Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Selangor continues to be without a MB, for a few MORE weeks

Malaysiakini - New S'gor MB will be appointed in few weeks, says Azmin (extracts):

now, let me see ... hmmm ... 

A new menteri besar will be appointed in a few weeks, said Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali today.

"The palace had issued a statement yesterday morning and I clarified this matter where His Majesty (Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah) had consented that I take up the federal post.

"And at the same time, we will discuss with His Majesty on the potential candidates," he told reporters after clocking-in at his Economic Affairs Ministry.

"As soon as the palace identifies the name and gives the consent, (the new menteri besar) will be appointed," Azmin said.

This process will take a few weeks, he added.

In the paraphrased words of Mahathir, the state of Selangor will be WITHOUT a MB.

And we are NOT talking about a few 'days' delay. We are talking about a few 'WEEKS'.
I am NOT sure what Azmin Ali is up to, but you may be sure he's up to something.

Though it's true that constitutionally, HRH's approval is required for the appointment of a new MB, obviously HRH cannot give His approval unless Pakatan Harapan forwards a name or two to HRH. It's not for Azmin alone to decide but rather PH.

Assuming what Azmin has told us is correct, that HRH wants to decide on his preferred candidate, what if HRH can't decide and (hypothetically) mulls over the matter until 2023?



  1. Wakakakaka……

    Did I sense a teeny-weeny bit of blue blood resentment here?

    Wakakakakaka…… it turns Republican!

  2. Sabah could loan Selangor one MB. They have two.

  3. Not easy to get one who is acceptable and agreeable to all stake holders.

    HRH, Wan Azizah camp, Azmin camp, ...Ketua Umum also doesn't necessarily have the same direction as Wan Azizah wakakaka...

    Selangor DAP, as the 2nd largest party in the coalition, has also made it clear they expect to be consulted....

  4. PKR & DAP will try to go again with only 1 name on the candidate list, despite the Sultan asking for options.

  5. Azmin ali is caretaker mb. I am more concerned more and more australian mps lost their seats due to australia identity crisis of carrying dual citizenship while contesting mpship

    Then how about kaytee? Does he have dual citizenship

    1. Don't bullshit on Azmin being caretaker MB after 09 May.

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  6. "Selangor continues to be without a MB, for a few MORE weeks"

    Kaytee is hallucinating now. I thought Azmin is still the MB until he resigns or the Sultan terminate his post as MB and appoint a new MB?

    Azmin now got 2 jobs as MB Selangor and Minister of Economy.


    1. I thought their Manifesto disallows that? Or does Azmin need another Gerakan "gentle reminder"? Wakakaka!

    2. Funny hor. Cheebye kaytee poses this stupid question answered by kaytee double the nostro piggy pig

      Like in the episode (skeleton in the cupboard)....so what they didnt submit forms to cheebye humphery

      Life still goes on

  7. Azmin & wan azizah are wearing two hats not to mention the former has a responsibility as adun & mp as well as chairmen of state glc's, wow must be super humans.

  8. whats wrong with few weeks? not reasonable? anything not transparent?

    1. why and what for? It'd already 2 weeks since election

    2. Wakakakaka……

      Why? Bcoz the blue blood thinks he still call the short!

      What for? Ketuanan mentality lah!

      U buat tak tau ke?