Thursday, May 24, 2018

Does Perlis have an ABSOLUTE monarchy?

Let's see how the new so-called 'rule of law' federal government deals with the action of the un-constitutional monarchies of Perlis and Pahang.

Just because both states are BN ruled (or supposed to be, wakakaka) does NOT mean the federal government can act 'dunno' about constitutional issues being tampered with or violated, lest that will then give shameful meaning to the blatant violation of its own claim to be a government upholding 'rule of law'.

PETALING JAYA: Former Perlis menteri besar Shahidan Kassim said Barisan Nasional assemblymen oppose the appointment of Azlan Man to lead the state government, Bernama reports.

This comes hours after Azlan was sworn-in by the Perlis ruler this morning, in a ceremony boycotted by all BN assemblymen.

Perlis is one of two states won by Barisan Nasional in the recent polls.

Earlier the Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail criticised the assemblymen for staying away from the ceremony.

Shahidan also called for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s intervention, adding that Azlan should not have accepted the post as he has no support from elected assemblymen.


  1. Protocol requires that the bn state govt deals with the issue with the blueblood FIRST.

    After all the bn state govt is been elected democratically by the people of the state. The bn state govt SHOULD make known this fact to the blueblood in no uncertain tone. That's unless the state govt has lost its teloq lah!

    Federal govt SHOULD stay out of it until it is been officially requested to interfere.

    Mamak knows.

    It also proves to the people of the state how useless their elected state representatives r. A lesson they shouldn't forget!


  2. Such a pitiful sight, UMNO fighting over a Kuchi state like Petlis, All the rich states Selangor, Johore, Penang all lost. This is not Harapan’s problem. Just dissolve the assembly and have a re-election. Don’t do another Perak 2008.

  3. Kaytee sibeh song lei. Actually, Kaytee can do it himself but then Kaytee lanpa boh chee/boh hut.

    Kaytee can simply go to Perlis to perform naked protest against Raja Perlis. Make sure Kaytee bring along his IC, document and credentials. Must photo one hor


    I remember kaytee is so fucking passionate against death penalty. Kaytee's Karpal Singh supporter.

    What the cheebye fact kaytee going to do? Be a man lei, kaytee

  4. First , the National UMNO leadership has to show its face.
    Nazri, Hishamuddin, Khairy have to show their face, cannot buat tak tahu.

    Boh Hoot now ?

    Yes, Mahathir may need to intervene, but not before those with the most stake in the outcome exert themselves first.

  5. Wah, got a superpowerful UMNO warlord in Perlis who wants his own brother to be MB against the Sultan's wishes.

    Did he propose 2 names or more to the Sultan?

    Once the Sultan made the choice, why object? It's from BN anyway and not PH or PAS.

    This is pure Derhaka to HRH The Sultan. Where's PDRM? Why no PH or PAS supporters make police reports?

    Why wait until it becomes like the Trengganu case last time?

    1. Or rather why bother? Buay song.....Nostro piggy can wear lipstick and make his case known to Raja Perlis since kaytee lanpa boh chee

  6. What a shame for UMNO. Only won 2 state elections but even then one Sultan don’t like and the other one Sultan put on 2 year probation. We could have a complete wipeout of UMNO/BN in 2 years time.

    1. Should have been wiped out and replace with PAS. They have never been derhaka to the Sultans even if it cost them the PR coalition.

    2. PAS tak di beri pass from even the Sultans lah...only certain state the by, anyone watched that very interesting swearing in of PM recently ? the body language and the shifting eyes say it all.

  7. BN has expelled its "Rogue" Perlis Menteri Besar.

    Looks like we have a weird case of a Party-less Menteri Besar recognised by Pakatan and PAS , but not by his own party BN.
    Anyway BN has a clear majority of 10 (now 9) out of 15 seats

  8. Is there a Pokok Democracy outside the Perlis State Assembly ?

    The BN ADUN can convene under the Democracy Tree and elect their own Menteri Besar.

    1. I heard that Dem Tree in Perak was chopped down by one former MB, wakakakkaka

  9. UMNO lawan UMNO Ktemoc wants to gasak Pakatan Harapan.
    Mana boleh.

  10. This chao cheebye kaytee talk so much about monarchy having absolute power.

    What the cheebye fuck about australia governor general sacked whitlam in 1975....

    Go go to aussie lang and say your fucking thoughts la kaytee. Sackable or no sackable.

    I need photo that shows you ask aussie white men question and subsequently kaytee kenna whacked by aussie langs hor