins, they want to increase their numbers.”

He also said the number of Malay PH representatives in the Dewan Rakyat was small, relative to the demographics of the country and the representation of other communities.

If some MPs from Umno decide to switch sides, he added, one could interpret their decision as coming out of concern for the best interests of the Malay community.

Here is a man who advocates 'party hopping', mind you, for the noble objective of the best interests of the Malay community, and naturally Malay party stability.

I wonder whether Mustafa Ishak hails from Sabah? Wakakaka.

But I deem the "WORST political statement 2018 (1)" to be his:

"If some MPs from Umno decide to switch sides, he added, one could interpret their decision as coming out of concern for the best interests of the Malay community."

Thus they are not frogs but heroes and we should, nay, must 'Hail the Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit Heroes', wakakaka.


  1. Wow! Luckily Rumpelstillskin Kaytee didn't spin the story that the professor.

    It's also dawn to me that perhaps Kaytee wanna join LGE finance minister council of advisors.

    Or better still Council of Eminent Persons

    Kaytee......if you wanna join that, you still need to provide your photo, documents and credentials with proper and thorough background check

  2. When it hops to BN, its not OK.
    When it hops to PH, its all OK.

    1. it's OK when the accepting party has its won beautification and canonisation chapels, wakakaka

  3. It is a fact that the PH wins only just about 50% of the popular vote, i.e. another 50% of the voters are against PH.

    PH won mainly because of the shift in the Malay votes even in the heartland. A Malay tsunami, it was.

    UMNO is gone. Who is taking care of or to carry on the Malay agenda from now? If this is gone forever, believe me you, TDM will be the curse of the Malays forever.

    Now, PPBM got 12, Amanah 11, PAS 18, and UMNO 60, the total is only 101. As it is, the Malays are split, or we can say are powerless now. Will PKR Malay MP(s) support the Malay agenda without any objection from its non Malay MP(s) and Nons voters? From DAP? letih lah menunggu... perhaps sampai kiamat pun tak kan dapat.

    TDM needs the two third majority. He needs the power to do what he has got in his mind. He can't implement what he wants or the way he wants it without the two third majority. Hence, the need for Sabah MP(s) and Sarawak MP(s) to join him. But even with that it may not come to 148 still. Thus, UMNO MP(s) and even PAS MP(s) are very much welcome to frog to PPBM or PAN. So, I can understand the shout from Prof Mustafa Ishak.

    Finally, my take: PAN is supposed to carry on the Islamic (progressive) agenda, thus, Mat Sabu should not be the Defence Minister but the Menteri Hal Ehwal Agama Islam which would be more suitable for him. I am sure my matey KT will sokong me if Mat Sabu said the first thing he will do is to tutup JAKIM. Wakakaka...

    1. I had interesting conversations with a number of Malays over the weekend, and I can sympathise with the concerns.

      What I tell them is
      a) Pakatan is very much Malay led.
      b) The Nons have a stronger voice compared to BN , but it is still a compromise, much closer to the 1960's arrangements.

      c) The track record of Penang and Selangor state governments over 10 years is the interests of the Malays and Islam are well protected.

      d) What we want to put in place is a safety net and affirmative action based on need, less on race.
      What did 1MDB benefit the Malays?

      On May 9, the younger generation Malays , connected by WhatsApp and Facebook, were Rah-Rah to Ubah Kerajaan. They were sick and tired of UMNO.

      Many also influenced their Parents and Relatives in the Kampungs to support Pakatan.
      I know the Older generation Malays are now apprehensive about the future direction.

      In 3 states, Perak, NS and Malacca, DAP forms a majority of Pakatan ADUNs, but with a Malay head leading the state. Its not pretty, and Pakatan has to move fast to assuage their worries.

      Frogs are not the answer.

  4. Wah, so fast this National Professors Council make a 180 degree turnaround.

    But. but wait a minute.

    Is it to continue perpetuating BN Ketuanan Melayu which he was indoctrinated with?


  5. How different did you think Tweedledum was going to be from Tweedledee?

  6. For the ketuanan freaks it's still the echo of alifbata!

    Wakakakaka… mamak should start the bumiputra referendum REAL quick!

    The leeching T20 elites r worried about their takes so as the rent-seeking M40 about their tongkat!

  7. When a frog jumps from BN to Harapan the average IQ of both parties drops.