Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hatred is my middle name

Rohingya militants massacred Hindus in last year's turmoil: Amnesty

From the Sun Daily:

Hindus weep near the bodies of their family members in Ye Bauk Kyar village last September. — AFP

YANGON: Rohingya militants massacred Hindu villagers during last year's uprising in Myanmar's Rakhine, Amnesty International said Wednesday in a report that sheds fresh light on the complex ethnic rivalries in the state.

The killings took place on Aug 25, 2017, the report said, the same day that the Rohingya insurgents staged coordinated deadly raids on police posts that tipped the state into crisis.

Myanmar's military responded to the insurgent raids with harsh reprisals that forced some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims out of the mainly Buddhist country where they have faced persecution for years.

The UN says the army crackdown amounted to "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya, with soldiers and vigilante mobs accused of killing civilians and burning down villages.

But the Rohingya militants have also been accused of abuses.

Those include the mass killing of Hindus in the far north of Rakhine, where the military took reporters – including AFP – to witness the exhumation of putrid bodies from a grave in September.

The militants, known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), denied responsibility at the time.

But Amnesty International said Wednesday that a new investigation had confirmed the group killed 53 Hindus "execution-style" – mostly children – in the Kha Maung Seik village cluster in northern Maungdaw.

"Our latest investigation on the ground sheds much-needed light on the largely under-reported human rights abuses by ARSA during northern Rakhine state's unspeakably dark recent history," said Tirana Hassan, crisis response director at Amnesty International.

Victims rounded up

"Accountability for these atrocities is every bit as crucial as it is for the crimes against humanity carried out by Myanmar's security forces in northern Rakhine state," she added.

Citing interviews with eight survivors, the rights group said dozens were rounded up, blindfolded and marched out of town by masked men and Rohingya villagers in plain clothes.

"They slaughtered the men. We were told not to look at them ... They had knives. They also had some spades and iron rods," 18-year-old Raj Kumari told Amnesty.

He said he hid in the bush and watched as his father, brother and uncle were killed.

The report said that in a separate village nearby called Ye Bauk Kyar, 46 Hindu men, women and children disappeared on the same day. It cited information from local Hindus who believe they were killed by ARSA.

While Rakhine was home mainly to Buddhists and Muslims before the crisis, it also boasts a small but longstanding Hindu minority – many of whom were brought in by British colonisers looking for cheap labour – as well as several other smaller ethnic groups.

Myanmar has faced a flood of international condemnation for the its persecution of the Rohingya, who are stateless and have been targeted by bouts of communal violence.

The government denies any widespread abuses and has accused rights groups of a pro-Rohingya bias, while highlighting the suffering of other ethnic groups swept up in the violence.

"It is important that the international pressure on Myanmar won't favour ARSA's actions," government spokesman Zaw Htay told AFP when asked about the Amnesty report.

But David Mathieson, an independent analyst, said the report should strengthen the argument for Myanmar to allow independent investigations into the crisis.

Authorities have severely restricted media access to the conflict zone and barred UN investigators from entering the country.

"Failing to grant access to humanitarian aid workers and researchers and journalists will continue the official culture of denial, which has zero credibility in the eyes of the world," he told AFP. — AFP


  1. Just like the Israel-Palestinian conflict...there are no good guys, no angels in the conflict.

    1. One man's terrorrist is another man's freedom fighter.
      A liberal can be deemed an anarchist.
      In the end, only the victors determined which side is right and wrong.

  2. Apa macam, PAS ? Senyap kan ?

    Back to domestic politics.

    Unexpectedly, PAS won big in GE14, winning 2 states , and a strong showing in Perak and Kedah. In terms of popular votes, PAS actually received more Malay votes than Pakatan Harapan.
    That is a reality that Pakatan needs to address, but it comes with the advantage of holding the Federal government, and the States as well in most cases.

    PAS also lost big in most West Coast seats that it contested.
    In most cases on the West Coast, 3-cornered fights served to siphon UMNO votes , instead of splitting Pakatan votes as planned.

    Hadi was expecting to be facing a friendly UMNO-BN Federal Government, possibly even a coalition partner, and hit a home run with RU355 based on his buddy-buddy arrangement with Najib.

    Now his 2 PAS States, as well as PAS elected reps in West Coast states face a Pakatan Federal Government , which they had condemned before the elections.

    PAS Johor and PAS Kedah now making polite noises about cooperating with the Pakatan State and Federal Governments.

    PAS Selangor was nearly wiped out, so they have nothing much to say.

    1. pas is principle, they continue to support najib the crook no matter what, its a teaching from hadi, the dreamer.

  3. When is the Nobel Peace prize going to be withdrawn from Au Sung Su Kee?

    Otherrwise, might as well award to also Kim Jong Aun, George Bush, Netanyahu, Hafez Asasad, Sadam Hussein etc.

    Too much Viking Blood still in those Scandinavians.

    1. No no no......i nominate the pig called nostro for nobel prize award

  4. Ktemoc in his "Gaza / Hamas apologist mode" has often argued that desperate people, when pushed to hard into a corner with no hope , will understandably resort to armed action.

    Is this the case with Rohingyas ?

    Just being a Devil's Advocate....

    BTW even my spell check is conspiring against the keeps "correcting" the word telling me there is no such word as "Rohingyas"

    1. tell me why did the Rohingyas murdered the Hindus when t'was/the Buddhist Myanmarists who prosecuted them? Terrorist DNA?

      we don't want such people in Malaysia

    2. And this cheebye kaytee is fuckingly silent over the surabaya bombing....fuck kaytee la

  5. There were suspicion that Myanmar soldiers posing as Arakans doing the unspeakables to tarnish Rohingya image worldwide.

    1. C'mon lah John, it's an Amnesty report

    2. And those who blew up themselves at surabaya churches are indon soldiers too!

      I fully support suharto style in gunning down those fucking muslims

    3. Without any transparency in the incident and within the country, anything goes. It was reported in some incidents that when Myanmar Government showed "evidence" that they didn't drive out Rohingya villagers with photos of a inhabited village, it was later found that those "villagers" were Burmese new occupants.

      So far the condemnation is one sided against Myanmar and they had been hostile about it, refusing to cooperate. Perhaps a newsbit that appeases the Junta will soften their stand, maybe?

    4. don't be a cunt-face ignoramus - Suharto and his soldiers were/are mostly (85%) Muslims. But I forget, you're a Sing and when interfering in Malaysian affairs, an Ah Beng ignoramus

    5. And I support Trump style of gunning their ownselves to death. Those fucking white crazies.

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  7. I think soldiers under orders from a state with UN representation should be held to a higher standard than a terrorist organization...

    Especially one with a Nobel Peace laureate as a National Leader...

  8. Chinese people believe they suffered far more in the May 13 tragedy.

    Wonder if any newspaper columnist of that era juxtaposed that with CPM terrorists castrating Malay soldiers post-mortem...

    Some people...

    1. CPM terrorists castrating Malay soldiers post-mortem - alas, I do NOT believe this. Chinese , be they communist or otherwise, are/were NOT Japanese

    2. This was actually the account of a Malay soldier in a documentary on the History channel.

      You are free to disbelieve it in spite of the documentary. So are others free to disbelieve Amnesty's reports.

      It's different when the shoes are your eh...;)

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