Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Did ghost of Balasubramnaiam tell Clare Rewcastle-Brown?

MM Online - Rewcastle-Brown: Murdered DPP Kevin Morais was my informant (extracts):

PETALING JAYA, May 21 — Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown asserted that murdered Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor, Kevin Morais, was the man who leaked the information about the Attorney-General Chamber’s (AGC) investigation over misappropriation at former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International.

Rewcastle-Brown told Malay Mail in an interview that “a few reliable sources” told her it was Morais who fed her the information about the investigation and leaked what was allegedly a charge sheet against former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“I was contacted directly by that person (who prepared the charge sheet)..I think it was Kevin Morais,” the London-based Sarawak Report editor said when asked how she had acquired the highly confidential information.

“I have enough people who I’m not going to quote, reliable sources who told me it was Kevin Morais,” she added. [...]

Rewcastle-Brown said she obviously doubted the official explanation to the DPP’s murder, saying the narrative that gangsters had killed Morais out of vengeance was almost a standard script to mask a more sinister motive.

She said the Malaysian authorities should launch a fresh and ”deeper” investigation.

“My biggest emotion was such sadness and concern..I think we know who has been arrested and who has been tried but I think there should be a deeper (investigation),” she told Malay Mail.

“I think it’s often a very big problem in Malaysia where street gangsters are picked up and charged with crimes without (knowing) their motives.”

Note her:

... “a few reliable sources”  told her it was Morais who fed her the information about the investigation and leaked what was allegedly a charge sheet against former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak ...

“I was contacted directly by that person (who prepared the charge sheet)..I think it was Kevin Morais,”

“I have enough people who I’m not going to quote, reliable sources who told me it was Kevin Morais,” 

Familiar with such story-telling that "I was told by he who was told by her who was told by them who were told by ... enough people who I'm NOT  going to quote, reliable sources who told me it was Kevin Morais”?

Yes, it's exactly like the late private investigator P Balasubramaniam's SD, which if you remember, informed us he was informed by Razak Baginda who in turn was informed by Najib Razak who in turn was informed by Altantuyaa Shariibuu who in turn confessed she liked ‘getting it’ in her behind.

did/do you mongrels know I was in the Fogles Pub and The Back Yard pub hatching up my SD before I released same to the press two months later, with Anwar Ibrahim's "help" (wakakaka)

The gentleman below can confirm, wakakaka again

YB Sivarasa Rasiah

YB please confirm above was true since you were there at the very beginning until poor Bala passed away

also read The missing man in the Altantuyaa story. [posted 25 Feb 2013]

Be that as it may (Clare Rewcastle's pathetic attempts to link the late (murdered) Kevin Morais to 1MDB and preposterously as her (she has the brazen nerve to believe so) informant, was demolished kaukau by the new MACC chief who said:

The news article tells us:

PETALING JAYA, May 22 ― Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Kevin Morais’s death has no connection to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) probe, Malaysian Anti-CorruptionCommission (MACC) Chief Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull said today.

This follows claims by Pascal Najadi, son of the slain AmBank Chairman Hussain Najadi who urged the government to reopen the investigation into unanswered murder cases such Altantuya Shaariibuu and Morais, which could shed light on the motive of the assassination of his father.

Kevin Morais (death) has nothing to do with the case because he was the prosecutor on the army colonel falsifying claims case,” Shukri said at a press conference at MACC headquarters at Putrajaya today.

WTF does that tell you about Clare Rewcastle-Brown, who could even claim Kevin Morais (or his disturbed soul) contacted her directly.

Reminder: She had said “I was contacted directly by that person (who prepared the charge sheet)..I think it was Kevin Morais,”

Just because Mahathir is now the PM does NOT mean she is allowed unfettered liberty to demon-ise her target or enhance her "story".

On second thought, maybe it was not the disturbed soul of Kevin Morais but rather that of P Balasubramaniam who told her what to say.


  1. To find out if poor Kevin had any involvement with the 1MDB case just ask Gani Patail. He can confirm who prepared the charge sheet. That should clear things up. No fuss.

  2. Not so fast , Ktemoc....

    In the long history of leakage of secrets, the actual person feeding secret information to outsiders is often not one of the circle of those directly privy to the information.

    That would be too dangerous for the direct leaker, because only a small and easily identifiable number of people have direct involvement.

    What often happens is someone leaks information to somebody else in the organisation, who then passes it to outsiders.

    The courier is the one carrying the biggest risk....and may end up as dead meat if caught.

  3. We should focus instead on the many other revelations made by Shukri. The removal of Patail one day before he was to charge the PM. The two Ministers in the PM's department who did nothing to help Shukri when he was being threatened, including one in charge of good governance. Focus on the fact that MACC confirms SRC/1MDB case was real, not made up, not slander, there was no proof of an Arab donor, the investigation was not an attempt to topple a democratically elected government etc etc.

    1. there was an Arab donor but he could not provide the receipt of donation to MACC. Shukri spoke to him

    2. http://english.astroawani.com/malaysia-photos/sekitar-lawatan-kerja-datuk-seri-najib-tun-razak-ke-arab-saudi-3530

      At the peak of the scandal Najib made a trip to Saudi Arabia March 3, 2016

      Presto....after that the Saudis declared there was a Saudi donor.

      MACC did NOT say no receipt of donation.
      MACC said no documentation. Any bank transaction in the world should have documentation at both ends - from the Saudi side and the Malaysian side.

      Tara lah...

      No Arab Donor...

    3. Proof as proof is in the pudding lah!

      When have u believed in words w/o substantiation?

      Wakakakaka…… if so why not 1st SD, 2nd SD that u kept recycled?

      Memang pandai - only what u said goes!

    4. The US Department of Justice documentation of the actual financial flows, going through Jho Loh's accounts into Najib's personal bank accounts, is far more credible than the "Arab Donor" who can't document a thing.

      Yeah, my name is Sheikh Omar Sharif , and I admit I donated Rupiah 2.6 Billion to Bapak Dotor Ktemoc.

    5. And the photo of arab donor? Could it be cheebye kaytee mock?

    6. So, that Muslim Minister in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, very near the Ka'abah, and only 4 hours drive from Prophet Muhammad's tomb, had told a great lie to the world that it was a USD700.0 million donation (political) to Najib? Interesting.

    7. Ck,
      This cheebye kaytee never show his photo and expects proof from others. Fuck kaytee la

    8. The Saudis , at this moment, are daily telling lie after lie regarding their Genocidal war in Yemen.

      Because it does not involve Israelis killing Arabs, it is all OK by Ktemoc.

  4. Wakakakakaka……

    Wait lah!

    The complete story of 1MDB is slowly been dug out & exposed.

    There WILL be twists & turns. Who knows Clare's version could be part of the biggest scheme le.

    Do u want to be like yr sifu in his (in)famous RM100k bet?

    1. You sure you can get money from kaytee if u win ha...he 人影不见

  5. https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/426197

    Akan dating....Altantuya case reinvestigation....

    I'm worried by the time the new Administration is done with questioning Najib on one case after another, we will be left with a blabbering zombie....

  6. Perhaps she should do better to ask Kevin what's the coming weekend winning 4D lottery number.

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  7. “I didn’t really say it was Hadi who was taking money from (then Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak. That’s what they said I meant, but of course it’s not what I said.
    ~ Clare Rewcastle-Brown

    1. Say like not say. As if the esteemed honourable UK judge will believe her crappy wordsmith.

    2. Because islamic judges are stupid. Ask the hindus in india personally la. They may even join isreali army to kaotim palestinian

      Fought 4 wars against muslim pakistan and won. Go go go john should be a murtad....fight the sikh and gurkhas

    3. Its for her to prove her allegations are true. Unlike the courts in Malaysia, justice system in UK still proffers "innocent until proven guilty".

    4. You doubt the Western world democracy and justice system? Perhaps the Syariah method might do you good, eh?

    5. Do you good john....can get off your kukuciao

    6. dei, Pauline Hanson calls for you, to suck hers as you used to do, wakakaka

    7. Hohohohoho! Cheers, KT!

  8. Kaytee still blur and writing like a ghost writer looking for the elusive defence of his godfather?

    I've got an African Prince friend who said he also donated RM 2 trillion to Ahjibkor so that more Aficans can come and stay in Malaysia. He sent it thru their witch doctors bypassing the worlds financial system.

    Ahjibkor did not give him a receipt for it and neither did he issue a voucher for the donation.


  9. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/05/22/guan-eng-confirms-national-debt-more-than-rm1-trillion/

    Lim added that he has also been informed that the ministry has been bailing out 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) with payments since 2017.

    Najib, Arul Kanda, Johari Abdul Ghani, Irwan Sirigar have all been lying to the Malaysian people that no Government funds are being used to bail out 1MDB.

    Lies Lies Lies.... I'm thinking they should be lined up in one row and summarily shot.... and Rosmah billed for the bullets, like they do in China...

    But thank goodness we follow the Common Law...and must follow due process...

    1. Look at 1MDB assets lah.. baru boleh condemn.

    2. LGE Tokong should ask Arul to pay using 1MDB "Units"


    3. Why not? LGE is an expert at using land as payment after all.