Sunday, May 20, 2018

He would, wouldn't he!

Star Online - Sirul ready to reveal all in Altantuya case - if he gets full pardon (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Former cop Sirul Azhar Umar has said he is willing to return to Malaysia to reveal what really happened in the Altantuya Shariibuu murder case, provided he is given a full pardon to come back to Malaysia.

Sirul - who was one of two people convicted of murdering Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu - said in an interview with Malaysiakini that he is willing to assist the new Pakatan Harapan government to reveal what took place in the case.

He said on Saturday (May 19) that this is a condition for his release, as he feels that many people now (after GE14) see him as a political detainee.

"That case is my only (alleged) crime, as I do not have any criminal record prior to that. Hence, I am willing to assist the new government to tell what actually transpired provided that the government grants me (a) full pardon," said Sirul.

He is currently detained at an immigration detention centre in Sydney, Australia.

“I had previously served under Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar Ibrahim, and I would also like to use this opportunity to congratulate them on their victory in the polls and thank Anwar for calling for a fresh trial" added Sirul.

Political detainee?

What a clever definition, wakakaka. But we need to remember, he and his partner physically murdered a woman and then blasted her body to smithereens.

But Sirul sure knows how to speak up and play the game, compared to his partner who was an officer.

It's likely Sirul may get what he wants, as he's now a wonderful means to a desired "end", even if he is a murderer convicted of the death sentence.

In my previous post Revisiting the Altantuyaa murder I had written:

... the whole of Malaysia and indeed the world especially Mongolia won't be happy UNTIL Najib and wife are hung by their necks until they are dead, all based NOT on evidence of Najib being with Altantuyaa and such likes, but ONLY on the words of one single person, Balasubramaniam, who BTW had never seen Najib with Altantuyaa.

And fCK whether Naiib and wife have been guilty or not - that's besides the point.

Razak Baginda better bloody stay out and not inconvenience the already formed and framed picture of the guilty couple.



  1. Let me make it clear to those who would accuse me of being a "Najib stooge" or of having "makan dedak", I am not a BN supporter and I voted Pakatan in GE14 but based upon the available evidence I shared in my comment to your earlier post - Revisting Altantuya, I do not see how a fair court can find Najib or Rosmah guilty of Altantuya's murder, unless some fresh evidence emerges which can implicate them.

    There are those who say that only Najib who also was Defense Minister at the time, could authorise the issuance of C4 explosive to Sirul and Azilah but from what I have read elsewhere, the police requisition certain quantities of C4 which is stored in the police armoury, from which quantities are issued for use in training of police personnel, after which what is left over must be returned to the police armoury, with the training officer having to account for what was used.

    If the Defense Minister had to approve every bit of C4 used by the army or police in training, he would not have time to do anything else.

    Therefore, could it be possible that a small amount of C4 could have been swiped from the armoury without knowledge for use in blowing up Altantuya's body or was it obtained on the black market?

    C4 is like modelling clay such as Plasticene which we used to play with a children and a small amount can do a lot of damage.

    Heck! If these civilian guys in the U.S. can play with C$ like we played with firecrackers, it would not be difficult to get it on the black market.

  2. So? Just like the 2 australians carrying drugs into the country. They must die instantly. Karpal singh no need to defend them. Hehehehe

  3. Asking for full pardon is too much and premature. The new AG (go...go....Gopal Sri Ram!) has to decide if Sirul and his partner got a fair trial, or were they obstructed (or advised) to limit their defence. If the latter then they have the right to defend themselves again. But if the evidence shows that really that fateful night they were instructed to "give the nice lady a ride home, don't lay a finger on her" but instead took her elsewhere and did all kinds of horrible things to her then they deserve their fate under the law.

    1. That would be an appropriate way to go about it - the AG determine if Sirul and Azilah were limited in their defence and if any evidence was blocked or withheld.

      Then if so, reopen and retry the case.

  4. I would say No chance for full pardon, but Sirul may have used his time in prison to study Donald Trump's Art of The Deal. Drive a hard bargain up front.

    But a commutation of his life sentence may eventually be on the cards.
    Australia recognises he is a fugitive convicted criminal, but refused to extradite him because he faces the death penalty. Hence the current impasse.

  5. An accomplice to Murder bargaining his way out of a death sentence?

    Perhaps he should bargain for a reduce charge of manslaughter provided he also returns back whatever RM was paid to him. That goes too, to all the other accomplices involved in deceiving, conniving, hiding evidences during the trial.

    I believe the first most desperate ones to bargain would be the 2 already on death penalty followed by those worried day and night whether they would be hauled in when all is exposed.

  6. seems to me you are more concerned about najib being wrongly accused than seeking the truth so that her family can eventually have closure... and what's that advise about baginda "bloody stay out" ....I would have thought he is the only man who could help clear your najib's name... are you not curious who paid the hit? are you satisfied only the hitman deserve to pay with their life for this heinous crime?

    1. wakakaka, don't you appreciate sarcasm? wakakaka again

  7. Sirul just said he'll sing to the highest bidder

    1. of course, and you can bet it'll be an interesting song, nicely drafted, scripted, vetted

  8. This man did make a statement that Altantuya was not pregnant when she was killed. How did he know. Did Altantuya take off her panties to show him that she was menstruating. Or could the two policemen raped a menstruating lady and then sent her to smithereen?? (motive for the murder). They were supposed to just get Altantuya out of sight of Razak Baginda who is scarred to death his majistrate wife will find out he chow sai with Altantuya.Not necessarily kill her. AI ex lawyer Zulkifli Nordin in his youtube video told at length that AI and Tian Chua pin the blame of her death to Najib Razak. A lie detector test on Sirul will reveal the truth. Yes by all means open up the case and let the real truth out. Justice need to be done.

    1. You can always ask your mum. I am sure she can tell u

  9. there r so many questionable events in Malaysia left hanging, especially involving human lives. if e previous gov cant solve them, we hope tis 1 can. 1 after another pls, reveal / entangle all these mysteries. but 1st, restore e reputation & confidence of our courts!!! pls get rid of all e kangaroos.

  10. let him talk, we wan to hear what he gonna say, lets him get his full pardon when he meet his maker.