Friday, May 25, 2018

What've we voted for - Revenge, Witch-hunts, Arrogance?

Malaysiakini - The importance of due process and dignified governance by Nathaniel Tan:

Merely days after Pakatan Harapan won the elections, the Registrar of Societies almost instantly approved the registration of Pakatan Harapan as a formal coalition and gave Bersatu a clean ticket of health with regards to its previously uncertain legality - issues that had previously been dragging on for months.

How nice it would be if this was the very last time the authorities decided a procedural matter based simply on who was in power.

For too long, many government institutions that were supposed to work independently and function in many cases as a check and balance have based their decisions merely on prevailing political winds.

A new government is an opportunity to turn this culture on its head, right from the get-go. Doing so consistently right from the start is important in order to set the tone that will define the rest of Harapan’s tenure in government. [...]

The country needs strong, robust institutions, and a key difference between a functioning institution and a dictatorship of whim and fancy often centres simply on procedural correctness and objective adherence to the letter of the law. Where the laws are bad, we also now have an opportunity to change them.

We must remember this, as emotions run strong amidst this new era. Failure to do so puts us at risk of having only changed the people in power, but not the culture of power.

Legitimacy of travel bans

The issues surrounding former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak provide many cases in point.

Firstly, there is the travel ban. Like many others, I believe that Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor should not be allowed to leave the country. The likelihood that they - and all the secrets they hold - would never return to Malaysia seems too high a risk.

I am grateful however to Gerakan’s Andy Yong, who pointed out a fact that had not occurred to me. He asked: On what basis was Najib being prevented from leaving the country?

This struck me, as I realised that the immigration ban was likely served at the pleasure of the new prime minister, without any further procedural grounds.

We recall the case of Tony Pua, who was apparently issued an immigration ban without any justification whatsoever. This was a clear injustice that was rightly challenged in court.

I believe the takeaway here is that the government should not have the unchecked power to impose travel bans without due process and proper justification.

The ideal solution would be for mechanisms to be put in place to justify the issuing of any travel bans, that could perhaps be challenged in court if necessary.


The issue surrounding Najib’s chocolates certainly captured the public’s imagination.

On the one hand, we can all empathise with comments such as: “Really? Complaining that cops stole your chocolate? How about what you stole from the country?”

On the other hand, I believe Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigation Department chief Amar Singh (photo) is correct to promise stern action against the cops involved, if they are found guilty of taking the chocolate.

A bad action is not right simply because it is directed at someone we don’t personally like, or even someone who may have committed a crime.

Similarly, when Rosmah says that leaks of the investigation should be stopped because they will result in a trial by media, there may be merit to her contention.

As we form our opinions about these developments, it is worth asking ourselves: are our judgements based on what is right and wrong, or on how we feel about the people involved?

If it is wrong to slap a travel ban on Pua without some sort of written justification that can be scrutinised, the same should apply to Najib.

As a side note though, I think the #chocsforcops campaign is one of the better ways for the public to respond to this particular issue - light-hearted amusement at its best.

The need for patience

Our eagerness for justice should obviously not turn into some sort of bloodthirsty witch hunt with predetermined verdicts.

In this crucial time, we should instead be taking extra care to make sure that everything is done by the book.

The case of MACC chief Mohd Shukri Abdull, whose revelations have been criticised by a number of quarters as potentially being premature and prejudicial, especially given his present post, is also worth looking at. [...]

Governing without personal attacks

It was also a little jarring to hear the new finance minister describe 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy (photo) asutterly dishonest and untrustworthy.

The minister does indeed have a job to do with regards to fixing the 1MDB scandal, which has angered so many Malaysians.

That said, I believe a statesperson’s role is not to reflect every negative emotion of the larger electorate, but to set an example regarding the dignified pursuit of justice.


  1. So now u agree with yr pet hate about his spuriously politically correct sell-out?

    What a change!

    Can I say u have reached the state of EVERYTHING GOES as long as it paints the current govt black.

    What a pathetically double-faced mice!

    1. pet hate?? what a liar you are, but then you have always been a loud mouthed lair, wakakaka

      Nat just irritated me but that does not mean he is always wrong. Podah you.

    2. What about cheebye kaytee calling lim kit siang traitor?

      Kurang ajar? No manners? Revenge!

      Fuck kaytee la

    3. Irritated my foot ! How easily you forgot how you used to revile that unfortunate Nat and now when it suits you, all your petty insults and dissing of Nat at every opportunity are held in abeyance just so you could make use of him to bolster your continuous vent against this new admin. Pooodaah la you wordsmith of sheer disgrace !

    4. you have a tendency of ignorance, either deliberate or in your genes, wakakaka, to exaggerate, spin or distort. I have been upfront in my less than bonhomie relationship with Nat but to say I revile or hate him is sheer bull

    5. Can u check back what u have written about him?

      Or u r going to say those were ONLY harmless passing remarks of wordplay!

      Wakakakakaka… Janus sees past & future with his double faces. Yr double-faced gimmicks foretell yr current state of caught red-handed loud mouthed tricks!

    6. Ck,
      Kaytee boh hut or chee to admit la. Hence its time to expose him and ensure that he is punished by quartering him

    7. I apologise for castrating you the last time we met, wakakaka

    8. You mean Kaytee castrated himself. I got photo of kaytee's castrated dick. Kaytee dares to come back to Malaysia to retreive his dick

  2. Ktemoc is an apologist and supporter of Liars and Thieves.

    1. I would like to know how much dedak PH is paying you for your near-obsessive and sometimes quite moronic reactions to my posts, wakakaka

    2. You should ask yourself 3 times if you eat dedak. Fuck u! By the way, if canis lupus flamiaris, yoir uncle hah?

    3. Almost daily now...the Liars and Thieves are now being smoked out...only a fraction of the loots are recovered from their Aladdin caves at home front. The billions to be recovered will have to wait...ferreted away by these criminals in secret accounts in offshore havens the likes of British Virgin Islands or Panama...etc.

      Previously we were accosted with " where's the proof", " where's the evidence" from Ktemoc whenever his Jibby's crimes were alluded to. Don't have long to wait now...hihihi.

      By the by there's some perkataan baru dalam bahasa Melayu :

      1. menajibkan : maksud - meghilangkan diri ketika berlaku kesukaran/bencana. Contoh ayat : Ali menajibkan diri setelah disyaki terlibat dalam kemalangan tersebut.

      2. merosmahkan : maksud - membelanja diri sendiri dengan penuh pembaziran. Contoh Ayat : setelah mendapat kenaikan gaji, Aminah telah merosmahkan semua duitnya disebuah pasaraya terkemuka.

      Ohhh...wakakaka...there's also maslan, nazri, apandi too in the new Melayu perkataan !

    4. you can NEVER recover the Billions lost, since 1981. Barry Wain estimated RM100 Billion was lost during 1981 to 12003

    5. KT, other than the Rm100 Billion Forex loss, here's a summarisation of the losses that Malaysians have to bear (and its a very very long list that I got from another blog):
      MAMINCO - bangkrap
      MAKUWASA - bangkrap
      PERWAJA - bangkrap
      BMF - bangkrap
      BNM - rugi RM30 billion (100 Billion in today's value)
      Bank Bumi- rugi
      BAKUN - rugi
      MAS - rugi
      ERL - kerajaan terpaksa bayar kroni Tun
      PKFZ - rugi
      PUTRA LRT - bangkrap
      STAR LRT - bangkrap
      MONOREL - bangkrap
      BAS INTRAKOTA - bangkrap teruk
      SILTERRA - rugi
      JARING - gagal
      MIMOS - gagal
      HICOM - gagal
      EAGLE PLANE - gagal
      IPP - rugikan TNB berbilion tapi senyap.
      TNB - rugi
      PROTON - rugi
      FIMA Rantei - gagal
      SOGOSHOSHA - gagal
      JUDICIARY - dicemar berkali kali dan terbaru kes rasuah LGE
      UMNO 1.0 - diharamkan
      DAYABUMI - gagal
      TIME dotCom - rugi
      KONSORTIUM PERKAPALAN - rugi besar tapi dibisukan.
      MISC - dah melingkup
      IWK - rugi hingga kini
      DASAR PANDANG KE TIMUR- gagal malah tiada manfaat pada rakyat!
      PLAZA RAKYAT - terbengkalai
      JB WATERFRONT CITY - terbengkalai
      KRONISME/MAHDERISME - berleluasa
      HARGA BARANG - naik
      ARAK- mirzan beli kilang arak san miguel
      RINGGIT - jahanam drpd RM2.20 kpd RM3.80 (vs USD)
      SUKAN KOMANWEL - masih ada yg tak dpt payment
      EKUITI BUMI - naik tak smpai 2% selama 22 tahun
      PIRATISATION - 200 syarikat awam difaraid kpd kroni, dan anak2 tun
      PENAPIS MINYAK - 22 tahun xda penapis myk sendiri terpaksa import dr sgpore
      SURAT WAHYU - boleh menang tender, loan boleh approve, boleh lari dr penguatkuasa, syarikat RM2 boleh dpt projek juta2

      All these could have cost us easily RM500 Billion or more, and our tin mining pre-eminence is forever gone.

    6. u r right, under umno, almost everything rugi.

    7. maybe like Hannah Yeoh, they're mathematically challenged, thinking 500 Billion is less than 2.6 Billion? wakakaka

    8. Under original UMNO1.0, nothing rugi. Under Mahathir's UMNO2.0 almost everything rugi. And now we want to go for Round 2 on the table. Either we got more money than brains, or money lost means nothing to us.

    9. KT, I don't doubt their arithmetic acrobatics. If they can trust someone who can't even get an Excel spreadsheet calculation right as their Finance Minister, then God help them cuz they can't seem to help themselves. Hohohoho!

    10. I am more interested on Najib's squandered billions. Nothing else. Ok, cheebye kaytee

    11. Pauline is coming for you ... and your much-worked tongue, wakakaka

    12. that's y even mahathir wan umno out be it 1 or 2 or 3, the party that malukan agama bangsa dan negara, hanya orang tak tahu apa tu malu support umno. r u n kt one of them?

    13. Go go please show me the photo that you have spoken to pauline

      Cheebye kaytee

    14. And that's why Malaysian must be stupid to want UMNO3.0@PPBM1.0. Same shit different smell but berak by the same person. Those who were dreaming of the good ol days were only fooling themselves and they are the ones that malukan agama bangsa dan negara. Probably his shit must have the same effects of cow dung, giving off the highs. Hanya orang tak tahu apa tu malu will continue to smell it and even lick it. R U one of them?

  3. So based on the argument presented here, the travel ban on Ah Jibgor is fair because TP travel ban ruling by the Malaysian court stand. So all you who are protesting otherwise please SHUT UP.

    1. Basically, if they agreed with Najib's travel ban, then they should have shuddup on TP's travel ban. But if they vented that TP's rights to travel was violated, then they should vent the same fury at Najib's violated rights to travel.

    2. Wakakaka ...... however common sense will tell us you only want to warn others this is a rotten egg, you don't need to tell others if that is a "good" egg

    3. Nope. Ever been to the market before? Those housewives will usually ask about the good AND the rotten eggs. But if the egg is good for goose then certainly its just as good for the gander, no?

  4. Malaysiakini - The importance of due process and dignified governance by Nathaniel Tan.

    An opinion ahead of it's time when criminals, fraudsters, abettors, collaborators, murderers, kidnappers are still ROAMING FREE.

    Looks like the writer is now suffering "Stockholm Syndrome" and will only wake up after the perpetrators are set free.

    1. Very well said ....... give you a LIKE

    2. This nat has an ego in the same proportion to the likes of mom, kt!

      So any bruising of that ego means relentless counter attacks of irrelevancy devoid of logic.

      Like mom, kt, they all can write flowery essays just to syiok themselves.

    3. I can give it to nat tan. At keast nat shows his face, name and credential.

      As for cheebye kaytee, i will make sure he eats shit if i lays my hand on him

  5. Çould be an early stage of RPK-type metamorphosis?

    1. Nat Tan is very sore that even with a Pakatan win and PKR being the largest party in the coalition, he is Persona Non Grata in PKR.

      By right, a lot of opportunities and doors should be opening for him as PKR hunts for potential candidates that it needs to take charge of many political and semi-political appointments in the Federal Administration.

      Instead he is being treated like a leper.

      He was closely aligned with Khalid Ibrahim, and now distrusted by most of the PKR leadership.

    2. Those who went deep into the PH state of mind came out trembling with fear, learning its real nature. Much like what RPK & Tunku Aziz found when diving in, Nat has probably seen the true horrors of PH.

    3. Already formed & break out from the cocoon!

    4. rpk start to change, next will be aziz.

  6. One fine example is in the previous article.
    When Bloomberg talks about the follies of BN administration, the zombies cheer them like rabid dogs.
    When Bloomberg talks about the follies of PH administration, the zombies whack them like rabid dogs.

    Fortunately, Bloomberg don't care much about PAS. Hohohoho!

  7. The one thing that worked well far beyond expectations were our institutions of State.

    When victory was clear, allegiance was peacefully transferred, no fuss. Even RTM propaganda!

    Worries about the institutions of State being subverted by BN to stay in power turned out to be unfounded.

    It turns out we should have been more worried about the winners using the instruments of State as tools of vendetta.

    1. Wakakakakakaka…… institutions of State

      All in the hyenas lair lah!

    2. For 24 hours May 9 - May 10, it was uncertain....

      Najib especially people around him were still toying around with Main-Belakang ideas to stay in power. Reason for his ambiguous , no concession speech at 10 am.

      Some Royals were wavering.

      The unprecedented press conference of the IGP, Chief of the Armed Forces and Chief Secretary to the Government calling for expedited swearing in of the Elected Prime Minister was the tip of the iceberg of what was happening on May 10 , 2018.

      Mahathir was only sworn in at 10 pm May 10. There was no good, transparent reason why it dragged on for so long....

    3. Problem is, much of the civil servants are Mahathir puppets.