Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New cabinet with better policies and cheaper goods

MM Online - Analysts: Challenges await new line-up of Cabinet ministers (extracts):

Political analyst Azmi Hassan said although the Cabinet ministers were inexperienced, the real challenge lay in being led by a leader who possessed vast administrative experience and assistedby government officials who were also experienced.

Although this situation would take a while to adjust to, he said the main challenge faced was in carrying out their responsibilities with the presence of a Government Advisory Council while fulfilling the needs of the PH Presidential Council.

“I expect the new ministers to face problems in adapting with the presence of these two councils that are rather influential in shaping the country’s policies,” he told Bernama after the swearing-in ceremony today.

The Government Advisory Council was formed to advise the government on current economics and finances, while the PH Presidential Council which comprised the top leaders of PH’s component parties who made decisions on matters in consensus.

Azmi, who is also a lecturer at a public university, said another challenge faced would be in the revocation of old government policies as they (new Cabinet ministers) needed to replace the policies with better ones.

Meanwhile, political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Martadha Mohamad who is also a Universiti Utara Malaysia Law, Government and International Studies lecturer was of the view that the actual challenge of the Cabinet line-up was in fulfilling the promises made when they were the opposition party.

He said, previously, most of them were rather vocal and rather critical towards the former government when voicing out their views in improving the government policies for the welfare of the people.

The CEP (Council of Eminent Persons) will sort out most of their worries, with the PM looking after the rest.

An example is the GST being zero-rated (not rid off, mind you, wakakaka) so expect all goodies to be at least 6% cheaper - well, at least kembong, kerang, kangkong to be cheaper.

So no worry lah.

the mysterious anaemic Siti Zahara will now be able to enjoy a full kilo of kerang which previously with GST went up from RM4 to RM10


  1. Venezuela also promised and did delivered much cheaper goods & fuel, but look what it did to their economy when reality hits them hard.

    1. Hadi awang too during his 1999 governing terengganu....how he screw up big time

    2. He didn't screw up, but he & the whole Terengganu got screwed big time when Mahathir stole their oil royalty. Without any other viable income then, the state government had no sufficient money to do any improvements.

  2. Mahathir yesterday confirmed what many of us could only whisper about in the past. Malaysia has Hundreds of Billions in Enron-style undeclared Off-Balance Sheet Debt Liabilities, once added up together with the Official Debt liabilities, totals more than RM 1,000,000,000,000.

    My granddaughter was asking me last night, no doubt after reading the news, how much is a Trillion Ringgit - I gave her this number.

    Lim Guan Eng was in a sombre mood coming out from a classified briefing from his new Finance Ministry key officers.
    Malaysia faces serious financial issues.

    It was exactly that - classified - so he couldn't talk about it, but the dark clouds were obvious.

    Mahathir said he was very disappointed with the Civil Service - because top Civil Service officers allowed this to happen.

    I'm thinking the Treasurer General Irwan Serigar should be charged for Treason.

    Integrity is the quality which enables all others. That was what was seriously lacking in the Najib Administration.

    With Integrity, we can recreate a new Malaysia - without GST.

  3. Talking is easy....cheebye kaytee. Tell us how much you have contributed to malaysia coffer through gst. How frequent you travel back to malaysia? Did you claim gst refund? And your real nationality? Dual?

    Prove it to us with photos and documents. Your face must be there too. Kapish!

  4. Kaytee, ah. I can't help but notice thru your comments that you are trying to change your mindset slowly in supporting the new Govt. but you still have that element of pessimism which is said via a bit of sarcasm.

    Are you afraid of being labelled a Night Soil Carrier?


  5. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/05/22/gobind-clocks-in-for-duty-as-communications-and-multimedia-minister/

    Gobind Singh , son of Karpal Singh, Khalsa warrior.....1st day at work as Minister.

    My Best wishes to you, Sir

  6. https://helenang.wordpress.com/2018/05/22/kerajaan-minoriti-45-harapan-notmypm/

    Huh? PH: Managed to obtain only 45% of the popular votes?

  7. There r economic dark clouds ahead for the new administration - not bcoz of her own doings BUT mainly due to bad inheritances from jibby's kleptomaniac malfeasances!

    Mamak was briefed consciously & his sharp mind picked up the unspoken truths.

    1) many economic data r bogus
    2) M'sia's sovereign rating would be downgraded
    3) M'sians need to work hard with him & be prepared to sacrifice for a tough period to wear out the fiscal dark storm - not unlike the one in 97.

    So far many foreigners have pulled their money out from the M'sia equities.

    Moody has a negative outlook for the M'sian economic due to the fiscal shortfall of RM20B+, caused by the abolishing of the gst.

    The administration inherited is bloated, inefficient & with many leakages!

    The only bright spot is the current high oil price.

    But, there r just too many holes to patch. There r unenviable & thankless tasks ahead.

    I just hope that the fellow M'sians would compromise to fight this economic dark storm with the same enthusiasm as the one we raised to overthrown bn. I foresee this economic hardship to last at least 2 yrs.

    Just remember, it talkes 61 yrs to change the government. Don't let 2 yrs of estimated economic sufferances derail the M'sian Spring!

    1. Kaytee doesnt care. Hence time to hang kaytee first


    2. “If we follow the definition of national debt by world standards, Malaysia’s national debt is actually RM686.8 billion.”

      “This is confirmed by Bank Negara’s December 2017 Report.”

    3. Ever heard of Enron....? Their debt also supposedly met International Financial standards...until they didn't.

      They are called Off-Balance Sheet Liabilities - Black accounts which only a few people in the organisation know about. It only surfaced when it became impossible to cover from the cash flow through the White Accounts.

      Najib and his 40 thieves made a bet that Barisan Nasional would rule forever, so this would never become public knowledge. They lost the bet.

    4. [KUALA LUMPUR (published on 7/9/2015): Malaysia’s true external ‘debt’ is zero, or very nearly so, according to DBS Group Research.

      In an economic note today, DBS said Malaysia’s numbers, which show its net external debt rising to 32% of GDP, from 27% in 1997, are “interesting” and reflects how external debt statistics can mislead.

      “Just as an individual may have a large automobile debt that is offset by the ownership of 4 to 5 houses, a country may have a large foreign debt that is offset by ownership of other foreign assets, for example companies, stocks, and US Treasury holdings,” said DBS.] ~ RJ

  8. i believe most people not willing to give their money to a liar via gst. even the price not come down much, they r still very happy.

    1. Yeah, because we rather give our money to a cruel and evil self-admitted dictator.