Tuesday, May 22, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (16)

A lil' while ago I penned Selangor continues to be without a MB, for a few MORE weeks in which I said: I am NOT sure what Azmin Ali is up to, but you may be sure he's up to something, wakakaka.

just a few more things to tidy up


But how the fCk can Selangor be without a MB for a FEW MORE WEEKS?

Is Azmin Ali so indispensable? And really, can HRH maintain the government of Selangor in such a headless-chook situation?

Whatever, I am more interested in a comment made by one of my visitors, TS.

I am going to award his comment as the latest BEST political statement, to wit:

"Sabah could loan Selangor one MB. They have two."


Goodonya, TS.

above two are hopeless, besides I'm more "hensom" 



  1. Loan to Perlis first, lah. Selangor still have Azmin as MB.


  2. Malaysia's National Debt RM 1,000,000,000,000
    Malaysia's population 26,000,000

    Every Man, Woman, Child, newborn baby, bedridden patient, owes RM 40,000.

    How do we pay the debt ?

    Damn you, Najib
    Damn you, Najib supporters.

    1. Wakakaka! You buy one house already you're in debt Rm400k. That's 10 times more than Rm40k. You meant to say you pay off that Rm400k debt? So what about the income?

    2. What about yourself.....Psuedo John and Unknown? You think Allah would let you get away with your sins. Nik Aziz told me so

    3. So where's my winning 4D lottery number? The weekend is coming soon, clocks ticking. Where is it?

    4. You sure you wanna get your 4 ekor. What if your kukuciao disappear because of that

    5. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Clock's ticking, mate.

  3. Hohohoho! Selangor PH might not want a BN minister to be their MB though. Wakakaka!

  4. Actually I like this one better:

    “I did not steal from the people”

    After the untold riches uncovered at his and his relatives and friends homes, and what we heard today at the SPRM press conference Najib’s statement must be the political statement of the year.

  5. Holy cow! I thought kaytee would have watched the entire series of yes minister. The episode ( skeleton in the cupboard) well describe kaytee's character

    Fuck! Kaytee should be proud when i associate this cheebye kaytee to humphery

    Like jim hacker would have said.....

    I smell a fucking rat (kaytee)

  6. next 17 best i suggest u put in lge "1mdb lied". n further tell us those that keep silence is oso a lie pusher n promoter.

  7. KUALA LUMPUR: Global funds reacted to the unprecedented outcome of Malaysia’s 14th general election (GE14) by dumping RM2.48 billion worth of local equities in the open market (excluding off-market deals) last week, said MIDF Research.~ TheEdge

    1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-22/malaysia-s-foreign-stock-inflows-for-2018-wiped-out-in-one-week