Thursday, May 31, 2018

One uses a language to teach, one uses a race to divide

MM Online - Mohd Zaini: As long as vernacular schools exist, UiTM will remain Bumiputera-only (extracts):

Hindraf 2.0 de facto leader P. Uthayakumar (centre) at Ilham Tower to hand over a memorandum to the Council of Elders in Kuala Lumpur May 28, 2018. — Picture by Hari Anggara

KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) should continue to remain a tertiary education institution for the Malays and Bumiputeras as long as national-type or vernacular schools exist in Malaysia, said Universiti Teknologi Mara Alumni Association (PAUiTM) president, Datuk Mohd Zaini Hassan.

He said the issue of whether UiTM opens its doors or not to non-Bumiputeras should be consistent with the national education system. [...]

Mohd Zaini said all quarters should not cause incitement in society as Malaysia is a multiracial country.

“We have to respect each other. UiTM can be opened to the various races but the race-based education system such as national-type or vernacular schools need to be changed,” he said

Vernacular school is open to ALL races, UiTM is closed to all except one race, bumiputeras (pribumis).

Vernacular school uses Chinese language to teach, UiTM uses race to divide our society.

Which one would be similar to the behaviour of the former white supremacist Afrikaners?


  1. Write one article in mandarin lei.....kaytee

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  3. vs exist long b4 racist uni, hence the reason dun sound logic, tis zaini shd just tell tis is privilege under 153.

  4. Hindraf 2.0's Uthaya is the real Ch'u-oi-soo-ong, not Lim Kit Siang.

    Not seen and not heard before GE14 , sleeping during the campaign, suddenly appearing to Batu Api.

    Propose changing Uitm's charter is an unnecessary distraction.

    The B40 Indians need urgent practical help on social, economic as well as educational matters.

    Pakatan MPs , especially from DAP and PKR, are already systematically working with Indian community representatives and civil society to draw up a short term an long-term plans for this.

  5. “If we want to raise this issue, it is better to settle it at the school level (primary and secondary) because at this stage there will be racial integration and so on,”~ Mohd Zaini

    1. Wakakakakaka… what have these morons have been smoking?

      Primary/secondary national schools r been zombified with many gaji buta hp6 disguised as teachers to pass time!

      So mana tu racial integration and so on(???)

      More like forced simulation!

  6. Desperate Psywar by BN actors to destabilize the ruling Govt.

    Uthayakumar of Hindraf 2.0, BN dedak fed, to create a problem.

    Then Zaini of PAUitm, also BN dedak fed, to play up and arouse more racial tensions and emotions.

    Both trying their best including Kaytee to destabilise the Govt. by playing their model of race and religion.

    Why is the Minister of Education or P. Whythamurthy of the actual Hindraf not involved? They are the main players and also spokesmen now and not these 2 clowns from BN.

    Both BN dedak eaters similar to JABAT Perak should be arrested under the Sosma Act for inciting racial and religious tensions.

    Go by the Rule of Law and throw the Book at them. Inaction will only unstabilize the ruling Govt. preventing them from further exposing all the crooks who have been milking the Rakyat for years and years.

    What a farce and Kaytee fell for it Hook, Line and Sinker.

    1. Timing is very suspicious. The M.O smells badly of Dumno doing what they do best. Now these beruks who for the past 3 weeks been walking about in a daze have shaken off their stupor and back to doing what they do best. The liquor mengamok-ing and this fake Hindraf act are all the hallmark of Dumno.

  7. Don't forget Malay College Kuala Kangsar too....

  8. what does the teaching of Islam says about depriving others of knowledge? can anyone enlighten me?

    1. You should say it to unknown....

      So thats islam.....hahahaha

  9. Vernacular schools discriminates against non-Chinese speakers. High time to remove all of vernacular and national schools and convert to using English as the medium.

    "If I can't speak your language and you can't speak mine, then lets talk in other languages."

    1. Tell that to the Ketuanan freaks, tell that to Hadi Awang...