Saturday, May 26, 2018

From Thai Zero to Malaysian Hero

Malaysiakini -Roaches and tuberculosis: Justo says prison horror led to confession (extracts):

For former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Andre Justo, spending 18 months in a Thai prison could only be described as a nightmare.

In an interview with Malaysiakini yesterday, Justo recalled being in a cramped cell with little sanitation and ventilation, along with a few dozen inmates.

“I was sleeping on the floor in 45-degree heat, with cockroaches. There were people with tuberculosis and strange diseases. It was a frightening experience,” he said.

Justo was jailed in August 2015 after he confessed to blackmail charges brought against him by his former employers. The alleged crime was supposed to have taken place in 2013.

He had left PetroSaudi International in 2011, two years after the company received US$1 billion from the infamous joint-venture with 1MDB. In just six months, the joint-venture flopped. 1MDB has not been able to show what’s left of the money since.

The charges against him, Justo maintained, were trumped up to discredit the PetroSaudi email cache that he had supplied journalists. He was also made to sign a confession to cast those journalists in bad light.

Poor Mr Justo.

Sir, that horrible part, where you were convicted and jailed as a lowdown blackmailer, is all over now. You're in safe hands in the Malaysian Shangri-La, and will once again be treated as virgin-you were by your own dear mother.

We believe you whole-heartedly. Consider yourself now beautified, canonised and squeaky clean by Pakatan process.

One word of advice though - don't ever claim Kevin Morais was your informer. You'll sound like a liar, and if you do, that's because our new-old MACC Boss said the late Kevin Morais was NEVER involved in 1MDB.


  1. He is a victim of the Crooked , Lying previous Administration.

    The Malaysian people did well to kick the Bastards out.

    It was sneered at before May 9 that ordinary Malaysian people neither understood nor cared about 1MDB and corruption in general.

    Cost of living issues already well covered by BR1M. Heck most people can't even write down how much is 1 Billion.
    There was even talk of BN regaining 2/3 majority in Parliament, and a hung Assembly in Selangor, with PAS taking power as kingmakers.

    1. ["To keep voters angered with Najib, Mahathir deliberately fused 1MDB rhetoric with anti-GST sentiments and spoke extensively about the rise in cost of living.

      That helped register in the minds of voters that the man who made it very expensive for them to survive “would be punished should Pakatan come to power.”]
      If Najib is not in jail then
      all are fitnah. That's what you did Monsterball. Nothing factual. How long do you reckon a fitnah government can last?

    2. If the cost of living pains is not been actually felt by the rakyat, no amounts of mamak talks can convince the rakyat otherwise!


      Perhaps, under yr zombieism has a different definition from the Quranic one!

    3. After Lim Guan Eng's expose, the connection between 1MDB and GST is obvious.

      The "UNITS" that 1MDB showed as assets are WORTHLESS. Not capable of being cashed for a single Sen.

      So how did the Finance Minister get the funds to pay 1MDB's RM 7 Billion debt ?


    4. Those who wish to can always volunteer to have their next Salary paid in 1MDB "UNITS".

      You can name any amount you want....wakakakakaka

  2. No worries. Justo can claim that Kevin & Bala talks to him in that Thai prison. Nobody can prove that they didn't and zombies will lap up his statements that they did. They will trust what they want to hear.

  3. Did Gani Patail (Kevin's boss) ever confirm who wrote that charge sheet, or was that charge sheet fake?

    1. It was Gani who wrote it up. Not Kevin.

  4. Justo made a mistake of asking USD 2 million from his Petro Saudi boss probably because he sees them having millions upon millions and he was not also richly rewarded. If his bosses had paid him, probably Sarawak Report would not be able to break the story of 1MDB.

    Then he tried to sell it (when he need not since he was already quite comfortably rich) to Sarawak Report and HKT to have the money as another way after his bosses at Petro Saudi turn him down and it ended up as a blackmail case against him aided and abetted by Thai and Malaysian authorities to put him away.

    I wouldn't want to call him a Hero because he was a part of the game in Petro Saudi initially, until the fallout with friends who did not reward him appropritely and when Sarawak Report and HKT refuses to pay him also for the information on 1MDB. He did however did the right thing in the end by releasing those information.

    The real heroes should still go to Claire, HKT, DOJ and many others in Malaysia who would not ask for $ and favours or chicken out (whether thru fear or dedak) and standing by their principles to expose the 1MDB scandal.

    1. That's what happens when they refuse to pay out pennies due to those they made use of when they have already stolen billions !

      Altantuya came to ask for her due ( just a tiny wee bit of the obscene amount those thieves have already accrued ) and she was roundly rebuffed. When she persisted, this led to her murder and all the shit hit the fan and more shit coming out even after so many years.

      Justo also asked for his due ( just a tiny wee bit of the obscene amount these thieves already accrued ) and he was roundly rebuffed. When he persisted in other ways which will expose those thieves, this led to his imprisonment and then the shit hit the fan..and more shit coming out now after several years.

      So we can see the pattern...these thieves are soooo greedy that they think the whole country's money are theirs for the taking and those 'underlings' they had made use of should just go fcuk off instead of even daring to ask for a small due share.

      In Justo's words : "So you need a billion, let's open the safe. You need another 3 billion, let's issue a bond with fake collateral - these guys were insane, they really thought whatever was in Bank Negara was their own money.

      Pandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah...wakakkaka. Little threads which are ignored and not carefully snipped off, have this nasty way of unraveling which will undo the whole fabric itself. Padan muka la. Oh..almost forgot...let's not leave out Mrs MO1 ....she too will be wearing orange jumpsuit too...she who insisted the millions in her personal bank account was due to diligent frugal savings from childhood, wakakakaka. Her Hermes obsession has finally put her in a mess, a very very huge mess, but not before putting the lives of millions of people in this country into a horrendous mess.

  5. Justice for Justo !!

    Malaysia should give honorary citizenship to Justo and family. He may have lost his retirement home in Phuket but Mahathir can allow him to settle in Langkawi.

    GO GO JUSTO !!


    1. RPK went to town with this Steadyaku47 tirade about SR's Claire, with whom he himself had crossed swords too and he had lost out to Madam Claire an enemy of my enemy is my friend la, wakakakka.

      Steadyaku47 swore he's not getting a single cent out of the ransom asked by the so-called whistleblower which comes to millions of ringgit.