Monday, May 21, 2018

Who are the dedak makan-ers?

When Nurul Izzah, Khalid Samad and Daphe Iking protested against the police raid and inspection of Najib's premises at some unholy hours, do you think they were dedak-makan-ers.

See Humiliation of Najib in which we read Nurul saying: "I must stress my disagreement in ransacking any home at such an ungodly hour."

I ask because anyone who supports or speaks in favour of Najib, even if based on principles and rules of law, is automatically deemed and indeed abused as a dedak-makan-er.

critics of alleged 'dedak makan-er' themselves taking dedak thro' their asses because they are headless, headless chooks, wakakaka


  1. Ktemoc he Makan banyak dedak.

    1. but none so dedak-gluttonous-wise as you Monsterball

    2. Prove it to us cheebye kaytee. I wanna kaytee to display the proof with kaytee photo in it

    3. Sudah makan kenyang kenyang but still doth protest too much, wakakakka.

      Worse still, turn around to point finger to deflect attention to oneself. Exactly like the thief who started to turn around yelling 'thief thief' pointing to others just to deflect attention from own self. Just give up lah...sudah terlambat and futile, wakakakaka.

  2. I think Kaytee has taken things out of context, in saying, by questioning raids at such an ungodly hour in the Moslem fasting month is equating to supporting Ahjibkor and thus leading to being called dedak eaters.

    Let me explain it this way, ok.

    Nurul, Khalid, Daphne were thinking more of the Moslems police, macc personnel conducting raids at such an unholy time in the month of Ramadhan when those personnel would have no time after that to prepare for Sahur and fast after that. They were not sympathetic to suspected criminals or questioning the SOP of the raids.

    Next question I must ask everyone whether dedak eaters or not is "Can anyone tell me the exact time of the meaning of Godly hours when doing a police raid?

    To all those who have to works shifts in their professions to earn their daily bread out of neccessity eg nurses, factories, security agencies, firemen, utilities, hawkers, labourers etc., there is no such thing as Ungodly hours.

    Those who haven't, your mind is warped due to the comforting time you are having everyday to define godly and ungodly.