Tuesday, May 22, 2018

HM Sultan Johor - Anwar Ibrahim tête-à-tête

MM Online - Anwar flown to Johor tonight on Sultan’s private jet (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is currently in Johor where he will be meeting Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, just days after receiving a royal pardon and being released from prison.

Malay Mail understands that Anwar just arrived moments ago at the Senai International Airporton the Johor ruler’s private jet. [...]

It is unclear as to the purpose of the meeting, but Anwar has stated he will be travelling for a fair bit before actively taking part in politics again.

Anwar has said he did not have a time frame for when he should become prime minister, but expressed his eagerness to return to Parliament swiftly.

In an exclusive interview with Malay Mail last week, Anwar said that while he will allow Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as much time as the latter needed to carry out Pakatan Harapan’s reform pledges, he was keen to resume active politics.

Interesting, isn't it - I mean, Anwar and Princess (not Iron Fan) being bestowed the royal honour of flying in HM's private jet which I believe is the latest B737 Business jet (configured to more luxurious setting). Wow and Zoom.

Being a kay-poh I wonder what could have been dibual? I sure love to kay-poh-ishly access the tête-à-tête or to be more proper, royal conversation.

But alas, it's obviously confidential and I must behave.


  1. If you help me kaotim Mahathir and not let him ISA my family, I will make sure you have the backing of the royalty.


  2. Perhaps you can ask your Sifu MOM ? He is ALWAYS in the know...no matter how private a setting, wakakkaka. Like how he somehow knew Robert Kuok had given DAP RM 100 million to ensure the Chinese can take power and rule Malaysia with LKS as the Prime Minister. No longer running to Sifu MOM for 'consultation' ? Surely there's some honors among thieves ? wakakakkakaka

    Ohh...slipped my mind Sifu MOM is now a member of PAS, wakakakka

  3. Both sides need to reset.

    Pakatan Harapan came in with indirectly spoken but serious questions about the interference of the Johor Royal Family in state economic affairs.

    The Johor Royalty in turn made no secret of their dislike for PH, especially Mahathir. Anwar they considered just rabble.

    It comes as a shock now they need to deal with Pakatan both at Federal and State level.
    Time to talk, can't continue the sneering at Pakatan.

    Anwar Ibrahim, simply "Ketua Umum" of the largest party in the coalition making up the Federal Administration, is possibly the most powerful man without an official position in the country.

    Nurul has wisely stayed out of any Cabinet position, but she will serve as a trusted advisor to her father, a bit like Ivanka Trump wakakaka...

  4. Kaytee, ah. You may try asking your friends RPK or Rocky Bru?

    Have they also lost their insider influence?


    1. Ask nostro piggy pig pig better. Then you guys can have pork together

  5. Many, many organisations and individuals, from Royalty to academics to businessmen took actions prior to GE14 on the assumption BN would continue on and on. They sneered at Pakatan , in many cases.

    Now that they find themselves having to deal with a Pakatan Government at both Federal and State level, many are now loudly singing "I am an Innocent Man".

    A few previously very Pro-BN businessmen I know are right now frantically trying to arrange meetings with Pakatan Reps.

    Hampers for Raya, invitation for lavish Buka Puasa in hotels, night time Dangdut sessions.

    Unfortunately PKR Malay Reps are most susceptible to such charms.

    The private jet ride for Anwar and Nurul is part of such a charm offensive from Johor Royalty.

    Beware, Anwar....

  6. Wakakakaka…… why not kay-poh that the sultan 'memperkenankan' manmanlai to keep watch on mamak's political moves that's detrimental to all the royal houses in bolihland.

    Nurul is there bcoz the blue blood thinks kak wan is too indecisive to make any major decision!

    Malay referendum - the 1st step begins, especially after shukor's disclosure about the tidakapa attitude of the conference of rulers towards 1MDB scandal!

  7. i am fine if anwar play safe, but if he choose to go on offensive, he might not get the support.