Thursday, May 17, 2018

Anwar warns of UMNO Baru 2.0?

Malaysiakini - Anwar: Daim can contribute, but must be mindful of past scandals (extracts):

During the days before there was a Bersatu, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin was one of the individuals whom PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim singled out for being corrupt.

Even when current Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit Umno and launched the Citizen's Declaration with Pakatan Harapan, Anwar had warned his party about cooperating with Daim.

"Both Mahathir and Daim were the architects and aggressive exponents of crony capitalism," Anwar had written in a letter from prison to PKR, made public in May 2016.

However, now that he is a free man and working on the same side as Daim and Mahathir, the PKR leader is taking a more guarded approach when asked about his past statements.

"Daim can contribute but he must be aware. People appreciate that he has joined, but people are also expressing deep consternation that he has been unable to explain some major problems in the past.

"People say there's no need to bring old baggage, which is true, but to me, if you want to talk about democratic accountability, it must not stop at (former prime minister) Najib (Abdul Razak).

"Although I don't think (it should go) to the extent of a vendetta, and endless witch hunt," Anwar said in an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini at his residence today.

He added that there are concerns about 'Umno 2.0' creeping in to the current administration. [...]

NST Interview in 2013

Enmity between Daim & Anwar?

Anwar has not openly criticised Mahathir (YET) but if the former believes that democratic accountability must not stop at Najib's crimes, and Daim Zainuddin should be made equally accountable, why not extend that to Mahathir's alleged crimes and profligacy?

Those who live by the sword ... you know!


  1. And Anwar Ibrahim also warned Lim Guan Eng to beware especially snakes like you

  2. All these old bags can't be trusted as they will stab each other as soon as they get the chance. Daim was well known to have thrown AI under the BMF scandal bus, while AI himself was willing to sepukku'ed his most trusted lieutenant, Khalid Ibrahim.

  3. That was good advice to Daim, incase there still remains any thought of a revival by Ceasar to the good old days of UMNO Baru.

    But I believe Ceasar and his old Generals (Daim, Rafidah, Rais, Mohyeedin) have already reset their old UMNO ideals and came out to save the country from impending disaster staring at their faces due partly to their faults of also creating an uncontrollable kleptocratic regime.

    So, what's your point, Kaytee? Continue with LKS old ways of fighting battles which last a 100 years alone but getting nowhere or form allies in accepting the noble changes all Malaysians wanted in the war and achieving many common ideals, though not 100% fully due to pragmatism and actual realities on the ground.

    1. CaoCao's 唯才是举!

      Lct has been listening & Lks has been well advised!

    2. who is the talent u r referring? the chinese right?

    3. Who else when even some so called Chinese ed CANT understand the essence of 乱世治国论!

    4. pray tell who is the talent u talking abt then we see yr slogan work or no, okay?

    5. My slogan?

      It's a title of a classic that carries truth till this day le!

      Who's the talent?

      Whoever has studied & understood the essence of ≪乱世治国论≫!

      R u been infested with reading deficiency too?

      Or yr cinapek apologitis recrudesces AGAIN?