Wednesday, May 23, 2018

MACC Chief a crybaby and tell-all?

Star Online - PAS lawyer slams MACC chief’s ‘tell-all’ press conference as prejudicial:

PETALING JAYA: A PAS lawyer has slammed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull for giving a “tell-all” press conference regarding the 1MDB scandal.

Wan Zainuddin Wan Musa said the statement Shukri gave was prejudicial against Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as it took place on the same day that the former prime minister was having his statement recorded by the MACC.

“The statement shouldn’t be released openly because it will bring about the perception that there was political interference in the case before this,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 22).

Wan Zainuddin said that Shukri should have recorded his statement in the form of a statutory declaration or released it to the special taskforce set up to probe 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad).

He also said that Shukri could have lodged a police report regarding the matter.

“In the police report, reveal the names of the individuals who were said to have threatened him. Let the police conduct investigations,” said Wan Zainuddin.

Earlier on Tuesday (May 22), Shukri claimed at a press conference that he and his officers were accused of conspiring to topple the then-Barisan Nasional government in 2016.

In July 2016, Shukri left for Washington to bring up the 1MDB issue with US authorities, following the removal of former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail and the retirement of Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed as MACC chief.

However, Shukri said he was followed by someone during his trip to the United States.

Fearing for his life, Shukri met up with a friend who worked in the New York Police Department (NYPD), where he was given three bodyguards for protection.

Shukri even broke down when he recalled running away to the USA from Malaysian authorities. Surely that should be enough teardrops for public sympathy. Kesian. 

Looks like the demon-isation of Najib continues, coupled with Shukri's earlier very public threat to charge Najib under the MACC Act, 2009 if the former PM did not turned up at the agency's headquarters in Putrajaya today (Tuesday 22 May).

Was there really such a crude necessity to threaten a former PM, on top of the highly publicised police midnight raids and the cornucopia of handbags at Najib's house in the police 'show & tell'?


  1. Najib getting a taste of his own medicine.

  2. Such wayang-ness coming from this new MACC head. He should have went into showbiz after quiting.

    1. Orang PAS pun pandai fitnah, ya ?

    2. Only just belajar it from the best, the PM 4th & 7th.

  3. "Looks like the demon-isation of Najib continues"...Ktemoc...

    Not demonisation...just deserts..

    1. So what if najib goes on

    2. While those jibby ampu-tees r still hard at dressing up their idol!


    3. If you were against the treatment done onto Anwar, you should be against the treatment done onto Najib. If we speak about justice and fairness, it should apply to all.

  4. Oh yes! More of such confessions to the public please. Where are the others who are also victimized doing their duty?

    All these victimized stories will help boost morale among the Govt. servants to show that in the face of adversity, such dedicated, honourable, righteous, God fearing men will prevail in the end and crooks, murderers, corrupted men will fall.

    Most would welcome such shows rather than showing little Napoleons in the Govt service absolving their political masters of one crime after another, or issuing threats to the public now and then not to discuss certain issues or topics.

    Suddenly, Kaytee became a proponent of Human Rights when his master has fallen. Wakakakakaka

  5. Does anyone seriously believe that Mahathir 1.0 was not far worse than this? Is any black eye party going to be formed as a result of Najib's rule....alamak!

    Abd very typical of mob rule. The mob goes after **not** those who are wicked, only those who are weak or have lost power. Shameful unless you do the same to Mahathir.

  6. Not crybaby.

    The story of the Iron Fist being used against a person who was just doing his job, to cover up a crime, had to be told.

  7. While I'm no fan of Najib (being a Moon person, wakakaka), I find it distasteful to demonise him and drag him thru public humiliation before the charges were even laid!

    Remember people. Jesus too was betrayed by some of his followers, he was arrested in mid of night, he was deserted, he was harangued by the rabid crowds, he was spat upon and beaten (I'm sure you would do that to Najib too if given the chance), he was convicted by the authorities, he was rejected, he was scourged, he was mocked, he was derided, and then he was executed.

    You folks and your PM are making a martyr out of him with your zombiac and vindictive treatment towards this person before the court has a chance to hear. Are you people trying to influence the honourable judge to give a guilty verdict or he will suffer the same fate as Najib?

    IMHO, PAS stand was against such treatment done onto Anwar and so I believe are consistently standing against the same treatment done onto Najib.

  8. I hope Shukri is right. It is still one side of the story.

  9. Cry baby ? when your life is at stake, with shadowy figures following you everywhere ? Did not someone whose's life is safe and sound and still living in his luxurious home but was crying out his family's chocolate was missing from the fridge ? hehehhe...simply luv all those whatsapp jokes circulating around about this piece of chocolate, wakakakka. And the handbag jokes...hahaha..Hermes...a visual showing Najib saying....' in Malaysia, it is pronounced as Her Mess. Now repeat after me...Her Mess'. Whakkakakakakakakak

    1. If it was true, why did he not make a police report or even make a hue and cry to PH during their campaign?

      Was he waiting to see who the victors was before deciding to tell his yarn?

      Why did he not do it the day after Ubah, when he was just a retiree?

      Why did he wait until being reappointed and "promoted" before doing this PC?

      Was it all a well timed charade?