Sunday, May 20, 2018

Post GST?

MM Online - In Perak, trade groups warn not to expect price drops right after GST goes (extracts):

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) Perak chairman Datuk Lim Si Boon said businesses need time to adjust and maintain the reporting system.

“Consumers may derive some benefits post-June 1 but for businesses, there is still the compliance cost,” he told Malay Mail.

Lim said among the services that would see immediate effect are legal services and motoring.

“It will depend on the products. We cannot say across the board there will be an immediate reduction in price,” he added.

And Sales & Service Tax (SST) is soon to come as part of the fiscal reform initiative by the newly formed Pakatan Harapan government.



  1. Bagus.. Bagus.. Attaboy...

    Ktemoc has finally woken up to the need to hold the Government of the Day accountable for its policies and actions...

    After years of coma / slumber..

  2. Talk about the bubble bursting! In the end, all these talk and mouth foaming about price reduction is moot when the powerful and influential business lobby says NO. They did help to stoke for Ubah after all.

  3. GST may be a good tax system but for whatever the fault the rakyat has complained it caused them hardship after its implementation, it was laud and clear except those who failed in their reading and comprehension.

    It is projected that RM40b GST will be collected in 2018 and if there were no GST it would be collecting RM20b SST. Where does this excess RM20b come from ? GST tax pay by the rakyat!

    Some people not only failed to read and comprehend but also failed in the maths and understanding how the tax mechanism works. They just fatally scan at the surface that 6% GST must be cheaper than 10% SST

  4. Most of the heads and leaders of chambers of commerce, industries, universities, think thanks, associations, medias, religious bodies etc were supporting BN thru their political aligned leaders of UMNO, MCA, MIC etc.

    Their attitude towards non-BN policies or initiatives is just reflective of their Great Leaders in their BN parties.

    They will keep on undermining the new Govt. until being replaced cause they are unable to reform after been indoctrinated for so long.

  5. Ya ya ya......when kaytee knock his head onto the wall at the speed of 100km, i guarantee it will take a while for kaytee to recover. If kaytee is not dead or in a coma

  6. sst collect 20b, gst collect 40b, people paid more under gst, n of course not across board, whats to complain, dun understand.