Saturday, May 19, 2018

Damn oxygen, damn euphoria

The dictionary defines 'Euphoria' as:


1. a state of intense happiness and self-confidence:

She was flooded with euphoria as she went to the podium to receive her Student Research Award.

2. Psychology. a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania.

The people most familiar with euphoria are pilots of high flying aeroplanes because an insufficient supply of oxygen at altitude can and will bring about hypoxia (where the body at the tissue level is deprived of adequate oxygen) which leads to euphoria.

At high altitudes (above 10,000 feet or more), the pressure is so low that breathing will cause oxygen to diffuse out of your blood; you can breathe as much as you want but the partial pressure of oxygen in your blood will never be higher than the partial oxygen pressure in the air. This is why oxygen masks are necessary in cases of flying in non-pressurised aeroplanes (deliberately so or in a state of decompression as in an airline aeroplane).

Most people who are affected by hypoxia or lack of oxygen at altitude have a general feeling of elation or euphoria and think everything is fine.

Thus oxygen deficiency causes the onset of euphoria, such as in excessive drinking of alcohol or drug intake, especially recreational or illegal drugs.

That could be why a drunk of drug addict (when on a 'high' or euphoric) believes he or she can do 'anything', and with heedless recklessness.

Sometimes being in a state of euphoria can bring about the opposite effect, such as stupor, depression, disorientation, hallucinations and confusion.

One could quite easily say the outcome of the recent GE14 put Pakatan members and supporters in a state of heightened euphoria. Their joyous moods continue until even now.

But while most Pakatan-eers are joyous, deliriously happy and celebrative, one or two have swung the other way, becoming numb, depressive or very quiet.

Take Lim Kit Siang for example - from his normally vocal vociferous nature of spewing constant streams of pompous political policy (or takes) on everything and anything, he has recently become very quiet, even keeping mum when Mahathir recently broke Pakatan's manifesto promise of the PM not having any other or additional ministerial appointment, for example, that of Education Minister, until he (LKS) was asked.  

NST reported:

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang in a tweet admitted that he was "stumped" by revelation.

He said: "Confess that I am stumped myself. Apart from PM cannot be FM (Finance Minister), (I am) not aware that PH manifesto also proposed that a PM could not hold another portfolio."

DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke however was hesitant to comment.

“I don’t want to say anything. Why don’t you ask the PM,” he replied.

When pressed further, he said DAP and the coalition leaders would discuss the matter further.

They were responding to a Malaysiakini report, which quoted a PKR source as saying that PH leaders at the presidential council meeting Thursday morning did not object when Dr Mahathir revealed he wanted the education minister portfolio.

This, said the source, was due to a misunderstanding over the coalition’s manifesto.

"When Tun (Dr Mahathir) announced he will be taking the Education Ministry portfolio, no one objected.

"Everyone in the meeting was like, 'Oh, okay.' We thought that he should not be holding the finance portfolio simultaneously as a prime minister," Malaysiakini quoted a PKR source as saying.

It seems not only has LKS been (in his own words) stumped, but Anthony Loke too - wow!

No doubt Mahathir has since withdrew himself from the Education portfolio, guess who he has appointed as Education Minister? Who is this bloke YB Maslee?

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done
in earth, as it is in heaven

But damn that euphoria and its depressive effect on Lim Kit Siang, the most prolific politician in Malaysia on the written and spoken word.

Yes, damn oxygen, damn euphoria and damn all that nonsense for dumbing our once-vociferous Lim Kit Siang.


  1. DAP is already on the road to MCA'isation.
    Compromise here, overlook there, pretty soon you are completely compromised.

    Pakatan Harapan is broadly a comprised of a coalition of urban liberals and (relatively) secular Malay nationalists. If Pakatan fails , I'm afraid the next bunch of people taking over Malaysia will be Islamist extremists.

    1. i still think dap shd remain low profile, bec many already start instigation, but that doesn't mean silent on various issue that impact good governance, if u bend now, its difficult to correct in future.

      i believe there r some in dap that uphold principles, but sorry to say i dun see tis in lim dad n son, tis 2 r mere cheap politician, from beginning till today.

    2. What is different is that MCA supporter zealotry is nowhere near that of DAP. Overall, MCA supporters are far more sceptical and cynical about the party. Contrast this with DAP zealotry - this makes the DAP far more dangerous in power - they may match even UMNO in Brown Shirt tendencies.

    3. So, by your own admission, your Reformasi failed. Now, you start your hate propaganda on PAS already. It is only ten days after GE14. Wakakaka...

    4. Not if, but when. The spoils of war are yet to be fully divvied between their warlord minions. Already their PM has mudah lupa'ed and elected himself as Education Minister before being reminded of his promise. How many more promises that he will mudah lupa'ed in due course of time? Meanwhile those in PPBM who were once in power will chaff at being subservient to those they used to hate & oppressed.

      As others said, a coalition of inconveniences. How much longer can they take unless the pie can be divided to each their own liking? We shall see...

    5. not hate propaganda, its factual wrt hadi, a racist.


    Clare Rewcastle arrives in Malaysia...

    This brave Malaysia-born British sweetie was instrumental in catalysing the revolt against De Dak side

    1. If the white whitch ws truly brave, she would step a foot into Kelantan r Terengganu soil. As it is, she's just a catalyst of fake news.

    2. It's becoming clearer day by day that Sarawak Report's postings on 1MDB were very much factual.

    3. Not when she's losing her case in UK court, its not.

    4. You mean Hadi The Dedak Man ?
      We shall see... The actual case hasn't started yet.

    5. You presumed that Hadi was guilty of taking the alleged money. So what happens if the judge proved him innocent? Are you gonna say the judge got dedak'ed? Are you gonna say the UK Justice got dedak'ed?

  3. lets lks handle minister of women and family development la, he can now only do woman task, n suck dick.

  4. The wind has not blown yet in the direction to launch fire ships.

    Wise are those who are patient and let Heaven decides the time and place.

  5. Mamak has been pulling out many rabbits since his ascension.

    Good &/or bad?

    Too early to tell!

    But so far the feels R all splendid.

    Talk about euphoria - WHY give a insidious shout-out now when people like u have been looong (60+yrs) drown under that 'lack of oxygen in the blood state' of umno intoxication?

    DAP's silence?

    Perhaps, exactly like yr euphoria explanation, they r thinking & analysing quietly WHAT'S the next step to take to avoid indulging in that euphoria highs.

    Lks is definitely retiring so the young Turks within the party r holding the flag now. Lct, Tp & the rest r not the run of the mill types as u have labeled them to be.

    Remaining quiet during the high of euphoria, perhaps, is the sign of working at the background for a young administration (10 days old).

    Let mamak calls the short, after all he is the agreed leader under consensus.

    Why be unnecessary vociferous before giving the mamak's scheme - so far so good - a chance of proving?

    Only bruised ego losers, like u, perhaps have a heart to cook a treacherous plan to torpedo the good start!

    That's explain yr vocal vociferous nature of spewing constant streams of pompous political policy (or takes) on everything and anything NOW!

    1. You know what they say about injured animals. I have seen great potential on amanah and dap. Even kaytee himself proposes eventual merger

    2. Kaytee buay song ma. Cannot be part of council of elders. The horse he bet lost. Only solution for kaytee is to disembowel himself and die

  6. Pakatan will inevitably turn into BN.

    Malaysians will eventually learn that the BN structure is not a choice made by its component parties,

    but something imposed by the needs of governing a people divided into groups that want different things, suspicious and/or contemptuous of each other and even hate each other.

    Any coalition that governs the county will eventually look like the governing BN. Not a choice of the component parties, but imposed by the nature of Malaysian society.

    1. You still do not know what was the major causes of the Malaysian Tsunami and still living in denial of the good old BN days of politiking.

      Go ask the younger ones. Does not matter what race or religion. You be surprised with their responses now, after the shakles of Stazi were removed.

      Any party that do not pay heed to them will never dream of being the govt. for, by , of Malaysia.

    2. You still do not know what remains unchanged in Malaysian society and still living in denial despite the transparent intra-Pakatan politicking.

      Go ask the people outside your tempurung. It **does** matter what race or religion their representatives are. You'd be surprised with their responses now, after you start talking to people outside your tempurung.

      Any party that do not pay heed to them will never dream of being the govt. for, by , of Malaysia.

    3. What does the second P in PPBM stand for? Which party does the PM come from? What party did he use to lead?

    4. Explain how Hew Kuan Yau is so acceptable to Malays that he still spoke at DAP ceramahs for PRU14. But we know he is acceptable to DAP enough to speak at their ceramahs.

  7. In the past bn mold the m'sians into various groups/factions along race, religion definitions.

    She has successfully done so with the hegemonic umno as the torch bearer!

    It's to the benefits of the elites to DIVIDE & RULE.

    The people of m'sia will not allow PH to do that divisions AGAIN. There is no hegemonic taiko but a consensus 4 parties council.

    The will of the people detests the return of the old bn divisive style of administration.

    There shall be no bn-isation of PH!

    1. Actually it is the other way round.

      It is Malaysian who moulded their political parties.

      Those parties that did not conform simply withered and died.

      The market for politics is as free as that for handphones and milk powder. They are not imposed on people. The producers produced what people wanted.

    2. PH won not because of DAP's promise for race equality, but because of PPBM's promise to remain the status quo. DAP & hence PH, would not have won otherwise.

  8. So, if some still belief that the BN-isation is going to happen to PH, so be it.

    And PPBM will follow UMNO in promoting Ketuanan Melayu among the other component parties of PH? So, be it.

    And PAS will continue the same path of only an Islamic party can rule in a multi racial and religious country? So, be it.

    So, in the meantime PH still rules as the Federal Govt.for next 5 years before next election.

    So be it if PH morped into BN.

    So, what's the problem?

    Did PH cheated in the election and all those who voted PH were fools?

    So, be it if you think that way.

    What a waste of time discussing something which is pure speculations after less than 2 weeks from GE14 of PH final destiny.

    Go get some oxygen before becoming brain dead from over speculation.

    1. The person who is brain dead is the one who thinks pressuring the government of the day to keep its campaign promises is "speculation".

    2. Wakakakaka……

      Yr advice is falling on dead ears!

      Oooop…… zombies is already dead. They react only on impulse so no using brain there!

    3. Wow.. a first ... a zombie pom pom girl...