Wednesday, May 30, 2018

85 grand a month

Mavcom chief Gen (R) Mavcom executive chairman Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad

Couple of my Uncles know him and of him as 'Dollah'.

Bloke was a damn good and quite daring helicopter pilot in the RMAF and well liked by one of the air force chiefs.

He was thus groomed for advancement in the RMAF, switched to F5E fighters (the ones ex Major Zaidi of DAP flew), kept rising up in the ranks and eventually became Chief of the Air Force himself.

Blunt and straight talking, he was also a favourite of Mahathir, wakakaka. Like most military officers, he didn't overtly take sides in politics while he was in the air force. Because of his reputation as a hawkish general, he kept rising in the echelon.

It was ONLY when he was about to retire from the air force that in his farewell message
 he advised air force personnel to vote for the BN, wakakaka again. He caused quite a stir then for being political even when he was one step away from retiring to become a civilian.

At one time my Unc heard of him being the Director of the Civil Aviation Department. Obviously, the government kept his considerable services and experience by putting him as Boss of MavCom.

I sure would like to see what Mahathir will do regarding Anthony Loke's complaint, wakakaka, as our general (retired) has been a favourite of Mahathir. 


  1. He is air force through and through. Why is he in charge of commercial, economic and civil aviation matters?

    85 grand is a bit rich in this day and age. Ministers take 10% pay cut. Oxford and Cambridge grads are working for free at the MoF.

    1. it's a natural progression for air force pilots to move over to civilian-airline-charter flying. this career migration is common all over the world, air force pilots are highly (and expensively) trained and disciplined (except those with delible indelible ink on his mind wakakaka), and airlines want them (eg. Qantas, SIA, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, etc)

      I have to say RM85 grand per month is high for his type of job

    2. For many years, the Key Administrators in the US FAA and NTSB were all ex-Air Force.
      That is no longer always the case, though they still predominate.

      There is a recognition that the Air Force mentality, with its hierarchical culture and strict discipline has its limitations, and it is worth bringing in people with more diverse backgrounds.

      In the cockpit itself , there is greater emphasis on teamwork , open communication and distribution of responsibilities instead of just the hierarchical authority of the Captain in the past.

    3. Should ask yr uncles to tell u how many RMAF pilots migrated to commercial airlines upon decommissioning.

      How many r Nons & how many r the tongkat addicts?


      U might want to add that the Nons RMAF pilots (not that many as limited by "quota") favour commercial opportunity bcoz of reserved top RMAF command posts due to ketuanan ceiling, even though their flight time records r impeccable!

      Ooop… btw, this guy's remuneration was 'fixed' under jibby's watch. U think A Lok, who is in charge of movcam, would give face to mamak's past pet as claimed by u/uncle?

    4. hierarchical authority exists in organisation, whether on ground, ship or aeroplanes and indeed in Malaysia's current and past government, wakakaka

    5. CK, if you know sh*t it's better to stfu or you'd show your moronic ignorance - most rmaf pilots (of all races) want to be airline pilots because of the much higher pay - you Bodoh

    6. To me his disciplined military background is more suitable to manage CAAM (technical regulatory, safety, security and maintenance).

      CAAM makes sure civilian planes are safe to fly, all airlines follow rules, all planes are maintained properly, good security at airports, flight control are all top class etc etc. A military man will keep all this in tip top shape.

      He should not be in charge of MAVCOM, which looks after commercial aspects (marketing, pricing, handling customer complaints). That was why Tony was pissed off when MAVCOM asked AA to stop the cheap flights to East Malaysia during GE14. That is a marketing thing.

      They have put a round cog in a square hole and paid him too much.

    7. wakakaka, you may be right though you shouldn't be too condescending on military people who were the first to start the study of management

    8. Huh? Speaking of the devil......or little horny man called kaytee

    9. Whose having reading deficiency now?

      Got infested or u actually know sh*t & it's better to stfu or you'd show your moronic ignorance¡

      Re-read my take ONLY then fart lah.

      Yes, every fighter pilot want to be commercial airline pilot. But, how many, in the context of RMAF, can pass the scrutinization of the commercial airlines, based outside of bolihland?

      Memang bodoh sombong.

    10. Pass scrutinization? In fact RMAF pilots are well sought after by commercial airlines. Their pilots are constantly poached and it takes a very patriotic person to remain in RMAF longer than 10 years. They're much loved by the private airlines due to their lower pay demand, military discipline and attention to details, traits that not often inculcated in airline school jockeys.

    11. CK knows f-all about flying, commercial aviation and pilots.

  2. Keep him but give him a big haircut ( on the pay ).

    There are plenty of Malaysians who competently do vital jobs with heavy responsibility for much less pay.

  3. Now we know what all the additional 'airport surcharge'is for. To pay for his fat income.
    Layer after layer of middleman.Get rid of it.

  4. Uturns are no longer surprising but more like expected from them. All he needs to do is say Najib ordered him to do that, immediately he's blessed and pure of sin.

  5. Mavcom exec. Chairman may be the best pilot in the world but still a traitor to the country by accepting an illogical salary of 85k a month as payback for something he did, perhaps?

    Reminds me of the Director of Military Intelligence accepting a RM7 million cheque from Ahjibkor's account in Sarawak's Report. What is that payment for?

    All are traitors to the country and should be hanged.

    1. that's libellous slander to say he must have done something wrong or criminal

    2. What the fuck are you going to do, cheebye kaytee? Are you going to sue that nostro pig? Not sure both of you are the same. Fuck! Go give Nostro piggy subpoerno PERSONALLY.

      I want photo you giving him the document hor. Game? Mariam Mokhtar and I can be present too on this auspicious occasion. Game?

    3. don't open your mouth until you are kneeling between Pauline's thighs, wakakaka

    4. No no no......You can't get away with this......Accountability....You make noises....You say slanderous.....Then sue Nostro Piggy. I wanna see document, your photo, your IC

      Else, fuck off

    5. Libellous slander? Most would still like to know what he does to deserve to be paid 85k a month.

      Mavcom do what business? Isn't that a nice retirement place for Dedak eaters?

    6. I still wanna waiting for kaytee to fry that nostro piggy into char come....雷公大,雨 takdak

      Talk cock always....

      Kaytee boh hut boh chee boh lanpa la

    7. Many Sinkies considered their current crop of ministers are overpaid for their country's dismal performances. Yet none have accused them of being traitorous. This is a first that I've seen.

      Nostradamus is a pure Commie.