Friday, May 18, 2018

Anwar - Beh Chay Tian

Berita Daily - Will Anwar be ever PM?

Can Mahathir be trusted to keep his word that he would eventually step down when the time comes.

If there was already a consensus in Pakatan on Mahathir’s position, then was it necessary for Daim Zainuddin (a member of the elders council) to make a statement that ”It will be foolish for anybody to change (prime ministers now)”?

Was that reminder an extension of Mahathir’s fear that there will be a ground movement in Pakatan to pressure him to relinquish his position as soon as Anwar becomes an MP?

Daim is a close confidant of Mahathir and that is public knowledge. For him to say that openly, it can only be construed as that coming with the explicit consent of Mahathir himself.

Daim made that statement a day before Anwar walked out of prison. Was it made to preempt the possibility of his supporters rallying the people at large to expedite Anwar’s move into office?

Keep in mind that PPBM, which Mahathir leads, has only 13 parliamentary seats whereas PKR, DAP and Amanah combined have 100 seats.

Despite the seat lead, the Pakatan pack, which has now been formally registered by the Registrar of Societies, has Mahathir as the chairman.

Though the composition is different on many fronts, the structure is quite similar to what Barisan Nasional had practised – where upon the pact’s chairman assumes the premiership.

Mahathir by virtue of having the pact registered formally has indeed solidified his position as the chairman and the prime minister. Dislodging him from either position will now be more intricate.

As in the past, he is known to be a person that believes everybody around him must be subservient to him and his intelligence.

Indeed he has brought back that ideology a notch higher by appointing himself now as the Education Minister, citing that there ”are many uneducated in the country.”

Is Pakatan that void of a truly educated person to be appointed as the education minister? His justification for taking on the role as education minister is nothing short of undermining the capabilities of the other Pakatan leaders from PKR, Amanah and DAP.

We can see that the ”Mahathir” that he was has not really changed much. Everything seems to be decided by him and claims that all decisions are made collectively with the other parties do not seem to be the perception at this moment.

He now has complete control over things and even if Anwar wanted to come forward, it would be only possible if and when Mahathir allows or consents in the future.

Early signs are already indicative of Mahathir indirectly asking Anwar to toe the line or else anything is possible.

The delay in Anwar becoming PM will give more time to Mahathir to also strengthen his PPBM not only in numbers but also to give more political leveraging to Muhyiddin Yassin and his son Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir.

In politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies. What is unfolding before all Malaysians and the world could take drastic turns in the near future.

The probability of a power struggle among Pakatan government leaders, especially between PPBM and PKR, cannot be ruled out and ignored.

It may be such fated that Anwar may never be the prime minister of Malaysia.

Kaytee's note on last paragraph - Chinese have a saying, to wit, "Beh Chay Tian" meaning "Not destined to ascend to the throne (of being PM)".


  1. Berita's title is grammatically wrong. It should be "Will Anwar ever be PM?" Our new Education Minister needs to make English compulsory pass or credit in schools.

    1. The link grammar is correct. It's KT that mispronounced it.

  2. "the structure is quite similar to what Barisan Nasional had practised – where upon the pact’s chairman assumes the premiership."


    BN's chairmanship is 'conveniently' occupied by the leader of the largest party (most P seats won)!

    Mamak IS been selected by consensus of the component parties!

    Mana the structure is quite similar to what Barisan Nasional had practised??

    "… mamak has brought back that ideology a notch higher by appointing himself now as the Education Minister, citing that there ”are many uneducated in the country.”"

    My reading is mamak IS going to make a very drastic change to the M'sia educational framework & policies.

    This is a 'dirty' job that many, even mamak ver1.0, were NOT willing to take the bull by the horns! This time now mamak is not afraid to do the 'RIGHT thing' in educational issues for the good of the country.

    I wait in agony for that ground breaking announcement!

    Manmanlai DOESN'T have to be in the govt to exercise his influences, if the consensual leadership of the PH holds water.

    Besides, judging from mamak's current's waiting-for-no-man full throttle to 'right' the past wrongs, he is showing a sign of change man with limited time!

    "The probability of a power struggle among Pakatan government leaders, especially between PPBM and PKR, cannot be ruled out and ignored."

    Indeed. But it will never happen during mamak's watch. AND I strongly believe manmanlai WONT allow it too.

    Coupled with the good governant resolutions of DAP, Amanah & Pan, yr trumpeted dream will forever be a dream, until the passing of mamak!

    Wakakakaka eat yr heart out, mamak basher!

  3. I am more interested in these events that happened in Australia.

    Recently, Few MPs forced to resign over Section 44 of the Constitution of Australia. Last review I believe it's under Liberal government

    Cheebye or no support?

    I quote......"On Thursday an inquiry examining section 44 of the constitution warned that, without a referendum, elections could be subject to “manipulation” by challenges against candidates with dual citizenship or other disqualifications."

    What fucking say you cheebye kaytee? You are in Australia right? Rule of law?

    I quote again

    "Despite the electoral matters committee’s bipartisan push for a referendum to reform or repeal section 44 of the constitution, the special minister of state, Mathias Cormann, confirmed that the government was “not inclined to pursue a referendum”.

    Instead the government will pursue steps “to minimise the risk of a recurrence of the eligibility issues” that have plagued the 45th parliament, in which 14 parliamentarians have resigned or been ruled ineligible since mid-2017 owing to dual citizenship."

    What the fucking cheebye Liberal government will do NOW? Tighten the rules like what happened to Tian Chua.......

    This demands an extensive analysis by this cheebye kaytee

    Referendum or no referendum? Cheebye kaytee got dual citizenship or not? WHO THE FUCK KAYTEE IS?

    UK allows Permanent Resident to stand in local elections. UK allows Commonwealth countries to vote in local, Wales, NI, Scottish and Parliamentary election

  4. I thought "Beh Chay Tian" means "Cannot sit still", Kaytee? Are you sure you are from Penang?

    Only less than 2 weeks and the rigmaroles of a sworn in fully functioning working Govt has not even completed, and we have critics instigating and casting aspersions everywhere to break up a coalition party (PH).

    AI has the ACE card (PKR) with their 48 MP seats just like DAP with their 42 MP seats and if TDM does not go along with the pact made between them, then it can only lead to another frog jumping to form another coalition party and another coalition Govt. without Bersatu, of course.

    Stop dreaming of other possibilities of TDM with Bersatu being able to form their own coalition party and to form another coalition Govt. even from parties across the waters, and frog jumping again from the Islamic and his nemesis old party again, ok.

    It looks like the only way out if TDM renege on the pact made with AI is another GE if that is the way to go.

    So, AI should just Chea Tiam Tiam (Sit still) and let TDM fulfill his dying dreams and promises to the pact made between them.

    Those instigators wanting to see the failure of such a pact made can continue throwing stones to release their anger and frustrations while their own houses (parties) burn slowly away without reforms made.

    I think most Malaysians (except those throwing stones) are just quietly observing these 2 men honouring their pact towards building a new country for them.

    1. Nostradamus, don't embarrass yourself and at the same time, reveal that you know buggerall about Penang Hokkien, wakakaka

      BTW, your "Chea Tiam Tiam (Sit still)" is NOT 'sit still' but 'eat quietly', wakakaka

    2. Wakakaka. So what is Chiak Tiam Tiam?


  5. There are obvious attempts at Batu Api by the previous Regime's supporters, using their new found Press Freedoms, something they denied everyone else a little more than a week ago.

    There may or may not be friction between Mahathir and Anwar - I bet there is, but its not at backstabbing level. PKR has 50 MPs (all 3 Independents have signed up ) and has a tight relationship with DAP (42 MPs) worked out over 10 years in Selangor and Penang.

    Mahathir will obviously need to be held accountable, but he deserves to be given the time to get the job done.

    Anwar Ibrahim has been in prison for years, he should take the time out to enjoy his freedom, and not immediately face the crushing burdens of leading Malaysia.

    He will be PM in due course, God willing.

  6. The malay mail reported on may 11,2018 that he wud stay on as long as his experience was needed.

    Sama2 kita lihat what kind of sandiwara will be displayed on stage.

  7. Najib should be named Father of Malaysian Unity because he has united us all.

    1. Yeah, Najib has united the uneducated rascals. Imagine if they had lost this GE14, don't know what would happen to this country. Havoc! But when BN kalah, BN/UMNO cool jer.. smooth transistion power. Because we are the educated. Thumbs up.

  8. Malaysians are celebrating the wrong thing.

    It is not the Pakatan victory that is worth celebrating. It is the fact that the party in power cannot take for granted that it will win the next election.

    This has huge consequences on the behaviour or senior civil servants and judges - I don't have to spell it out.

    Now that Pakatan has won, it is in the interest that BN or whatever takes its place remains a viable alternative for the next elections.

    Instead we have stupid pom pom girls cheering and willing to forgive anything the new party in power does. Exactly how we ended up with Alliance/BN hegemony in the first place.

  9. M'sians r celebrating the beginning of an end to umno, a 60 yrs old bigoted hegemony!

    1. Yeah... Malaysians are celebrating.. can buy cheap cars from 1 June 2018. Because no GST and SST. Hurry... hurry.. hurry.. hooray..Wakakaka

  10. One thing Ktemoc may be right... the MCA'isation of DAP has begun...

    As long as DAP had no government power, it could remain "Pure". The rot sets in once you have the power of the state. Now they are headed for Putrajaya or Putridjaya as we called it.

    Next after a beautiful woman or a masculine hunk ( depending on your preference) the most Seductive thing in the world is Power.

    Power over policy decisions , power over financial Budgets, power over People, a seat at the table In the nation's highest councils... first you compromise this , then that and that.... pretty soon you are a prisoner of what you build up.

    1. And the BN-ization of Pakatan.

      Malaysians will eventually learn that the BN structure is not a choice made by its component parties,

      but something imposed by the needs of governing a people divided into groups that want different things, suspicious and/or contemptuous of each other and even hate each other.

      Any coalition that governs the county will eventually look like the governing BN. Not a choice of the component parties, but imposed by the nature of Malaysian society.

    2. I agree to that part about 'first you compromise this, then that and that...pretty soon you are a prisoner of what you build up'.

      But let's not jump to hasty conclusion about DAP already being MCA'rised, so soon in just a mere ten days into this new government. From what I see, LKS was not making any noise NOT just this issue of PM having 2 posts but also not making any noise at all, other than giving a couple of interview his state of mind about this amazing victory and his take how it came about. Other than that, he leaves alone the jostling and old wounds that came creeping out among the Malay leaders ( e.g Daim and Anwar in the war of words ). He too needs a good rest...remember he just recently went through cancer treatment and the campaign itself is killing on a cancer patient. And he has wisely keep himself in the shadows...the BN cybertroopers and bloggers at the urging of their defeated leaders are renewing their attacks, most of them surreptitiously done to undermine the new government. With his son in one of the most important ministry, the Ketuanan shit stirring is starting now in earnest and it would be even worse if LKS were to weigh in as was his wont.

      Let's see if DAP is the kuai kuai lapdog ala MCA when the dust settles. DAP is not one to rush to the press to make known their for example that Perak case, they had a quiet word with PM and immediately that frog in Perak was taken off pronto.

      So let's not jump to any conclusion yet. Some of us might hate DAP but let's be hold our horses and be patient.

    3. As we r now indulging in the high of ge14 win, there r many evil underground movements r trying hard to gather forces of like-mindeds ketuanan freaks, bruised egos & wounded pride to rise up aka May13!

      There r very real pent-up angers about this lost, which many a ketuanan freaks COULDN'T accept - considering this a SERIOUS lost of Melayu maruah.

      Provocateurs r now spreading hate messages & trying to rally around jibby for an amokish attempt.

      Lies, fitnah & racial hatreds r now been built around the treatments received by jibby - calling this as the prequel of what is going to be fell for the fate of Melayu.

      So beware!

      Mamak is very well aware of such subterranean built ups. He ALSO realises that the only people that could counter this evil 'coup d'etat' r the Nons, the liberal Melayus, who r spreading amongst all walks of M'sian lives.

      Hence, his compromising attitude towards the PH's election manifesto which this group of people upholds toward the PH.

      DAP is smart to lie low now, even though it wins big.

      Not been reported in the medias DOESN'T mean DAP is not working at the background to voice their concerns.

      Udangs, like u, blame the quietness of DAP as a lost of their normally vocal vociferous nature of spewing constant streams of pompous political policy.

      The DAP young Turks r more refine, more aware & well advised by their elders. No point, winning the battle BUT losing the war!

      Patience is the call of the day. There r chances later on when the situation stabilized.

      And, most of all, mamak is listening to them & awarding them accordingly.

      So, just beware!!!

  11. You pom pom girls are so adorable...what do you think Pribumi is? Using the "Bersatu" part of its name instead of "Pribumi" is just so much adorable wishful thinking ... wakakakaka...

  12. The old Alliance/BN race based components was simpler.

    Now the cabinet has to both proportion itself by party AND race.

    Melayu are now represented by Pribumi, PKR and Amanah Ministers. Chinese and Indians by DAP. How long do you think it would take for the Indians to be fed up of being represented by a Chinese party?

  13. You pom pom girls do remember that PAS, like Amanah and PKR is now, was once part of the ruling Federal coalition right? What are UMNO leaders good at - original, Baru and Pribumi? Watch and learn.

    1. While PAS USED to be in Government. That was a long time ago and those significant players back then had passed on. Those current crop of leaders have no ties with UMNO, unlike those from PKR, PPBM & Warisan.

      PAS had been steadfast in its stand to be the objective voice of opposition, unlike those who object for the sake of it.