Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Know what is a night-soil carrier?

MM Online - Seven NGOs lodge police reports over offensive statements against Dr M (extracts):

LANGKAWI, May 15 — Seven NGOs today lodged several police reports seeking tough action against people who have uploaded offensive statements against the new Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, on social media.

The reports were made at the Kuah police station here, said Pertubuhan Melayu Gagah Bangsa Bersatu (Kumega) Kedah chairman Shaiful Affandi Bachtiar who also spoke on behalf of Persatuan Kebajikan Islam dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia; Pertubuhan Muafakat Amal Warisan Bersatu; Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warisan Islam Malaysia; Generasi Waja Langkawi; Persatuan Seni Silat Harimau Hasleng Malaysia; and Pertiga Langkawi.

He said they also listed the offensive statements made against Dr Mahathir, who is the MP for Langkawi, and asked the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and the police to take the appropriate action.

Night-soil carrier only one, balls carriers we've seven
I wonder who they voted for on Wednesday the Rabu
Though I know they'd have been praying to Heaven
On which side they should be aligned with, for a clue


  1. You have said nothing about Najib so you are the night soil carrier for Najib?


  2. http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/?p=110493
    Razak Baginda barred from leaving the country...Najib shitting and shivering day by day.


    Altantuya's ghost will have justice soon....

    1. Curi-Curi Malaysia just said the infor about Razak Baginda barred from leaving was wrong information. Fake news ?

  3. Replacement for UMNO youth, but on steroids.

    Everything is in place. We have come full circle.

  4. Pretty soon they are coming for you Kaytee for insulting their Ceasar.

    Change your style and start praising Ceasar and maybe you'll be offered a nice job at all those previous Night Soil papers which are being revamped.


    1. Wakakakakaka……

      The hour is near for the truth of 1MDB!

      What happen to ALL those jibby a**-lickers?

      Tongues tied! Hands chopped thus can't write?

      Say something outrageous now about 1MDB lah!

      May I suggest u first read the just de-OSA-ised auditor general's report before u farts!

      Oooop…… mana u arul? Dah cabut cepat2?

      1MDB is the headline of the day lah.

      All other issues CAN be analyse/debate/curse/wakakaka after the normal 100 days.

    2. Innocent until proven guilty. It is agreed that we shall follow the rule of law. So, let the law takes its course. The benefit of the doubt must always flow to the accused.

    3. PAC had access to the auditor generals 1MDB report. So the members knew.

      Yet tsg kept saying there were nothing to implicate jibby!

      Now the truth is out, all those tsg defenders what say u?

      IS tsg clean?

      Why did he say what he said to ameliorate jibby's kleptomaniac acts?


      Deserve an ambassadorship from PH govt?

      Yes, the ambassador to nowhere!

    4. I just read the executive summary. I concur with TSG, there is nothing that implicates Najib.

      1MDB was highly over-geared, poor management control, and lacking in corporate governance.

      I would also agree with what was expressed by TSG that the main responsibility/fiduciary duty was vested on the CEO(s) of 1MDB not Najib.

      Arul Kanda had done an excellent job in carrying out the 1MDB rationalization programme very successfully.

      What is the magnitude of 1MDB's funds allegedly taken by Najib? It is not indicated at all in the summary. We shall wait for the completion of the investigation that said would criminalise him.

    5. I would not be overly worried about 1MDB's massive debts because 1MDB was doing a lot of merger and acquisition of energy outfits. The debts would be liquidated when the IPO of Edra Energy is completed. In fact 1MDB was about to list Edra Energy, but it was sabotaged by PH.

    6. Wakakakaka……

      Wait till the Swiss finally getting hold of the relevant infos they so wanted from M'sia lah.

      Then rosmajib's heist of bolihland will be headlines all over the world.

      Don't forget about the DoJ of US too.

      Why push all the blames to his crooked associates?

      Didn't the MOA of 1MDB specifically mentioned about ALL major business decisions MUST have the concern of the executive chairman, who is jibby!

      Not implication of jibby in the report?

      Mfing reading deficiency moron, read how SRC's RM42m in jibby's personal a/c lah.

      Still defense the indefensible!

      Could it be bcoz yr beloved hadi WILL be implicated once the flows of monetary traces r fully tracked & accounted for?

    7. Mahathir to new AG: "What?! No criminal element?! Well you know what to do. Go make one! It's what the rakyat wants: HIS BLOOD!"

    8. One of the BEST 1MDB money-sapuing analogy:

      c) 1MDB's Assets have nothing to do with its liabilities.

      1MDB's Assets come from the valuation of its land, and the value of Real Estate development that has come from the land.

      1MDB received Real Cash for its Liabilities. There is real evidence the bulk of the cash is Gone.

      If you buy a house , say RM 400,000, you accepts maybe RM 500,000 in liabilities (factoring in Interests), but you gain a related asset (the House) which over time may be worth well over RM 400,000. A fair exchange.

      Courtesy of Monsterball.

      But would the reading deficiency crowds, the blurs WANT to understand since they have already buying into arul's assets>liabilities snake oil talk!

    9. Poor analogy if you wanna prove your point.
      Are you out of money? Yes.
      Are you poorer because of it? Nope. You have assets now.

    10. Another glaring example of reading deficiency!

      Sigh…… some people is a gone case & yet still want to bising macam tin kosong for ALL to see!

    11. Ck's logic does prove my point right.
      Does CK knows how to read? Yes.
      Is CK more foolish because of it? Yes. Because he never learns.

    12. CK reminds me of Hew Kuan Yau, DAP's Superman, wakakaka

      loud, aggressive, lacks civility etc

    13. Some people r REAL hypocrites hiding behind vested civility & hp6 knowledge.

      They r either nincompoops &/or sycophants, acting miao2ly to disguise their udangs!

      Loud, aggressive, lacks civility etc???

      How about ramping the FACTS right straight to the faces of these jesters?

      There is only one way to deal with these buffoons, the Hew Kuan Yau's way.

      And there is NOTHING wrong with all those attacking cruel words. These r the words that these lowlifes CAN understand since they r intensively immersing in their essence day in & day out!

  5. This is extremely fun......I wonder if kaytee would vomit ton of blood


  6. PH pre-Gov: Fight for freedom of speech! Fight cruel autocratic BN!
    PH in-Gov: What freedom of speech nonsense? They insulted our tuan!