Saturday, May 19, 2018

Singh is kiNNg

MM Online - Internet celebrates Amar Singh with ‘Singh is king’ memes for leading raids on Najib’s homes (extracts):

our 2nd Hero (1st Hero is Mahathir)  

PETALING JAYA, May 19 — Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Commissioner Datuk Seri Amar Singh Ishar Singh is having a bit of a moment on social media.

Amar led the raids at the Pavilion Residences condominiums and house in Taman Duta owned by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that saw the seizure of hundreds of high-end handbags, cash in various currencies, gold, jewellery and luxury watches.

Social media users are now bestowing Amar with the title “Singh is King”, a play on the 2008 Indian action comedy Singh is Kinng which starred Akshay Kumar.

We used to HATE the police for so many things, including 'deaths in custody', harassment of Pakatan politicians, etc etc etc, but you have redeemed the police force in our eyes today with your relentless and merciless search at Najib's house for evidence to implicate him from A to Z to A1 and to Z2. Syabas.

Yes, we also used to hate Mahathir, then the MOST hated man in Malaysia, but today we Malaysian love Mahathir MOST. He is now our MOST BELOVED PM.

We Malaysians are known for our dramatic mood swings, because we are headless chooks but nonetheless intellectuals, to wit, headess intellectual chooks, wakakaka.


  1. So CK is right, you are an aneh......kaytee?

  2. dramatic mood swings? perhaps many just believe in karma, that's all.

  3. If there ever was a real Arab Donor, now is the time for Najib to produce him.

    Else the "Arab Donor" is, as long suspected , Fake News.

  4. PDRM knows very well a large part of Pakatan Harapan's support base distrusts the police, especially any case that is politically linked.

    This is part of PDRM's charm offensive. Having a stern-looking fairly senior Singh officer as the face of the Najib investigation is part of that PR marketing campaign.

    For 200 years, first in the British Indian Army , and then serving the Republic of India, the most trusted units in the Indian Army have been the Himalayan Gurkhas and the Sikh Regiments from Punjab.

    Singh is Kingg

  5. Malaysians as a whole are a contradictory people.
    We aim to be free, yet we're still mentally subservient to the colonial attitude of putting the gweilos on a pedestal.

    We aim to rid of all the wrongdoings in Government, but brought back the Man and his team that pirated Malaysia and now seeking for round 2.

    We talk about new politics of compassion and love, but we pour scorn and mercilessly whack those on opposite sides.

    We talk about justice and fairness, but we are quick to condemn those others before a judgement was made.

    We talk about liberty, but we're quick to use the same oppressive system and tools onto those who we now discriminate.

  6. Wakakakaka ……

    Be a man lah!

    The biggest headless chooks but nonetheless intellectuals, to wit, headess intellectual chooks, r people like u, WHO r digging old scores to defense the indefensible.

    At least mom has toned down, maybe sensing the wind direction. And that's why he survives!

    People like u, wakakakaka, keep up with yr 'job' lah just to syiok yr bruised ego & wounded pride for supporting the greatest kleptomaniac since Imelda!

    Imelda had thousands of pair of shoes, the hippo has hundreds of bags whose total values WOULD definitely 'outshining' those of the shoes.

    Whose more avaricious, especially the super high end types of wares?

    Perhaps a museum for these bags would be a good start!

    1) as a reminder

    2) the collected entry fee for charity

    Wakakakakaka AGAIN.

    1. Kaytee is preparing for rosmah to come back to politics after najib is mampus. It happens to imelda and his son bambang....hahaha

    2. Kaytee's latest blog release has proven himself to be Najib's lackey. I started to believe kaytee may have a hand in the murder of Altantuya. It's time to capture Kaytee from australia and hang him

  7. We are a forgiving and forgetful lot, I have every confidence that one day Malaysians will forgive Najib and gang, even hail them as heroes, when they win GExxx, if Harapan screw up their mandate.

  8. The PDRM has also suffered when there were also little Napoleons in the force who also behaved like kleptocrats following their King of kleptocrats.
    So many having guilt conscience but unable to fulfill their vows of Bersih, Cekap, Amanah because of corrupted little Napoleons leadership.

    With PH and Reformasi and Freedom to fulfill their vows to the Nation, more and more trapped good police officers as well as other security agencies will now come forward to do their duties professionally to weed out all those tainted and deadwood Napoleons.

    It was also Freedom for all of them esp those dedicated and patriotic servants to the Nation.

    How refreshing for the Rakyat now when Freedom is unleashed and patriotism can be exercised without Fear or Favour.

    Rise, rise all those who are true patriots of Malaysia.

    1. Don't jump for joy so fast, according to our learned host, "lo mah" might soon revert to his old self, a leopard never changes its spots and so we would be back to business as usual!

      On the other hand let say this is really a "short-lived" euphoria, ending up same as if #UndiRosak has been successful, our learned host and his holier than thou troops who "read" and "comprehend" brilliantly that their wishes came true, that's his PM / BN had won and life continue without incidences and changes from as before the GE14. Would you still want what happened to happen?

      For me, I do, wakakaka ..........

    I kind of agree with Commander Thayaparan's analysis.

    Yup... now we need people like Ktemoc to keep the critique of Pakatan Harapan.

    Last night I did a double-take , it sounded like one of those Science-Fiction stories about Alternate Universes that I read as a teenager ages ago.

    Bernama TV was doing a soooo polite and respectful interview with DAP's MP for Serdang Ong Kian Ming.

    Huh ?
    Oh yes, Bernama is funded by the Government, and Ong Kian Ming is now a respectable Government MP. wakakaka..

    I guess TV3 will do an interview with Yng Berhormat Tony Pua soon...hahahaha.

    Will Malaysiakini play its role as an independent critic of the Administration ? A bit doubtful...

  10. Bank Negara Malaysia said that, the investigation on 1MDB done by them was exhaustive. If there is no new information on 1MDB, they are not going to reinvestigate.

    My feel is that there is nothing new on 1MDB.